This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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The last solar week was about simply being in the now and about contemplation, which could have lead to understanding and proper action in applying our power well. It brought the drive to be busy, which could have either been very productive, or it could have been wasted energy, or way too taxing because we didn't take enough rest. When we consciously worked with last week's energy, we might have gotten things done and during this week we might find ourselves very enthusiastic about further improvements and research.

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This solar week is about enthusiasm through identification, focus, detailed attention and planning. It can bring the recognition that talent, depth and skills are there in ourselves and in others – or it can bring the recognition that depth and skills are (still) missing in order to get to where we want to get. Such a recognition can make us either restless and depressed, especially if last week's actions feel wasted because they were too uncoordinated, it can bring out dissatisfaction and cutting non-approval - or we can meet it with acceptance, which allows us to focus on what we need to correct in order to experience progress.
Even if last week's energy went into things that we now realize might not have been helpful, even if now we need to find another way, the lesson that we learn through that is of value and irreplaceable. Sometimes we have to see what does not work, in order to then find new ways that do work, and oftentimes they might work even better. The lesson alone brings us closer to proper recognition and fine-tunes our judgment.
For many, this week can bring progress through working with these questions: What do we need to focus our attention and energy on? What kind of tools or skills do we need to be successful on our path?

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When someone thinks they know it all and claims expertise that they don't have, then this is a week where it can show bluntly, blow up in their face and cause them to lose support and recognition.
The transits this week can be a bit edgy, especially to those who think of themselves as a master but who don't know their shit. It can appear to be a bit harsh to those who need to be humbled. It can appear to be a bit harsh in regard to topics that need to be learned and truths that need to be found and understood. It can also be disappointing to those who have put too much trust in the wrong people and have been too gullible. Either way, this week can be really progressive and productive – externally and internally.
It can bring the focus on and enthusiasm for a shared higher vision.

One other thing I forgot to write about last week is the energy of misinformation that came with last week's new moon. Sorting out misinformation and overcoming misinformation is a theme of this moon cycle, especially in the beginning (=now). Misinformation can also be a way to misuse one's power. This week brings a chance to work with that energy and to see through all of the misinformation that is skyrocketing out there. The energies bring us the opportunity to recognize information that has depth, and they might help us to reject information that is nonsense and half-baked thinking coming from a prejudiced perspective, or coming from a lack of trustworthy data and details.
Did we identify with such misinformation? Where do we now recognize that it does not work? What detail is missing and what is a more appropriate or useful focus to have?

26 May 2020 13:21 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 16 ䷏ (Gemini) - channel of awareness (61.5 Pluto-24.1 Uranus), channel of openness (22.5 Neptune-12.5 Mercury)

Acceptance, Pragmatism and a Healthy Social Caution – or the Restless Iron Shell

    26 May 2020 15:35 UTC: Mercury in ䷋ (Gemini) waxing quincunx to Jupiter in ䷻ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: total paranoia, distrust and restlessness. Remembering only the worst social experiences and forgetting that there also are people out there who are truly genuine.

Productive: honoring the lessons of the past, applying a healthy caution towards others and accepting what is. Trust is not something to just be given, it is to be earned through right action. Acceptance does not mean to be a door mat and to allow others to run over us. It doesn't mean that we accept situations that we could change by standing up for ourselves, by stepping into our innate power and by drawing healthy boundaries. It simply means to accept those things that we cannot change and to make the best of what we can change without having too many expectations.
Globally, in regard to COVID-19, it means that either we are restless or paranoid over the situation – or we have learned from the first wave of infections, accept the need for social caution and apply it.

Right Action and Modesty lead to Self-Acceptance in our Extremes and to Influential Sharing and Communication

    28 May 2020 04:35 UTC: Mercury conjunct North Node in ䷎ (Gemini)
    28 May 2020 18:09 UTC: Mercury enters Cancer in ䷎

Problematic: influencing others with hatred and being unaware of our problematic attitudes. Being so dependent on outside confirmation and reaffirmation to the point that love turns into hate when we don't get praised. This can be dependence upon and hatred for individuals, social groups or humans and the human nature itself. For example it can be an extreme need for approval from the opposite sex, that results in hatred for the opposite sex when they don't blindly approve of us.
In interaction with children, this week and the following weeks can be a critical time to pay close attention, that we don't disencourage them from exploring life and their own potential, but that instead we try to encourage them and that we also make them feel okay with stumbling and falling down as part of the life process, that simply demands to get back onto one's feet and try again.

Productive: transforming hatred against others into acceptance and love through understanding.
Recognizing that we are all individual and that human beings are so diverse. Recognizing that we are what we are and that we are alright. Finding self-acceptance and acceptance for others often with the help and guidance of other people, or helping others recognize that they are alright and there is nothing wrong with them. Finding a healthy way of expressing our extremes and finding our voice. Overcoming unhealthy extremism and finding love for humanity. Opening up a new mental plane.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Education of the children of Clovis

Vanity, Elitism and Rigid Conservatism – or being an Eternal Student with Modesty and Encouragement for Others

    29 May 2020 13:57 UTC: Sun in ䷏ (Gemini) sextile Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    30 May 2020 00:24 UTC: Mercury in ䷎ (Cancer) waxing quincunx to Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius)

Problematic: rigid conservatism. Sticking to the same old shit, thinking there is nothing more to learn and refusing to acknowledge and support the skills and understanding of others – understanding that might be unknown and new to us, but work nonetheless. In German we say “the peasant doesn't eat what he doesn't know” ("was der Bauer nicht kennt das frisst er nicht"), which can be very healthy when it comes to unknown plants that could turn out to be toxic, but it can be very unhealthy, limiting and dumbing-down when it comes to mental advancement and evolution.
The problematic side of this transit supports the false belief that only oneself knows best, which can bring a challenging lesson of learning modesty in order to be accepted with one's inadequacies. People usually have difficulties to take people seriously, who are arrogant, vain and think they know best or are better than others, but who have very obvious shortcomings nonetheless.

Productive: Everyone has inadequacies, but if we act as if we have none, or if we put ourselves above others despite having obvious shortcomings, we won't make many friends and at some point we will harvest a necessary humiliation for that. None of us is perfect. Me, you, anyone. This is a lesson of learning that and of killing false vanity, megalomania and elitism.
On the productive side of this, we recognize and support other people's individual talents and we are enthusiastic about all the things that are still out there to explore. We recognize that something new isn't automatically bad just because we don't know it yet. We recognize that the person doing something foreign to us isn't automatically stupid and wrong just because we do not understand it yet and because we haven't heard of it yet. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite. On the productive side of this transit, we are open to learn something new and we are open to innovative new thoughts. We encourage others to do the same and to make use of their skills and talent. We recognize the healing and purpose, that comes through being with the right people and with our soul family.

2nd Lockdown or Social Distancing Measures in July 2020

As we are already with the energy of planning this week, one other thought on the following months:

June brings challenging situations and shocks, that increase congruently with the level of foolishness being displayed in entering or dealing with situations.

Mid June can bring a situation that hasn't worked out and needs fixing. It starts a search for solutions and problem solving.

In the 2nd half of June there will be an eclipse (a doorway, that stays open for months to come), that demands withdrawal because facing certain challenges and shocks head-on would be utter stupidity. At the same time, there is a massive shadow theme of being too foolish and too egoic to withdraw, due to the assumption, that we can outsmart forces of nature (such as a virus). Uranus still brings a lot of irrationality to the stage. Even if we ourselves can deal with those challenges and be cautious, many people will not be cautious at all.
Facing shocks and challenges (very tiny ones, but also bigger ones) is a theme that is likely going to stick with us for a few months.

Mid July will lead to restraint of energy. Restraining energy will be the winning solution from brainstorming throughout June on how to solve existing problems. If you ask me, it is very likely, that there will be more rules and restrictions because many people will not be responsible and rational enough to restrain themselves without being ordered to do so. There will be big frustration with restraint and with being controlled.

After some borders had been opened and restrictions had been loosened on the cross of contagion here in and around Germany, Europe, I previously mentioned that another wave of COVID-19 infections is not going to be unlikely and I said it is better to be safe than sorry. If this Mercury retrograde is in any way going to relate to infections, which is likely, but there is always the component of the unexpected, and if it does not only relate to a brand new problem, that we do not know of yet - then that means there is a huge potential for a 2nd lockdown in July. If it is not going to be a new lockdown, or in places where there has never been a loosening of the restrictions, it is going to be other measures that demand restraint and holding back of energy. There will be an immense focus on communicating the need to restrain energy and on fixing compulsive and uncoordinated actions, that do not comply with restraining oneself for the benefit of everyone. The energies in July also bring a strong appearance of those who refuse to be organized and refuse to apply restraint for the benefit of others → conspiracy theorists.

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Everyone has their hopes, their pessimism and opinions, and no one really knows. If you ask me, according to my knowing and understanding, derived from Human Design, Ra's predictions and my own observations, it is not going to be over that quickly. The virus is not just going to disappear after it has already spread everywhere. The recession is a whole other thing and I have previously mentioned, that we are going to deal with limitations, shortages and preservation for the next 6 or 7 years, and also with a crash and rebirth of the old system and of power structures where many things might be impossible to preserve. A prolonged COVID-19-struggle could be what further instigates this total structural crash and reemergence. These will be 7 years of learning to truly face reality, which can be very sobering, but the plain necessity can now also put an end to the misapplied use and inefficient waste of energy and resources, that is the current global background-frequency until 2027.
These limitations have always been there, they have just been ignored. The structural transformation, that Pluto brought and will bring, brings those limitations to light and onto the collective stage.
Denying the reality, that we are now facing, won't help us. Accepting it and working with it to our best consciousness makes the necessary difference. First and foremost, we make that difference on a personal and individual level. We will face a very deep rooted change. We can't stop that program and we can't stop the wheel from turning. It is up to us whether we approach it with the intention to work with it productively and adapt to the change, or whether we rage against the wind and oppose a change that is going to happen either way, whether we like it or not.

Next solar week will be about progress and being patient with progress while just being in the flow.


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