This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Quarter or Mutation

The last solar week was about the path of survival and coming to meet. It brought a full moon of inner renewal and recognition. Mercury went direct.

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This solar week is about creation and self-expression. It starts the yearly quarter of mutation.
If we struggle with sadness over things that did not last, this sadness can help us a great deal to create something that is of value to us. If we can find the drive to make use of the melancholy, the melancholy can be the catalyst for something truly creative.

05 November 2020 05:21 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 1 ䷀ (Scorpio) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto & 61.1 Jupiter-24.1 Uranus)

Identity crisis and value refinement

    06 November 2020 09:11 UTC: Mercury in ䷱ (Libra) square Saturn in ䷻ (Capricorn)
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Problematic: Confused responsibilities can result in interfering with others, or in letting others interfere with us. Letting ourselves be weakened by agitated embarrassment, rather than seeing it as an opportunity to grow stronger, to work on our attitude and rethink our perspective – likely after having been rejected in one's attempts to influence others in unhealthy ways. Being restless in the face of our own limitations and in the face of our values that need refinement. Restlessness and embarrassment is not necessarily a bad thing, it can introduce great changes for good. Yet, if we get overly stuck on embarrassment of what we can't change either way, it doesn't help anyone and in addition we are limiting our own potential because we sabotage our own evolution. If instead we refine our mindset, it opens up a brighter future for us.

Jefferson David Chalfan - The Blacksmith

Productive: Not letting others interfere with our judgment and sticking to what we sense is right to do and healthy for us, especially if other people try to influence our direction for their own benefit only and at our expense. Accepting such judgment, accepting that everyone has the right to make their own decisions, and backing off from trying to have a say in other people's business. Finding humble acceptance and truly recognizing the need for higher and more intelligent perspectives, and the benefit they bring.

Competitive creative drive and endurance

    07 November 2020 11:41 UTC: Sun in ䷀ (Scorpio) waning quincunx to Mars in ䷲ (Aries)

Problematic: Unhealthy competitiveness and slaving away for the money only. Material over-ambition and following money temptations against our inner knowing.

Productive: Not being lured into the wrong jobs and not slaving away for the money only. Certain previous experiences might have ended in disaster and might have shown us what we truly can not do. Taking material opportunities only when they are correct. Likely, such an opportunity somehow leads closer to where we want to go anyway, even if it requires temporary reorientation and restructuring.
Having learned to uphold our own creative drive and working on those projects that feel true and purposeful to us. What do you truly want to create?

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Recognizing truth through previous crisis lessons and being objective in judging the potential of a project, creation or relationship – or ignoring intuition and following emotions in the moment, being charmed the pants off, twisted around another person's little finger, which leads to subjective judgments

    09 November 2020 16:08 UTC: Venus in▲ ䷸ (Libra) opposite Mars in ䷲ (Aries)
    10 November 2020 05:11 UTC: Sun in ䷀ (Scorpio) trine Neptune in ䷕ (Pisces)

Problematic: Getting so entranced in emotions or in the style, looks and surface of something or someone that we don't see its missing lasting potential, that we make subjective judgments, that we ignore our inner knowing, and get destabilized through investing into the wrong things.

Productive: Trusting our inner certainty even if we can't explain it - not being misguided by emotions in the moment or by the mind. Recognizing the inner meaning of a shock or challenge, and being able to ride with it and to learn from it.
Objective and clear assessment of creative value and of what can have a future. Charmingly saying no to the wrong invitations and suggestions.
Potentially being called to create something huge of enormous value that can be highly mutative and bring deep social change. Creation through experience, and/or stepping onto brand-new territory with what we create.

Next solar week will be about breakthrough, structuring, efficiency, tolerance and explanation.


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