This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Frank Duenek - Girl with a Rake

The last solar week was about moodiness, abundance, the spirit, and breaking down obstacles that are in the way to union - sexually, intimately or simply as closeness and openness to others.
Last solar week, Saturn left gate 60 (the old) and not even two days later Mars went into gate 3 (the new). This week, Mars continues to transit gate 3 and brings mutation.

This solar week is about community and the proper balance between work and rest. It brings challenges to take enough rest and to reject negative relationships and demands that are being made on us. It brings a full moon of love for those close to us - or developing hate for those close to us due to being overly dependent on them. This moon cycle is really not an easy one. On an individual level it might work out just fine, but collectively it can bring a lot of imbalance and real heaviness for many.

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Last week brought the resolving of barriers in intimacy. This week puts questions of family and community over romance. It's an emotional week that can bring up themes in regard to our emotional bonds. It can bring awareness on one-sidedness and imbalances in the give and take of our relationships. Where do we lack emotional, physical or otherwise support? It might clearly show where we are over-invested in work and where we might want to take a step back to take more rest and regeneration time. Do friends and family give us this time, or do they not respect it? Do they ask us to deliver more than we feel good with?
If someone really needs to be removed from our friend circle or from a work team because their demands are way too high, this is a week where it might naturally happen or naturally feel right to make that happen and to part ways.
Those who are being removed (justifiably or out of irrationality) are being confronted with the fear of being blocked, of falling onto deaf ears, and of not being heard and appreciated. Neptune is slowly transforming those fears. Your worth as a human being is not dependent on who likes you and who doesn't. It is not dependent on being needed by others. There is no need to waste our time with people who do not hear us, and to be open to people who are not open to us at all. Time is precious.

Those relationships that are correct might deepen this week.

Frank Duenek - The Midday Rest

28 August 2020 14:46 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 40 ䷧ (Virgo) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto & 61.6▲ Saturn-24.4▲ Uranus), channel of openness (22.4▲ Neptune-12.5 North Node), channel of community (40.1▲ Sun-37.1 Earth)

Overcoming the big mind fuck and transforming the fear of being blocked and the fear that what happened will never make sense

    29 August 2020 13:27 UTC: Mercury in ䷮ (Virgo) trine Jupiter in ䷵ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: Feeling like the world is against us and creating a huge mind fuck over attempts at correction that comes from others (it can be constructive correction or blame, and it makes all the difference to notice the difference!)

Productive: realizing the root of one's own self-oppression and potentially realizing that either we didn't make those mistakes that we are being blamed for, or we made mistakes that we can learn from and that do not make us less. If mistakes have been made, this transit can further the recognition of how we did our part in creating the situation as it is (potentially being blocked from access), and how we can grow from any mistakes that we have made and either rectify the situation or do it better next time. Mistakes are a natural part of the human process.

Let's call to mind the theme of the most recent eclipse in 38.5 that colors the 2nd half of 2020: struggling with endurance, fighting for purpose, alienation and isolation, which can make one feel utterly alone in one's struggle. On the other hand, we continue to fight in order to break new ground and we recognize when people can help us in our struggle. Either way, this is a time of fighting for purpose, and at times it might feel as if there is no purpose or as if purpose has been lost. That's because we haven't gotten to the end of the fight yet. Purpose is not just given, even if we'd hope for it, and even if that would be very nice. Purpose and new ground is being opened up through fighting for it. Even if at times we feel alone and utterly isolated, at some point there will be those who come to our help, but we have to recognize them and overcome potential paranoia and social phobia to the extent that we can give the right people a chance to help us.

Missing important details and even actively inviting damaging attention or inviting those who are damaging and oppressing us and who trample on interdependence, without seeing the havoc they cause

    30 August 2020 13:30 UTC: Venus in▽ ䷽ (Cancer) opposite Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)
    30 August 2020 18:43 UTC: Mercury in ䷮ (Virgo) opposite Neptune in▲ ䷕ (Pisces)
    31 August 2020 08:54 UTC: Sun in ䷧ (Virgo) waxing quincunx to Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
Astrology Report
Frederic Cayley Robinson - The Day of Rest

Problematic: Boredom with detail work and missing the important details. This can also be missing the important detail and potential fact that we might be open to inferior influences. These can be people who oppress us and who refuse to cooperate in interdependence. This transit can bring out a tendency to demand their attention and actively invite them instead of being satisfied with what we have, instead of being on our own, and using our alone time for recovery.

Productive: Working together to find the missing details, and to figure out what makes sense, or simply working together to survive despite deep oppression. Innovation through detail work.

During my Saturn Return, I was in such an oppressive situation and I tried to cut the cord. I started where many start: I was oblivious, naive, overly susceptible to emotional manipulation and inexperienced with these kind of things - separation failed and instead I ended up with the opposite: even more massive energetic oppression, which technically probably had to happen in the process of my life purpose and incarnation cross being planted.
Ultimately, this ended up being my call or initiation. Would I not have been trapped, then I would just have had the ability to go on with my life, I would not have been forced to study the mechanics of what I was experiencing, and my understanding would not be as deep and innovative as it is now. A good two years down the road, a solution to cut the cords and to rid myself of the oppression was given to me. It felt as if it could really work, and indeed, it really worked. I'm not sure if I have told this story publicly before, probably not, it's a bit odd. Two years into the oppression, in February during a transit on the cross of the Sphinx (change in direction), I felt the need to cycle to town, which I never do, and to buy some household things. I thought “it is unlikely, but who knows who I will meet”. I met a super religious fellow Transmuter/Manifestor aura type on the same incarnation cross as me, but with his Sun in the 47.4. He was standing on a subway entrance talking to people. When I asked him what he was telling people, he told me about his successful exorcisms by the help of Jesus. He told me his technique and he also prayed for me and for what I suggested to him “that all things come the way they are best for everyone”. When I cycled back from town after shopping, it was dark, I was tired, my back hurt and so I stopped for a break. I looked to my right and there was this Jesus and Mary Magdalene statue which has written on it “it is done” or “it has been accomplished” (“es ist vollbracht” in German). Ah, the odds of the cross of rulership and oppression. The techniques truly worked to cut the cord.

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So the way in which these current transits are organized and combined, in some cases it is possible that it is a forced collaboration because the way out is blocked for whatever reason.
The important thing is that you know your healthy boundaries and that you try to enforce them, and at least physically remove yourself from any situation that might be abusive, even if life thwarts your plans and brings you energetic oppression. Within yourself, even in situations where you can't escape deeply unfair treatment, it is important to know that this is not right and to consciously recognize that you are being treated unfairly, instead of taking all blame on yourself and willingly turning the other cheek to be slammed. Loving someone does not mean that you tolerate everything without calling them out on their crap, even if you love them more than everything. What other people do is not up to you and it is not your responsibility. When they act incorrectly, it is not your fault. You can only take responsibility for your own actions – for your actions towards others and for your actions towards yourself (self-respect and healthy boundaries).

If you sign any contracts etc this week, it might be beneficial to read them very carefully to not miss out on important details that will be regretted later.

Conflict, instability and dropping out of the belief to be right (valuing one's opinion more than those one claims to love) – or temporary Retreat within continued and enduring Cooperation and Collaboration

    01 September 2020 10:42 UTC: Mercury in▽ ䷅ (Virgo) trine Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)

Conflict brings instability that is either being resolved after temporary retreat and reflection, or is perceived as a problem, which can result in cutting the other person off.
Also possible: Exchange with others can bring about the understanding that wasting our resources against overwhelming odds is not courage but folly, especially if the other person has cut us off and is not willing to listen and to collaborate - wrong time, wrong person, or both.

Either Love, Harmony, and all the beautiful things; - or developing Hate for those we care about, potentially after Rejection, after not taking their Judgment well or after not being heard and being blocked. Outcome to be avoided: sticking to negative Relationships and thinking that what doesn't work now can be made to fit later. Theme of acceptance: even Failures and Mistakes are here to be shared and can be of great Value to others

    02 September 2020 05:21 UTC: FULL MOON in ䷤ (Pisces)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in 42.3.2▲ (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in 42.5.1 (Aries) conjunct Mars in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in 42.6.5 (Aries)

Decapitation, Disciplined Broadcast, and eventual Triumph and Victory

    02 September 2020 12:17 UTC: Venus in ䷽ (Cancer) opposite Saturn in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn)
    02 September 2020 14:08 UTC: Sun in▲▽ ䷧ (Virgo) trine Uranus in▲ ䷗ (Taurus)
    03 September 2020 07:22 UTC: Mercury in ䷅ (Virgo) trine Saturn in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn)
    03 September 2020 08:24 UTC: Mercury in ䷅ (Virgo) square North Node in ䷋ (Gemini)
Astrology Report
Frederic Cayley Robinson - The Long Journey

Problematic: not having the discipline to put in the necessary effort that is needed to get one's message across, although the message could be valuable, important and much needed. Cruel, emotionally uncontrolled, hateful and violent domination, discrimination and ego-aggrandized punishment, potentially due to falling on deaf ears, not being heard and being blocked (for example deepening one's misogyny after being blocked and after being removed due to one's already sexist attitude).

Productive: Working on getting one's message out with discipline (even if blocked, and doing what is necessary to overcome obstacles). Continuing to try to reach people in preparation for the time when things can move again. Determinedly removing only those from power who deserve it and who endanger the whole or who exploit their power.

I don't have the time to elaborate on this or to investigate in detail, but here is a side note for those who want to do some chart investigation – it is very interesting and insightful to study this as an example of how things work:

Belarus has had its Saturn Return in 2019 and 2020 (measured by the day of state sovereignty on July 27, 1990) and is on the cross of the unexpected with its access point in gate 28.5. Tikhanovskaya has a color 4-master perspective (seeing the needs of others) and the channel of the transmitter. She has her Design-South Node in the 38.5 (the same as in Belarus Personality Saturn Return, and in addition to that, the Design Saturn Return has Jupiter in the 38.5), which also is the main thematic of the previously mentioned last eclipse doorway that fully opened on the 5th of July: collective fights and struggle, and breaking new ground for oneself and for others. Her Saturn is conjunct her Pluto in gate 32 and conjunct her Jupiter in the 50.5 (though conservative, destruction and creation of new forms). Dependent on birth time she might have channel 12-22, and even if not, her personality earth in gate 22 definitely triggers the transiting 12.4 north node into exaltation, and into being heard. She has lots of other interesting details in her chart. Her Design Sun/Earth are the same or in right conjunction to the nodes of the coming eclipse doorways in December.

Mikhaila Peterson's stellium

Already having mentioned the 38.5-eclipse doorway for the 2nd half of 2020 - Mikhaila Peterson has a stellium on the 38.5 (North Node, Neptune, Uranus, Sun, and roughly also the Moon) and is probably breaking new ground for many right now. I just stumbled upon a podcast that she published about her family's recent struggles [ ], including what helped them with benzodiazepine addiction. Addiction has been a theme for many -> [ Addiction & Relapse Prevention. Uranus transits Gate 24 until April 2022 ].

So far so good.
Next solar week will be about memories, doubt, questions, confusion, and transition into a new order that requires determination and strength.


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