This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - An Eloquent Silence

The last solar week was about attracting the like-minded, education, tribal leadership and material manifestation.
Like the last weeks, this solar week is one of manifestation, yet its energy is less physical, more held back and more emotionally moody as well as mental (oriented towards thoughts and speech). This solar week is about social caution, social changes, articulating our ideas and sudden total transformation of awareness.

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It is about answering temptations with restraint and inaction. If something is not in proper alignment, a lot of anger and rage can bubble to the surface, most of which is probably best not to be acted upon. This can be anger towards oneself for one's shortcomings, blunders, lack of informing or misinformation. It can also be that same anger directed at others for their shortcomings, blunders and miscommunication. The process of releasing that anger can feel very purging.
Although the energy is about withdrawal and temperance, it also is about being social in the right moment and bringing about huge change and renewal through the words being said.

13 June 2020 04:23 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 12 ䷋ (Gemini) - channel of awareness (61.4▽ Pluto & 61.6▲ Jupiter - 24.2 Uranus), channel of openness (12.1 Sun - 22.4▲▽-Mars & 22.5▽ Neptune & 22.6▲▽ Moon)

Shocking Behavior, delusional Talks, Blunder, Conflict and Crisis can lead to Social Withdrawal – or to Lessons truly learned

    13 June 2020 14:12 UTC: Mars conjunct Neptune in▽ ䷕ (Pisces)
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Problematic: Shooting from the hip can create embarrassing situations, that can lead to lowered confidence, extreme social caution, withdrawal and isolation, when we give too much on what other people say and when we are very susceptible to people's opinions of us. It can also bring an internal growth crisis and transformation. Most often, these situations might emerge when we are not with those who value our ideas, or when we are social and among people, although we absolutely might not be in the mood for it. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong people, wrong mood.
If you are in a place where it doesn't matter because you won't see the people again and they don't speak to you anyway, if you don't put yourself in danger by speaking, and if you feel courageous, this can be a good time to practice standing your ground, to build crisis immunity and resilience for expected rejection and to not let yourself be discouraged from voicing your ideas – if that feels right and if you are in the mood for it. Practice makes perfect, although perfect doesn't exist, but you get the point. Some people can benefit from being able to say “wow, I made it through it” and build resilience from that.
If you are easily discouraged though, and if you know you would be very vulnerable upon disapproval from others – think before you speak. That, in fact, is always a good idea and a major learning topic under these transits. Not every thought and inspiration deserves recognition, but some do.
If we witness someone committing a blunder and being thoroughly embarrassed, this might be a good time to put our sympathy into practice, to calm them down and to share with them the philosophy (and reality) of “no potential for success without trial and error”, or to share with them our own fuck-up story.
These kind of blunder-situations can also emerge when we want to give good advice, but that advice turns out to be utterly impractical, unrealistic and a bit naive or even spiritual bypassing - “just meditate”-style, “just do some LSD”-style or “this is only your monkey mind, your thoughts don't matter”-style. It gets worse when we hardheadedly insist that we know what is best for people, or what is going on with them. Everything might not be as simple and easy as sometimes it might seem. When people do not feel seen and understood in their pain, but when they instead feel devaluated, the situation can really turn awkward and painful.

Productive: Only being social when we are in the mood. Trying to be realistic with what we sell to others and tailoring it to their individual situation. LISTENING to what they say before we get on our soapbox. Even better: not getting on a soapbox at all, but rather sensitively trying to figure out where the other person comes from. Trying to figure out if our solution or idea can truly be of practical interest to them before we share it. Having empathy for their experiences instead of seeing them as someone to be persuaded and convinced. If we can't understand how someone feels or what it might be like to be in their shoes, we can always ask questions (sensitively).

At Risk of Boredom and Social Distraction from what matters – or being able to say no to negative Influences when People knock on the Door

    15 June 2020 01:57 UTC: Sun in ䷋ (Gemini) waxing quincunx to Pluto in▽ ䷼ (Capricorn)
Rembrandt - Saul and David

Problematic: Thinking that bad stimulation is better than none and being dependent on outside stimulation instead of doing our own research. Being unable to sit with oneself and becoming so bored, that we seek the company of people who don't even resonate with us in this certain moment, just to overcome standstill and boredom. Even when people resonate with us, sometimes there might be situations going on where social restraint is essential, for example when we prepare for an important exam and need to preserve our focus.
Thinking that collaboration or meeting others will bring progress or that it will be stimulating – when this might not always be true. Under these transits, there might be many situations in which involving others might lead to disorder and chaos because it is not authentic or effective. When we end up trying to solve each other's problems, it might not fall onto open ears, and that's okay, it is not personal. Everyone needs to find out what works for them individually. Under these transits, it might be easy to go on a detour and to find a lot of applications for things that we or the other person weren't even intending to do, that make no sense and that are distracting from what is essential.
Globally, this is a time where people might struggle more than usual with social distancing measures and where people give up healthy caution. It can bring a feeling of boredom and the desire for outside stimuli.

Productive: Having the discipline for social restraint and caution and for maintaining a pure state. Being able to deal with limitations and to guide others through it. Doing our own research and collaborating only with people who really understand where we want to go and who can enrich that direction and that search for answers, insights and solutions.

A Potential to recognize what can be fruitful (Relationship or Projects) and reaching out accordingly to make Plans with others – or getting way ahead of Ourselves, overextending Ourselves and falling on deaf Ears, and if only temporary because many People might be withdrawn right now

    16 June 2020 07:33 UTC: Sun in ䷋ (Gemini) waxing quincunx to Jupiter in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn)

Mercury Retrograde: Productive or Destructive Problem Solving will lead to Inaction and Restraint of Energy one Month later in mid July. Attempts to find Solutions for Problems might easily escalate in random and fragmented Brainstorming-Chaos, unproductive Research and a Diversity of confusing Applications instead of Focusing on the most direct and simple Solution and Synthesis

    18 June 2020 04:58 UTC: Mercury stations retrograde in ䷦ (Cancer)
    18 June 2020 23:08 UTC: Mars in ䷣ (Pisces) sextile Pluto in▽ ䷼ (Capricorn)
Frank Xavier Leyendecker - Loose Tooth

This Mercury retrograde is all about problem solving, first and foremost our own problems, that oftentimes only we might have an answer to.
On one hand, there can be real problems, often because something did not work out and because we underestimated a threat, which was a theme of this moon cycle, that closes in 3 days. (The current moon cycle closes 3 days after Mercury turns retrograde.)
On the other hand, it can mean, that people will make up problems and insensitively try to fix other people's issues where they might even have none. Think before you speak.

This Mercury retrograde will bring a lot of provocation, triggering and also rethinking of one's perspective. People might feel provoked and annoyed when others insensitively throw their unhelpful attempts at correction towards them. On the other side, people might be triggered by progressive and sensitive attempts to solve an existing problem, which equals being provoked over nothing. Especially this might be an issue for those who selfishly refuse to take responsibility for their actions and who knowingly ruin others by refusing to conform.

Collectively, a potential risk might have been underestimated. To me it looks as if a part of those who selfishly struggle against conformity at other people's expense are the ones who fight against face masks and social restrictions. They are those who spread misinformation, that can lead the gullible to do naive or even irresponsible things, that then put others at risk.

On the problematic side, the result in mid July 2020 can be the withholding of support packages for the poorest, that truly need them, or the withholding of other forms of energy, that are really needed.
On the productive side, or on the side that is complex to weigh up against each other (protests vs safety), it could be more social restraint measures being enforced, or something similar, maybe after a mass-spreading via the demonstrations has led to an increase in infections. Mercury (communication, mind, but also the messenger who spreads something) goes retrograde on the Sun placement (the main planet) of the "birth" chart of the USA. On the details we can only speculate, but for sure that will have its effects.

Some weeks ago I mentioned, that a second lockdown or other measures of restraint could be expected in July because many people will not act with concern and in consideration of others. The following is a quote from a transit report in May. The eclipse, that I mentioned, is the eclipse of the coming week:

"In the 2nd half of June there will be an eclipse (a doorway, that stays open for months to come), that demands withdrawal because facing certain challenges and shocks head-on would be utter stupidity. At the same time, there is a massive shadow theme of being too foolish and too egoic to withdraw, due to the assumption, that we can outsmart forces of nature (such as a virus). Uranus still brings a lot of irrationality to the stage. Even if we ourselves can deal with those challenges and be cautious, many people will not be cautious at all.
Facing shocks and challenges (very tiny ones, but also bigger ones) is a theme that is likely going to stick with us for a few months.

Mid July will lead to restraint of energy. Restraining energy will be the winning solution from brainstorming throughout June on how to solve existing problems. If you ask me, it is very likely, that there will be more rules and restrictions because many people will not be responsible and rational enough to restrain themselves without being ordered to do so. There will be big frustration with restraint and with being controlled.

After some borders had been opened and restrictions had been loosened on the cross of contagion here in and around Germany, Europe, I previously mentioned that another wave of COVID-19 infections is not going to be unlikely and I said it is better to be safe than sorry. If this Mercury retrograde is in any way going to relate to infections, which is likely, but there is always the component of the unexpected, and if it does not only relate to a brand new problem, that we do not know of yet - then that means there is a huge potential for a 2nd lockdown in July. If it is not going to be a new lockdown, or in places where there has never been a loosening of the restrictions, it is going to be other measures that demand restraint and holding back of energy. There will be an immense focus on communicating the need to restrain energy and on fixing compulsive and uncoordinated actions, that do not comply with restraining oneself for the benefit of everyone. The energies in July also bring a strong appearance of those who refuse to be organized and refuse to apply restraint for the benefit of others → conspiracy theorists."

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From today's perspective, a new challenge came to global attention, that this problem solving and restraint could potentially also apply to: After the murder of George Floyd and the discussions on racism and power abuse through law enforcement, part of the attempt to solve existing problems has been to enforce the restraint of energy by banning certain arrest techniques, that are inhumane or outright dangerous. That would be another example of holding back energy. Holding back on consumption in a late attempt to "solve" the climate change might fit into that category, as well. You might have further examples in mind of how this transit can play out, that I don't think of. The basic mechanism is that problem solving and provocation will lead to a restraint of energy.

On a personal level, oftentimes this might be about finding inner stillness to do our research and focus on what is important. This might be about making the right sacrifices [ sacrificing personal for communal progress was a theme of the 1st eclipse ] or not making them, acting as if we are alone in the world and living with the consequences later.
Sometimes something might not have worked out because we underestimated a threat in someone else, because we expected too much outcome for too little investment/expertise, because we made false claims, or because we were simply ahead of ourselves. A challenging situation might have rattled and jolted us. When we are open to learn from it what did not work and what we must do differently, then a real change can take place.
Holding back our energy can mean, that we do not let ourselves be called out to things that aren't for us, that we do not let other people interfere with our process, and that we reserve and focus all of our energy on solving those problems, that seem truly huge and worthwhile to us.

So let's assume there is this problem and it can be faced productively or unproductively by working with the celestial energies productively or unproductively.

Problematic: needing to be the one who knows best. Making false and delusional claims about how we can solve other people's problems – because we personally profit from it either financially, or through the ego-delusion of being superman. Falling prey to such false claims being made by others. Behaving insensitively towards others in trying to fix their issues.
Trying to solve people's problems in very unproductive ways and thinking that every thought of ours needs to be expressed and slammed into their face. What we actually might be doing is dragging people out of their own well-functioning process of doing their own research alone. Problem solving only for self-aggrandizement, not because there is really a need for our solution. Going on a hit or miss commentary derail, that can either simply be confusing or like a bull in a china shop. Not learning from the chaos and confusion, that emerges out of our insensitive problem solving, yet being overly sensitive ourselves and seeing the other person at fault. Sulking and later holding back one's energy where it really might be needed.
Getting lost in a confusing diversity of trains of thought. Stirring up a lot of shit, that is totally off-topic.
Throwing around a ton of useless thoughts while brainstorming with others, none of which matches with where they are going and none of which is what they need. Wasting our precious time with other people's endless mind-explosion, while we would need that time to solve a tangible problem, that we have. Not being able to say: “this doesn't help with the situation right now, I'll be reserving my time and energy to get myself out of this” when we really need it.

Frank Xavier Leyendecker - Timing an Experiment

Productive: the process of discussing problems and the conflict, that might emerge out of this process, can lead to the recognition that not every thought needs to be expressed, and that not every inspiration is helpful. During the Mercury retrograde we might learn to hold back our opinions and ideas for the benefit of others, and to only share what really matters.
When Mercury goes direct one month later, he will bring the theme of restraining our energy and holding it back from others. On the problematic side, this happens out of self-serving motives. On the productive side, this can be a self-restraint, that has been developed, after having had the recognition, that we can't be so into people's faces. This can also be the self-restraint, that has been developed to be more conscious with who we collaborate with or who we ask for advice, with where we give our time to and with prioritizing what is truly important to us.
When we work with the energies of this Mercury retrograde in productive ways, being receptive to expand our knowledge and perspective can trigger an inner transformation, that might later lead to a pause and to the holding back of energy in productive ways. Especially this applies to situations where we then recognize, that we don't have much useful to say on certain topics or thematics, and that we better be silent in these moments. This Mercury retrograde can help us to develop a better sense for when inaction is needed and beneficial.
The most productive way, that this Mercury retrograde brings right now, is on point and productive crisis assistance and problem solving. We don't get off track and we are really focused on the important question or project, that needs assistance.
If we are seeking solutions together with others, the most essential prerequisite, that is needed in order to navigate this situation, is to listen to what the other person says. We do not always have to say something. Sometimes solutions are found through listening to the other person's monologue only and throwing in some questions. Sometimes solutions are found in speaking one sentence, that gives someone an idea, that they never thought of. Sometimes we might not have a solution, that can help with a certain problem they are facing and all we can offer is an open ear, compassion and telling them that we are there when they need us. Sensitive, constructive and helpful problem solving, that is tailored to the situation, can bring very deep change, impact and transformation.
Sometimes we might want to contribute a thought or two, when people need it, and dive deeper together with others, when it is really enriching and helpful - but we also recognize and accept when we look for different questions and answers, and when our mental process and search for knowing doesn't match each other.
On the productive side, we might be able to spot the weak spot in someone's endeavors and show them a constructive way to make it better. However though, often we might be recognizing the weak spot and problematic point in others, or even in ourselves, when we are observing someone who insensitively tries to “help” others by helping himself only. Speaking our observations out loud and stating how this is not being helpful might be triggering a productive and necessary growth crisis within them. Ultimately though, it protects the one with the problem from being cornered or misled.

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For the generations younger than 30, this Mercury retrograde isn't only about problem solving, it is also about making a sacrifice by considering the greater good. This is no timid and silent sacrifice of being oh-so-nice, but it is a provocative and outspoken direct assault upon injustice. It is about having that sense of responsibility, that allows us to recognize and to point out unfairness and a lack of accountability head-on. It is about having the punch and the fire to tackle obvious problems and injustices ahead – especially when fellow human beings are mistreated and put at risk. That can be very provocative, but it can also bring massive, massive change.
This Mercury retrograde in Cancer is not for the faint-hearted. Cancer might have a tendency to walk sideways and sit in its shell – but it has pincers for a reason.

On the problematic side however, it brings mob mentality and disengagement to the younger generation: looking away when people are mistreated, and sacrificing others because we do not interfere. Basically, that is the mentality that enables fascist regimes to grab power and stay in power without meeting too much resistance. The situations we will meet don't have to be that drastic, though. The basic binary is that of engaging and accepting responsibility as a part of the whole or not engaging and denying responsibility. It can be a situation where you see that someone's shoelace is open and you either make them aware of it – or you think “nah, they won't stumble over it” and you don't point it out to them. It also is the situation where someone is being molested and someone who witnesses it speaks up.

Again, it doesn't have to be such drastic situations, that we find ourselves in. This Mercury retrograde can be about tackling problems and/or injustices in everyday situations.
A big question of this Mercury retrograde is: who do I impact? What is the impact I am having? Is it productive or destructive? It can bring a process of weighing it all up against each other. There can be no black or white answer, the answer to this is highly individual. "What is the impact on the world and on those close to me when going to a protest?" "What is the impact on the world and on those close to me when staying at home?" The only person we can choose to sacrifice or not to sacrifice is ourselves. Everyone else needs to choose on their own. Sacrificing one's grandma without her consent and without trying to find adequate safety measures and restraint towards her is a problem when combined with superspreader events. Any situation, that makes it difficult to fulfill the responsibilities towards one's little children, is a problem, too. Who do we impact by our actions? And how?

Next solar week will be about extremes, love versus absolutely cold hatred - and about modesty. It will bring the 2nd eclipse of this summer: an eclipse of ego inflation and a masked superiority complex, that is being challenged by others.


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