This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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Ganesha / Image: Stefan Keller (Kellepics)

Last solar week was about the cyclical joy of life, vitality and the pressure to fuel collective projects and endeavors. This solar week is about the tension to fight and to provoke. It can bring the drive to kick off a shitstorm or to aggressively oppose your neighbor whose hair you never liked - but it better be the drive to fight for purpose and a meaningful life or the drive to oppose something that does not serve a higher purpose!

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By the way, happy calendar new year to you! Energetically the new year starts on 22 January 2020, though. [The 2020 forecast is available here]. As of now, we are still caught up in figuring out and resolving the energies of 2019, we are under a lot of pressure to wrap up our business before the actual new cycle starts. We are in the process of accepting the endings and changes that happened in 2019 and accepting the death of the old yearly cycle before the new one starts. On top of that we are heading towards a massive reset button on the 12th of January with Saturn conjunct Pluto. So take it slow and don't take your new year's resolutions so seriously that you might be disappointed if life still moves slowly and sticky like chewing gum. Technically, we are still in the energies of the old year!

31 December 2019 12:00 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 38 ䷥ (Capricorn)

Learning to chose, to focus and to withdraw. Stopping to be distracted, overwhelmed and overindulging

    02 January 2020 16:41 UTC: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in ䷹ (Capricorn)
    03 January 2020 09:37 UTC: Mars enters Sagittarius in ䷍
    03 January 2020 12:42 UTC: Mercury in ䷹ (Capricorn) opposite North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)

Problematic: Big blown up collective debates often without action. Distracting and being distracted. Too many options, opinions and informational overwhelm. Too many distractions, stimulations and not knowing what to focus on, who to join forces with and when to withdraw. Losing focus and becoming overstimulated, overwhelmed and unstable. Mental mindfuck and overwhelm of the size of a football field.

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Productive: Letting go of distractions and maintaining focus. Letting go of old thinking patterns, learning what thoughts to focus on and learning to trust our body wisdom. Not getting side-tracked by all the chatter and meaningless information around us. Knowing where to focus our energy into and sticking to it. Focusing our energy onto the things that are correct for us and that are of value. Focusing on one thing at a time instead of planning big in all directions, trying to accomplish all of it and then never getting anywhere.

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Building Survival Power

    05 January 2020 21:53 UTC: Mars in▲ ䷡ (Sagittarius) trine Chiron in ䷘ (Aries)

Problematic: Being carried away by victory or the smell of victory, losing steam and momentum. Imagining it is not yet being there. Being asked to do something is not yet having succeeded with doing it.

Productive: Sticking with what worked when our power grows. Ensuring manifestation and survival through building and maintaining momentum. Adapting and finding back on track if we recently overindulged or got otherwise thrown off track. Simply enjoying the work and the buildup of power and progress.

The next week is a tricky one. It can bring spiteful misinformation out of envy and jealousy. All the haters might crawl out of the woods.


Juli (Transparent Matrix)
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