This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Jessie WiIlcox Smith

Last solar week was about bringing old stories to closure and working with limitations in realistic yet productive ways. On the 20th of January, an article was published in Nature Immunology about a newly discovered type of T-Cell that kills most types of cancers. While it is unclear how relevant this will be - there have been all kind of optimistic cancer news before - this one is interesting transit-wise because it was published with the underlying energies of Jupiter in gate 26.6 (the gate of the T-Cell in the 6th line - potential for huge mutation), not even 10 days after the Saturn-Pluto-conjunction: Evolution/Modification of the Human Body and Centering in Truth.
This solar week still is about working with limitations and recognizing the appropriate focus to make the best of what we have got. Last week's energy of ending a storyline has made way for this week's energy of leading into the future. This week brings a potential for the unexpected and it starts the new yearly cycle of 2020.

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22 January 2020 14:03:22 UTC: Beginning of the new week and beginning of the rave new year in gate 41 ䷨ (Aquarius)

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Starting to Heal our inner Child, our Self and our Purpose

    22 January 2020 18:02 UTC: Sun in ䷨ (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in ䷘ (Aries)
    23 January 2020 06:54 UTC: Sun in ䷨ (Aquarius) square Uranus in▽ ䷚ (Taurus)

Envious projection of fantasies or understanding how we project. Being envious of those who got to success through caring for themselves first and properly, through being reasonable and focused with their resources and not wasting them. Or making the best of very little and separating from what hinders, drains or from who envies us. Hoping to heal and focusing all energy on beginning a healing process.

This transit is similar to the one from last week, yet different. Much of the text is taken from last week's report, so it might feel familiar:

Problematic: Not being able to work within the limitation that we are experiencing, making egoic demands, being hot-headed, overly emotional and prone to projection and blame – which leads to rejection and a lack of guidance and teamwork. Assuming that things could or should already be different and thinking there is something wrong with others who we teamed up with. Blaming others for a lack of resources and messing up priorities and who can be responsible for what. On the other hand: augmenting others and lifting them on a pedestal that isn't theirs, assuming that they have capabilities that they don't have (naive belief in authority or not seeing other people's shadows). Wanting to be healed by others without doing our own work and handing over our power to them. Giving up our say in the matter, which is especially tricky when it comes to physical health. Naive belief in authority or the authority assuming that the one seeking help wants to heal and is capable of following certain measures – while that might not apply at all.
One-sided drive and effort to heal can't work in difficult situations where collaboration is necessary. If you work with someone who isn't doing their part and you have the freedom to choose – get a second opinion. There is a tendency to stay stuck in a situation that doesn't work, to avoid open confrontation and to be overly servile, but if you are ill and you struggle with someone who won't help or hasn't the foresight and understanding to help, don't try to make it fit. Demand your right to be properly supported in healing and get a second opinion. You don't have to agree with someone simply because they have a white coat.

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Further problematic: Being unreasonable in mental or physical health matters. Thinking we are ill and thinking we need to heal while we aren't even ill! Thinking that others are ill and need to heal while they aren't even ill - This healing-transit is not a transit for everyone, it doesn't mean that the whole world suddenly is sick! It can produce hypochondriacs. It also can produce people labeling those as hypochondriacs who actually are very ill, yet undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, be it due to incompetence or a lack in diagnostics. Thinking that others are ok while they are ill and truly need help.
Personally, especially in the previous week, I have heard of a lot of issues with the brain from people in my environment. This fits with Saturn-Pluto in gate 61. Trust your inner knowing when it comes to judging who to work with in healing and whose healing approach to trust.

Productive: Recognizing what is practical and what needs to be done. Offering tangible and realistic healing solutions. Appropriate delegation of responsibilities: the doctor or healer can guide, but the patient still has to do the work and has to be determined to truly heal. Recognizing when people are only sick for being taken care of and focusing on the root cause of that. Or recognizing when the healer or doctor is incompetent and outdated and can't really help with an actual problem that we have got.

Saying no to what is not correct for us and retreating. Refusing to take on responsibilities that are not correct for us, especially when it comes to savior projections onto the one that is expected to heal or when it comes to treatments and “solutions” that feel incorrect. Being open to a second opinion if in doubt.

Being cool, reasonable and making the best of very little (of limitations). Working together on healing. Making progress through both parties being focused on making it work and doing their part.

Overcoming envy: not letting ourselves be distracted into being jealous of other people's health or of their naturalness and high frequency, but starting to focus and invest in our own healing process. Separating from those who distract us from what is important or from those who are envious. Focusing on ourselves first, especially when we are ill, and laying everything and everyone to rest who disturbs us and distracts us from our healing process and from becoming ourselves.

Refusing false diagnoses, false projections and false expectations. Retreating from those who project upon us, prioritizing ourselves and focusing our energy on self-care. Being level-headed and cool enough to care for ourselves first and to focus on the fulfillment of our own purpose and dreams, when resources are limited.

Watching things unfold in collaboration with the right people and accepting progress with equanimity, composure and pragmatism

    23 January 2020 13:07 UTC: Venus in ䷾ (Pisces) sextile Jupiter in▲ ䷥ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: Not having that equanimity, composure and pragmatism, but being deeply impatient and so hungry for progress that we start too much too soon, immediately seek new goals and destabilize what has already been gained.

Productive: Composure within our alliances and relationships that are supposed to lead us towards meaning in life. Maintaining direction and composure despite having doubts whether it can work and be mutually beneficial. We might question our alliances or endeavors, we might question the purpose or the potential outcome, but we don't make mentally pressured decisions and we stay on track and tick off one thing after the other.

Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - Arabian Nights

NEW MOON square URANUS brings the UNEXPECTED: Being blamed for wasting our Resources or for being envious

    24 January 2020 21:42 UTC: NEW MOON in▽ ䷨ (Aquarius) square Uranus in 27.1 (detriment triggered by underlying energy) // 3/5 Cross of the Unexpected with totally open Ego + Solar Plex (channel of community)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous full moon: 36.6.6 (Pisces)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS new moon: 25.2.4 (Pisces)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming full moon: 25.4.3▲ (Aries)

This new moon starts a cycle of being blamed for not caring for ourselves first, or for caring about the things that we care for and for giving our energy to what we give it to. This can happen because people don't understand where we are heading, with whom and why, because people don't understand that we are investing into where our body guides us in the Now. People can also blame us because they would like us to give to them, because they feel left out and are jealous – or it can be because we really let ourselves be duped by the wrong people and so we invest our energy into the wrong things. Can someone else truly tell the difference? Most often they can't, but they might try to judge our level of self-care.
This new moon starts a cycle of fueling a mutual dream with the right people or investing into a joint endeavor with the wrong people. Trial and error on the experiential way. It can work or it can't. Social selectivity is needed so that we join forces only with the right people. Don't let yourself be lulled by what other people say they need, use your own judgment. Trust your inner knowing and your body's warning signals when it comes to choosing the right alliances! → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]

Problematic: Sharing with people, who seem to really need it, and who in the worst case act like they care, but then unexpectedly abuse our trust and were hiding secret relationships that they now turn to after having been pumped up by us. Inefficiently wasting our own resources on the wrong things and people without having the proper focus on our own dreams. Giving our resources away to who and what has nothing to do with our perceived purpose. All of that results in survival difficulties and envy of other people's well-being.

A good reminder might be: give a man a fish and you feed him for today. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime. This moon cycle brings the tendency to do the first and to create unhealthy dependencies, when it would be wiser to do the latter and to focus on building something for ourselves that is in alignment with who we are and what can have far greater impact than the daily fish.
Big themes of exploration are community and relationships, bargains, promises or broken promises, contracts, resources, needs and delivering what is needed, equal give and take, proper balance in give and take, getting a return on what we deliver.

Productive: A healthy selfishness and an efficient focus on our own big dream leads to fulfillment and survival. Not everyone can understand, that is the theme of the coming full moon, but other people's lack of understanding should not hinder us from walking our path.

Hatefully degrading others or being tolerant and accepting

    25 January 2020 13:09 UTC: Mercury in ䷌ (Aquarius) sextile Mars in ䷄ (Sagittarius)

Problematic: Watching others aggressively live their denigrating bigotry, intolerant deadlock and offensive judgments. Shoving one's intolerance into people's faces and being in denial about one's own stupidity and bad impression. Intolerance, thinking one's own way is the only way and thinking that others are stupid, worthless or not sophisticated enough to ever grasp what we say, or to ever embody the highest ideals.

Astrology Report
Edmund Dulac - The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

Productive: Watching people in their tolerance, patience and acceptance. Being tolerant towards others while we stay in our own rhythm and flow, doing our own thing. Listening only to what interests us but accepting that our interest isn't necessarily other people's interest and accepting the diversity. Accepting what is totally foreign to us and what we do not understand.

Deluded Dreaming of the Past and not being present with new Beginnings - or Maintaining the promised Values in Beginnings and being patient

    27 January 2020 01:36 UTC: Venus in ䷾ (Pisces) square Mars in ䷄ (Sagittarius)
    27 January 2020 20:00 UTC: Venus conjunct Neptune in ䷾ (Pisces)
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Problematic: Doubt, irrational suspicion of what is or an irrational whitewashing of the past prevents joy and makes it difficult to see the purpose and joy in our new beginnings and life cycles. Empty promises and masked affirmations that aren't backed up by actual intention.

Productive: Being patient with new beginnings and with unresolved questions and doubts. Staying joyful with the process and with where we are at currently despite doubts (-> Solar Eclipse of cyclical joy in December!). Knowing our place in the flow and sticking to the same values that had allowed us to outgrow old cycles and leave the past behind. Remembering the past realistically for what it was and not for what it could have been or for only its good aspects. No longer being obsessed with the struggles of the past and recognizing that a new chapter is a new chance.

The next week is about relationship transformation and it brings emotionally charged energy. It is about (in)sensitivity in approaching others, resources and needs, revelation through retreat and acceptance or rejection of old standards, relationship approaches or relationships.


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