This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - A Kiss

Last solar week brought emotional moodiness and volatility. The energy of this solar week is more cuddly. It is about community, family and balancing out family time, work time and alone time. It brings the corresponding emotional ups and downs, especially if there is imbalance in our relationships. Together with the fear of being blocked and not being listened to, the fear of disloyalty might be felt strong this week.

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At the same time there is an opportunity to recognize where we are giving too much without receiving back something that makes it worthwhile for us. There is also an opportunity to recognize where we don't allow ourselves to have alone time and rest, or where others don't allow us to have time for ourselves.
Through honoring rest and alone time, we can maintain our balance and we can recognize the values and meanings of our relationships. Doing that we move from weakness, dependency, a general imbalance and smother-love to surrender, tenderness, equality and valuing each others need for space.

24 February 2020 21:52 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 37 ䷤ (Pisces) – channel of community (37.3 Mercury & 37.1 Sun-40.1 Earth)

Dangers of distracting and being distracted, or pushing and torturing ourselves too hard to not be distracted. Vigilance and gentleness with ourselves is needed at the same time. Surrender is not Carelessness

    25 February 2020 02:05 UTC: Sun in ䷤ (Pisces) sextile Mars in▽ ䷹ (Capricorn)
    25 February 2020 14:39 UTC: Sun in ䷤ (Pisces) trine North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
    25 February 2020 19:07 UTC: Mars in▽ ䷹ (Capricorn) opposite North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
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Problematic: Difficulties with being alone and restlessness when restraint is needed. Being overly dependent on others for stimulation, at the cost of productivity and getting stuff done. This week's fear of disloyalty, of not being listened to, of being blocked and the generally cuddly energy can make it difficult to leave each other space if we have a tendency to cling. This can also mean to be stuck and to be overly reliant on others to save us, or it can mean to accept the wrong input and advice (see last week's new moon of being conditioned through taking in other people's advice unfiltered).
Insensitivity to boundaries, to other people's need for alone time and to their need to invest into themselves. Letting ourselves be distracted by those who are overly clingy and dependent instead of focusing on what feels right for us. Maintaining harmony at the cost of our own boundaries – or cutting off such people who are a hindrance, but doing it in arrogant or provocative ways, that cause them to disapprove and cling even more. Where there is one who clings or who is overly sloppy, there often is one who pushes away, pushes themselves too hard, is too rigid and tries to force things.
Being distracted from doing what we love, from what we want to invest in or from what we want to do. This is the little child, that asks questions the whole day and distracts the mother from doing her chores – only that under these transits, this child could be an adult and random grown-up in our lives, who could know better and should be capable to understand, give us our space and become more independent themselves.

Productive: Being self-sufficient and able to entertain oneself. Taking the time we need for ourselves. Maintaining harmony in our relationships despite not following the crowd. Finding the right approaches by being sensitive towards each other. Separating from such people who are a drain and a blockage, yet treating them with sensitivity, respect and the awareness that they too have their package to carry. We don't have to deal with their package if that doesn't feel right, but we don't need to cut them off in insensitive and totally unempathetic ways. If necessary, we know to distance ourselves from people who are restless and overly dependent on us to the point of being an exhaustion and hindrance. Finding independent joy in being productive and simply doing what we love. Enjoying our projects and getting stuff done. Understanding the need for restraint, be it the restraint to sit down and work on our projects, or the restraint to not smother the other person. Not letting such things damage our relationships and maintaining harmony.

Astrology Report
James Jebusa Shannon - Jungle Tales

Working alone or together on maintaining focus and not being distracted

    26 February 2020 01:44 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in▽ ䷤ (Pisces)
    26 February 2020 05:58 UTC: Mercury in▽ ䷤ (Pisces) sextile Mars in ䷹ (Capricorn)
    26 February 2020 16:46 UTC: Mercury in ䷤ (Pisces) trine North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
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Problematic: Being overwhelmed and not knowing where to focus on. Tackling too much at once and wasting our energy, maybe despite better knowing. Insensitively bickering about the responsibilities of the other person, that they don't attend to, potentially because they are lost in distractions. Total withdrawal and stop instead of getting a hold of oneself and then refocusing.

Productive: Understanding our own responsibilities, being responsible and sensitively communicating and exploring what works for us and what doesn't. Exploring responsibilities and figuring out together what is of value to invest in and what is best to focus on. Getting each other out of distraction mode, yet respecting each others needs and the needs of the situation. Growing together. Joyfully planning and working alone, side by side or together.

Chiron in gate 17: The ancient law that those who wish to rule must first know how to serve

    28 February 2020 17:35 UTC: Chiron re-enters gate 17 – channel of community (37.5 Sun-40.5▽ Earth) // 5/1 Cross of Migration
Astrology Report
Sir Edwin Landseer - The Noble Beast

Chiron will stay in gate 17 for more than a year. He will wander back and forth (retrograde) through gate 17 in that time frame, but he will not leave gate 17 until April 2021. This brings a change in power structures and the way in which we are organized. In my view, this is part of the aftermath of the Pluto-South Node conjunction in 2019 and the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in January 2020, that brought a profound reset of old structures, including power structures and organizational structures, that takes some time to unfold and to emerge. Like everything, it is a duality: this change can either be healing or damaging. Good or bad organization is based on the solidity of our mental insights. The solidity and quality of mental insights is based on factual evidence and data – not on beliefs. This can be a time where we move away from beliefs through being open to listen to a diversity of data and to opinions that differ from ours. This is a time where people can find their place. This is a time where we can be hurt through bad leadership and leaders who either lack understanding or who misuse their understanding to the detriment of others. This also can be a time where bad leaders reap a karmic backlash and good leaders start to get more attention. This also is a time of putting our knowledge to service and of healing or being healed through good leadership.

Problematic: Closed-mindedness and stiff opinions. Being absolutely fixed on what we think we know and letting nothing else count. Rigidly wanting to organize others according to what we think is best. Not recognizing that what we think to be best and what we think to be true, does not work for everyone equally. Not being able to let our opinions be challenged and being afraid of being wrong or being found out. Taking rejection of our opinions as personal rejection – not being able to look at it with distance. Rejection might most likely happen over opinions or over codependency, love turns into hate and parting ways. For some, this can be exactly the right thing to do, but for others, this can also be the wrong thing and people might move on for all the wrong reasons. On one side, it might be tempting to move on from things that could have worked, often due to a know-it-all attitude. People might be too proud to admit that they have been wrong or they might refuse to consider the possibility that they don't know everything. On the other side, it might be tempting to maintain negative relationships instead of ending them and saying no to the wrong ones.

This year can bring karmic backlash for false leaders. Right now it is karmic retribution or harvest time, so everything that happens, we can ask ourselves why and if we did something to someone that left them in a similar situation and made them feel similarly. This is not supposed to be the wagging finger of doom, and as usual, the disclaimer is that these are general energies that affect each of us differently, from heavily to not at all. Yet, if we find ourselves to be left and rejected, in many cases it will be helpful to look back and examine if we previously put someone in the situation that we are in now. The maya has its ways of working things out so that we get a chance to experience how it feels from the other person's perspective. If there is such a thing to experience, our recognition of it can act as fuel to transform and leave that hurtful karma behind us for good. Recognition can help us to learn from the past, to grow, to not repeat the same mistakes again and to close that chapter and move into a brighter future.

Productive: Not taking things so damn personal. Being open to different opinions and being open to discussions that can offer us a new perspective. Being able to admit that we erred. Being at peace when we are wrong, but still trying our best to figure out what is right. Being able to accept rejection and to not take it personal: being able to accept when people think we are wrong and being able to accept when they aren't interested in what we have to say. Being able to mediate in clashes of opinions and when people butt heads.
Moving on to new lands, internally or externally, with those people that truly are right for us: (Re-)organizing ourselves and humanity in ways that truly, truly make sense. Finding new structures, or moving on to places that have the structures that work for us. Maintaining or finding natural love and harmony. Survival through separating from leaders, communities and personal relationships that do not work and sharing only with those who deserve it. Finding self-sufficiency and saying no to those who want to lead, but who don't know how to serve, or to those who don't even want to serve. Moving on from those kind of false leaders.

Not making emotionally charged decisions during emotional ups and downs. Not giving our authority away to other people's opinions on what works and what is good. Listening within when making those big decisions. → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]

To start everything means to finish nothing. Doing too much at once leads to overwhelm with a multitude of half-hearted projects

    28 February 2020 22:08 UTC: Venus in▽ ䷩ (Aries) square Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)
    29 February 2020 03:14 UTC: Mercury in ䷶ (Pisces) sextile Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
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Problematic: Too much focus on harmony leads to an inability to say no, doing too much at once, losing focus and finishing nothing.

Productive: Being able to mediate between others and help them understand each other's truth and perspective. Being able to make ourselves be understood, especially when it comes to us needing to do our own thing, maintaining proper focus and maybe also needing to investigate or work on our own. Outgrowing cycles and finding more solid structures and greater awareness. Maintaining the focus to finish projects. Temporarily extending our activity IF we have the energy and resources for that, but also knowing when to stop and what projects and distractions not to extend ourselves into. Being balanced in our self-care and care for others.

The next week is about doubt, questions and consciousness. It can possibly bring the mutation and change that follows this week's hunt for completion.


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