This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Quarter of Duality

The last solar week was about reflecting, remembering, revelation and sharing our reflections on our own past, on our needs or on other people's experiences and stories, that we have witnessed or listened to.

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This solar week is about leading, following and listening. After last solar week's retrospection and realization, some might have internalized a lesson or an understanding that prepared us for a better relationship experience. Now the wheel of fortune turns. This week starts the yearly quarter of duality, dysbalance or balance and of relationships with a need to really listen openly and with empathy and with a need to share power justly instead of trying to overpower each other.

    05 August 2020 05:14 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 7 ䷆ (Leo) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto-24.4 Uranus), channel of openness (22.4▲ Neptune-12.6 Venus)

The NODES SHIFT FROM 10/15 to 11/12. Global Stage for the next 2 Months: Naive Gullibility meets despotic Darkness, resulting in lost Hope, social Withdrawal, Paranoia and Standstill; – OR Idealism, Peace and Hope nurture deep social Change through listening, being open to learn, and transforming inferior Values and Standards into something higher. Guiding and impacting with Authority and yet refusing to be Fodder to darwinian Speculators. Rejecting imbalanced and despotic Tyrants who think only they know best with an enlightened Iron hand in order to maintain Balance and Peace

    05 August 2020 10:52 UTC: Nodes shift from 10 and 15 into 11 and 12 // 1/3 Cross of the Sphinx with Sun.
    Venus in conjunct the North Node (they define the channel of openness with▲ Neptune), Venus and the North Node in (waxing AND waning) quincunx to Saturn in 60.2▲ and also to Pluto in 61.3.. Mercury in (channel of curiosity with 11.6 South Node), Chiron in, Moon in, Mars in in open Ego.
    05 August 2020 16:05 UTC: Venus conjunct North Node in ䷋ (Gemini)
Alois Schram

For the last 4 months with gate 10 and 15 as an environment and global stage, we have experienced an environment of behavioral questions, questions of hatred, extremes and extremism. If you want to reflect on it from a transit-perspective, you can read the report from 4 months ago here: [ Misanthropy through ignorant and hypocritical Action, false Innocence and unhealthy Levels of Greed - or finding the Spirit in Humbleness and healing the Hatred of Humanity. Undermining established and outdated Values and being open to new Perspectives, or insisting that others agree and being dangerously open and vulnerable to dark “Insights” and Messages ]

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The nodes of the moon just left the two gates of the vessel of love (10 and 15). Over the coming months, even years, the nodes will transit through the throat gates, the gates of manifestation. That means we will collectively move towards manifestation and transformation.

I built in a funny typo while I originally was writing this text, so let's have a try at correcting, yet conserving that typo:
Now as the vessel of love shiFts into the eden gates (as the potentially distorted hate gets shit into the garden of eden), the collected love or hate pours out into the open and manifests either as eden or hell. It is being expressed and potentially transformed. This can bring deep, deep social changes on the side of those who are full of hate, anger and who seek to disturb, but it can also bring deep social changes on the side of those who are full of love and who seek deeper peace. Both parties might encounter situations that force them to look at their values. The first party might be faced with the need to take responsibility for their own bitterness, frustration, anger and hatred instead of pushing it outwards against others. The latter party might be forced to overcome naivity and a lack of healthy social caution that opens them up to abuse - especially as we are still under the impact of the ongoing impact of the ego inflation eclipse and the humility that doesn't stand the test of time and destroys itself. The second group might face any potential denial of human darkness and to take responsibility for their own peace through creating better boundaries for themselves.

Many of those who come from a place of disbelief and hopelessness due to bad experiences, who express the opposite extreme of the spectrum in being overly cautious and paranoid, might find experiences that can give them back hope and that allow them to release and forget their trauma – if they don't go against their moods, if they allow extreme emotions to rush through while being withdrawn from others, and if they give people a chance despite being reasonably cautious and taking it slow with enough alone time.
Trust has to be earned and that doesn't happen over night, but it can only happen if we allow the right people to prove us wrong in our paranoia over time. Over the coming year, deep rooted emotional traumata might be transformed that way.

Jean-Leon Gerome - The Colossi of Thebes Memnon and Sesostris Gerome

The nodal environment in gate 11 and 12 and brings idealism and social mutation, potentially towards greater peace. The flow of energy is as follows: channel of awareness (individual mutative inspiration) → the channel of curiosity (listening to and seeking for the experiences of humanity) → the channel of openness (the only social channel among the individual and mutative channels). All of that takes place on the cross of the Spinx with Venus in exact conjunction to the North node in gate 12.6. That's quite a mix.
The nodes will be in the in these gates for 2 months only, but in those 2 months, they bring huge social changes. They bring up paradoxes and friction in regards to existing standards, as well as changes in values and changes in how we treat each other.

Nonetheless, the themes of extremes, hatred and behavioral questions stick with us because there was an eclipse in gate 15 and 10, that stays with us for some months.
Needless to say, many of these deep social changes and dynamics will hover around behavior, hatred and also listening to people's experiences and stories as we realize that learning never ends. This is about giving us a new and more balanced direction through listening with receptivity and empathy (or a lack of empathy, acting as if and insisting that only we know best).

At the programming point where the nodal shift takes place, the channel of curiosity is activated, which over the coming months collectively brings us a search for people's stories. Certain stories will simply attract attention and get heard. Some people will attract attention and then have nothing much productive to say, they might just provoke and disturb. Some will have things to say and to contribute, that others will find inspiring, that trigger huge epiphanies in people and that bring huge changes and healing through understanding. Being understood and finding understanding can be very healing. Certain information can be healing, as well.

The coming months bring a lot of social shifts, but also deep moodiness, melancholy and anger. They bring the need to honor the moods that influence us and to not act against them - unless we are keen on creating social disaster.

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The coming times are about answering temptations with restraint and inaction. If something is not in proper alignment, a lot of anger and rage can bubble to the surface, most of which is probably best not to be acted upon. This can be anger towards oneself for one's shortcomings, blunders, lack of informing or difficulty in communicating. It can also be that same anger directed at others for their shortcomings, blunders and miscommunication. It can be plain irrational anger that has no reason and just rushes through as energy. The process of releasing that anger can feel very purging.
Although the energy is about withdrawal and temperance, it also is about being social in the right moment and bringing about huge change and renewal through the words being said.
This positive change and impact can only take place if we come from peace, though. It will likely be a disaster if we come from a lack of peace and from a really bad or non-social mood.

The outcome of the nodes in gate 10 and 15 was either ignorance and false innocence or emancipation. The outcome and what is going to emerge from this new nodal environment is “the iron fist”, that either rules in despotic dictatorial ways and can't tolerate anything else than its own authority, or that rules determined but wisely and does not tolerate bullshit, disturbance of peace and any attempts to create dysbalance.

Clyde William Tombaugh
through looking backwards at the stars we can examine the functions of the logical pattern through collective experience, that can then guide us into a safer future

To me that emphasizes how a part of the collective is moving further away from blind naivity, from too much tolerance for lower frequencies and from turning a blind eye to darkness and abuse. I'm not talking about Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell and these people who do horrible things but don't touch our every day life in tangible ways. Looking only at the people the furthest away from us can be denial, too. I'm talking about domestic violence, narcissism, child abuse and such damaging manifestations of lower frequencies everywhere around us in the environment that we cross every day when we go outside the house, and that in many cases we also encounter by simply staying where we are inside our own house.

Revelation and Insight through solitary Pondering

    07 August 2020 15:20 UTC: Venus enters Cancer in ䷎
    09 August 2020 18:02 UTC: Mercury in ䷠ (Leo) trine Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    10 August 2020 12:51 UTC: Mercury in ䷠ (Leo) square Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)
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Problematic: secretly detesting people, who might have known better, who might have proven us wrong or who are further ahead of us. Seeing them as competition or threat rather than as a gift from heaven for their support and wise insight. This can be a lesson in humility, in not making everything an ego fight and turning it into issues of self worth and competition, when it has nothing to do with that to begin with. Even if we perceive someone as a threat or feel the need to compete, we can still ask them on their perception and perspective. If they tell us that it's not a competition and a question of who is better, and that it is just about us finding our individual way and deeper understanding, that piece of information can helps us to adjust our perspective as it removes the perceived threat, or at least a part of it. Talking about things and truly listening can change a lot.

Productive: accepting where we might have erred, surrendering to the recognition, that there is always, always, always more to learn, and seeking to learn from those who can genuinely bring us valuable understanding that helps us to generate a better quality of life for ourselves and for others. Regeneration and insightful pondering in aloneness while giving people and ourselves a break.

Next solar week will be about answers, revolution and transformation of relationship principles and cruelty.


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