This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Arthur Rackham - Cook In The Kitchen From Alice In Wonderland

Last solar week was about humanistic cooperation, empathy or a lack of empathy. The wheel turned and we moved into the quarter of initiation.
This solar week brings the fear of other people's needs and the rejection of demands being placed on us, that are unjustified or that we can't authentically fulfill. It brings the fear of uncertainty and the fear of traditions not being valued, that might make it difficult to let go of any predetermined answers that we have. In the problematic expression, this leads to religious rigidity and rejecting people simple because they don't have the same beliefs as us and follow different traditions than we do. It doesn't matter whether two people are afraid of the same god or whether they are afraid of two different gods.

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In the high expression this week brings acceptance and the suspension of judgment, that allows us to coexist in appreciation despite the differences. Once we stop to immediately jump to conclusions, once we recognize that not all of our answers and judgments about the world or about other people might be reality, we can be open to diverging perspectives and work things out together, instead of immediately trashing the whole thing.
This does not mean that we can't come to the conclusion that a relationship can't work for us. But the way we get there is different - we get there through listening to other people's explanations while still maintaining acceptance for them, even if we can't go with it. We don't get there by blaming them for who they are and for not fulfilling our needs. This week can bring a deepening of the understanding what works for us within our relationships and what doesn't.
Some relationships might end because they are simply not a match and that's ok. Many relationships might last and deepen because we understand each other better. There is a danger that some exploitative relationships might remain when we are too accepting, forgive everything and try too hard to make something work that can't work at the cost of our own survival. There is a danger of self-delusion and of being so forgiving that we allow others to use us and deplete us.
On the other hand, some relationships might end despite their great potential because we didn't listen, because we jumped to conclusions or because we impulsively acted out our emotions in very cruel ways. Letting ourselves be exploited, as well as reckless endings are to be avoided, if possible. Temporarily removing ourselves from a way too heated situation until we have calmed down can help. Making space for our emotions and feeling through them is healthy, but not everything is healthy to be acted upon.

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This week has a similar emotional quality as the week before the last week. It can be a week where everything feels peaceful and then suddenly molehills can seem like mountains and we can be overly sensitive. We could be totally emotionally blinded, not see things clearly when being in pain and act on it in very cruel ways. There is a need to be gentle and forgiving with ourselves and with others, and to realize that no one is flawless, that no one knows it all and that pain and anger will pass.

08 February 2020 04:49 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 49 ䷰ (Aquarius)

Full Moon of Acceptance, Forgiveness and evenhanded Realism - yet a Danger of losing Alertness, being used by others and being taken Advantage of

    09 February 2020 00:44 UTC: Mercury in ䷤ (Pisces) trine North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
    09 February 2020 07:33 UTC: FULL MOON in▲ ䷃ (Leo) trine Mars in and waning quincunx Pluto in▲ & Saturn in▲. Fully open Ego.
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in 25.2.4 (Pisces)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in 25.4.3▲ (Aries) in conjunction with Venus in 25.4.5▲
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in 25.6.1 (Aries)
Astrology Report
Arthur Rackham - Alice, That's very curious

This full moon is about recognizing the limitations in ourselves and in others and accepting them, especially when it comes to insensitive behavior, but also when it comes to different mindsets and belief systems. It brings the recognition that not everyone can understand and to not make an ego battle out of who knows best and who is right. Maybe we are all wrong. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and judgment. Some might be dogmatic. Some might be so undetermined that they seem wishy-washy. Some might make more sense. Some might make less sense. Still, we can accept and tolerate other people's judgment as long as it does not result in actions that damage others.
It also brings the energy to forgive people's wrongdoings and to recognize that we have made mistakes, too. Making mistakes is natural and sometimes we simply can't understand that it was a mistake until we have made it and experienced the direct consequences. Sometimes it takes time to learn.

It can well be that some mistakes of this moon cycle could have been really heavy, such as jumping ship, treachery and taking zero responsibility while selfishly ruining others and their survival. Many people might have secured their own survival at the cost of other people who now have trouble surviving. Accepting that people have their shadows is one thing. Tolerating continued abuse is another. We can accept that people and also us ourselves can't do better, but we do not have to stay in exploitative situations or situations that simply do not work or even endanger us.
Is a relationship one-sided or mutually beneficial and caring? How much can we truly give and deliver? How much can we truly tolerate? What should we not tolerate, would we listen to our body feelings? Where might we need to put our foot down and refuse to be messed with? What do we need for our own survival and safety?

Healing and being healed. Perfecting our relationships

    10 February 2020 08:05 UTC: Venus conjunct Chiron in▲ ䷘ (Aries)

Problematic: damage and hurt through projection, not letting the other person be who they are, working ourselves up and moving on. On a sidenote, this is also a “not tolerating a fuckboy mentality within a deep soul connection”-transit.

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Productive: relationship healing and healing each other through acceptance, sensitivity and temporary withdrawal if necessary.

Sloooow but targeted Revolution. Moving from Restlessness to Acceptance, Focus and Self-Discipline

    12 February 2020 19:15 UTC: Saturn enters gate 60 // 5/2 Cross of Revolution with fully open G (Direction)

From now on, we will be dealing with the energy of limitation for a while, but also preservation and slowly building on our existing foundation. This energy of limitation can bring the feeling of being stuck and the lesson is to accept what is, to not be snatched by depression that prevents us from working with our situation efficiently, to find motivation within ourselves, to stay in the moment with the process, and to learn to work with what we have got, even if we would like to be much further ahead already.

Collectively, this is about finding the motivation to work together on preserving what is essential (e.g. the earth), or on a broader scale having the worst of values, selfishly rejecting to be organized according to higher principles and taking advantage of other people's lack of understanding. On the other hand, those who feel restless in the face of such selfishness (or whatever else) might gather together and prepare a move in the hopes of changing the current situation and the way in which it is organized. Yet, in the first place, this brings a strong tendency for all kinds of people to make questionable profit out of the depression and restlessness of others.
On a personal level, if you are restless and feel restrained, don't let people take advantage of you and sell you something that is supposed to bring you heaven on earth in 3 days after purchase. You can save yourself, in the first place through alertness, discernment and proper focus.

Astrology Report
Kali Yantra (Graphic by William Clark)
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The quality of the direction in which we are heading depends on how well we can handle doubt and restlessness, how well we can withstand distractions and (learn to) focus on what is essential with discipline - individually and collectively. We have entered very saturnian times of slow building where detail and discipline becomes necessary, not only due to our collective situation. In regards to individual success and solutions, partly this is the case because more and more people find to reason and discernment through an oversupply of all too often false and irresponsible information. People become more critical and emancipated and don't simply accept everything that they are fed anymore. At the same time there is an oversupply on half-assed solutions and a development towards irresponsibility and lack of details in those wanting to feed us with whatever they have to offer. Survival becomes more and more a question of discernment when we are looking for who can supply something of value. The irresponsible ways do not work that well anymore because there is an oversupply in irresponsibility and less people who are willing to buy into it. None of this semi-committed stuff will stand out, at least not in a healthy and long-lasting way. Even if it rises high, it usually falls as quick. Quality over quantity (unless we are speaking about the not-self). What do you chose to invest in for yourself and what is your priority?
If we are working on a project ourselves, over-stepping our own boundaries, working on energy that we don't have and not allowing ourselves the rest we need is not the solution, though. The solution is to work cleverly and efficiently and to chose work that brings us joy. The more joy and purpose we get out of what we are doing throughout the day, the less frustration we build up throughout the day, which we then are tempted to compensate with distractions like binging on netflix or gaming, partying, substances and buying things we don't need. The better and more satisfying our initial focus is, the easier it is to maintain it with ease.
This is a time to not get discouraged by not being there yet. It is a time to keep on working on what we enjoy day by day, or to work towards it. If we enjoy what we do, work stops being work and we can enjoy the journey despite limitations. It is a time to focus on the joy of the doing, of the potential in it, or on whatever lifts us up. All good things take practice and time to build.

The next week is about yearning and the fates throwing the dices.


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