This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The last solar week was about limitation, stimulation, storytelling, dogma and sharing beliefs. It brought a full moon of endless babble or of speaking up to share our experiences.

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This solar week brings the unexpected, fantasizing, influence and collective leadership. It is about leading, guiding and having impact. It is a week of making the best of very little in order to manifest influence.

24 July 2020 10:51 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 31 ䷞ (Leo) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto & 61.1 Jupiter-24.4 Uranus), the gold line (21.6▽ Mars-45.2▽ Venus)

Arthur Wardle - The Lure of the North
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Jupiter back in gate 54.6 & Jupiter sextiling Neptune for the 2nd time out of 3: Fantasy & Illusion Mega-Factory, the false Self-Sacrifice and empowering those who engulf us in the Abyss and in Misery – or staying socially selective, alert and quickly but calmly cutting off those who try to sneak in with a shitty Agenda

    26 July 2020 20:50 UTC: Jupiter re-enters gate 54 (54.6▽) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto-24.4 Uranus), channel of transformation (54.6▽ Jupiter-32.6 Moon) // 3/5 Cross of the Unexpected
    27 July 2020 16:07 UTC: Jupiter in▽ ䷵ (Capricorn) sextile Neptune in▲ ䷕ (Pisces)
    27 July 2020 17:36 UTC: Venus in ䷬ (Gemini) waxing quincunx to Jupiter in▽ ䷵ (Capricorn)
    27 July 2020 17:47 UTC: Venus in ䷬ (Gemini) square Neptune in▲ ䷕ (Pisces)
    27 July 2020 21:45 UTC: Mercury in ䷴ (Cancer) square Mars in▲ ䷲ (Aries)
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Problematic: Jupiter and Neptune can tell a story of grandiosity, excess, delusion, gullibility or simply blind optimism. It can feel like instant heaven on earth and then turn to hell. At this time we might be tempted to be too idealistic and unrealistic about people and to make sacrifices that are way too big. The main culprit can be if we aren't socially selective enough and let in the wrong people, only to watch everything fall apart later. Falling back into old patterns and the false belief that we can pull others to grow or that we can teach them to become the person that we could have a functional relationship with instead of a dysfunctional one. A waste of time. In the worst case it ends in devastation and total demolition when one or both parties try to influence and manipulate the other party only for their personal gain and lower desires. It is vital not to run into things blindly out of an extreme emotional state of excitement and pleasure, but to wait for more calmness and clarity to find us – especially if we already know from experience that something might be fishy.
On the problematic side we abuse people's trust and break relationships with them in order to be with people who we assume of that they care, but who then don't, and who later might do the same to us and just dump us like that. This Jupiter-Neptune sextile is an opportunity to create great karma, but more than anything it is also an opportunity to create shitty karma if we don't pay attention. The third and last Jupiter-Neptune sextile in October is the point in time where we might receive the karmic effect of our decisions and, if necessary, be rattled through by it towards deeper awareness.

Productive: revisiting all the huge lesson of social selectivity and sticking to what we learned over the last years: refusing to engage with people who are missing the most essential qualities that we need in a relationship. Sometimes they might be missing trustworthiness and mutual investment and instead be manipulative from a superiority-complex. Taking the time we need to evaluate others and to recognize who is a threat and who we need to withdraw from. Not being lured in by empty promises and big but misleading fantasies. Protecting new beginnings and new cycles that we started alone or together with others. Protecting those new cycles from people who want a piece of the cake but who aren't willing to truly invest and give back. Truly understanding when we need to withdraw from danger.
Rather going at it alone, than with people who deplete us. Seeing the gift and blessing of those relationships that are mutually beneficial, enriching, nurturing and protective. Honoring them and being considerate of those people. Meeting them with the same good intent that they have.

Next solar week will be a kind of continuation of last week. It will be about retreat, revelation and sharing our reflections on our own past or on other people's experiences and stories that we have witnessed or listened to.


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