This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Stefan Bakalowicz - The Shepherd

The last solar week was about extreme behavior and modesty. It brought an eclipse of reinforced modesty and finding love or of ego-inflation and eruption of hatred. It also brought a Neptune retrograde, that can slowly bring humanity into more considerateness toward each other.

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This solar week is about inaction and stillness, out of which focus and joy can emerge. It brings reflection through keeping still and observing patterns in order to truly utilize them, to perfect them, or to simply strategize about future plans. These patterns can be our own behavior that we observe. Maybe we recognize how our behavior can be provocative or tactless to others and we contemplate whether it is a justified provocation or a behavior, that needs to be abandoned. These patterns can be one's own ego-inflation after someone pointed it out and popped the bubble, or they can be other people's ego-inflation, that we might be facing as an obstacle to evaluate. How bad is it, do they have the right perspective, and how to counter that? These patterns can also have something to do with the projects we are working on and the plan that we might be having. This week, there is a very strong energy for focusing on research in stillness and for evaluating and pondering obstacles that are right in front of us. It is a helpful energy for studying and learning, be it linguistic studies, entomology or electrical engineering.
This week brings a lot of pressure and energy to invest in stimulating projects while keeping still and finding joy in it. If you have clear aspirations and goals, this can be an incredibly productive week of heading towards them excitedly.

These are times where we can truly struggle with restraint and limitations. But basically, limitations cease to be present in our consciousness the moment in which we concentrate our energy and attention onto a task that feels fulfilling. If we have anything worthwhile to do, if we have anything to do that gives us joy, the waiting stops to be depressing and life seems to flow naturally. This is a good time to learn about what we can enjoy on our own, for ourselves. Or we sip a cup of tea, gaze out the window and think about what we would like to do, to improve, to implement.

If you have nothing particular to work on, or if you sense a great need for self-contemplation, this can be a great week to simply observe and learn about your own patterns and about other people's patterns. If you have a lot to come to grips with about yourself and about your past, again, there is no need to be afraid of the darkness. If something comes up out of the unprocessed internal forgotten reservoir, immerse yourself in it and go through it until you come out at the other end. When we process things properly, it lightens the burden and after the storm has passed it lets us properly focus on the tasks ahead of us. This can be incredibly productive and helpful, although it doesn't feel pleasant at first.
If we don't process things properly, we continue to carry them around with us like a rock that weighs us down. This can be a great week to look at all those fear patterns and internal blocks that hold us back from going after what we truly wish for. The lunar eclipse next week, which acts as a doorway for the coming months, is about fighting for individual purpose and meaning in life. It is about the way in which we deal with obstacles that we might be facing on our way to purpose.
If we don't know where to put our energy and if we can't be still this week, the energy is easily wasted: the shadows of the transits can brings a loss of focus, a hunger for questionable outside stimulation and an incredibly strong urge for expansion that ignores existing limitations, although restraint would rather be needed.
That being said, a quick reminder: in no way is it wrong to act on something or to start something new this week, if it truly resonates with you and if you don't do it out of impatience or out of feeling pressured to do it. The transits are not an instruction manual to follow, they are not saying “do not act this week”. In fact, some things might be extremely beneficial to be started under such energies. For other things these energies might not be beneficial at all. It always depends. You will sense what is right for you individually. Only you can know what is right for you to do or not to do.

24 June 2020 23:10 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 52 ䷳ (Cancer) - channel of awareness (61.4▽ Pluto & 61.5 Jupiter - 24.3▽ Uranus), channel of awakening (10.1 South Node - 20.6▲ Venus)

Contemplation on the Nature, Demands and Conditions of (Re-)Integrating People results in Understanding and the Capacity to apply such Understanding for the Common Good

    25 June 2020 06:48 UTC: Venus stations direct in▲ ䷓ (Gemini)
Rembrandt School 17th Century - An old Woman weighing Gold Coins

The Venus retrograde started on 13 May 2020 in gate [ Venus Retrograde: Integration and yet Being Separate, or Exclusion ]. It was all about integration and reconsideration. It was about reconciling with people from the past, who came back, and/or integrating new people, who are different and outside the norm, or outside of society. That doesn't mean that anyone had to be integrated. Often, it might have brought (back) people who were unaware and in denial of their problematic social behavior. It was up to us to commit to higher principles and to apply our best discernment. On the problematic side we let anyone in, regardless of whether that person or relationship was healthy and mature. The game changer with this Venus retrograde was to apply a healthy social caution, to deselect those weak relationships and to keep on looking for what was really authentic and valuable. Those relationships almost work on their own, without us having to ask the other person to conform and basically to “change” their nature. The game changer was to look for those relationships only, that could bring a true mutation and transformation, instead of letting those in, who keep us stuck.
This also applied to business. This was a transit where businesses might have brought in those who were different but could bring real change. Often they might have stood separate to some degree, for example through working from home.

Now, 6 weeks later, Venus goes direct. People might have been integrated, or there might have been no one to healthily integrate and reconcile with. Either way, many will have experienced people from the past coming back, which has given us the opportunity to take a close 2nd look from a more augmented perspective than the perspective we had back then. Mostly it might have helped us to see the unhealthy patterns of someone with more distance and objectivity and to recognize that this doesn't work. Sometimes it might have taught us that people learn and change. Both leads to a deepening of wisdom, through having contemplated what we have seen and observed. It is a wisdom that we now can apply and put into action.

If we accepted the right people in after proper evaluation, we might have learned that a) sometimes people can change, b) someone appearing to be a freak and really different does not say anything about their potential and the potential of the relationship, c) people can independently work from their own place and that can work to the benefit, harmony and productivity of everyone involved and d) people work best when they are given enough freedom. Some people need more freedom and autonomy than others to be motivated at their optimum and to deliver their optimum. In fact, that freedom and independence being handed to them can fuel their drive to contribute something of value.

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If we accepted the wrong people in, we might have learned that we can't make fit what doesn't. We can't change people, they can only change themselves. We might have learned that we need to evaluate them carefully before we take action and especially before we let them in. We might have learned that we need to listen to our inner warning signals. We might have learned that sometimes we want something that is dangerous for us. We might have learned that letting in the wrong people can result in situations where we feel absolutely powerless, even though we might have been the ones supposed to take the lead. In the more extreme cases, we might have learned that letting in the wrong people destabilizes everything including ourselves. We might have learned that sometimes withdrawal is the only viable option and that we can't be alright as long as we are in destabilizing relationships. That wisdom learned makes room for us to correct the situation.
If we accepted the wrong people in, it might have brought us trouble and pain, but also potential for great learning and for recognizing some qualities that are essential for healthy and growthful relationships. Qualities that we can't do without in others. You deserve healthy relationships that, despite all temporary difficulties and conflicts, are safe and bring you joy!

This transit can be very emancipating and filled with big insights and progressive changes.

Manifestation through Selfless and Motiveless Action. Meeting Challenges for the Challenges Sake and doing what is Practical out of a Sense of Duty and Concern – not for Demonstrating and Convincing Others of our oh-so-selfless Motives

    26 June 2020 13:52 UTC: Mars in ䷘ (Pisces) square North Node in ䷎ (Gemini)

Alienating others through playing the selfless and modest guy, although we are not – or simply being it for the sake of being it, instead of making any claims.

Letting Ourselves be Discouraged too Easily and Creating Confusion Among Others – or Learning from Failures and Shock, Sensibly Adapting to a Situation and Changing our Approach if necessary, but Staying Determined!

    28 June 2020 01:45 UTC: Mars enters Aries in▽ ䷘
    28 June 2020 10:58 UTC: Mars in▲ ䷘ (Aries) sextile Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius)
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Problematic: having absolutely unrealistic expectations, that ignore the presence of existing limitations and then being deeply discouraged when our expectations don't work. Expectations are not here to work, life works itself and we can either work with it day by day or against it.

Productive: accepting that shock is always a possibility in life and that challenge and competition is always there. Accepting that failure is possible and part of the road, but it is not the road's end! Learning the lesson when we fall and then getting back onto our feet. This is a transit that can knock us out of the skies and bring us back down to earth through letting us experience failure and shock. It can help us to accept the limitations of our tangible reality, where before we might not have accepted existing limitations and deluded ourselves in irrational ways. This transit can help us to learn to work with limitations instead of ignoring them, which is a very necessary ability if we want to get anywhere in life.
Increasing attempts increases failure rate, but it also increases success rate – at least if we don't blindly throw energy at problems, but if instead we learn from failures and adapt. Things don't just work magically by themselves and they do not work flawlessly from the beginning. The material plane and our incarnated experience operates through trial and error. Practice makes perfect, including the practice of standing back up after a failure and making it better next time. The more we practice that without taking it personally, the more resilience we build and the better we are equipped for actual success. This is not a time to let ourselves be discouraged by other people's "I told you so!"
If you stumbled and fell, don't let the doubt creep in. Get back up onto your feet. Focus on rethinking, changing and optimizing your approach and try it differently when the next opportunity arrives.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto #2 of 3: Research. A Century Flood of (more) Bullshit and many Confusing Theories and Applications. Giving Away our Decision-making Power to Others results in Off-track Research – or Standing our Ground and Focusing on Powerful Avant-garde Solutions, while still Being Open to Learn from Others, can bring Great Change. Reject Interference and Other People's Misguided Demands and Trust your own Instincts in Judging what Solution can work. Independent Research in Peaceful Stillness

    30 June 2020 05:46 UTC: Jupiter conjunct Pluto in▽ ䷼ (Capricorn) on the 6/2 Cross of Demands
    30 June 2020 17:48 UTC: Sun in ䷳ (Cancer) square Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
Jean Loon Gerome - La Verite sortant du puits

This is the 2nd of 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto, that crashes and deeply transforms everything that concerns Jupiter. Humility, spirituality, wealth and abundance, the proper use of wealth and power, growth and expansion, beliefs and surrender. All of that leads to empowering and walking our natural path. As Pluto transforms Jupiter, the way can change and become more natural.

There are a couple of things that immediately stand out to me:
— a transformation of humility or lack of humility matches with the previous eclipse of ego-inflation.
— surrender matches with the transits of gate 60, that has been in the transits for quite some time and will continue to accompany us even longer. Gate 60 forces us to face reality and to find acceptance. It gets us back to reality when we have fallen prey to delusional spiritual beliefs or spiritual bypassing.
— Spirituality and spiritual arrogance are on the opposing ends of a spectrum. Solid spirituality nurtures humbleness. Spirituality as it is usually practiced can easily lead to more arrogance and a feeling of being superior to people who we might label as “non-spiritual” or as less in the know about how the universe operates. To the trash with that. Sometimes, the most spiritual people can be those whose ego isn't spoiled by knowledge and who have “nothing” but their own inner sense of humility, deep connection to the cosmos and pureness in connecting with others.

All these current transits hook into each other and form the agenda of the program. No aspect is isolated, neither in the global consciousness program nor in an individual chart. They are all woven into each other and form a very sophisticated pattern.

Anyhow, let's look beyond the essentials at the details of this Jupiter-Pluto-transformation.

The theme of bullshit and ignorance was first introduced to us (to this extent) in March 2020 with a Stellium of Pluto, Jupiter and Mars in gate 61, which was accompanied by a nodal shift of false innocence, extremes and hatred: → [ Corona Crisis & the current Human Design Transits. Stellium of Bullshit and Ignorance – Time to develop critical Thinking. (Lack of) Innocence, Universal Love, Pushing Upwards to Success but also Fanaticism, Ruining Others and Hatred unfolding. Finding Stillness despite the Turmoil around us ]

The 1st exact conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter took place 3 months ago on the 5th of April 2020 (1/3 Cross of Penetration) in gate 61.5.
You can read upon it here → [ Pluto conjunct Jupiter #1 of 3: Reset and Transformation of Spirituality, Beliefs, Approaches to the Cosmos and thus a harsh Transformation of Wealth, strengthened through the Cross of Penetration. Good or bad Influence. Shallow Leadership, that ignores Limitations and lacks the Depth to answer the Challenges – or Leadership, that gets to the Core of Problems and utilizes Superficiality and Slogans as a helpful Tool to lead others safely and to keep them relatively undamaged. Being blamed for both (people are people) ]

With this 2nd conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, the themes of leadership are still present. Leadership that knows restraint – or leadership that creates confusion from the top.
What is more present with this second conjunction though, is the "potential" for failed focus when it comes to research, that results in a multitude of confusing applications.
This second conjunction is less about leadership style. It is more about research, keeping it focused and making demands on quality. Quality over quantity. There also is a great danger to be influenced by false truths and beliefs that are spread through the network – and that fall on open ears because they come from those people who we have known and who we trust. That can result in lots of confusing conspiracy theories where Bill Gates stops to be the single enemy, but where everyone has a different belief on who to blame.

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida - Research

This conjunction is about research and fueling collective projects that truly can advance humanity. But there is a great danger (and often likelihood) to be so expansive and integrative, that we lose the necessary focus when we involve others in the research.
These can be the wrong people, who want to take a different route than we do. These can be the right people, who do not understand the subject or where we are heading with it (as an extreme example: most people will struggle to discuss avant-garde scientific questions with their family). Or these can be the right people who simply have different ideas, solutions, priorities and especially tastes, that do not match with ours. Sometimes other people's input can be pure gold, but under these transits, there is an increased likelihood that oftentimes the best way is to either do the research alone, or to be very selective with who we ask for input and when we ask for it. This can be a transit of "if you want something to be done, do it yourself."
The focus easily gets diluted when everyone has their own idea of how to go at things. We easily get off focus when people bring in a myriad of questions, that might not even be relevant to the solution that we have in mind. In addition, it can get very confusing for the main decision maker when they are facing so many different ideas and suggestions. It can easily happen that they give up their decision-making power to their advisors or employees and mentally reason themselves into going with what other people suggest to them. That way, the outcome might be many different “solutions” that lack the necessary focus and quality to be a lasting solution. If we start too much at once and don't focus our energy, we finish nothing and waste that energy.
Most definitely, this second conjunction points to a need to reject interference from others and to trust our own solution, depth and creative implementation. Be open to learn new things from others, but ultimately trust into your own awareness and judgment. Keep in mind that we can't do everything at once. Sometimes, we might need to focus on finishing one thing that we had in mind, before it makes sense to start with another thing, or before it makes sense to start with something that builds on top of the initial project.
There is a real need to focus on what we truly want to research and implement, without letting others pull us off track too much. Energy that we now invest in authentic ways, is very likely to pay off later:

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The 3rd conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in November 2020 will bring huge karmic retribution or huge karmic reward and payoff.
The 3rd conjunction takes place in gate 61.3 on the cross of explanation. Through the 3 conjunctions, we have a "backwards" evolution here: from line 5 to line 4 to line 3. It is a backwards evolution from influential and seductive collective “truth” to personal influence and actually researching “truth”, ultimately leading to experimenting with “truth”. Experimenting with truth leads to a possible mutation in truth, to finding what really works, rejecting what doesn't work and finding totally new inspiration and knowing (disclaimer: or not). It leads to a recognition of what is efficient and it leads to the drive to take all means to get the knowledge out there and explain to others what we found - no matter what.

Next solar week will be about actual obstacles and tension. It will bring the 3rd eclipse of this summer: a doorway to individuation, collective fighting, hard-headed provocation and alienation.


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