This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
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The last solar week was about ideas, beliefs, and maintaining peace through social caution and assessment before acting. It brought an eclipse of serendipity.

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This solar week is about behavior that either leads to self-love or self-hatred, extremes, and extremism. Jupiter will conjunct Saturn and bring leadership that is out of control, too extreme, and that can't handle limitations.

The SolarWinds hack

A quote from the Rave New Year 2020, page 16 (the chapter on the south node conjunct Saturn in 54.1 square Mars in 57.1):
"The South Node in gate 38.2 is in conjunction to Saturn in gate 54.1, which brings an environment of influence through secret relationships and going under the radar. Lots of things will be cooking (color 3 kitchens), but they are mostly going unnoticed under the radar. What might look like stagnation and controlled calmness might be very misleading in that things are being transformed and prepared under the surface"
The 54.1 is about influence through secret relationships and the 57 is about penetration (just like penetration testing, the cross of penetration). A good joke is that gate 57 is wind over wind, such as in SolarWinds. At least to me it's a good joke. A strong 54.3 on the design side usually brings tons of annoying spam, brute-force attacks, and also hacks. Currently, it is defined through Jupiter on the design side (Design Jupiter in 54.3).

I had been wondering what the secret relationships of the Rave New Year 2020 had been on a global scale, and I simply had concluded that I would never know because they were secret. Now I think I know and we know. This was part of the energy for 2020 and the SolarWinds hack already started in March. That's only 2 months into 2020 (energetically, the new year starts at the end of January).

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So now the security leak has come to the public - just a few days after the Sun and Mercury conjuncted the South Node in gate 26.4 ("censorship" motivated by separating to survive) opposite the north node in 45.4. What can we expect the affected companies to do with this kind of energy?

Some might say: we have a contract that needs to be mutually beneficial, and we are fixed on being of real benefit. Let's erase all threats to our defense (the 26 is a gate of aggressive immune defense) and then not talk about it anymore - but we still need to be in service to our costumers and to those who expect something in return for their good money. The 4th line is about mutual benefit and confidence in another - or not:

The 4th line is also about corruption and inferior values or a total lack of values, which predetermines a lack of confidence in another. While some companies might try to be honest and of benefit to their paying customers, others might try to influence the group direction solely for their own benefit through censorship.
I think we can expect them to censor the damage done in order to keep the money rolling (45.4), as I said the 4th line can be really corrupt. They might just deny the real damage of the hack, censor how bad it was, and censor that they have been hacked altogether so that people will keep paying them.
Today's news stated that the damage is not as bad as it originally was assumed to be. But that's a statement that follows this Sun-Mercury-South Node conjunction in the 26.4.
SolarWinds already deleted the page on their website that listed their customers, probably in order to protect their customers against bad press. The page is still accessible through the Wayback Machine, but it's gone from the original website. That's just how things work, they have an economic interest.

As I mentioned in a previous transit report and in the Rave New Year 2021, victimization (including cybercrime) is a major underlying energy of 2021. Maybe this is the end of a harmless or unsuccessful attack and everything will be forgotten quickly. But maybe it's not. What is certain to me is that this is a possibility for truly, truly wide-spread victimization to occur.

19 December 2020 16:47 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 10 ䷉ (Sagittarius) - channel of exploration (34.6 Venus-10.1▲ Sun)

Knowing and accepting our place, and understanding its purpose – or not

    20 December 2020 03:25 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in▲ ䷉ (Sagittarius)
    20 December 2020 23:06 UTC: Mercury enters Capricorn in▲ ䷉

Missing the focus and losing opportunities - or collaborating with the right people, potentially to temper frustration

    21 December 2020 06:11 UTC: Venus in ䷈ (Sagittarius) waning quincunx to Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
    21 December 2020 10:01 UTC: Sun enters Capricorn in▲ ䷉

Wanting too much too quickly and missing the actual solid opportunities because they don't seem good enough to care for – or finding the right focus and collaborating with the right people on the right things, which makes limitations bearable, and yet rather isolating ourself and being alone than to have other people exploit us and abuse our generosity.

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Jupiter conjunct Saturn: Leadership that is not able to deal with limitations and creates confusion from the top

    21 December 2020 18:20 UTC: Jupiter conjunct Saturn in▽ ䷻ (Aquarius)

Leadership that can not handle limitations. This explicitly talks about leaders who are overly expansive and create confusion among the people they are supposed to serve. It also helps to see, though, that a leader can only be as good as the people they serve, at least in a democracy. If the majority of people are not willing to maintain right action, the leader can do ... nothing!

Not being able to handle limitations, especially when it comes to withdrawing from other people's unhealthy conditioning and/or ego-inflation, but also when it comes to healing and withdrawal (COVID-19). Almost all energies of the eclipse doorways from half a year ago are present in this transit: the 15.3 (ego inflation), and the 38.5 (alienation) as an underlying energy and link between the nodes in 11.2 and 12.2: isolation and withdrawal from the negative influence of certain people, from social situations in general, or from both.

Are we overly expansive, restless, bored, and create chaos in times when limitations are essential? Or can we accept what is, learn from it, accept the restraints that we are facing, and work with them in the most practical ways?

Astrology Report
Ilya Repin - What A Freedom

Projects, products, research, and mediation. Mediating between parties in conflict so that they can explain their individual truth to each other

    23 December 2020 14:52 UTC: Mars in ䷩ (Aries) square Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)
    24 December 2020 02:11 UTC: Mercury in ䷹ (Capricorn) square Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)

This can be a transit of espionage and deliberate indiscretion, or of overburdening others with useless information and suggestions that lead to too many diverse applications and a loss of focus. It brings healing through communication and direct but mature mediation, or wounding through a communication mess.

Problematic: Perversion hampers purpose. Brainstorming gone wrong: Maintaining harmony instead of being direct and outspoken makes it difficult to mediate between parties, and can lead to a loss of proper focus and a confusing mess of applications and ideas (which is in line with the leadership that can't handle limitations)

Productive: Mediating between parties to make each other's truth be understood. Mediation between parties to do good research. Being able to contribute very specific information to fulfill purpose, or researching very specific subjects and fundamental principles through relationships.

Next solar week will be about fueling projects, and vitality maintained through calmness.


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