This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Stefan Bakalowicz

The last solar week was about tension and individualism. It brought the 3rd and last eclipse of this summer: a doorway to individuation, collective fighting, hard-headed provocation, alienation, and fighting for meaning in life.

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This solar week is about continued and sturdy development in or towards ambitious new beginnings and cycles.

06 July 2020 18:23 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 53 ䷴ (Cancer) - channel of awareness (61.4▽ Pluto & 61.3 Jupiter-24.3▽ Uranus)

Accepting temporary Inaction, calmly focusing on what must be done and redefining Strategies

    08 July 2020 10:41 UTC: Mercury in ䷳ (Cancer) square Mars in ䷐ (Aries)

Problematic: a lack of understanding brings deep dissatisfaction with inaction and with external enforcement of inaction. Impatient attempts to break out of the situation and to take shortcuts can lead to hasty actions (maybe even disloyalty and gossip), misfiring in new beginnings, and risking what we already have achieved.

Productive: accepting that there might nothing to be done at this moment in time and staying discrete and restrained. Accepting inaction, restraint, and a temporary lack of forward movement. Redefining strategies in order to be ready when things move again.

Demagogue or Bodhisattva. Destructive and arrogant Baiting attracts Opposition – or gathering Support for new Beginnings through genuine and nurturing Leadership and Service

    10 July 2020 18:35 UTC: Venus in ䷏ (Gemini) sextile Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
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Problematic: selfishly holding back support for others. Refusing to acknowledge other people's talents and thinking only we know what is true and we already have all the answers. Spreading hatred and disapproval that alienates others. Letting third parties thwart our new beginnings.

Productive: being open to learning. Recognizing and supporting other people's talents and creating structures in which they can thrive, but holding back when they need it and letting them walk at their pace. That gathers support. Recognizing the value in new beginnings and recent developments, and sticking to them even in times of isolation and opposition.

Chiron Retrograde: deep Nurturing, Initiation and emotional Healing through mutative Knowledge, deep Understanding and finding one's own Worth

    11 July 2020 21:08 UTC: Chiron stations retrograde in▲ ䷐ (Aries) conjunct Mars and Moon in 17.5.3▽ on the 6/2 Cross of Cycles

Problematic: inflicting hurt or simply a lack of healing through believing that there is nothing else to learn and missing out on essential knowledge that could change everything. Sticking to negative relationships that refuse to cooperate, hinder ambition, or even block the whole endeavor.

Productive: not being overly fixed on our opinions, keeping on learning and bringing healing through understanding. Being a transformative force for others through the depth of our understanding. Past success serves as an example and can attract support for the next stages. Not sticking to those people who won't change their detrimental ways. Focusing on those relationships that are a win-win and where it is clear that we can work together, that we can build a functioning structure and continue to learn.
The current evolutionary access point in gate 62.3 fits into the Chiron retrograde in gate 17.6 like the key to the lock.

Gerome - The Two Majesties

Chiron will go direct in mid-December in gate 17.2, which either brings discrimination or a healthy selectivity that leads to fulfillment of purpose. If we are open to learning from other people and if we do not waste time with one-sided and sabotaging relationships, but instead focused on those relationships that are mutually beneficial and enriching, then the Chiron retrograde leads us to a beneficial new understanding that helps us to achieve our purpose or something of purpose – which is a theme of the eclipse in gate 38.5 → [ Doorway #3 (of 3) for the 2nd Half of 2020: Lunar Eclipse of Individuation and pressured Evolution through collective Tension. Endurance and Discipline in Times of Struggle. Fighting for Purpose and Integrity. Provoking, Prodding, Trolling, Teasing and opposing what is of low Frequency ]
On the other side, if we aren't selective and invite really bad experiences, or if we think we know everything better all along, then in December we might be prone to come to the conclusion that absolutely no relationship is worth it and that no one is worth listening to – which is not true, but it might lead people to be very arrogant and to look down from a great distance on what they think is unworthy.

Mercury direct: Being concerned or unconcerned about Others. Holding back Energy for the Good or the Bad

    12 July 2020 08:26 UTC: Mercury stations direct in ䷳ (Cancer)
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Mercury went retrograde one month ago in gate 39.6. It was all about problem solving, first and foremost our own problems that oftentimes only we might have had an answer to.
You can find the full report on the Mercury retrograde following this link if you want to reflect on it → [ Mercury retrograde: Productive or destructive Problem Solving will lead to Inaction and Restraint of Energy one Month later in mid-July. Attempts to find Solutions for Problems might easily escalate in random and fragmented Brainstorming-Chaos, unproductive Research and a Diversity of confusing Applications instead of focusing on the most direct and simple Solution and Synthesis ]

The short version:
It brought a lot of provocation, triggering, and also rethinking of one's perspective. People might have felt provoked and annoyed when others insensitively threw their unhelpful attempts at correction towards them. On the other side, people might have been triggered by progressive and sensitive attempts to solve an existing problem, which equals being provoked over nothing. Especially this might be an issue for those who have real difficulties with taking responsibility and who deny to conform at the cost of other people's ruin.
Those might or might not have learned something. Oftentimes, they simply might have continued to hold their energy back at the expense of others and might continue to do so now, which invites us to rethink our investment and the authenticity, mutuality, and validity of our commitment. Is it one-sidedly holding us back, or is it objectively full of potential and correct?
Mercury retrograde could have brought us the recognition that certain relationships aren't mutually beneficial, but only a hindrance that pulls us down. This leads us to hold back our energy from unhealthy relationships and to reserve it for ourselves and for those relationships that are truly good and enriching. We might be resentful about being in a specific relationship-cycle, or we might close the cycle with certain people and not look back.

For those who struggled with giving unsolicited advice, this Mercury retrograde might have really been transformative. It might have helped us to develop a better sense for when inaction is needed and beneficial, including a better sense for when we better don't try to have a say in other people's business.

Next solar week will bring the energy to solidify or falsify our inner truth and our higher knowing with detail work, statistics, analytical measurement, and real data.


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