This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Jean-Leon Gerome - Polyphemus

The last solar week was about stillness and evaluating obstacles before acting.

This solar week is about actual obstacles, provocation and tension. It brings a lunar eclipse of fighting for individual purpose and pressured collective evolution through collective tension.

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This week and its eclipse can bring out counterproductive stress and blind aggression, but it can also bring productive confrontation, provocation and fighting for purpose. It brings the search for meaning in life and the search for the right spirit in others, that is liberated enough to not be provoked by meaningless nonsense.

Let's take a detour to the failure transit of last week before I start with this week: In the beginning of last week, someone who was failed by the contact form on Transparent Matrix let me know that the contact form had stopped working reliably. The plugin has been blocking certain email addresses, including those from gmail, for the last 11 months. Oooops. Some of the messages got through, so I thought it worked, but some did not - including gmail addresses.
I'm wondering if it served the purpose of keeping me focused after I had closed down my personal analysis services around that time. But also, I probably missed out on some correspondence. Some of your messages likely did not get through, although the contact form showed "message received" or something like that. I'm sorry for that.
Last week I installed a new and different contact form plugin and now it seems to work without bugs.

30 June 2020 20:44 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 39 ䷦ (Cancer) - channel of awareness (61.4▽ Pluto & Jupiter-24.3▽ Uranus)

Irrationally running from Problems and Conflicts, drowning them and staying stuck because we get through with it - or disengaging only temporarily to assess and then seek Confrontation

    30 June 2020 22:12 UTC: Mercury in▽ ䷦ (Cancer) sextile Uranus in▽ ䷗ (Taurus)
    01 July 2020 02:52 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in▽ ䷦ (Cancer)
    01 July 2020 06:06 UTC: Sun in▽ ䷦ (Cancer) sextile Uranus in▽ ䷗ (Taurus)
    01 July 2020 16:55 UTC: Mercury in ䷳ (Cancer) square Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    01 July 2020 23:36 UTC: Saturn enters Capricorn in ䷻
Thomas Eakins - The Count

Last week's report ended with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that was about denying interference, not necessarily involving everyone in the research and trusting our own sense of quality and potential.
The aspects today still play into this. They can be looked at on their own, but they can also be seen as an extension of last week's conjunction.
That extension basically says that when people don't feel recognized in their suggestions, they might withdraw absolutely. On the other hand, the one who did not accept other people's suggestions and the one who is supposed to lead can go into absurd withdrawal and not be open to listen to new suggestions, when it would make sense to listen.
Sometimes it might also mean that people make a suggestion, but then no one really follows through with it. Or it might mean that those who clearly see that the group endeavor loses its focus, do not speak up and say nothing to prevent that loss of focus.

Generally, this transit is about irrational disengagement that makes no sense, accompanied by indecision on when to reengage versus temporary disengagement to assess the situation and to overcome old thinking patterns.

Problematic: Delusional but peaceful disengagement, thinking that we don't need to listen and that there is nothing more to learn. Refusing to tackle obvious obstacles out of “principle” or rather out of irrational thinking patterns and maybe a false sense of ego. Thus getting stuck without progress. Maybe even withdrawing into addiction and drowning one's problems. Ruining one's life or endangering survival by procrastinating what is too important to be procrastinated.

Productive: Disengaging to assess ourselves and then withdrawing from addictions. Temporary withdrawal in order to ponder how we can tackle obstacles, including addictions and including conflicts with other people. Not getting stuck in irrational patterns of running away from problems. Reengaging and confronting the issue when we have found more clarity.
Note that confrontation can still lead to breaking bonds with others. But ideally that happens after having had that confrontation that leads to clarity. The confrontation can bring the necessary clarity to really know where we are at with people and to find our own proper discernment. If we run away and drown ourselves though, things stay unclear and muddy and there is always the question of “what was that?” and “what happened here?” lingering within us, often for a very long time or even a lifetime of returning to that same nagging question over and over again. Confrontation can bring clarity.

Lunar Eclipse of Individuation and pressured Evolution through collective Tension. Endurance and Discipline in Times of Struggle. Fighting for Purpose and Integrity. Attack on the Not-Self and mean Spirit: Provoking, Prodding, Trolling, Teasing and Opposing what is of low Frequency. Daring to be Ourselves and circumventing Obstacles. Annoyance, being offended, Alienation, on point sharp Provocation and Teasing, that must trigger Growth. Adapting to a changing Environment, creating new Opportunities in Times of Disorder and Shock and finding a better Way – or Destabilization and Withdrawal

    05 July 2020 04:44 UTC: PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in ䷥ (Capricorn) opposite Mercury in (Cancer) on the 5/1 Cross of Individualism
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 51.2.2 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in 51.3.6 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in 51.5.5 (Aries)
Thomas Eakins - Wrestlers
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As the headline states, this is an eclipse of individualism and freakishness, but also tension and endurance. This is an eclipse for those who have a lot of staying power and something worthwhile to fight for – something that is of meaning to ourselves, but also to others.
This eclipse deeply impacts the USA - the USA were founded on the 5/1 Cross of Individualism and are having their annual solar return (birthday cycle) right now with transiting Black Moon Lilith conjunct the natal Chiron of the USA - shock, challenge and initiation. That's not an easy ride, but very fitting for the beginning of a Pluto Return. For those of you who live in the United States of America and who are struggling as a consequence of the current situation, it will be vital to not get freaked out by everything that is happening around you, but instead to center all of your strength on your own survival. It will be vital to center within yourself, to find a place of stillness within yourself and to focus on your own challenges instead of focusing on all the chaos around you. This is the transformation, crash and rebirth of the country. You will witness it and you will have to deal with some of the consequences. But this is not your personal transformation, crash and rebirth to come. It is that of the country. Yet, if you let it get under your skin and into the loops of your mind, so that you lose the focus that you need for your own battles, then it can become your crash and rebirth, as well. Do what you can if you feel called to and if you have the resources - many people will feel called to truly fight for something greater where before they were not involved and stood on the sidelines. But ultimately, unless your authentic path leads through the midst of all this chaos, there is a need to detach, to separate from the chaos and to focus on managing your own challenges, especially if your situation has become more unstable or uncertain recently. Please, all of you, take good care of yourself. You will need to adapt to the outside situation, especially if the situation and life forces you to reorient. But that outside situation of the country is not your situation. Your own life and the challenges you will master deserve your full attention. That way you can make it safely. You might even come out of the challenge strengthened and with a new-found purpose that you never might have found if life didn't push you to it.
I'm not saying all of this to make you afraid. There is no reason for you to be afraid. Again: there is no reason to be afraid. But it is better to be mentally prepared and to make peace with the thought that there are likely going to be further huge collective challenges over the next years that might or might not affect us personally. Especially in the US. For many, and collectively, this is not a time to be inattentive and reckless. It is rather a time to do the work and to be mentally prepared for challenges, so that they don't catch us unexpected and that we can answer them when they strike. This is a good time to get our priorities straight.

Trust your inner knowing and body wisdom. Your inner authority is the absolutely vital and important starting point, but not always the ultimate, especially when it comes to being inventive in threatening situations. Let's just take an example that is most present in the media and that everyone can get a good sense of: let's say you have emotional authority and you wonder whether you want to go to a demonstration. Technically, ideally you wait for your emotional wave to come to calm clarity before you decide on that demonstration. It's possibly not going to be safe for you to act upon extreme emotional states of inner upheaval. Doing that might lead you into situations that are either draining or even dangerous. But if your emotional authority has said yes to joining a demonstration, you go there and then suddenly you end up in a situation that threatens your survival, you don't wait for emotional clarity. You can't. Your body just moves, or you will need to trust certain intuitive feelings. Some situations demand you to be quick. Even when you know that you are a slow person by nature.
That is also why the initial decision can be so important and why it can be extra important to meet the initial decision through listening very carefully to our inner sensation. That ensures that we only enter situations that we are well-equipped for. That way we can navigate life the safest. If you entered correctly according to your inner authority, you are equipped for the challenges that a potentially dangerous situation provides. If you did not enter correctly – who knows – it is more of a gamble.

Henry Juley Jean Geoffroy - Bastille Day

In interaction with others, this is a time where shadow thematics erupt and people alienate each other through extremes [ see the solar eclipse of ego-inflation from mid June ]. These will be shadow frequencies that will be stirred up, provoked to be exposed, opposed, fought and made fun of. Likely there will be many situations where fake humbleness will be demasked and exposed. Collectively, this is not an easy time to keep up facades, to stay unaware and to not face obvious issues and problems pointed out within ourselves, within others and within the collective. We are investigating the root of hatred and moving towards more love through building on the right behavior and fighting for it.

Collectively, there is no way around certain fights for the good or the bad. There will be collective aggression. There also will be provocation through hard-headedness and through not giving in.

In some way, the impact on the individual interests me the most, because it is the liberated individual who brings the greatest changes. For us individually, this can be a fight for our own purpose and meaning in life. This can bring us the drive to endure difficulties and to endure adversities in order to reach our life's purpose and to come to a point where we can find life to be worthwhile.
First and foremost, this is a time of fighting for our individuality and recognizing that we really can be different. No one is going to bring the change that we need but those individuals who do not blindly follow the crowd. Those individuals, who do their own thing, who dare to be different, who do not conform blindly, who think for themselves, and who dare to break new ground – they will bring the huge changes that can advance humanity. Even the individual that doesn't bring huge change and just lives along exudes a vibration that is valuable to humanity, by being in their proper frequency. It is the individual that makes the difference. You as an individual make a difference.

This eclipse also brings the necessity to recognize that we are not isolated in our struggle and that there are others who can help us. We might be blessed to recognize that we can circumvent certain issues and obstacles more easily, not by sheer aggressiveness that doesn't change the root problem, but by being inventive and finding new ways around the obstacles that make them irrelevant. One route has been blocked and cleaning it up would take a long time? Ok, how about this other route? Why bother with putting up with so much resistance and bullshit in life, if a simple change in direction can make life so much better and can also lead us to those who have the right spirit?

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Individually, especially when we have less power behind us and not a good position to begin with, oftentimes it might be more effective to circumvent the obstacles rather than to tackle them head-on. When we are facing something that simply does not work, it can be the way of least resistance to say "fuck it" and to look for another way. Releasing futile struggle and provocation frees our energy to be invested into purposeful battles and fights.
This is the basic thought on which inner authority in Human Design is based upon and where it leads us. Examples are endless, but here is one: someone might discover that a certain way in which they tried to solve a technical problem at work might not work or is not safe. Through coming up with a whole other approach and solution, maybe even using different software or hardware, they find a brand-new solution and make the initial problem irrelevant.
I wrote this eclipse report a few weeks ago, of course while hoping that I would be spared from too many obstacles, but from today's perspective and my own recent technical problems I can tell that it would have taken me forever to dig through the code and to try to figure out why the old contact form plugin did not work as it should. Installing a different and more recent plugin solved the problem. That plugin also makes a much better impression on me, as I can tell so far.

This eclipse can bring the drive to fight for meaning in our own life. It can bring the drive and focus to ignore people who don't bring any meaning and empowerment, but who instead bring disturbance after disturbance that makes us feel very disempowered. It can be the drive to ignore such people, especially if they are always offended and provoked by what we say – if they do not have the right spirit. But it also can be the drive to turn it back onto them, to burst their bubble and to tell them our (hopefully) relatively objective judgment in a very dry and sober way.

Bakalovich Pompeii - At the Walls

Absolutely non-essential side note: Looking at this painting, I'm remembering the centurion who is provoked, but not in the usual ways by "Romans go home" in The Life of Brian [ YOUTUBE LINK ]. This is quite on-topic.

There is productive trolling, that might not even be trolling, but is nonetheless perceived as emotionally provocative. There is productive trolling, that wants to trigger beneficial progress that protects others, that defends ourselves or that is just comedy, in which no one is forced to involve themselves and that waits for positive or negative recognition from people who either truly want to involve themselves, or who are dictated to do so by their shadows.
Productive trolling is meant to separate the wheat (those who are not provoked) from the chaff (those who are constantly provoked, offended and totally lose it). And then there is unproductive trolling that lacks higher values and has as a sole purpose to disturb.
That has an evolutionary purpose, as well, for example the Russian troll army might blow up conflicts that have always been there, but that were never present enough to be looked at. Collectively, even the most low-frequency trolling can create a productive tension and bring those issues to light in order to erupt and clear themselves.

But on an individual level – why waste our precious energy with that, if we can channel it into something purposeful and meaningful? If people oppose us in unproductive ways, try to stir shit for no reason and expect us to be interested in that and to waste our time and energy on it, then it might be the most effective to not waste our time with patiently explaining what they already might know, with arguing with them and trying to prove that we can remain calm and not be provoked. There is nothing to prove! With trolls on the internet, you can just scroll by. No one expects you to engage, and if they do and demand access to your energy, it is their problem. In fact, most of the time only those people will engage who will feel provoked and who don't have the spirit.
If someone trolls you in person, though, and wants you to be engaged and provoked, if they expect you to justify yourself for things that are none of their business and that they could just accept, if a stranger wants you to get involved in a mud fight that obviously is not yours, then that is not a legitimate demand most of the time. You have no obligation to be provoked, or to be seriously and non-humorously engaged in other people's shitstorms, especially not in shitstorms against yourself that are only based on differing opinions. Sometimes it is best to laugh it off. It might be the most efficient to just ignore those people who selfishly demand your energy without accepting that you are not interested, to not deal with them and to circumvent them. That way we can find those with the right spirit who come from a place of acceptance, humility and respect for each other and also for us. Why waste time on trying to mutate someone who can't tolerate any provocation, who doesn't even want to be mutated and who doesn't want to evolve, but who is only interested in getting their own fixed opinion out there and proving other people wrong?

An Award, that is happy to belong to Everyone who wants it badly enough

During all 3 eclipses of this summer, Chiron has been in gate 17 ( the gate of opinions - the ancient law that those who wish to rule must first know how to serve ) in the 6th line ( bodhisattva or not - perfected following, one with and the same as, perfected leading ). In the low frequency, this is about subjectively sticking to the one thing that one has found to work for oneself, and maybe even for others, but being closed off to accepting other opinions and solutions as valid, that can serve people, as well.

I have the 17.6 as my personality north node and as what I see in the world. On the inside I've been going through this process of overcoming subjectivity and finding more objectivity and the eternal student in myself. On the outside I continue to encounter people who think they have found the one single golden solution ( be it human design or meditation ) and who neither attempt to be objective in their judgment nor are they open to learn something new and to consider that what works for them must not necessarily work for others, and that for someone else there might be a more suitable solution, or there might even be a complex synthesis of different solutions that never stops evolving in its practicability and complexity. By design I have some experiences with this, but recently with Chiron in 17.6 it has really taken off and I have started to hand out this award to people who wouldn't leave me alone with their fixed opinions, sometimes misunderstandings, that I didn't care too much about on further agreeing or discussing after I had explained my diverging point and said that my experience was different. If you want, you can use it as well and hand it to people who have earned it by being so determined and persistent in making everyone aware of their opinion, it's fun.

Screenshot from Reddit

Kiryll, who does the Instagram account, also had another thought in regard to this eclipse that either leads to hard-headedness or circumvention of obstacles. It is a thought on bots. I will sum up what he pondered: There is a good chance that you are engaging with bots (computer scripts) if you engage in discussions below a Youtube video or below an online newspaper article. These bots are automated programs and algorithms that are being fed large amounts of data sets consisting of the writings of real people, upon which they can automatically generate text – be it short paragraphs or whole articles. Those automatically generated writings and comments can be very sophisticated and on-topic, but also very controversial and nonsensical. For the latter case, it is logic that the bot is illogic because the massive amount of data that the bot has been fed with, contains many different viewpoints and perspectives that contradict each other. They are not trained for consensus. Bots can sound very contradictory, although the structure of their sentences makes sense, or they can simply say the opposite of what someone writes. It depends on the intent of the person or institution who is responsible for the logic/illogic after that the bot functions, and who selected the data that the bot bases its speech on. Such practices have been utilized with ill intent since at least 2015 – bots have skewed elections, infiltrated social movements, and steered online debates on every topic, always with the goal of either influencing a debate into a specific direction, or to simply sow division. [ external link: “Bots Are Destroying Political Discourse As We Know It” ]

However, the point is that there are situations online, where it is not necessarily obvious anymore whether you are engaging with a bot or a human. It is easier than ever to unknowingly troll yourself by trying to prove a bot wrong. A study from last year [ external link ] showed that bot submissions to federal public comment websites could not be distinguished from human submissions. You can try it out yourself: [ external link: Can you spot the bot? ]

Engaging with such a thing would be a complete waste of time, and would make it even more reasonable to circumvent the obstacle. When you run the risk of fighting with a computer program, "the wiser head gives in" gets a whole new meaning.

A next step in the evolution of bots could also be the merging of spam emails that try to sell you something, with troll bots that are supposed to stir conflict and keep people distracted and inefficient, into a troll bot writing personal emails that feel too important and personal to ignore, but are a waste of time. The Nigerian Prince 2.0.

Oftentimes, we might rather want to preserve our energy for doing something really purposeful with our lives. Especially those of you who have really big ideas and solutions to implement, you know very well that the impact of those ideas, once they have been manifested, can potentially supersede all of those small everyday mud fights by far. But only if you are not everyone's welcome mat for meaningless fights and if instead you fight with determination for what seems meaningful to you individually. Trust yourself in that. It is your life, your purpose. If anyone knows anything about your life, your path and your purpose, then it will be you yourself.

This 3rd eclipse doorway doesn't favor withdrawal, while the 2nd one of ego-inflation does. Why? Maybe because it might not be favorable to withdraw from fighting for our individual life purpose, but instead we might want to adapt and change our approach if something doesn't go as expected. This is about finding a workaround. Meaning in life is not something to just be given up on (this 3rd eclipse), especially not if it has to do with finding our authentic material path (1st eclipse). But sometimes it might be favorable to withdraw from antisocial people (2nd eclipse) who in the most extreme case sabotage our fight for purpose. That's the basic binary of eclipse doorway #2 and eclipse doorway #3.

A main key to navigating this eclipse comes through the intuitive recognition where and how to correctly invest our power ( and where/how not to ), what behavior is individually correct and authentic and what is the proper path for us to take. What is truly worth struggling for? Let that fight be meaningful to you.

I have previously mentioned that I look forward to the nodal shift in August, that activates channel 22-12 through Neptune and the North Node. That channel will stay active for the coming months. This eclipse energy with the Sun in gate 39.5 as an outcome plays together with this. The Mercury retrograde in gate 39.6 does so, as well, although it only lasts until mid July. Gate 39 is the pressure that fuels the 2027 mutation and the channel 22-12 assists that. The only gate that currently is undefined in this setup for mutation is gate 55, which is the presence of spirit or the absence of spirit/the overly self-obsessed and mean spirit. This is where the big evolution will take place, it is the gate that will mutate in 2027. People and humanity are defining that gate, it is provided by people who are alive right now and further provoked and changed with these transits.
We might experience a bit rocky times, but at the same time these are times of huge progress. More and more people move into equilibrium and peace as the inner transformation really kicks in.

For those who like to look back at the continuity: Last year we had a total solar eclipse in the 2nd line of these gates: the eclipse itself was in 39.2▲ and the Earth was in 38.2.
Chiron in gate 17.3 was squaring the eclipse/nodes and demanded that we would only find healing through resisting the temptation to take shortcuts and through taking the long but thorough road instead. This was the personal call to fight for meaning, which reappeared in the energy of the Rave New Year 2020.
With this eclipse mid-2020, the fight for meaning becomes a transpersonal and collective fight for new ground.

Hurtful Communication and Incomprehension

With this 3rd eclipse of 2020, Mercury is in a wide conjunction to the Sun and the North Node, both of which are important factors for the eclipse doorway. At the same time, Mercury in gate 52.4.5 is squaring Chiron, which means there will be healing through communicating patterns or wounding through communicating patterns. There will be healing through self-discipline and far-sightedness or hurting through being blamed for self-discipline and focusing on what is important to us as opposed to what is important to others, or through being blamed for doubt and restlessness that saps our ability to focus on the important things with self-discipline.
“Joe, are you not coming with us onto the streets to challenge the status quo?” “No I'm working on my purpose to challenge the status quo in other ways” “You bloody moron, you don't understand the importance and weight of all of this, rot over your books”. Some years later, Joe might have great impact with whatever he studied and then built, maybe to find new ways around old problems. The other person might make a difference, as well. All individual effort is needed for change and all effort should be welcome. No honest effort is wasted. And oftentimes, people might be in a situation where they need to focus on themselves first in order to survive, or in order to find meaning in life. These situations might not be obvious to everyone else and they might not at all be easy to understand. Yet, they exist and we need to let people do the things they need to do. Let no one tell you where to put your effort. There are many different ways and approaches to solve problems. You never know what's possible until you have tried it. You never know what can happen until it happens. If it feels right to do, which you know best for yourself, it probably will be the right thing to do.

Alois Schram

Are we selfishly provoking through ego-inflation, or are we selflessly provoking the ego-inflation?

Back to this eclipse, which is the answer to the 2nd eclipse of ego-inflation and it comes with a lot of cynicism and a very sharp tongue.
It is the total provocation of the inflated ego, that might or might not hide behind false modesty.
On the other hand, when it gets less productive, the previous eclipse brought a tendency to point out other people's flaws and to shame them for it. This eclipse adds hard-headedness to that, alienation through ways of behavior, and ultimately ending up feeling isolated. We might see a lot of slogans like this: “Everyone loves you when you say the truth or when you call people out. Until the moment where you point out something about them”
Now, whether the provocation was misplaced, whether the provoked person overreacted, or whether both reacted over the top will vary. Sometimes it will remain a mystery. Combined with the ego-inflation eclipse, often the one who will be provoked will be the one who really needs that brutal dry honesty because their ego is totally out of place. But in addition, there definitely is the great danger to shove our own perceived superiority down other people's throats and to act as if that was a rightful act of provocation – while in fact it might just have been self-aggrandizement. Collectively, I would expect that we see a lot of this kind of behavior. There will be a lot of dissatisfaction on either side.
Individually, make no excuse for anti-social behavior. Being raised in an emotional abusive environment and a resulting lack of emotional stability and self-worth can explain why someone became an anti-social person, if they already had such a genetic predisposition. But it NEVER can excuse being a narcissist and it can never be an excuse for tolerating narcissistic behavior and tolerating a superiority complex that puts others down. [ also worth reading: the article on the Ego/Heart center ]

Late 2020 will bring the theme of Censorship of Information and/or Forgetting the Past

In the report on the 2nd eclipse, I already wrote about "censorship" becoming a theme in the 4th quarter of 2020 and beyond. The coming eclipses in November and December will carry energies of censorship. Energies can always play out in (at least) two ways and one is very dangerous: censorship of media or internet platforms and censorship of free speech. On the other hand, it can also be about censoring our memory of the past months of provoking the inflated ego and watching it explode, because it has been too painful individually and embarrassing collectively. It can be about moving on from anything narcissistic and to simply forget in order to go on with a somewhat normal life.

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Unfortunately, censorship is very likely to play out as problematic censorship, as well. From experience, there is always someone out there who plays out the problematic side, and often there are many. In other words: information, the media or freedom of speech could be censored. Secret documents could be withheld. And so on and so forth.
Forgetting the past in order to live can be very healthy. Deliberate censorship of vital information and freedom of speech is a problem. If that happens and continues to last, which I doubt because it would probably be an evolutionary problem, but who am I to judge... so if that censorship is introduced and lasts, then humanity itself has the biggest problem because no one will be there to call others out on their bullshit. The spirit and right attitude can not be found through censorship and humanity will not grow up and become mature and responsible through censorship in the form of conflict avoidance.
In censorship, no one is going to be there who throws people's bullshit back at them. The people who are driving evolution the most are then going to be silenced.

Again, I don't think this is going to be a lasting issue, but it is something interesting to think about, especially as life tends to operate in wave patterns and a push-and-pull rhythm. When there is an extreme move to one side (current provocation and exploding everything into the open), it will bring the emergence of an anti-movement to the other side (censorship).

Next solar week is about continued and sturdy development in or towards ambitious new beginnings and cycles.


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