This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
George Frederic Watts - Choosing

Last solar week was about acceptance, principles and relationship transformation. This week brings the urge to say yes, and a need to listen within so that we don't say yes to the wrong things, maybe out of being afraid to miss the boat. It brings yearning, internal burning and a fear that fate might not decide in our favor. These are just the transit energies, don't mistake those fears for reality. This week carries the potential awareness to know what fantasy is authentic to fulfill, and what fantasy is better not put into action. It can bring clarity, a knowing of which path we need to take and a commitment to authentically follow through with our deepest desires and callings. Commitments are made to those things that we truly want. Everything else falls away. → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]

13 February 2020 18:15 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 30 ䷝ (Aquarius)

Finding the right People or over-generously accepting the wrong Ones

    14 February 2020 01:13 UTC: Venus in ䷐ (Aries) square North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
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Problematic: On the problematic side, we are overly generous and focused on harmony, so we involve the wrong people. We might accept people who might be all fire or act as if they were, but who are not suited for what needs to be accomplished, who turn out to be a millstone around our neck, who add more work to our plate instead of being a support or who create difficulties otherwise.

Productive: Understanding others so well, that we can organize them in ways that lead them away from doubt and restlessness. Organizing others in ways that add to our (common) focus instead of distractions.

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This can play out in a lot of ways, but let's focus on the most obvious one of business: It could be about finding the right work environment for ourselves or creating a calmer environment for other people where they have the right circumstances to do exactly their thing and where they don't need an excessive amount of discipline to do what they are supposed to do and to succeed in their work. It could be about organizing others and dealing with them in such ways, so that they function on their own or together with others - and don't overburden us with constant questions anymore, which allows us to maintain a calm and productive focus. This can be a transit about finding those people, employees or partners who find joy in the work that needs to be done and who thus can maintain a good focus and quality on their projects without the need for constant coffee breaks to fill with chit-chat. We move towards our own focus and stillness through finding those right people who do good work and through weeding out those who don't have the proper motivation and capabilities. We also move towards stillness by accepting progress with equanimity and by not seeking or being pressured into new goals immediately, with the risk of destabilizing the old. Sometimes it might be better to say no to someone and instead to wait for the right person or the right timing that is really suited, than to accept the wrong people or projects and hurrying into something too quickly. Sometimes, but not always, careful evaluation can be vital, even for those who are intuitive and naturally quick with many decisions.

16 February 2020 11:32 UTC: Mars enters Capricorn in▽ ䷉

Mercury retrograde: Structuring and establishing Frameworks while giving Place to Questions and Doubts

Astrology Report
Arthur Rackham - Norns Weaving Fate
    17 February 2020 00:53 UTC: Mercury stations retrograde in ䷾ (Pisces)
    while the Nodes square Black Moon Lilith in gate 25.5.3 and Chiron in 25.6.3 – and D-Chiron in 25.4.4 opposite D-Moon in gate 46.6.5

Productive: this Mercury retrograde is similar to the last one by the end of 2019. Both are about building structures and frameworks of being and working together. Now we are one step further than in the last retrograde, yet doubt sneaks in. It is important to recognize the value of doubt and questions. If we never ask questions, we never pay attention to the options and to different approaches of doing things. We just cling to one fixed answer, reardless whether this might be the right one or not. This answer might turn out to fail. If we ask some questions beforehand, though, of course things still can fail, but we minimize the risk by double-checking and optimizing things right from the beginning. Often, only through giving place to questions and doubts, can they be resolved. Especially when we are working with limitations, which is the current transit field and collective energy, it can be vital to discuss our doubts with others and to hear another person's perspective in order to not fall into despair when it gets tough.
One month ahead, Mercury will go direct in gate 30.4, where the Sun is right now, which can bring burnout if we don't pace ourselves and our progress realistically. As I wrote in last week's report, we will be dealing with limitations from now on, and there will be certain windows in time when that limitation will be able to be transcended. It is essential to accept divine timing and to calmly face the tasks that lie ahead of us with perseverance.

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Problematic: on the problematic side we become arrogant and equally paranoid and suspicious. We doubt and question others way too much. We can't hand away power and we try to keep others away from the center of power.
As already mentioned, we might take on too much or want progress too fast instead of solidifying the foundation that we already have. Growth will happen in spurts and if we want too much too quickly, we might burn ourselves out and then have no energy left when the right opportunity arises. This doesn't have to be a physical burnout, it can also be a mental burnout or most likely an emotional crash out of being afraid that we can never get where we want. Things move when they move and sometimes it just takes time. Let's be idealistic (not naive) in what we can achieve and authentic in what we desire, but realistic with the speed in which we get there. Rome wasn't built in a day.

19 February 2020 04:56 UTC: Sun enters Pisces in ䷝

The next week is about abundance and breaking barriers.

Before we finish this report, there is a cute local anecdote from last week's 49, God's cruelty and the surreal slapstick of the 4. Here in Germany there was a storm, that caused a crane to crash onto a freshly refurbished roof of the Frankfurt cathedral. Now, some people out there might ask themselves what in heaven or hell they did to turn onto them the rage and rejection of God. … Maybe waste the resources? What do you think? Answers welcome 😀


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