This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual like your blueprint. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
George Frederic Watts - The All-Pervading

Last solar week was about family and community, it brought emotional energy. This solar week is about doubt, questions, confusion, remembering and looking at things from a distance. It brings the energy to remember the past and to imagine the potential future. What past experiences, projects or connections are worth remembering and renewing, and what don't we want to take with us into the future? When we look back and remember the past, where are the hints that tell us more about where we are going and what is right for us to begin?

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If you are doubting yourself or if you are doubting your way, know that it is the global energies that strengthen doubts during this week, it is not real in that sense. A certain amount of doubt and cautiousness is nice and can be very beneficial, but it should not go against ourselves and it should not become self-doubt. This does not mean that we should deny our flaws, without question each of us has been given quite a few of them. This is also what unites us and makes us equal, no one is perfect, neither do you have to be that. We don't have to try to be what is impossible. We can recognize our shortcomings and embrace them, while being open to growth and personal evolution at the same time.
It is about transition. Every transition, be it mental, emotional or physical, needs the determination and strength to sit with the process. Once we broke through to the other end, once the mental distillation process has finished, the essence remains and we realize that the essence has been there all along the way of our seeking, it was just clouded by confusion.
This week's doubt can easily lead to mistrusting the other and doubting the connection. "Will they betray me like the other person back then?" What is knowing our boundaries, what is building a wall around ourselves?
If you are oppressed by past memories floating by, if you are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, look back at the long way that you have already come, look carefully at the things that you have already changed and accomplished. We easily tend to forget that and get lost in hopelessness, but we have already come so far, that's not just nothing! In the dark times that you endured and overcame, did you always see the light at the end of the tunnel? Probably not. Likely it felt horrible, but still you made it through and now you are stronger, more experienced, more authentic, healthier, wiser, or whatever the case may be. But while you were struggling to get there, likely there was no certainty in it. Maybe you doubted if you would ever get there. Nonetheless, you made it.
Cosmic will and cosmic timing is always at play, regardless if we see it or not. Seeing the logic behind it again and again, seeing our doubt and confusion for what it is, just a pattern and step on the way, slowly leads to accepting it and to surrender.

01 March 2020 12:10 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 63 ䷾ (Pisces)

CONSCIOUSNESS MUTATION - or standstill. Mind breaks free. Putting ourselves into other people's shoes and seeing their perspectives. Seeing things for what they are. Recognizing what can truly work and what can survive. Total Mutation and breaking free from old organizational structures, mental structures/mindsets and relationships that aren't mutually beneficial and hold us back

    03 March 2020 16:44 UTC: Venus in▲ ䷂ (Aries) square Saturn in▲ ䷻ (Capricorn) forming the channel of mutation in the exaltation of the 3rd line, color 2
    04 March 2020 0:18 UTC: CHIRON conjunct BLACK MOON LILITH IN (Aries)
    both while the channel of openness is defined by Neptune and the Moon
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These are two major, major transits that take place only a few hours apart. The first can bring mutation and deep rooted changes that are totally unexpected by most, the second can bring emancipation, new ways of thinking, new ways of being organized and new ways of organizing, cooperating and leading humanity. Together these aspects bring the realization of what can work and what can survive. They can bring evolution in awareness and consciousness. They can bring massive mutation, transformation and further changes in power structures.

Problematic: REFUSING TO SEE AND TO ACCEPT. Refusing to see what can work and staying stuck in the old ways. Altering and distorting differentiated perspectives and approaches to problem solving into a narrow black-and-white perspective, that has nothing to do with the original differentiated perspective and defies any purpose. Basically, this can mean to alter and denigrate differentiated viewpoints out of the mental disability to grasp those viewpoints to their full extent and differentiation.
On a sidenote, that is probably one of the main reasons why humanity technically can't afford low education, environmental pollution and other stressors or factors that lower intelligence. It directly affects the quality of complex problem comprehension and thus the openness to populism and the (in)capability of structural organization. I'm not quickly finding a well researched article in English that covers all current basic research findings on an entry level, but you can look up keywords like "intelligence malleability" (versus intelligence heritability), "retrograde flynn effect", "education intelligence correlation", "epigenetics", "environmental medicine", "neuroplasticity" or even "biohacking" and "neurostress" if you want to do some investigation.
Trying to prove our point to people who aren't interested. Trying to prove our point in disregard of other potential viewpoints. Refusing to see the negative influence of others and being overly dependent on unhealthy influences, potentially through the stimulation they offer. Refusing to change and to recognize what can survive, work and be fruitful. Refusing to recognize the right people to team up with, doing things that we are not equipped for and then having no one to turn to. Being too arrogant to recognize the right people in their gifts and potential and/or thinking that other people can become what we want or need them to be when they cannot become that, either simply because their talents are in different areas, or because they refuse to look at themselves and stay mentally stuck. Risking our security through taking on too much instead of being patient with the process. That could be through our own risk taking or through wasting our energy on the wrong people and refusing to see that they have a detrimental impact and are a hindrance to us.

Astrology Report
Jacques-Louis David - Death of Socrates

Productive: Being open to different view points. Suddenly recognizing that we don't have a monopoly on the truth. Great transformation and change, often together with others and through helping each other succeed. Recognizing when people are lacking essential qualities, acknowledging that our needs are not being met and stopping to make false sacrifices. Rather joining forces with those who are powerful and mature, or where it simply can work out. Breaking free from relationships with those who are missing essential qualities and who hinder our authentic ambition to rise up and to ultimately be able to have a healthy impact through doing what we love. Not letting ourselves be lulled into something that doesn't work for us and that risks our stability in the long run. Recognizing the right people with whom it is mutually beneficial and thus fruitful, potentially lasting and successful. Conserving and nurturing those relationships that can last and work for the benefit of everyone involved. If we make a sacrifice for the whole to find progress, we make it authentically to what feels truly correct for us. → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]. Usually, the first sacrifice that is being made through living authentically and finding one's inner authority is a social “sacrifice”: people become more withdrawn and share themselves more consciously and thus selectively. That sacrifice turns out to be a gift after we have gathered enough distance to look back and to recognize that those relationships we sacrificed were unhealthy or simply inauthentic distractions that were none of our business. Success comes through recognizing where we don't have what it takes (yet) and through not taking too big of a risk from blind faith against our better knowing.

Last week's cross of migration and its decapitation energy on the 29th of February brought a potential peace agreement between the US and the Taliban, that is supposed to lead to a retreat of the US troops. Also, the Turkish prime minister announced that the borders were opened to refugees and all migrants who wanted to migrate from Turkey to Europe since Turkey could not deal with so many refugees on its own while the EU would agree to support and then not give it, or generally refuses to make a minor sacrifice and does neither work out a functioning immigrant integration system nor agree to further support although it would be in their own interest for maintaining stability with comparably little effort by leaving the main organizational effort to Turkey. This 4-minute video from the person who initiated the Turkey-EU-migration-deal sums up the situation and the current transit energies quite tersely:

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These two actions or migratory events are rooted in and might prospectively lead to a breaking of those endeavors and alliances that aren't mutually beneficial or even hypocritical, to a breaking of commitments to those who don't have what it takes and rather are a hindrance, and then they might lead to moving on to greener pastures and to what works in order to survive and preserve a solid foundation that is safe against attacks. Dependent on whose viewpoint we take when looking at these situations, they also are a risk to security for those who are overconfident, yet don't have what it takes and can't provide what is needed to their partners, potential partners or no-longer-partners.
Globally, the transits of 3rd and 4th March bring progress through sacrificing one's own progress for the greater progress of the whole. It can also bring the recognition of which alliances can survive and which can't. They bring the recognition to care about one's own security and stability first, what not to make sacrifices to and what the correct sacrifices are to make.

Having the awareness and discipline to enforce correct action and authentic decisions despite limitations attracts other people's valuable guidance, can help ordering the chaos and can bring change

    04 March 2020 11:14 UTC: Mercury enters Aquarius in ䷝
    04 March 2020 21:24 UTC: Mercury in ䷝ (Aquarius) sextile Venus in ䷂ (Aries)
    05 March 2020 03:06 UTC: Venus enters Taurus in ䷂
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Problematic: Struggling with acceptance of what is correct. Having difficulties eliminating negative emotions, bad decisions, paths and people, which potentially leads to losing support of those who matter. Losing support by making egoic and unjustified demands on others. Why does correct action attract guidance? Those who matter might be more unlikely to be willing to deal with people who carry around a cloud of garbage with them, who refuse to let go of what damages them and who refuse to step onto their authentic path. Clinging to negative things does not only hinder the people who cling to it, but also those in their immediate environment. When someone's frequency is high, people who maintain or even celebrate their low frequency, who are not open to advancement and to cooperation are a hindrance and easily become a block in the road when they are too close. Separating from those can be a necessary means of self-protection and self-preservation. We can only help those who want to be helped by us. Beyond that, we can only save ourselves and we can't do the inner work for others. If someone at some point is going to save themselves, they will do so in their own timing. If they don't recognize the detrimental decisions they take and make no attempts at eliminating them, they might need some more experience of self-destruction until they come to that point where they finally recognize that they really can't handle it and that their sacrifice is not the right one.
Also we are not in their shoes, we don't see the world through their eyes, and there is always the possibility that our judgment on other people might be wrong. No one has the ultimate truth and everyone can always only decide for themselves. What is true for me might not be true for you. What is true for you might not be true for me. Thus, when being asked for it we can give our opinion, but ultimately the other person has to make their own decision. And so do we.
If the situation does not work for us and if we don't feel comfortable with it, we can't change people. We can't make decisions for others, we can only make decisions for ourselves. Does this connection work for us? What is missing? What do WE need? What do we find difficult to deal with? Can we accept that and work with it? Is it a knock-out criteria?

Productive: Finding or continuing our authentic path and allies (new or not). Attracting valuable guidance and nurturing from others through maintaining correct action and meeting authentic decisions. Getting rid of inferior options, experiences and people who disturb our path, purpose, joy and peace. Providing nurturing guidance for the correct others.
In the spiral of life all ends are beginnings. Once we close with inferior experiences and learn their lessons, there is new space for the superior ones to find us.

The next week is about social changes through graceful behavior towards others (or not).


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