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Edmund Dulac - His Grandmother Had Told Him From The Garden Of Paradise

Last solar week was about our needs within relationships and relationship transformation. It brought emotionally charged energy.
This solar week the wheel turns, brings us the potential for a new direction and opens the yearly quarter of initiation of mind. It is about frameworks of interaction that inspire humanistic cooperation, listening, secrets and it is about empathy or lack thereof. This is an archetype of the old story that those who seem to serve or actually serve the common good and run the most humanitarian organizations can often be very unempathetic people when you get to know them personally.

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02 February 2020 15:39 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 13 ䷌ (Aquarius)

Fall or Rise of the false Guru. A World View crumbles. Embracing Change and being open to Truth - or not

    03 February 2020 11:38 UTC: Mercury enters Pisces in ䷝
    03 February 2020 22:01 UTC: Venus in ䷣ (Pisces) sextile Saturn in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn)

Transitioning through darkness and a big crisis in recognizing one's own inner truth. Alternatively: a crisis that changes a lot comes through other people's shared knowledge. This transit can let people's world views crumble and help them to overcome hostile pseudo-elitism and discrimination. Listening with tolerance (not necessarily agreement, but tolerance!) helps to resolve misunderstandings and helps us to let go of what did not serve us in the past.

On the other side this can bring a very humbling big fat crisis when it is being revealed that someone doesn't really know: some sort of identity crisis for those who truly believed, but potentially also for those who spread false information. It can bring hatred towards the false guru or religion.

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For those who insist on being right it can bring out open hatred, bigotry and prejudice towards those who don't think the same or are the same. As much truth and sudden understanding this can bring, people can also be bagged by false truths and fall prey to all kinds of misguided misantrophic ideologies in the worst case. In the shadow energy of this transit lets people refuse to listen to what could turn out to be true. They might have their fixed prejudices and refuse to listen to begin with.

Taking responsibility or not

    05 February 2020 09:43 UTC: Mercury in ䷶ (Pisces) sextile Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
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Problematic: being in victim mode. Denying responsibility, especially the responsibility to take care for oneself. Wanting to be taken care of instead. Jealously blaming others for one's own failures and faults or even ruining them, potentially through simply disappearing when it gets tough and letting them carry the whole burden. People, who are so self-absorbed to do that, won't correct their mistakes until those, who have been silently watching and enabling them through tolerating such actions, will speak up and hold people accountable for their wrongdoings. Yet, in the shadow no one is held accountable, people don't even try to work things out and they don't try to correct the mistakes that have been made. What matters is that we try and make an effort. If things go wrong nonetheless - shit happens. That's life. But the attempts to get to work what we committed to must be there. If we don't even try and throw out the baby with the bath water, then we have already failed because we threw away our possibility to succeed.

Productive: accepting failure after best efforts have been made. Making an effort to make things work, but accepting if things fail nonetheless. Sometimes that just happens and is an unavoidable learning lesson. Caring for oneself first. Not taking on other people's responsibilities that they might deny to take, unless we have to for our own security, and knowing our priorities: self-care and not tolerating those who don't play fair.

Jupiter enters gate 54

    07 February 2020 18:51 UTC: Jupiter enters gate 54 – channel of curiosity (▽ Moon-▽ Mars) // 6/2 Cross of Masks
    07 February 2020 20:02 UTC: Venus enters Aries in ䷘

This might bring out people and storytellers, who are ambitious but shallow, to try to get recognition.
Trying to influence through shallowness and spreading superficial insights and stories that don't go a long way before they fall onto deaf ears - or having (often hidden) influence through profound and genius truths and insights

The next week is emotional again. It is about revolution, relationship transformation and rejection of relationships or relationship standards. A full moon brings potential for unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance through the recognition that not everyone can understand.


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