This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
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Last week was about crisis management and growth crisis. Before we start with this week's transit report, I'll give you my thoughts and observations on Corona in connection to the current transits and Human Design mechanics. You'll also get my two cents on what this can teach us and how we can utilize the current global situation in beneficial ways through reflection/pondering and through action.

As you know I do weekly transit write-ups for you. For myself, I check the transits all the time and observe how they play out in everything I look at. I look at everything from a Human Design-lens and I consider the transits in everything. That's what I do with the life I'm given, I do nothing else. I don't predict the future, and generally there is always more to discover than life gives us lifetime to discover, but when it comes to the movement of the global energies I am thus comparably well informed.

Corona / SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19

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From my own observation, as I previously mentioned, the corona outbreak is closely tied to the solar eclipse in December, that carried potential difficulties with the themes of generating and surviving crisis (gate 36, “darkening of the light”) as a strong thematic. The December eclipse brought wounding through difficulties in surviving the greatest decadence and decay around us (Chiron in 25.4). The December eclipse also brought the thematic of contagion. Eclipses open doorways for the months that follow, so the impact of this eclipse lasts a few months. We can't know the exact timing without looking at a myriad of details, but usually the eclipse impact would fade out around summer, where we are being served the next eclipse, that is about individualism, organizing, fighting for oneself and potentially also alienation.

The Mercury retrograde in February started on the cross of contagion with a 30.4-Sun (burnout, being afraid of fate and being fixed on how the gods will throw the dices). The cross of contagion in the 4th line (a contagious line) might have done its part in spreading the virus to new territory. Astrologically, Mercury is the mind, thinking and speech (what an anecdote that SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted through droplet infection). In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods. He went direct in the gate that is closest to the gods, the gate of the fates (gate 30) in the 4th line. Once more, the 30.4 came into play, which brought us a global fixation on the fear of what the fates might bring.

People in Human Design have expected highly infectious viruses and pandemics to occur since this assumption was part of Ra's transmission of the Human Design knowledge. Ra said that he would expect infectious diseases to increase.
Everyone else might have not expected it. It might have caught you by surprise and off guard, it might have thrown you into a state of overwhelm and disorientation, but this is not a reason to panic. It is part of the global consciousness program and the more you take care of yourself and trust your inner knowing, the less likely you are to fall prey to these kind of illnesses.

Besides that, panicking serves no one. Fear serves no one either, unless it results in correct and progressive action. Our survival fears are located in the spleen chakra. Since December, the spleen chakra mostly has been open and undefined in the transit field and the heart chakra (and thus the channel of the transmitter) was open most of the time, as well. Transmission and health has been a theme of exploration and learning, be it the transmission of knowledge, or SARS-CoV-2.

Astrology Report

Spleen Chakra

Spleen chakra (in turquoise). Calculate your chart HERE when you are logged into your free account. If your blueprint shows a turquoise or purple spleen chakra, you are broadcasting your survival fears and/or a feeling of security to others. If your blueprint shows a white spleen chakra, you take in that broadcast of fear/security from others and you perceive it amplified

If you have an open spleen chakra and your survival fears drive you nuts, it is a legitimate question to ask whether these are your fears or whether your open system is sucking up the panic energy around you. Wherever you have an open chakra, you take in the energy of others. That means if you have an open spleen chakra you take in other people's survival fears and panic – or you take in their calmness in case they aren't afraid and know how to cope with such situations.

The fully open spleen chakra in the transits of the past months means, that this is a time to explore our survival fears and how they can be molded. It is a time to explore how they can be manipulated and exploited by others, but also how they simply can be triggered from the outside or from the workings of our own mind. Whose fear is this? Yours? Theirs? Are these fears being blown out of proportion?

With Saturn in gate 60, limitation has been and will be in the transit - which can, but doesn't have to, include toilet paper shortage. This is a time where it is invaluable to be in the now and to focus on innovatively working with the limitations in the present moment – instead of obsessing over what the future might bring and getting so panicked up or depressed, that we become paralyzed and stop moving forward. This is not a time to let ourselves be paralyzed by fear. If that happens to you, catching yourself and reminding yourself of the logic behind all of this can help to ease the biggest fears. If you have an open spleen chakra, other people's fear is cranking up your own fear. It might even be their fears completely. That fear can be paralyzing and difficult to deal with. If you have a difficult time dealing with your survival fears and if you worry a lot about what the future will bring, home office and quarantine can truly be a gift. From the old norms of society, it looks like a limitation, but it can truly work in your favor and be a gift in disguise, since you do not have to deal with other people's panic running havoc in your system once you remove yourself from their aura. If you are susceptible to anxiety and fear, this is a good opportunity and excuse to isolate yourself physically from those who sweep you off your feet with their panic – be it a person you regularly meet, or be it the news anchor. Those who bring you the biggest panic and fear should have the biggest understanding for your need to isolate yourself from them. They know how it is to be afraid and what panic can do to them, they know it from their own experience and should be understanding (unless they have double standards). It should be in no friend's interest to transmit a shitload of existential panic to someone they truly care about.

The spleen chakra is all about health and a secure future. It is tied to he immune system. In simple visuals, it is the washing machine of the body that helps to keep it clean. A healthy spleen chakra does not deny the obvious health issues that it has and does not risk health through denying responsibility to take care of one's body. Nor does it allow the survival fears to be a hindrance in taking necessary health measures. A healthy spleen is not avoidant of any issues that could become a problem to survival, be it in the short run or the long run.

If you want to live as securely as possible without or with a minimum of survival fear, then it is good advice to

Astrology Report

1) follow your body knowing

2) generally watch what your body is signaling you and take precautions when something feels off, without feeding into hypochondria and the fear of everything that could possibly go wrong

3) inform yourself and care about your health before it is too late. That is what a healthy spleen chakra does. If a relationship fails, life goes on. But if the immune system fails, life is over. There is no going back and cleanup in retrospect, there is no replacement for health. Good health is essential. On a side note, a major theme of this week is to care about the body and to honor it as a temple, as the body is the vessel that allows us to experience life.
Corona doesn't affect children a lot, their immune system is still stable in itself. It isn't compromised yet, as it is in adults. Unhealthy lifestyle choices and generally a lack of investing in our own health make us vulnerable to such infections. Ideally, Corona can shake a few people up to take better care of their overall health.

4) I don't want to downplay the danger of the new corona virus in any way and I recommend you act considerately and take necessary precautionary actions, also for the benefit of preventing to infect others. Nonetheless, let's put the panic in perspective by looking at some numbers:

Covid-19-related deaths as of 18. March 2020: 8,724 worldwide.
(update 21. May 2020: 326,464 deaths worldwide)
(update 05. September 2020: 876,149 deaths worldwide, which is less than one million)

The WHO website states:

"Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. CVDs are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels and include coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease and other conditions."

Here are statistics on the top 10 causes of death according to the WHO (world health organization): [LINK]

The number one cause of death in the world is heart disease, followed by other systemic diseases. The heart as an organ is connected to the heart center in Human Design. When the heart center, the ego and the will power is being overtaxed, often in order to make it on the material plane, the physical organ takes its toll, as well.

From April on, heart issues might be a difficult thematic for many. Again, panic serves no one – but if you have struggled with your heart and avoided to get professional help (truly professional help) and deal with the issue, get your heart checked whenever the timing feels right, just as a precaution and safety-measure. Do your investigation. I'm not saying buy and panic-dump a bottle of Coenzyme Q10 out of pressure without any investigation and without evaluating your personal health status and needs. Rather pause and take your time to thoroughly research your options. Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes time to heal. I'm very aware of that myself, I healed myself from lyme disease and while the initial fix worked relatively quick, it took my body a couple of years to truly recover and regain strength. Some issues may seem like an immovable mountain, but if we take tiny and thorough steps and approach them bit by bit, the results will be thorough, healthy and lasting - within the usual limitations of life, I'm not suggesting to hit the 150-year age mark, but I rather want to say the quality of life will be way better, the better we take care of our health. Somewhere we have to start – for many people the current moment might be a good time, especially as we skip social events, work from home or even have no work to do due to corona. The time that is being freed up can be wasted, but it can also be used productively.

5) invest into the material path that brings you joy and do the work that is necessary to have a fulfilling profession that can give you security at the same time. If you are blocked from your everyday job and routine through the current governmental restrictions due to corona, now is the perfect time to work on your dreams and to do everything that you never had the time to do.
They say money can't buy happiness, and that might be true if we trade joy for money and end up dissatisfied with the work we do - but money can give us a certain freedom of action and it helps us to take any necessary measures to preserve our health and general well-being and to generally have a life that is somewhat effortless and not a continuous struggle for survival.

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On a side note: Multiple times I have read statements that corona and pandemics in general are specifically started through the 44.4. One comment in a facebook group stated where that statement of Ra was to be found. I looked it up and his statement has been a bit distorted. It has been sold as truth and transit-related although Ra just made a guess. He uses “probably” in relation to the 44.4 and related it to people who carry it, likely because the 4th line is the line of direct influence and transmission of information (and thus also germs).

QUOTE FROM RA (Incarnation Crosses by Profile, Quarter Two):

“It's like my broadcast today for anyone who has the 44th gate to understand that they are a potential bridge and they're a potential bridge for bringing a major epidemic into our lives within a matter of six or seven months. Now, it would be great if everybody on Earth who had the 44th gate could understand that, could understand what that means, to take precautions because the precautions are not a big deal. It would save us a lot of time and energy. The fact that I know that doesn't mean anything. The fact that I put it out on the airwaves—well, it‟s not like I'm reaching millions of people, I'm not.

So there is going to be somebody out there that is going to act as a bridge, they're going to be the one—Typhoid Mary—they're going to be the one that's going to bring a new influenza into the world and then they're going to have the 44th gate and probably going to be the 4th line and we could have prevented it.

So, one of the things that all heretics know is that it's great to bring a heresy, but boy do you need foot soldiers, you need the provokers.”

So you see how the transits go, simplified and distorted “truth”. While the 44.4 can certainly do its part, with the corona crisis there are other transits that play a big role.

On to the weekly Transit Report

Last week was about crisis management and growth crisis.
This week brings us the energies of universal and unconditional love. It brings us the energy of loving or hating the body, innocence, motivelessness, the eternal child as the essence of the Self. This week is my favorite week of the year, the universal love energy just feels so good and otherworldly, even in its melancholy - the alpha and omega.
At the same time, Mars joins Jupiter and Pluto in gate 61 and triggers all of the three 61's into their detriment, bringing us a lot of half-baked insights and opinions. This week brings a lot of immature thinking and false beliefs onto the stage. Beliefs that are way too shallow and that can even ruin others, but that are being defended fanatically - or beliefs that are voiced out of a limitless lust for more: lacking proper values and increasing one's own power and possessions by profiting at the expense of others through selling them shit.
This is a week that can drive people deeper into love, but also deeper into hatred through many facepalm moments. Hatred might unfold somewhat freely this week. It is difficult to love the not-self and the shadow frequencies, especially if they are the cause for other people's ruin and suffering. At the same time, hatred doesn't solve these problems and is more of a hindrance to progressive change.
Instead, looking at things with distance can bring progress. It can either bring progress through seeing what is necessary and what could practically further a situation or problem; or it can help us to understand why people do what they do and think what they think, which in turn helps us to have more constructive conversations.
A main learning theme this week is to think before we speak and to find stillness despite the turmoil around us. Often times, there might be nothing to say and all the fuss might either not be helpful, or it might be other people's fuss, that we can comment on if it makes sense, but that we should not get sucked into.
Freedom of expression is valuable, critical thinking and discernment is valuable as well.
This is a week of the great blablabla and mindless babbling. Nonetheless, there might some true gems to be found within the ocean of nonsense.

18 March 2020 09:35 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 25 ䷘ (Pisces)

Provoking through shallow and often false Knowledge that can ruin others, yet insisting on being right and dumping those who don't agree and are resisting the “Knowledge”. TIME TO DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING
Obsessing about knowing what is hidden, especially wanting to know what TRULY works after having discovered that certain Things don't work – or not being able to keep still and do the necessary Investigation

    19 March 2020 21:43 UTC: Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus) sextile North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
    19 March 2020 23:49 UTC: Sun in ䷘ (Pisces) sextile Saturn in ䷻ (Capricorn)
    20 March 2020 03:49 UTC: Sun enters Aries in ䷘
    20 March 2020 11:34 UTC: Mars conjunct Jupiter in▽ ䷼ (Capricorn)
Astrology Report
Henri Vidal - Caïn (Cain and Abel); Photo by Joe deSousa

Problematic: Sharing incredibly shallow insights and obsessing about it. Demanding acceptance in the false belief of being right and trashing relationships if others don't agree – or being crushed by their resistance. Taking it personal if others don't agree to half-baked insights. Being unable to sit still with our investigation process and spewing out half-assed things before they are properly thought-through and investigated. Demanding to be treated as someone who speaks truth, despite speaking the usual mediocre babble that lacks depth and detail. Even if it is outside the box lateral thinking - just because an idea or treatise is creative, it doesn't automatically mean that it is true.
Taking no responsibility for the effect that false and shallow insights that we proclaim have on others.

If someone says swim through the river, there are no crocodiles between 6 and 10 AM, although there can always be crocodiles, then they can ruin those who do it and are gullible enough to blindly follow any advice. This is a time to develop critical thinking while being open to listen to many different viewpoints at the same time. If someone says the new Coronavirus isn't real and you don't have to take any safety measures, or if they say snorting salt will kill it, it might not even put those in danger who irresponsibly follow through with that, but they might infect their 90-year-old grandma who doesn't survive it.

Giving up on relationships where our minds don't meet does not have to be problematic, though. It is problematic if it comes with a know-it-all attitude and the knowing is unreflected and deeply subjective, because that prevents any progress and learning. But of course it is not always a problem. Realizing that our minds simply can't meet each other and breaking bonds can naturally happen during this transit. For example, it is probably not healthy for a human right activist to stay in a relationship with someone who is convinced that certain minorities should be killed and who rants about this all day long. It is also healthy to leave relationships with people who endanger our safety or who gaslight us into believing we are worth nothing and into thinking our perception is false by giving false facts. If a relationship is not healthy, we should not set ourselves on fire to keep someone else warm. Relationships that are not mutually beneficial and that aren't rooted in high values can break apart under this transit.
On the problematic side people leave relationships that are otherwise healthy and nurturing due to the mindfuck that they are being caught in.
On the productive side, only those relationships are abandoned, that are a dead horse and that truly aren't enriching.

Productive: Simply recognizing mismatches and learning through the right relationships. Sometimes, dependent on the situation, it can be freeing to realize that our minds simply don't meet and that we are talking past each other and getting nowhere. In this case it is wise to leave guilt aside and to neutrally see the situation as a mismatch instead of shaming the other for not fulfilling our hopes for inspiring insights and conversations.
“I can't go with this” and “I don't agree at all” sounds very different and is a very different statement than “your mind is flawed” or “you are too stupid (or unenlightened) to understand what I am saying”. If someone thinks that you only can be helped through their own knowing, that you can't think on your own or that you are too “unenlightened” to understand what they are saying and passive-aggressively throws that into your face, then that is already a red flag and a warning sign.

Recognizing that learning never ends. Accepting if we err. Seeing that we can't know it all, recognizing when we are missing information to evaluate thoroughly and searching for that information. Being open to new knowledge and facts – even, and especially, if it proves our initial position wrong. Erring is human and to live means to err. Having the depth to admit past mistakes and seeking out new understanding – which is the only way of being, that can lead to progress and to success. Everything else leads to stagnation and at some point to decay. Being sensitive enough to have productive discussions and collaborations with others, finding truth together with others and inspiring each other to look further. Being calm enough to be receptive to the right insights and being still enough to do proper investigation, that helps us to discern between true and untrue, or likely to be true and unlikely to be true. Not falling prey to misinformation.

This energy is well used if we can simply be in the now, resist falling into other people's bottomless pit of despair and instead look at the facts and data to make the best possible judgment about the situation on our own. By “data” and “facts”, I don't mean opinions, beliefs, ideas and rumors of who said what. I don't mean conspiracy theories. I mean statistics and tangible observations, that follow scientific patterns, that have been evaluated on a broader scale and are grounded in logic.

Silence and Inaction rather than inauthentic Action. Evaluating incoming Information before we share it or apply it

    22 March 2020 01:26 UTC: Mercury in ䷶ (Pisces) trine North Node in ䷳ (Cancer)
    22 March 2020 03:58 UTC: Saturn enters Aquarius in ䷻
    22 March 2020 13:18 UTC: Mercury in ䷶ (Pisces) sextile Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
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Problematic: Conditioning others and being conditioned to do things that don't befit us. Sometimes this conditioning and inauthentic action might be rooted in shallow insights that lack substance. This might be especially tempting, but also dangerous, when it comes to unreasonable ways of dealing with real and tangible limitations. Currently, there is a lust to get more than we need, that is in conflict with limitations and real restrictions or restrictive situations. Those limitations can't simply be ignored, they have to be seen and accepted in order for us to work with them, to find the best ways of working with them and to maximize the potential within those given limitations. Where do we satisfy the lust for more? Do we turn to substance abuse because we can't stand sitting at home in quarantine and face the silence that provides an open stage for our tortured mind babbling away at us, do we turn to secret parties, do we satisfy an unreasonable hunger for more by speculating on other people's expense with toilet paper (or other things) – or can we hold ourselves back when it counts and do we turn to the seeking of knowledge and understanding? Being human means to seek. Outer searching and temporary pleasure hunting tends to be a distraction from facing the questions and conflicts within us and thus giving them a chance to be resolved. This is a time where the search for inner truth and even for the workings of the universe truly can be successful. Why not take the route of seeking understanding and self-knowledge?

Productive: Pausing for a moment and considering what we are doing, where we want to put our attention to and what really vibes with us, especially when it comes to other people's knowing and advice, no matter how well it is meant. Not letting ourselves be misguided onto a path that might not do us justice, especially not out of greed (e.g. pyramid schemes), thinking before we act and speak. Not getting lost in addictions and instead directing our search towards knowing, material abundance, e.g. working on our own material path or doing other things that help us to take better care of ourselves and others.

Nodal Shift: Misanthropy through ignorant and hypocritical Action, false Innocence and unhealthy Levels of Greed - or finding the Spirit in Humbleness and healing the Hatred of Humanity. Undermining established and outdated Values and being open to new Perspectives, or insisting that others agree and being dangerously open and vulnerable to dark “Insights” and Messages

    23 March 2020 03:07 UTC: Venus in ䷖ (Taurus) sextile Neptune in ䷕ (Pisces)
    23 March 2020 05:20 UTC: Mars conjunct Pluto in▽ ䷼ (Capricorn)
    23 March 2020 14:34 UTC: Nodes shift from 58 and 52 into 10 and 15 // 6/2 Cross of Healing with Sun squaring the Nodes, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Chiron and D-Chiron. Fully open Ego and Spleen – Channel of Surrender.
    The nodes will be in these gates for 4 months.
    23 March 2020 23:19 UTC: Sun in ䷘ (Aries) square North Node in ䷎ (Cancer)

We are entering a time of extremes, extremes that can potentially do a lot of damage. That means that we are probably going to witness a whole lot more extremes than we have witnessed so far. We can watch and witness extreme hoarding and alienating greed (Mercury and Uranus in 55.6 and 27.3) – or the opposite and the drive to care and to let others profit from the abundance that has been gathered. We transition through crisis either with a healthy selfishness or with a hoarding mentality that is self-obsessed and alienating. Like 2019 and 2020 so far, this continues to be a time to learn to surrender and to explore how we can balance our ego with our survival instinct. Right now it is a time to balance the demands of the ego with our survival needs in order to transmit as little detrimental things as possible – be it a virus, fake news or detrimental judgments and belief systems.

We will likely be able to watch extreme behavior or extreme organizational measures being taken. We will likely witness the most extreme opinions and ignorant judgments, that can be fueled by hatred or that can fuel hatred. People might be hurt by a lack of spirit, by a lack of proper perspective and by unhealthy extremes, which fuels the hatred for humanity - or they might be healed through the right spirit and through healthy extremes and stepping outside the norm.
While this is going to be a time of open and undeniable ignorance, false innocence, inappropriate action, discrimination and hatred, it also is a time where people shake off their shackles, oftentimes shackles that they didn't even know existed. This is a time where individual human beings like you and I emancipate themselves from old ways of being and doing, from old ways of being organized and from old belief systems.

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Problematic: Not only is there a lot of false information, subjective insight and fake truth floating around in the collective - particularly this week, people might state a lot of things and then not live up to them. Hypocrisy. People might make a terse and on point statement that sounds really thought through and credible, but ultimately it might not be and they don't walk their talk. It starts with “don't buy 5 packages of toilet paper, leave something for the others” and off they go and buy 10. Potential hypocrisy is one more reason to be discerning in filtering and believing what other people say.

Productive: Doing what we say and acting out of integrity and our own inner knowing. Letting no one tell us what to do and taking what other people say as potential inspiration rather than truth to follow. Finding the proper balance between the extremes of giving and taking. Doing our thing. Stepping onto our path – doing what feels purposeful despite other people's harsh judgments and condemnations.

The next week will see a new moon of opinions and organization through correction.


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