This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
John William Waterhouse - Echo and Narcissus

The last solar week was about social manifestation and changes. It was about social caution, resisting temptation and articulating ideas, that have a powerful social impact. In the more extreme manifestations, the moodiness, potential anger and rage of last week now passes into hatred and terror – or into acceptance of oneself and others.

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This week is about facing self-hatred, finding self-love, finding love for humanity and for the extremes of people. It is about modesty, extremes and everything outside the golden mean. This week can confront us with our character traits that don't fit into social norms, but that are authentic nonetheless. Can we appreciate them and embrace them in ourselves and in others? Everyone has their quirks and eccentricities, and so do we. When we see that all of that is supposed to be that way, we can find love for humanity as a whole, love for the variety and the spectrum of being. We can find modesty in realizing that everyone is a little nuts and that everyone is special, yet at the same time no one is special and above others when everyone is special.
After the sudden shifts in awareness, that last week might have brought, sometimes through weird social situations, this week is about integrating our extremes and finding a healthy balance through finding the right behavior. Sometimes we might have realized some things about ourselves, that need to be tweaked and adjusted a little. Our behavior and the humbleness or lack of considerateness and humbleness, in which we deal with our own and with other people's extremes, is a determining factor for social success and for a fulfilled private life.

This week could bring out all kinds of truly odd behavior in people – and it could make us look at the way we behave, to find our authentic pattern, even if that looks a little asymmetrical and freaky.

19 June 2020 01:44 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 15 ䷎ (Gemini) - channel of awareness (61.4▽ Pluto & 61.5 Jupiter - 24.2 Uranus), channel of awakening (10.1▽ Earth & South Node - 20.3▽ Moon, later Venus)

Broken Promises and Commitments, false Claims to Truth being exposed, or unrealistic Expectations put onto another Person triggers a humbling Crisis, inner Transformation and Change – or our Relationships are met without Expectations and with a Sense of Duty, which strengthens us to face every Crisis, Shock and Challenge on the Way. Embodying greater Love by learning to accept and embrace our own Extremes

    19 June 2020 23:37 UTC: Sun conjunct North Node in ䷎ (Gemini)
    20 June 2020 07:55 UTC: Mars in ䷣ (Pisces) sextile Jupiter in ䷼ (Capricorn)
    20 June 2020 21:43 UTC: Sun enters Cancer in▲ ䷎
Arnold Böcklin - In der Gartenlaube

Problematic: Alienating others through extremes and exaggerated claims. Insisting that others agree with us. Having way too many unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to the fantasy of not experiencing any extremes and of staying on the happy end of the emotional spectrum always. Feeling down or having an argument does not mean that a relationship can't be harmonious.
Inconsistency and no sense for duty can lead to broken promises, after the charisma has worn off and the positive projection of trustworthiness has crumbled. Maybe someone left and changed their mind instantly because someone else did not agree. It might be a real challenge to let go of feelings and to let go of what was.

Productive: Having a sense of duty and confronting challenges, that we are facing through the support of extreme and harmonic relationships, without expectations on further outcome. False claims being exposed as being false can lead to a humbling crisis. Experiencing a humbling crisis through recognizing false standards and unnecessary demands and pressure, that we might have put onto others in our relationships. Recognizing when we turned our own insecurities into other people's problem by lashing out at them or by forcing them to agree with us. A new way of relating reveals itself.

Recognizing what it truly means to have responsible relationships and revamping unrealistic expectations of never wanting to feel bad and always wanting to feel great. Recognizing other extreme behavior of ours, that might not benefit our relationships. As an example, we might have needed to be the center of progress and claimed the stage alone while insisting that others agree with what we say, or we might have even broken the bond because we thought we were in the right while in fact we might have been a petty dictator.

A harmonious relationship does not mean the absence of conflict, it does not mean that we smear honey around each other's mouths and it does not mean that it must always feel good. There will always be ups and downs. Harmonious relationships do allow the other to live through their extremes, e.g. to feel sad or angry, to empty the fridge at night and to talk to one's car. It creates disharmony and a lack of love if we try to change each other's nature and rhythm.
Creating harmonious relationships means that we try to sing the tune of our lives in alignment to and in consideration of each other, not in misalignment and constant resistance. The outcome can be a relationship where we might have disagreements, conflicts and temporary disharmony, but where the sum of relating is balanced, harmonious and present with the process. Harmonious relationships don't contradict with experiencing extremes, especially they do not contradict with the ups and downs of the emotional wave.

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This transit can bring the recognition that when we expect our relationships to always be happy and peaceful, we might suffocate them by creating an artificial harmony, that makes them stale and empty. It can lead us to spot a potential absence of a will to be dutiful in our relationships, in case that motivation truly is missing.
Are we willing to make things work and meet challenging situations within our relationships without further expectations?

If dutiful and reliable is not your relationship style because you are ever-changing, don't know what you want, or know that you want it all – that's legit, as long as you let people know upfront, as long as you don't make false promises and deluded statements and as long as you give them equal rights of freedom. For you too, relationships become a lot easier when you weed out those who want you to be committed and ask you to deliver what you can't or don't want to deliver. Relationships become easier for you when you have only those in your company, who are similarly free-spirited and when there is a common ground in relationship styles.

Solar Eclipse of Ego-Inflation, brutal Emotional Havoc and a Superiority Complex, that is being challenged by Others; or of finding Modesty and Love inside. Tearing down what lacks Higher Principles and sticking to what works. Success, as well as big Change, can come through seeking out covert and esoteric Knowledge, through staying with what has been proven to work and through Withdrawing in Times of Shock when it is the only Thing that makes Sense

    21 June 2020 06:41 UTC: ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE in ䷎ (Cancer), North Node in square Mars in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in 21.6.3 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 51.2.2 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in 51.3.6 (Aries)
    21 June 2020 14:13 UTC: Sun in ䷎ (Cancer) waxing quincunx to Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius)
Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau - I Told You So

This eclipse is the second doorway of three, all of which stay open for the rest of 2020. The three of them link together. You can read upon the first eclipse and doorway here -> [ 5. June 2020: Lunar Eclipse of Manifesting Collective Progress through Calm Patience and Joyfully Being in the Flow Despite Doubts (or Struggling with Stress, Doubt and Feeling at a Loss). Chaos can lead to a Desire to find Effective Action and Our Own Authentic Material Path ]

This current 2nd eclipse, a solar eclipse, particularly defines where we are heading to and what will be the collective evolution over the next months: we are heading towards embracing our individual extremes, finding modesty in that and finding a deeper acceptance of human diversity.
BUT... it also brings up more hatred. Hatred to be transformed. In March 2020, the nodes and thus the global environment shifted from restlessness (or finding stillness) towards extreme behavior and cold hatred (or love). You can read the article from March and reflect on the past months here -> [ Nodal Shift: Misanthropy through ignorant and hypocritical Action, false Innocence and unhealthy Levels of Greed - or finding the Spirit in Humbleness and healing the Hatred of Humanity. Undermining established and outdated Values and being open to new Perspectives, or insisting that others agree and being dangerously open and vulnerable to dark “Insights” and Messages ]

In the beginning of that shift by the end of March/beginning of April, over here in Germany, after a long time of investigation, the state struck out for the first time against certain groups of radicals from the right spectrum. It continued like this and action against right radicalism appeared regularly in the news. Debates started, at least here in Germany. Recently, they arrested several offenders of very cruel sexual child abuse and it was said, that there was much more material to analyze and thus likely to be many more traces to follow, that might lead to more arrests. The next thing I know is that George Floyd was murdered and a small revolution started in the USA because people weren't willing to tolerate more oppression and injustice. On a sidenote: the man who killed George Floyd carries the energy of this ego-inflation eclipse in his Mars and in his incarnation cross, they are all part of the collective story. The Trump-Twitter battle is a part of that story, as well. At the time when Trump announced the decree against social media, transiting Mercury wandered through the energies of this 2nd eclipse of ego-inflation. Those were steps that lead up to where we are now – we are at a very important pivotal point where things can't simply be ignored anymore.
This eclipse can be grounded in its potential through challenging existing norms and rejecting certain behavior according to a higher code, that is rooted in justice. This eclipse is rooted in martyrdom and in behavior, that is going to be challenged by others, before it can lead to change, mutation and more love later down the road.
Right now with the Black Lives Matter movement growing in force, racism is the main problem to be rejected, but I would also think that other justice movements might come back to the global stage to demand justice where injustice has existed for too long. That could be the Me Too movement, which might come back to the stage with Biden, it could be the long ongoing fight for environmental preservation, that now has been a focus with Fridays For Future and gate 60 in the global program, or it can be the fight against any sort of censorship, be it media censorship, election manipulation or regimes repressing freedom of speech. Censorship and forgetting the past will be a very present theme by the fourth quarter of 2020, and likely also into 2021. On the day of the US elections, censorship and manipulation will be dominant themes. In fact, transit-wise, "manipulation" is the outcome of the election day, so election rigging is certainly a possibility. Only a few days after the election date, on 12th November 2020, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the 3rd and last time on the 3/5 cross of explanation. Jupiter-Pluto can bring power grabs, but this particular conjunction does also bring karmic retribution.

Jean Geoffroy

By the end of the year, some people might want to censor all the embarrassing things that have happened in the 2nd half of 2020. Some people might just want to forget because whatever they experienced and witnessed was too painful, and it will be healthy for them to forget. Some people might want to censor their opponents who have gotten too loud for their taste after this eclipse, that can bring change through the gathering of secret information, or after the coming third eclipse of opposition, provocation and trolling (the report on this will be published in two weeks with the eclipse). Some people might want to censor information, so that they can influence where we are heading according to their own selfish plans. Don't immediately think of Trump as the only candidate to play out this censorship, though. One other example, in which this could play out, is that if Biden gets elected, he might continue to deny the accusations of sexual harassment against him and censor that away. I'm not convinced, that this chaos would stop with Biden being elected over Trump, since the USA has its Pluto return (a deep transformation through death and rebirth to truth) peaking in 2022 during the next presidency. What kind of Pluto return would that be if everything stopped falling apart, stood "nice" and "orderly" and just started to be ok? A Pluto return should bring questions of power, dominance, obsessions, especially sexual obsessions, corruption, values, fears and responsibility coming to light in quite harsh ways, but ultimately leading to rebirth or reboot of intelligence and thus also of power structures. Thus, I'm not sure why anyone would want to be president of a country during its Pluto return, but that is another story. If Trump gets elected, ok, we already know a part of the story. If Biden gets elected, he might just be the next layer in the search for truth and power issues, with the difference, that the embarrassing truth now might not be that obvious anymore, as it is with Trump, and that some more layers and masks might need to be peeled back before truth can emerge and shake the earth.
Unlike many, I'm not suggesting that Biden and Trump are two sides of the same coin, they are very different by design. But they both serve an evolutionary purpose, as we all do. For the United States, the evolutionary purpose and sacrifice of the next president is to drive the country into its Pluto return. Whoever gets elected as a president of the United States will be suited for that role. Something to think about. That's the case unless of course, Americans refuse to vote, or unless the election will be such a chaos and struggle, that there will be a power vacuum. In case Biden gets elected, I would expect more issues, such as previously mentioned a comeback of the Me Too movement or other things, that I do not know of.
In regard to a potential power grab - it would fit with the potential shadow themes of this eclipse: ego-inflation and the refusal to withdraw and to think that natural forces can be outsmarted.

Anyhow, in the beginning of August, the nodes will shift into gate 12 (Venus conjunct the North Node) and later this year they will shift into gate 45. I really have been looking forward to this shift for a long time. They shift away from the hatred and extremism of the last months towards standstill – but also towards deep, deep, deep social change, mutation and transformation of beliefs and values. If you ask me, this is going to be a very good thing, that carries a LOT of potential, although right now everything might look as if it goes to shit. This is a process, that has to happen. There is going to be massive transformation, but only through an eruption of shadow and the lowest of the low frequencies. It is only going to happen through friction. Push and pull. All the dark stuff has to pour out for humanity to move further away from its hatred and closer to love.
In the 2020 forecast [ LINK ] I wrote about the conjunction of the South node, the Moon and Jupiter. On the problematic side COVID-19 encouraged the overindulgence. On the more productive side, there was supposed to be a huge “working through past emotional trauma and through parentally inherited emotional patterns”. Corona quarantine brought this up for many, but even more so the Afro-American generational trauma, that is in focus right now, is exactly that: working through inherited generational traumata.
Of course I did not know it would look like this, but something that brought up a lot of old and inherited trauma was to be expected. So from the lens of the evolutionary program, all is in order and going as planned, even if nothing seems to be in order and go as planned, if that makes any sense. I don't know how to bring that across properly. Humanity is eating and regurgitating its own puke to get a sense of how it should not taste and what should NOT be accepted silently. Not accepting what is unjust is a huge theme of this eclipse. There hardly is any spirit to find without puking out a lot of the sludge.
Extremism and hatred will stay with us as a dominant thematic for at least a few months, even after the nodal shift. It will remain there as an underlying energy and this 2nd eclipse will act as a magnifying glass on all of this rather dark energy.
This 2nd eclipse of summer 2020 is part of a bigger eclipse cycle of love versus hatred, misanthropy and extremism, that will reach its maximum peak in 2038 on the cross of tension with Chiron reoccurring in the gate of extremes and, if gone wrong, human hatred and cruelty against whole classes of society. That cycle initially started in 1389 with a pogrom where 3.000 Jews were being murdered in Prague. The last peak of this cycle was in 2002, in between 9/11 and the Iraq war.
There is not much to be done about these cycles, the energies move as the energies move. But, what we can and should do is to make sure that as many people as possible get it right and live in love instead of hatred. We have been given the privilege of power and relative wealth compared to those of our fellow human beings, who struggle for survival and who can only survive because their children go to work, as well. We are privileged and powerful compared to those who don't have the luxury of education and who will never own an electronic device. It is easy and convenient to look upwards the hierarchy only, to point fingers and to rail against those, who have even more wealth and power, without making a real effort to get into a similar position of power and do better. That can be very convenient, and somehow it justifies slothness, because we don't have the power to do something - "they have the power to control us". Is that so? When we compare our wealth, freedom and thus power to someone who lives and works as a prostitute in a Bangladeshi brothel village and can't send her children to school, or when we compare our luxury to someone who stitches the clothes, that we consume, for 18 hours a day, it is undeniable that we have power.

Of course within the limits of our individual purse we have the power to choose what we consume. But that's not the power I'm talking about. The president of your country has been given power by others and he is in power, whether you as an individual like that, or not. I, typing on a good quality laptop in this moment, have been given the power to do so by many others who built a chain, that leads up to me and then goes on to you and others. The power that I have is the power to do research on the internet and other digital data. I have the power to learn via digital means. I have the power to contact everyone else on the globe who can be contacted via the internet. And I also have the power to influence, guide and impact people's life in a positive way if I just keep at it and somehow manage to continue to have something helpful to say.
I have been given the power by you, the person who wants to be guided or not. I have been given the power by my dad who gifted me this laptop. But I also have been given the power by all the people in the manufacturing and distribution chain, including the factory workers and miners, who are exploited. If you look at it from that kind of perspective, that's some responsibility! I could either say "fuck them, what do I care" and watch make-up or puppy videos all day. Or I could make the best use of it, within the limits that I am given in my individual life, and try to do something of higher value with it, that serves the common good and gives back to humanity.
Now you might say "Juli you are delusional and megalomaniac, you are not that powerful" - ok. In comparison to other people (e.g. Joe Rogan) that is very true. But in comparison to other people again (e.g. the child in Kongo who mined some of the materials for my laptop), that is also utterly untrue. It depends on who you compare with. In other words, it all depends on your perspective. We as humans tend to see only a narrow window of the larger perspective. That's just how we are built. But that doesn't stop the larger perspective from existing.
This is not about megalomania and the size of any transaction. This is about the existence of transaction. A transaction of power, as well as a transaction of karma.
How do you apply the devices, that you are given? How do you apply other sources of power in your life?

The difference might be, that Bill Gates is probably aware, that many people point their fingers at him. Most of us might not be aware, that people might point their fingers at us because from further down below they clearly see, that we have power and that we might not necessarily fulfill the responsibility of wealth and power, but instead exploit it one-sidedly without giving something back, while wasting our resources instead of putting them to good use. I've seen endless finger pointing at the power structures in my life and most of it was hypocritical (I have a 18.6-perspective). None of that finger pointing changes the circumstances, that are the subject of complaint, and usually it is a waste of energy of the person who complains and of the person who listens. Now I don't want to rant either, it shows me what does not work and it motivates me to at least attempt to do it differently, within my own limits, that of course can never result in flawlessness either. But in order to do that, I first needed to recognize, that I truly have power instead of taking the power advantages and locational advantages, that I have, for granted. That's why again and again, I want to emphasize: no matter how powerless you feel, there is always power to be found somewhere. There is always something, that you can turn into a source of empowerment for yourself and for others.
There is no denying, that we are privileged and powerful. Power comes with responsibility. Not everyone wants to bring big change, though, and that is absolutely alright. Some people are designed to just watch while they go along or to focus on other things. But for those of us designed to see what is wrong and to truly want to correct it, for those of us who want to change something for the better and for those of us who want to give people a fulfilling direction, the best way to do that is not to leave complaints underneath YouTube videos. The best way is to actually DO something and work our way up to freedom from negative conditioning, freedom of action and impact - either through what we do or through what we earn and share in the right places instead of wasting it. We all have the power to embody and to BE the change, that we want to see in the world. Yes, you are powerful. You are much more powerful than you believe.
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Regardless of the hatred and of how it might look like right now, with the thematic of massive social transformation on top of the hatred, I would expect huge social changes, advancements and a more wider-spread and deeper annihilation of shadows patterns. Maybe we won't notice it immediately, since Neptune veils all of this process, but in the long run I'd definitely expect a deep change towards more humanness and love.

The 1st eclipse brings the outcome of selfless progress through altruistic action. The 2nd eclipse manifests itself through martyrdom, being an example and rejecting behavior and standards, that do not work, despite opposition and with steely determination. Especially, we will see this when the nodes shift in the beginning of August. Definitely, those changes, that knock on the door, come through the sacrifice, the drive for change and the revolution of many. There are sacrifices, that simply have to be made.

Yet, since there is so much energy of sacrifice and martyrdom in the air, it also needs to be said, that not every sacrifice is authentic. During these times, it can be very easy to make the wrong sacrifices, that make no sense, that are not healthy for us or even endanger us. There also will be many situations, where people will need to withdraw, but where it might be difficult to notice that and to recognize the danger - maybe not individually for each one of us, but definitely collectively. Let's always stay true to ourselves!

Jean-Leon Gerome - The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

So on the more problematic side, this 2nd summer-eclipse of 2020 brings emotionally out-of-control ego-inflation, attention whoring, a superiority complex, that unloads onto others, and a sense that nothing is ever good enough. Does this sound imbalanced and narcissistic? You bet. But there also will be an opposing party, that brings the exposure and rejection of these behaviors and standards and the fight and martyrdom for higher principles – even when at first no one or few people might see the worth and the necessity of the change.
The ego-inflation is nothing new on the world stage, but what I think is new is the challenging of such behavior and the fight against it, such as many people now do as they protest on the streets. This eclipse brings the energy to no longer let things go unnoticed and to demand justice.

Black Moon Lilith will be in gate 51 until the end of July, the gate of shock and initiation. That might bring us a tiny, tiny taste for what it might feel like when Chiron will transit gate 51 in mid 2022 and from March 2023 to March 2025. The shocks of 2022/2023 might be especially shocking and challenging for China and the USA.
Yet, for now with a background of social transformation, this might to a large part result in mental shocks, epiphanies, shocking behavior in people and more grown up sandpit fights with a good dose of ego-inflation.

Mental epiphanies and initiation might help us to overcome unjustified vanities, to make peace with our extreme patterns and to find deeper into humility and modesty. Overestimating ourselves a little bit and being optimistic about ourselves can make us mentally more stable and resilient. Yet, it can also go the wrong way. A good sense of our skills or of our spirit does not have to contradict humility and the recognition, that we are good at something because we are meant to and don't really have a choice. When was the last time, that you felt like being above others after you sat down and meditated? On a side note, this is an interesting read in regard to the topic -> [ EXTERNAL LINK: Traditionally, mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation are believed to have an “ego-quieting” effect, allowing practitioners to foster well-being by reducing their sense of self-importance across all areas of life. A pair of studies published in Psychological Science, however, suggests that the physical and emotional benefits of these practices may not arise from modesty, but rather from enhancing practitioners’ pride in their own abilities – as yogis, at least ]. Vegetarians and vegans: when was the last time, that you felt meat-eaters were less evolved than you? When was the last time you felt above others, maybe even entitled, for knowing the mechanics of human design? We are moving into a 6th line age and when 6th lines are in their shadow frequency, they have a tendency to be ego-inflated and arrogant without living up to their own standards. Wherever we have a 6th line in our design, this might be a theme. Especially with the Mercury retrograde in gate 39.6 this becomes another important step on the way to mutation. It helps us to transform spiritual arrogance into humbleness and a healthy level of detachment. “If you meet a Buddha, kill the Buddha.”

Edwin Landseer - The Monkey Who Had Seen the World

It is also interesting to see how this eclipse of ego-inflation combines with the energy of Uranus in gate 24, which brings returning patterns, returning thoughts and returning addictions.
Here is an interesting graphic -> [EXTERNAL LINK: The relationship between ego-dissolution and ego-inflation for experiences occasioned by classical psychedelics (blue crosses), cocaine (red circles) and alcohol (green triangles). ]

Mars in 36.4 squaring this eclipse demands knowledge and secret information to kill the Buddha and the ego-inflation, to find our spirit, to be prepared for interpersonal crisis and to be prepared for shocks in life. You can't kill what you don't see nor understand.
Collectively, this transit plays out similar. Where I live, the competence or permission of the intelligence service has been expanded, so that they can recognize threats and prevent terrorist attacks. That's a fitting example for this kind of transit energy.

Problematic: Insensitive problem solving through “i told you so” and shaming others for their natural extremes, instead of simply sharing observations when asked. Being overly competitive and boasting. Pushing others for no good reason. Modesty, that self-destructs: emotionally out of control. Attracting attention through very imbalanced behavior. Never satisfied. Nothing and no one is good enough. Shaming other people for their extremes. Difficulties with accepting emotions and with simply letting them run through instead of acting on them like a bull in a china shop. Easily being conditioned by others away from our own nature, which can make people live out very distorted unhealthy extremes.
Secretly pitting one against the other and giving away secret information, while playing the friend of both. Changing sides without any sense of duty. Irrationally abandoning what has proven successful (a job, a certain strategy, a relationship, staying single and being focused on material stability etc.), maybe out of an emotional high or out of dissatisfaction with the monotony. Dumping one's chance for success and flying off into the fairyland heaven as a winged unicorn.
Thinking that we can outsmart natural forces (natural forces can also be corona, karma, the program, the mechanics in us and others). This afternoon we went buying food when it had just started to rain. The supermarket had its roof being repaired, the roof was covered with transparent tarpaulins, but open underneath. When we were inside, it suddenly started pissing through the roof near a lamp with electricity on it. We made them aware and left after checkout, so I don't know what happened then, but the ceiling was all wet around multiple lamps in a really huge range of a few meters. This must have been quite some damage to the building. Now it had rained on and off the previous days and it is supposed to rain the upcoming days. This is not a good time to repair a roof, you would think. Nonetheless, there were people doing things on the roof when we entered the supermarket. This is an example of refusing to retreat because we think that we can outsmart natural forces.
Also problematic can be the refusal to withdraw from situations or even relationships, that are a threat. Not recognizing energetic conditioning from outside (e.g. splenic or emotional conditioning), which can then make it difficult to either recognize the threat or to find the willpower to withdraw from a situation, that might feel good but be dangerous. Sometimes, but not always, these could be situations where people came back during the Venus retrograde and want to be reintegrated. There probably was a reason it didn't work. Did they have a lack of loyalty, duty and reliability? Or did they have grandiose expectations and made deluded claims to you and to the relationship, while they might have broken their own promises and commitment at the same time? Did they have an anti-social personality, which worked to your detriment?
Yet, I want to emphasize: the threat in others doesn't need to come from people we have known before, they can come from new people, who we know little about. It might be a real game changer to investigate them before acting, before getting closer to them or before making commitments. Through investigation, we might get a better sense for the limitations we are dealing with (in ourselves, in other people and in the general situations we are facing), so that we can lead ourselves and others successfully through difficult times.

The eclipses that open 2021 carry a theme of censorship and forgetting in order to maintain one's strength. If the ego-inflation and the potential terror resulting from this kind of relationships (private or business encounters) gets too bad, then it might not work out and we might need to burn down what doesn't work, no matter how wonderful it initially feels or felt. Then, by the end of the year when things die off, it might be time to forget in order to be able to go on with life.
I don't want to paint a dismal picture, though. Some things won't work, and some things will work! Those things that don't work often teach us about our own value, proper boundaries, what we can't tolerate and what we need. But if you have a hunch, that something is not right with this new person, listen to it and do your research. If you are in a situation, that feels dangerous and not safe at all, trust that and withdraw.

Productive: Secret or privileged information will be the game changer, both covert (informal) and esoteric information (human design). It will help us to be well-prepared for difficult and challenging times. Investigating the situation and/or investigating the other person can make all the difference, so that we are prepared for crisis and that we know when to withdraw and who to withdraw from. Investigation in order to evaluate the risk and the potential threat in others.
Rejecting standards and behavior, that do not work, guided by fairness, justice and truth – even if people disagree. Higher values stand the test of time. These actions can be supported by privileged information and in-depth mental understanding, especially since understanding can help us to feel more secure in our decisions and to trust them more, but they do not have to be backed up by logic. What doesn't work doesn't work. During this eclipse, the channel of awareness and the channel of awakening (10.1/10.3^-20.6^) are active. In its highest expression this is about committing to higher principles, that are wise and derived from contemplation and solid understanding. These higher principles might be in disagreement with established principles, that might often be based on incomplete understanding. Again, if in doubt, then secret or privileged information can be the game changer – not only in recognizing danger, but also when it comes to awareness, awakening and discerning what is a viable and valuable principle and what is rubbish. Through committing and behaving according to higher principles, instead of shadows patterns, we can find self love.

5 Months of Neptune Retrograde let us explore the need to prove and insist that we are right, through Awkward, Disgraceful and Hurtful Social Situations. It brings a Silent Transmutation of Anti-social Behavior and Shadow Patterns. It brings Slow, but Massive Social Changes away from Disgraceful Behavior towards more Considerateness and Grace through Becoming Conscious of our Behavior towards others and correcting it. Yet, it also brings the Temptation to Escape Reality and to silence our Pain or Shame with old or new Addictions. This is not worth it, it creates more Problems than it solves

    23 June 2020 04:32 UTC: Neptune stations retrograde in ䷕ (Pisces)
    Neptune goes retrograde for 5 months and turns direct in gate 22.2 by the end of November.
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The main difficult challenges during this retrograde are to set solid boundaries and to risk losing the wrong relationships in order to gain balance. It might be very tempting to tolerate crap because we are hooked onto the feelgood, that someone brings us, without realizing that they are not healthy for us.
It can be challenging to be met with aggressive disagreement from people who can't tolerate our opinion and need us to agree with their beliefs. It can be tempting to ignore weak points in our relationship in order to preserve an artificial harmony, instead of saying it like it is and sensitively trying to find correction together.
This Neptune retrograde might face us with our fears of being dumped and ignored, upon refusing to say “yes and amen” to everything, which forces us to face that fear and transmute it. The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek. Many will fall back into old patterns and addictions during the coming time, including addictions to unhealthy destructive relationships and people, but also all sorts of other addictions to deal with the pain of just being dumped like that, or to deal with the shame of behaving disgracefully and not treating others well. Addictions can also start or return through relationships. If someone persuades you that you should take a hit together with them, but it doesn't feel right, trust yourself and say no with determination. You are your own authority and you deserve to stay free and in integrity. No other person and no experience with another person is worth giving up your integrity and autonomy.
This retrograde brings thematics of provoking others and generating crisis in others and then finding ways to prevent the worst. There might be a very strong need for self-defense and for spotting and eliminating the weakest points. It might be easy to fall back into addictions and other detrimental patterns. If you know you are vulnerable, expect that this might not be the easiest ride. It might be best if you keep yourself away from any triggers or temptations as best as you can.

Neptune can confront us with a harsh reality if we have been naive or putting people onto a pedestal. It can be sobering, but we can learn so much and gain so much experience from it.
The right people won't just dump us like that and move on. The right people will want to make it work because they have enough interest in us or love for us. They will make an effort and try to find better ways of interacting.

Helpful approaches to this retrograde can be attempting to find a way around obstacles, that makes the initial issue irrelevant. Sometimes this might simply be, to take another way if the one we wanted does not open up to us.

This Neptune retrograde brings up the big question of who, when and what are we open and committed to in our individual relationships, and for what reason. Are we being too open to old ways of thinking? Are we being committed to detrimental relationships? Are we being too open to disempowering philosophies, that make us less than we are and allow us less than we deserve? Are we being too open to tolerate mistreatment? This is a time to explore our value or perceived lack of value and to repeatedly remind ourselves of our own worth.

Next solar week will be about inaction and stillness, out of which focus and joy can emerge.


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