This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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The last solar week was about the unfolding of a path and a vision through what we are creating. It opened the 2nd quarter of the year and brought a super full moon of creativity, attracting attention, service and self-defense.

This solar week is about expressing and explaining our vision and standing our ground when it comes to stepping onto that new path. People might think we are totally nuts, but what do they care. What interests you and what fulfills you is no one else's business but yours. You need to live with the consequences of your decisions - also with the consequences of those decisions, that lead you to an unfulfilled existence. You need to insist on living life the way that feels fulfilling to you, even if you might be the biggest oddball in your community. To the people in your current environment it might be incomprehensible, but if you start living yourself and if you start moving towards your authentic path and true desires, then you will meet those people who will love you as yourself and who will be inspired by your authentic freakishness, which is a rare good in today's world. Most people do not dare to be themselves, to follow their vision and to stand out of the crowd.

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This week brings mental noise and pressure. It can bring the overwhelming urge to express ourselves. It can be a week of great bla bla where even those have something to say who are usually calm and reserved. The main thing to recognize is: as long as that bla bla tolerates other people's bla bla and other people's ways, it's fine. Everyone has a right to express themselves, even when we are not particularly interested in hearing all of that. Live and let live. It only becomes problematic when other people's freedom of choice and being is being undermined through intolerance or through aggressive persuasion. If we want to be accepted in our individuality, freakishness and decisions, we need to accept other people in their individuality, freakishness and in the decisions they meet for themselves. Moving away from the hatred of humanity and the hatred for fellow human beings, towards accepting and embracing our own extremes and other people's extremes has been a major thematic of the past weeks. This week highlights these themes and hopefully it also helps with this evolution further away from hatred.

A good mantra for this week is: let other people judge, their intolerance can't be your problem. Simply move on and seek those who are tolerant.

Ideally, these transits can help to express ourselves and to talk things through without getting too far off track. They can help us to meet others as who they are, without losing touch with who we are.

09 May 2020 00:58 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 23 ䷖ (Taurus) – channel of structuring (43.1 Earth – 23.1 Sun & 23.6 Mercury)

Truthfully and patiently working together to deal with Limitations

    09 May 2020 13:17 UTC: Mercury in▽ ䷇ (Taurus) trine Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)

Problematic: our mouth being ahead of our brain and saying something before we really know what we want to say. Being afraid of losing our individuality and withdrawing from contact or collaboration – maybe because of confusing situations that previously might have been created by speaking before thinking. Losing our individuality in collaboration with others and blindly following the crowd, even if it means that many lose and few win at other people's cost, because we don't dare to make suggestions as a contribution to the common endeavor and direction.

Productive: honestly sharing and explaining our truth and our ideas. Acceptance of what is opens the path to make the best of what is, through collaboration and mutual empowerment. Finding efficient structures together in open discussion and interaction. Being patient with thinking things through, with talking things through, and with finding the right approaches.

The question of Behavior towards each other. Surface Relationships or not? Natural Directness meets Artificiality. Both can have Influence, yet both can be alienating

    10 May 2020 14:35 UTC: Mercury in ䷇ (Taurus) trine Jupiter in ䷻ (Capricorn)
    10 May 2020 16:15 UTC: Sun in ䷖ (Taurus) sextile Neptune in▲ ䷕ (Pisces)
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This can play out in a variety of ways —
· True and direct sensitivity towards others that does not need formalities,
· or superficial charm and fake style and rituals,
· or both, and adapting to get along and to make the other person feel comfortable in casual relationships, or to mask how one feels,
· or trying out another social style to fit in,
· or rather being alone than contrived,
· or directly fending off hostility,
· or rejecting fake charm, that is applied to take advantage of others for personal benefit, once it has been unmasked,
· or, on the other side of the equation, feeling restless in superficial situations, especially upon being unmasked, and retreating into angry exile upon being found out

The underlying energies can either bring healing through emancipation or deep, deep wounding and breaking of the spirit through false innocence and ignorant, counter-productive and destabilizing actions.

Saturn retrograde — Restraint and Acceptance or deep Depression: Dogmatic Restraint and the deep Depression over Limitations and needing to let go – or unusual Restraint made bearable by innovative Applications, a Focus on transitory Goals while we seek the right Structure and seeing the Irony and overall Progress

Jessie Willcox-Smith.jpg
    11 May 2020 04:09 UTC: Saturn stations retrograde in ䷻ (Aquarius)
    11 May 2020 07:33 UTC: Mercury in ䷇ (Taurus) square Mars in ䷝ (Aquarius)
    11 May 2020 21:57 UTC: Mercury enters Gemini in ䷇

Problematic: being so depressed over temporary regression or slow movement, that we don't see that all in all we are moving forward. Dissatisfaction with old feelings being brought into new experiences, not being able to let go of what was (be it a job, a life style or a relationship) and raging against the wind. Taking it personal and only seeing our authority challenged when some of our behaviors or statements are being rejected by others.
Generally, these can be deeply depressive times and dependent on one's situation it might be tough to get out of the grip of despair.

Productive: accepting the feelings related to the past, accepting how we feel in the face of restraint, and sitting through it instead of fighting it. Feelings don't last forever and by sitting through them, they lose their power and ultimately pass, which opens up new space for dedicating ourselves to the tasks or experiences that lie ahead of us in the current moment. Acknowledging the progress that has been made. Accepting endings, change and that some things can't be fixed. Accepting either temporary stagnation or transition into whatever new. Acceptance doesn't have to feel good, it is just the recognition that there is no choice or no other way and that there is nothing else but to accept it and to practice restraint, because it is what it is. Accepting that even when something was right for us, it doesn't always have to last. Things end and open space for something new.

Influence through right Action and walking the narrow, narrow Path, that is our own and excludes everything that is not right for us

    12 May 2020 17:22 UTC: Mars in▲ ䷝ (Aquarius) trine North Node in ䷎ (Gemini)
    12 May 2020 20:13 UTC: Mercury in ䷓ (Gemini) trine Saturn in ䷻ (Aquarius)

Problematic: ignoring weak elements and weak spots and integrating and taking back those who damage the whole endeavor and heavily restrict the potential outcome.

Productive: Attaining influence and gathering support through modesty, capacity for self-restraint, right action and eliminating negative feelings, negative paths to take and negative relationships. Taking the narrow path, that excludes everything that isn't authentic, rather than tolerating false things in our life – no matter how tempting.
Integrating the freaks, finding a place for the outsider and reintegrating those who come back and admit their mistakes - if they truly mean it and only if they resonate with us.

Nikolai Petrovitch Bogdanov-Belsky - At school doors

Venus Retrograde: Integration and yet being separate, or Exclusion

    13 May 2020 04:16 UTC: Mars enters Pisces in▲▽ ䷝
    13 May 2020 06:44 UTC: Venus stations retrograde in ䷬ (Gemini)
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Problematic: ignoring the weak spots and reintegrating wanna-bes and people with whom we have bad and restrictive karma, who aren't equipped or mature enough for the job, or with whom it simply can't work. Integrating the wrong people leads to heavy restrictions and difficulties later down the path, be it gossip or strife. Those younger than 30 might predominantly notice the exclusion energy, even reacting with aggression when not being included, which further down the Venus retrograde can lead to self-analyzation and learning a lesson in awareness. Note that the wrong people for us might be the right people for someone else and so we might not want to clutter up unnecessary space in each others lives. Sometimes it is just not the right place, time and company to make it work.

Productive: Reconsideration after a time of isolation and separation, or being integrated in a place or job that allows us to stay separate and side-step behavioral requirements (e.g. working from home). For those in their 20s or younger: doing what is necessary to be included instead of expecting to be served everything on a silver plate, maybe without being entitled to it. Yet, knowing where to set our boundaries and not letting others exploit us (not selling our soul to the devil just to be included, but knowing and accepting that nothing comes from nothing). Finding a place for those who don't fit in and for those who are different – as long as it is authentic. Valuing when people think differently and seeing variety as strength and enrichment. Yet only integrating those who have the proper intentions and mentality. Being able to see and recognize other people's underlying motivations and being able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Working through Irrationality, Substance Abuse and all sorts of Addictions and unhealthy Patterns. Relapses, Sidetracks and arduous Back and Forth of returning Patterns alternate with and lead to Sudden Breakthroughs. Finding Insights, Rationality and inner Renewal, and helping Others to get there

    14 May 2020 12:12 UTC: Uranus in gate 24 – channel of awareness (61.5 Pluto – 24.1 Uranus), channel of structuring (43.6▲ Earth – 23.6 Sun), channel of awakening (10.2▲ South Node – 20.6▽ Mercury) // 6/2 Cross of Dedication
Frederick-Cayley Robinson - The Capture

Restless Agitation or finding Acceptance and Stillness. Being at Peace with the Need for Self-restraint

    14 May 2020 14:31 UTC: Jupiter stations retrograde in ䷻ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: a hunger for diversity and distraction that makes us restless and agitated in the face of limitation.

Productive: dedicating our focus and energy to what makes sense, recognizing the value in it and recognizing that its rewards bring a deeper satisfaction and are far more sustainable than temporary distractions can ever be.

Next solar week will be about stepping out of our comfort zone, making a contribution, empowering others and contagion. This probably reads a little weirdly - note that contagion can refer to viruses and spreading something that is damaging, but first and foremost it refers to empowering others with our contribution, and spreading something that ideally is of value to others.


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