This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Herbert James Draper - Young Girl By A Pool

The last solar week was about enthusiasm through identification, focus, detailed attention and planning. On the problematic side it also was about a lack of expertise, that can show bluntly and lead to losing support. The Trump-Twitter-war that broke loose was a perfect example for the energies of last week (recognizing depth or rejecting a lack of depth through focus and detail) and also for the new moon energies (misinformation, good or bad use of power, properly evaluating the potential danger in one's opponents and having the appropriate response at hand - or underestimating the threat).
The murder of George Floyd is a horrible demonstration of the energies of physical abuse of power of the new moon.

This solar week is about progress and being patient with progress while we are just being in our flow - or not.
If your dreams are more tumultuous or strange than usual – nothing to worry about. It isn't necessarily helpful to try to figure all of that out and to relate it to you personally. It is just the weather impacting the dream plane in certain ways.

01 June 2020 10:06 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 35 ䷢ (Gemini) - channel of awareness (61.5 Pluto-24.2 Uranus), channel of rhythm (5.1▽ Earth-15.2▽ North Node)

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Me-me-me and Doubts in Collaboration

    03 June 2020 00:40 UTC: Venus in▽ ䷢ (Gemini) square Mars in ䷾ (Pisces)
    03 June 2020 17:43 UTC: Sun conjunct Venus in▽ ䷢ (Gemini)

Problematic: trying to be the star, needing to be the center of attention and ignoring the importance of others. Restlessness leads to misfiring out of the hip.

Productive: including others and collaborating with them, rather than alienating others with attention-seeking behavior. Asking the right questions can lead to progress.
Accepting doubts as valuable, yet staying dedicated to a joint new beginning, if it truly feels like the right beginning. Staying in our rhythm, even when we feel restless, constrained and compulsive. Overcoming such restlessness through daydreaming and imagination without getting too attached to potential outcomes that we might dream up.
People are on a varying spectrum of self-centeredness. Sometimes there might be a need to be patient with the detours of the people who are correct for us, when they take the center stage and fly a few loops around themselves. Sometimes, when it simply is not possible to collaborate with someone or when it is not possible to have a relationship where both people count and are being heard, there might be the need to recognize that it doesn't work like this and to set healthy boundaries.

Lunar Eclipse opposite Venus, square Mars, trine Black Moon Lilith. Manifesting collective Progress through Calm Patience and Joyfully Being in the Flow and in our Rhythm despite Doubts and Temporary Setbacks - or Feeling at a Loss and Seeing Life as a Failure. Chaos can Lead to a Desire to find Effective Action and our own Authentic Material Path. Globally, the Outcome will be Progress through Altruism, Good Communication and Sacrifice of Personal Goals for the Benefit of the Whole by Communicating the Principles of Harmony and Responsibility in Interaction with Others. Out of Peaceful Stillness there can Emerge Sudden New Insights, Realizations, Exchange of Insights and also Leadership and Organization that is very Healing

    05 June 2020 11:04 UTC: Mercury in ䷳ (Cancer) sextile Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)
    05 June 2020 13:40 UTC: Mercury in ䷳ (Cancer) square Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    05 June 2020 19:12 UTC: PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in ䷄ (Sagittarius)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in 21.4.5 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in 21.6.3 (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 51.2.2 (Aries)
Heinrich Fueger - Prometheus brings Fire to Mankind

This is the first of three eclipse gateways that determine the energies for the months to come. This first eclipse is about collective progress through patience. The other two eclipses in June and July are a bit more heated. They are about ego-inflation, love or hate, shock and tension, provocation, collective fighting and alienation.
For the coming months, this first eclipse opens a doorway to find our authentic material path. This is a time where people chose or develop a path that serves the whole, rather than serving one's own selfish lower desires. This will not be a quick and effortless reorientation, that we can be absent with. Rather than being discouraged by seeing this process as stagnation and as wading through a sluggish smelly swamp, we keep on doing our thing and we don't see waiting as a failure. True progress can come out of sticking to our own individual rhythm and finding joy with just being in our flow and doing what is due or what we respond to in the moment. This can be an everyday work routine, if we like routines and if they help us, or this can be the dedication to working through tasks bit by bit without a certain schedule. Individual rhythm and flow varies from person to person, and sometimes the rhythm is always changing. What we need in these times is to make friends with our OWN rhythm, and to use the energy and joyfulness that comes out of that for something that leads to progress. Progress won't just magically happen when we want it to, without us having expended the necessary effort. Progress takes place when it takes place, and in that moment it will be beneficial to have done the preparation to make the best use of the situation. Oftentimes we might also bring about our own progress by biting through problems on the way to create something of service. Things are finished when they are finished. If we can enjoy our place in that process and flow, not only will we perceive the process as more fulfilling and satisfying, but we also will be more productive because we have less of an energetic leakage coming through a negative mindset. In the coming months, patience is vital.
The previous eclipse in December 2019 already carried the theme of joy as cyclical joy that comes and goes. Joy and crisis might have been alternating.
This eclipse in June 2020 deepens this theme of being joyful in our process, or of being disillusioned and depressed. Saturn continues to bring the theme of acceptance of limitations or depression over limitations. The latter (non-acceptance leading to depression) can make it challenging to build a foundation that allows us to make use of the opportunities for change, once they show up. It may be challenging, but possible. The more acceptance we can find and the more we can surrender to the situation, the more stable we are and the more we can focus our attention and energy on doing what is necessary to either prepare for change or initiate change. Non-acceptance doesn't change the situation either way.

With Black Moon Lilith in 21.6, this eclipse doorway brings a reocurrence of the same energy that we experienced with the South Node-Pluto reset of old structures that took place in April 2019 while the Sun was in 21.6: [ 4 April 2019 ䷼ Pluto conjunct the South Node: TRUTH & TRANSFORMATION. Crash and Lasting Structural Reset. Tension and Service ]
In fact, this current lunar eclipse in June 2020 and the 2nd half of 2020 is a moment of potential liberation on the long way towards the outcome of the South Node-Pluto reset. The best possible outcome for us individually is an authentic material direction and occupation. Another potential outcome is the distribution of resources and material abundance according to a higher vision, that goes beyond the ordinary and beyond our old worn-out patterns and ways.

When the material direction is not authentic, there will be chaos - individually and globally. If the direction is authentic, there might still be certain problems, but they will feel more worthwhile and right to deal with in order to get to the desired outcome, which is an occupation, that truly brings us joy, satisfaction, a feeling of purpose, or that simply feels right.

This will be a time where people step onto their authentic material path through being of service to something greater. This can be a small spiritual business, this can be something that is not spiritual but that brings us great joy, but it also can be something that changes the structures in which the organization of humanity works.

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This can also be a time that is filled with expectations of sharing our experience and bringing progress to others. It is a time where people assume that others are enlightened and that others can bring them progress - which can turn out to be true, but it can also turn out to be false. A potential culprit under these energies can be to see others for what we want them to be and for what they can give us instead of seeing them for who they are and for what they truly can, want or don't want to give us. Another culprit can be to assume that we can teach others certain essential qualities that they are missing, such as ambition or innocence. The most obvious and most dangerous example of this is the assumption that we can make someone altruistic who is by nature selfish. An undertaking like this is an almost sure setup for a one-sided relationship that benefits the selfish person by keeping the altruistic one stuck or even exploited. Not everyone who gives off the impression to be enlightened, is of a high frequency. Generally, if someone labels himself as being enlightened or a guru, it's quite a sure bet that they aren't. People's behavior can be very telling and serves as a good indication to figure out whether someone is trustworthy or not. If someone insists that they know better than yourself what is best for you, all alarm bells should start ringing.
Our expectations can turn out to be true and someone might truly be able to universalize the pattern of life and altruistically bring real progress to others. But they can also turn out to be false, and we might put our hopes on someone to bring progress who feels just as stuck and disillusioned as everyone else, who might not want to be of service, or who might not be able to fulfill our expectation of bringing universal progress and patterns.

On the other side of this, people might see themselves bombarded with absolutely unrealistic expectations, that a human can't fulfill. While the wannabe-enlightened person might exploit that and tell others they can fulfill an expectation in order to take their money and energy; genuine people might feel burdened by the amount of expectations put onto them. These coming months are not only good to be attentive with where we might put people onto a false pedestal, but they are also good to really dissect the practicality of our own expectations, that we put onto others.

This eclipse brings the outcome of sacrificing personal goals to communal goals and to practice restraint out of responsibility and concern for others. Some personal goals or our stability should not be sacrificed, and with this energy we might want to be very careful to not make the wrong sacrifices and to not go to rack and ruin. But some sacrifices will be in the sense of our authentic material path, that does a service to humanity, no matter how small. Other sacrifices might have nothing to do with our material path, but they might be needed and be a rather small sacrifice measured against what can be won collectively.
On the other side, people might selfishly hold back their energy to the detriment of others, unwilling to make the right and necessary sacrifices and continue to be unconcerned with people's struggles, although they might be in a position to do something and to help.

Globally, the most obvious manifestation of this sacrifice, altruism and progressive communication means that we are being communicated to and communicating that we need to limit ourselves in regard to certain things in order to not make COVID-19 a worse disaster and to flatten the curve. Peace and stillness can be real or imaginary and we simply might arrange ourselves with the situation. The eclipse doorway in December 2019 brought collective crisis. Mechanically, on the human experiential way, after crisis comes progress. This eclipse in June 2020 brings the collective progress.
Black Moon Lilith faces us with the challenge to find out what action is effective. What control measures are effective to truly serve others and to serve humanity? What actions are effective for us on our own material path? What is the material path that is truly authentic to us? Is it the one that we currently are on? If not, if our actions aren't authentic and effective, things might result in total chaos, that then leads to a reorientation.
Things that weren't effective and authentic might fall away. Especially if relationships or partnerships with people fall apart and if we are being rejected, there is a need to call to mind that it is not personal and that it doesn't have to affect our self-worth. This might be painful and it might feel like a sacrifice and deep loss, but further along the road that rejection can be our protection, that prevents us from being stuck in something that would have had dysfunctional karma. Also when we are trying to get a business going and sell to people, or when we apply for a new job, it could be that we might need to endure some rejection before we find the right thing and before we find success. This is a natural part of the process. It also is part of the eclipse energy and generally, things tend to be difficult in the beginning. What matters is that we do not let ourselves be disappointed and that we patiently keep at what we feel is right within our whole being. Even if it is authentic and the right path for us, things can get tough – but then the only way forward is through, because it likely is the only direction that feels right and that we have energy available for.
As a general rule of thumb we could say: total chaos could potentially be a signpost to reflect whether the path is authentic and correct. It could be possible that a reorientation would make sense. Temporary difficulties and rejection as a part of the way, though, including temporary delays when others have an outage or shortage of time, are not the same as chaos – they are natural and require us to meet them with humility and patience.

Especially for those younger than 30, before their Saturn Return, this can bring a feeling of powerlessness – unless they are in a position of independence and power over themselves. This is a generalization, but nonetheless: the older generations tend to have more savings and stability. Many of the younger generations aren't there yet, and often they have been experiencing a more difficult economical and occupational situation compared to the older generations. Some are just starting out and making their first steps in regard to their career, without having money reserves build up. Some have just finished their studies and now meet stagnation and limited opportunities. This recession – or rather depression, if we are to use the language of the transits – can be quite a setback to them, where in many cases their financial situation already wasn't the most easy and relaxed.
The big question will be: what effective action can we take to make ourselves more independent from the turmoil and chaos out there? What effective action can we start to take steps into the right direction, so that we won't be at other people's mercy?

Alois Schram

When people already are on their authentic material path then there might be some problems to bite through, and the big question might be how we can take better action on the path that we are on. When they are not on their authentic path, they might stumble into chaos as a signpost from spirit to rethink. Then the big question will be what our authentic material path is. Sometimes people might feel powerless, isolated and alienated (which is a theme of the upcoming eclipse number 3 in July). On the problematic side, people might give up money all together and reject it. This can work, but it can also backfire, and it most likely will backfire if we refuse to think practical in terms of money. We have all heard these stories from hippies who now can't afford healthcare as their body decays, or from people who wanted to live on a farm but continuously run into trouble and don't have the money to pay for maintenance and repairs because they reject being involved in the monetary system, so the only way to go is more restraint and decay.
Rejecting money isn't the solution most of the time. The solution is to ask ourselves: what can we do to earn our money in an authentic way, that we can energetically sustain and that we love, or at the least tolerate?

There are some things that can be good to keep in mind during the following months:

- Two steps forward and one step back are still one step forward. We get there with patience, step by step.
- This is not an eternal struggle if we manage to really be present with it and to do what is needed. It is a temporary fight, that lifts as soon as we achieve a place that safely provides us with what we need while we do the work that feels right.
- Even if we meet rejection along the way, even if we feel deeply isolated and separated, we are not! Out of a hundred people, only one or even less might be for us. It might take some time to find the right people, or to get a hold of the right people. Yet, even when we feel isolated, there is always someone who can help us to get one step further in our fight for purposeful work. But we have to see the opportunity. We will need patience for the opportunities, or things in general, to manifest.
- Sometimes we have to be separated or feel separated from humanity and from everyone else, so that we can then realize that we are all connected and find a feeling of belonging to humanity as a whole. We are both: united AND seperate in the illusion that we live in as long as we are incarnated. Sometimes we have to feel separated in order to be able to value our connection to other people.
- There are many ways in which we can oppress ourselves through negative and limiting thinking. Do we have such habits, and can we recognize them and slowly alter them?

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This eclipse is also likely to bring a lot of anti-materialism talk. On the productive side, the eclipse urges us to see that money is not the problem. Money is just a tool and form of energy. If we deny that tool altogether, we will never be determined enough to find a sustainable way in which money can work for us as a helpful tool on an individual level. Doing so, we never get to a place where it will work in our favor or where it simply stops to be such a struggle. If we stick with perceiving money as the enemy and are at war with it, money is likely to continue to be a struggle on some level.
Money questions become a problem when our material path is inauthentic, when we don't go after our inner knowing and calling – because then we constantly battle against the resistance, that life puts in our way to push us onto a more authentic path. It is easy to blame money itself, the system and the people who have money. Often they have it because they followed their inner calling. It is easy to blame outside circumstances, to deny our own responsibility to take best action and to simply do nothing that reorients us towards our authentic path in life. Blame and finding a scapegoat is always the most convenient, but it also prevents us from making productive changes for ourselves and thus it keeps us stuck in our powerlessness and in other people having a say over us and being capable to control and restrict our independence. The world is not against us. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and saboteur, especially when we don't know our place, our direction and also graceful behavior towards others. In case you are feeling provoked by this materialism-talk, or if you simply know, that you sympathize with such kind of mindsets, I kindly invite you to not fall into the trap of not feeling worthy of money, or of seeing money as a threat and of envying or judging how much other people should earn.

That keeps us stuck when it would be very necessary to look inwards and search for the material direction that truly feels right. If we face a problem, the focus should not be on everyone else who doesn't face it in this particular moment - that is squandered energy. Instead, the focus should be on how we can navigate the problem, that we face. It might take some time to find that direction, but once we have found it, life supports us in maintaining it. If the direction is authentic, there is little resistance and little chaos, sometimes none at all. There is only our best effort going into taking the right, efficient and effective action. Life will bring the opportunities that are needed for us to step into authenticity and do authentic work - but those opportunities are unlikely to look like what we imagined.

As the eclipse brings the themes of patience and joy with waiting and being in our rhythm, it is unlikely to bring a quick fix. But what it can bring is a further slow unfolding of, or the reorientation to, our authentic material path, that is centered around what we love to do, and the patience with building it up and watching it unfold, while we just stick with the process.

I have previously mentioned that there soon will be a Mercury retrograde, that hovers around problem solving and that results in restraint and holding back our energy, ideally to the benefit of others. This is something that we also find in this eclipse. This eclipse results in progressive communication of responsibilities, that can bring change and progress to the whole. On the problematic side, we can feel as if our own progress has been lost. In these times it is important to focus on what we can do, instead of focusing on what we can not do. Do we see masks, social distancing and other measures as a problem, or do we see it as an opportunity, even if the opportunity might be forced and in some cases not pleasant? All of this time and space that now opens up for many people can be used in beneficial ways, for example on seeking and building up a career that is authentic. If we follow through with it, some years further down the road, we might even say "I didn't like it at all back then, but I really needed this situation to refocus and to get to where I am now."

Correction and Separating From What Did Not Work. Overcoming Irrational Nostalgia, Especially when it comes to Treacherous Relationships. Everything was not Better back then, even if there was a Time where Everything Felt Wonderful. What Can We Do Now, and What Do We Need to Do, to Correct or Improve the Situation and Find back our Stability? Can We See This as an Opportunity to Correct what was Inauthentic and to Find Authentic Progress, Especially Materially?

    06 June 2020 19:10 UTC: Sun in ䷢ (Gemini) square Mars in ䷾ (Pisces)
    07 June 2020 4:59 UTC: Jupiter re-enters gate 61 - channel of awareness (61.5 Pluto & 61.6▲ Jupiter-24.2 Uranus), channel of the rhythm (15.1 North Node-5.6 Earth) // 6/3 Cross of Separation

Problematic: staying stuck in the past and going back to experiences that did not work. These experiences might have led to inner growth and learning, but they might have been more one-sided, up to cheating on one's partner, or they simply might not have been productive when it comes to actual manifestation out of like-mindedness or similar interests.
Ghosting can also be a theme here, and making someone feel rejected through withholding one's energy from them out of self-serving motivations.
This can be a transit, that makes people very tempted to make bad relationship choices and to not know their place.

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Productive: Correcting where we might have been stuck in the past and finding our way out. Accepting rejection as part of the process and not letting it damage our self-esteem. This is a transit of developing self-worth and of exploring where we might have tolerated too much because we didn't feel worthy of better treatment, or because we had no sense of worth or standard to begin with. Oftentimes, rejection is our protection. People who reject us because they do not recognize us, might protect us from a shitty relationship with them in which there is bad relating based on a lack of recognition. Rejection is not personal, it means there is new space in our lives for something more worthwhile and progressive to come in. This transit reads like a love triangle where at least one person gets hurt, but then might decide that this shit is not worth their time and that there are better things waiting for them out there – relationship-wise, career-wise, or both. If someone does not respond with mutuality, the best thing we can do is to focus on working on our own progress – regardless whether at a later time the relationship is meant to be or not. Other people should not be able to keep us from reaching our full potential.
In the high expression we are only open to experiences that are truly worthwhile and that lead to some kind of real progress. We go for our own stability first, which might include the development of a healthy material ambition rather than wasting our energy on relationships that do not work and that leave us with less than we had or even with trauma and instability. Ideally, we don't just risk our stability for such kinds of things.

The more we experience disappointments and things that weren't really it, the more we learn what we want, the more selective we become and the more rare it is to find interest in new experiences and to be engaged in something. Do we have enough? Are we fed up? Are we still hungry? What are we hungry for and what do we want to put a stop to?
Is it worth to go for this new venture, or does it feel like “been there, done that”? Both is valid.

Next solar week will be about gathering together, education, transmission and having or not having.


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