This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Vasily Vasilevich Vereshchagin - The Doors of Tamerlane

The last solar week was about being busy in the present moment and the potential recognition on how (not) to apply power. Headless and uncoordinated action easily could have become an issue last week, but it also might have brought a healthy reality check and reorientation: We might have recognized what does not have a lasting value, where we have been too optimistic, and where we might have overextended ourself.

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This solar week is about detailed and focused planning rooted in enthusiasm for what excites us. This week brings an eclipse of leadership.

27 November 2020 13:08 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 9 ䷈ (Sagittarius) - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto & 61.6▲ Jupiter-24.1 Uranus)

Being so focused on maintaining harmony that one fails to enforce restrictive conditions, certain standards, and doesn't put others in their place when it would be needed – or outgrowing unhealthy patterns and reacting evenhanded but decisive when people overstep boundaries

    27 November 2020 17:10 UTC: Venus in▽ ䷫ (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)

Uranus back in gate 27 until 1. March 2021 for the last time in 80 years

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    27 November 2020 19:10 UTC: Uranus re-enters gate 27 (Uranus conjunct Moon in 27.6▲) - channel of awareness (61.3▲ Pluto & 61.6▲ Jupiter/Saturn-24.1 Moon), channel of surrender (44.1▽ Venus-26.4 South Node) // 1/3 Cross of Planning, fully open G

Over the course of the last years with Uranus transiting gate 27, collectively we have learned proper and more healthy and authentic approaches to care – often through being side-tracked into caring in ways that did not work. We might have learned a few lessons, we might have learned that we need to protect ourselves against abuse of our generosity, and we might have learned that nonetheless there can always be something that is truly worthwhile to care for. This transit can still bring the danger of others running over us, it can still bring another lesson in healthy boundaries that we might be unexpectedly pulled into, but if we honor the previous lessons, and if we do not let others run over us anymore, then such new healthy approaches to caring can open up brand-new directions and paths in life for us with much more healthy conditions.
This brings a last 3-month cycle of revisiting those lessons that we have learned about caring and about not caring.

Neptune direct: Charm school

    29 November 2020 00:36 UTC: Neptune stations direct in ䷕ (Pisces)
Giuseppe Castiglione - Begonia and Magnolia

5 Months ago in the week of the ego-inflation eclipse, Neptune went retrograde and brought transformation of shadow patterns through graceful directness or disgraceful crudity in social interaction. The Neptune retrograde also brought a subconscious transformation of the fear of being blocked and being given the silence treatment. Back then, I wrote “The main difficult challenges during this retrograde are to set solid boundaries and to risk losing the wrong relationships in order to gain balance. It might be very tempting to tolerate crap because we are hooked onto the feelgood that someone brings us, without realizing that they are not healthy for us.” [ You can read the full report on Neptune retrograde here ]

Some things might not have ended so well and some situations might have been futile. In those situations, either we simply might have avoided and circumvented people who didn't have the right mind set and spirit in order to protect our own sanity, or everything might have blown up and ended in an irrational and hard-headed mud-fight.

Now, Neptune goes direct and brings charming delusion in collaboration and expansion. This can be about charming and attracting others with an emotional style and being able to delude them over one's actual nature or one's actual emotions in the hopes of being accepted and getting a foot in the door, - or not being able to delude others and withdrawing from a situation, because people have developed a healthy social caution and naturally recognize problems in people from experience.
On the other side, this is about being very selective in what we are open to, having developed a healthy social caution and alertness to dangerous patterns in others, and having developed management capabilities that restrict people who have a lot of unresolved shadow so that they do not sabotage the whole thing and goals can be achieved either way, especially if we are stuck with people in the work place. In such cases, Neptune direct brings the energy to leave one's own person at the door and to gracefully meet everyone where they are at in the most mundane and trivial social interactions, because the whole company or project depends on it. It can be about making a good face when everything looks bad and keeping up the good spirit and hope so that work will continue to be effective and productive. I think in times of pandemic lockdowns, this might be of especial importance to business owners who need to inform their employees about the company's situation, but only once and without creating chaos and an unproductive panic in times where levelheadedness and doing the work matters the most. This might be important for people in the service industries who need to smile at their customers while they have to brace themselves with all strength against bankruptcy and worry.

Focused collaboration in difficult times, understanding expansion, and expanding through understanding. Leading the collective by investing in expertise, good management, and appropriate delegation of responsibilities

    29 November 2020 02:50 UTC: Mercury in ䷍ (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn)
    29 November 2020 08:19 UTC: Sun in ䷈ (Sagittarius) waning quincunx to Uranus in ䷚ (Taurus)
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Problematic: Being so overly expansive that one makes faulty judgment, misses focus, and misses the actual opportunities that can realistically be realized, which might lead to frustration and depression instead of recognizing further opportunities.

Productive: Having learned or recognized what is practical, recognizing new or remaining opportunities for collaboration, and working together with others to temper frustration – if correct! Close collaboration won't be correct for everyone, and not everything will be correct to care for. Some things and people are better left alone and withdrawn from. Most people benefit deeply from working with others, and some people are at their best when they go at it alone most of the time without being caught up too deeply in the maya. At some point they might end up in situations where they can't maintain everything alone anymore either, and where they need to delegate responsibilities to others, and this might be such a time for many, but not for everyone. There will be things that are truly worthwhile to care for, or that simply require our attention in the moment, but that also require working through unpleasant phases and sections, often together with others.

Eclipses in late 2020, Doorways for the 1st half of 2021: Exploring direction. Leadership and broadcasting truth

30. November 2020 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 16.4:

The demagogue - or the genuine, supportive and enthusiastic leader who is fixed on finding deeper understanding and promoting good solutions

The report on this eclipse is part of the 2021 forecast.

Being dissatisfied with others due to limitations or restrictions, feeling superior, ignoring limitations and paying the price for it – or handling limitations with dignity and ensuring one's own stability and security first

    30 November 2020 19:00 UTC: Mercury in ䷍ (Scorpio) sextile Saturn in▲ ䷻ (Capricorn)

01 December 2020 19:50 UTC: Mercury enters Sagittarius in ䷍

02 December 2020 3:50 UTC: Jupiter re-enters gate 60 - channel of surrender (44.6 Venus-26.4 South Node) on the 5/2 Cross of Identification

Next solar week will be about progressing patiently and being in the flow of life.


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