This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The last solar week was about persuasion and learning a lesson on delusion and deception.

This solar week is about ideas, beliefs, and maintaining peace through social caution and assessment before acting. It brings an eclipse of serendipity.

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14 December 2020 04:11 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 11 ䷊ (Sagittarius) - channel of openness (22.2 Neptune-12.1 Earth)

Forgetting and letting the past be the past. Letting go for good

    14 December 2020 13:59 UTC: Mercury conjunct South Node in ䷙ (Sagittarius)

2nd doorway for the 1st half of 2021:

14. December 2020 - Total Solar Eclipse in 11.1▲

The serendipity of being in the right place at the right time with those who value our ideas and who share our goals and aspiration. Damage control and parting ways, but also achieving purpose through valued relationships

The report on this eclipse is part of the 2021 forecast.

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14 December 2020 20:57 UTC: Venus in▽ ䷍ (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter in▲ ䷻ (Capricorn)

Adaptation and being resourceful in times of limitation, or wasting the potential of our authentic material path through discouragement and withdrawal. Temporarily doing more when the energy is available to get things done on time, or wasting our resources, e.g. on excessive Christmas shopping

    15 December 2020 04:23 UTC: Mercury in ䷙ (Sagittarius) trine Mars in ䷩ (Aries)
    15 December 2020 12:59 UTC: Venus in ䷍ (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in ䷻ (Capricorn)
    15 December 2020 16:20 UTC: Venus enters Sagittarius in ䷍
Joseph M Gleeson - The sing-song of old man kangaroo

Chiron direct: Purposeful relationships only

    15 December 2020 22:16 UTC: Chiron stations direct in ䷐ (Aries)

Chiron retrograde might have brought possible hurt, pain, and crisis through discrimination and inferior values.

If we were on the distributing end of such behavior, then our overactive discrimination and rigid opinions might have driven people away from us, caused them to separate from us, and left us alone. Chiron going direct gives us a call for introspection. What do we truly value? Where might we have been too rigid? Where might we have tried to impose ourself onto others and overwhelmed others, maybe even without having been asked for anything?

If we were on the receiving end of such behavior, then Chiron going direct is the time to separate from such relationships and connections, or at least to put some distance between us and people who are a loose cannon. Such negative experiences might have helped us to see the value in those relationships that are supportive of our purpose and that help us to deepen our understanding. This is a time of associating only with those people who empower fulfillment of purpose, and separating from those relationships that aren't based on the highest values and hold us back from achieving our purpose

17 December 2020 05:03 UTC: Saturn enters Aquarius in ䷻
19 December 2020 13:06 UTC: Jupiter enters Aquarius in ䷻

Releasing problematic relationships... or continuing to be frustrated by them, by shallow opinions, or by discriminating behavior. Some things are not meant to work

    19 December 2020 15:22 UTC: Venus in ䷡ (Sagittarius) trine Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)

Next solar week will be about behavior that either leads to self-love or self-hatred, extremes, and extremism. Jupiter will conjunct Saturn and bring leadership that is out of control, too extreme, and that can't handle limitations.


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