This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Edmund Dulac - The Sleeve of Night, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

The last solar week was about survival intelligence, responsibility, values and continuing to find a new order.

This solar week is about risk taking, game playing, seeking purpose and caring. This week sets the undertone for 2021, and it can determine the risks and routes to be taken for the coming year. That doesn't mean that anyone has to take any risk, though. Passing on it is absolutely legit, as well. This year, more than ever, it is SO important to not let other people decide that risk for us and to follow our own convictions. If we are confused and don't know what to do, it is not good to let others pressure us into action. When we wait and sit with the confusion, at some point it will resolve. At some point things will start to make sense. But it requires that we stay with ourself and our process instead of giving in to other people who think we need their ordering although we don't, and who set us up for all kinds of things and confuse us more. You know best what's right for you. And if you don't know yet, that probably means that it's not yet time to act.

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24 October 2020 23:10 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 28 ䷛ (Scorpio) - channel of awareness (61.2 Pluto & 61.6▲ Saturn-24.2 Uranus)

Planning without application, and (enviously) fantasizing about something that hinders our growth and ambition because it is only one-sidedly beneficial and nurtured only by us, but not by the other person - or investigating and understanding through detail work what is the right and purposeful risk to take FOR OURSELVES AND FOR SELF-CARE FIRST, and preparing to take it

    25 October 2020 18:23 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in ䷛ (Scorpio)

Loss of purpose through treachery - or finding purpose through other people's help and aligning to the right people and path (although that path might be less exciting and hold less immediate reward)

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    28 October 2020 01:36 UTC: Mercury enters Libra in ䷱
    28 October 2020 01:40 UTC: Venus enters Libra in ䷭
    28 October 2020 21:31 UTC: Sun in▽ ䷛ (Scorpio) waning quincunx to Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)

This can bring abuse of trust and dropping out for a quick fix and assumed shortcut to success, because someone truly didn't care while others involved might have thought they did. That can result in fearing (further) rejection, curry favoring and charming others with inner resentment - or knowing one's individual worth and withdrawing in order to not be further destabilized.
On the other hand, we understand that for some things there is no shortcut, and that it's not only a question of who we align to, but that it is also a question of the personal effort and dedication to detail that we are willing to apply in order to fulfill our individual purpose.

This transit can lead to provoking struggle between others, and it can also be about helping others to recognize the need for social selectivity, and helping others to see the detrimental impact of those who just want to take advantage. Often, such recognition might come through secret information and informal sharing of experience, and sometimes through hidden knowledge like Human Design:

Social selectivity for the benefit of the group. Having learned that we can't team up with those who don't have the character that it takes, or who don't have what is needed now, and who try to influence the group effort and direction solely for their own benefit, and withdrawing from those people – or letting oneself be deluded, refusing to withdraw from the wrong people, or even teaming up with them and including them in the group

    29 October 2020 21:00 UTC: Jupiter in▽ ䷵ (Capricorn) waning quincunx to North Node in ䷬ (Gemini)
Edmund Dulac - This way and that she led him blindfold

This transit speaks about the struggle of having to deal with the wrong people. It speaks about the possible recognition that certain relationships are beneficial for the other person, but holding us or the group back, and are therefore not healthy. Other relationships simply might not offer what we need.
In addition to that, this also is a transit where it is easy to be like the bull in the china shop and to run over each other's emotions and sensitivities, without even noticing it, also because the other person might be emotionally controlled and restrained and not show their sensitivity. Likely, this is not a good time to poke around in people's past painful memories. It might be best to just let it be and to focus on what to make of the present or the future.

One quick reminder, these are the general transits, they do not apply to everyone the same! Some people who are affected might need to read about this to either deal with the "why" of having been betrayed and to start searching for deeper understanding in the mechanics, and some people might need to read this for inner confirmation and in order to recognize that they really can trust their intuition. For some it will simply be interesting to follow the global events and energies in such a way. Most people won't face any betrayal or changing sides, and this transit report should not make you worry when you have no reason to worry!

At the same time, a major energy currently setting the tone for 2021 is victimization and accepting guidance from others that ultimately leads to becoming a victim. This energy of victimization sets the tone for 2021, and yet it mostly stays unseen and in the dark - cybercrime, hidden private abuse, etc. This year more than ever, it's essentially important to not let other people tell us where to go, and to not let other people decide for us, even if we are confused and do not know where to go yet. It will be essential to stand by our convictions. It will be essential to not let other people mother us, try to decide for us and push their own agenda upon us, even if they are deeply convinced that they are doing the right thing and if they mean well. If you don't know where to find your own innate power and self-reliance, this can be a start: → [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]

How exactly can victimization and being dominated by the ordering power of others translate into reality on a global scale or as an extreme example?

Last week on the day when the earth brought the energy of victimization (and when in addition, Venus was in gate 6.3), conservative Poland banned abortions under almost all conditions. That robs many women of their decision power and right to decide for themselves about their future. They are being conditioned into a new order that they otherwise would have never agreed to, and in that they are becoming a victim.

Edmund Dulac

Jennifer Pan who initiated the murder of her tiger parents is another example, which ended up in all three being a victim.

This kind of energy is a major part of the underlying energy of 2021, as a part of the rave new year 2021.
It's important to look after ourselves. Sometimes, it might also become important to look after others, not to condition them and pressure them, but in more severe cases where they can't defend themselves, or where they are violated by others. If in 2021, you happen to observe suspicious signs of possible domestic violence, sexual abuse through spiritual leaders, attacks based on discrimination, or if someone opens up to you about not being treated well and being taken advantage of, please don't just censor it and shrug it off because the person does not present it in dramatic ways and seems to defend or be internally torn about their abuser. Traumatized people are often too confused to discern friend from foe, right from wrong, and don't know where to turn to. At the same time, not everybody is confused - and many people don't need advice and ordering even if they are confused. Often, people will find their own way and all they need is empowerment to trust themselves, their own perception and their own worth. In those cases, someone needs to empower them without further violating their boundaries.
This year more than ever, it can be essential to take it very seriously when someone opens up to us. I think many marriages and communities will break apart, and it will be better that way. Fundamentalism might also become very present, and just generally cruelty, explicitely tribal cruelty.

Another reminder on censorship

On the 29th of October at 20:56 UTC, the lunar nodes move into line 4. For the coming 2 months, the south node in 26.4 brings us the theme of censorship. The north node in 45.4 brings us the theme of either self-serving and corrupt, or mutually beneficial direction and leadership. Giving direction to the group for the benefit of the whole and everyone involved is a theme that won't always work that well, and that might not necessarily be a given. It might be a lesson during the coming months, and often that lesson might be learned through experiencing situations where at least one person influences others for their own benefit only.

The lunar nodes will be in the 26.4 and 45.4 during the coming two eclipses that act as doorways for at least the first half of 2021. The lunar nodes also are in the 26.4 and 45.4 during the US election day and other events that might take place in November and December.

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At the time when the nodes shift into the 4th line, all signs are pointed to persistence, determination, not giving up and taking the best and most thorough route instead of the Peter Pan approach. A good work ethic might be needed. At the same time, there are certain things to retreat from and certain things to forget. Often they might have to do with relationships that hinder such determined ambition.

So, after the protests of last year and this year, and after the massive amount of misinformation having been spread, which started with the stellium of bullshit and ignorance in March, censorship is now being applied as an antidote or countermovement – for good, but also for bad. We are moving into a global environment of censorship. Where we don't, at least we will talk about it.

This started a while ago. To me, the very first signs were when Twitter put corrective notes under those of Trumps tweets that contained misinformation – which is not censorship, but already pointing into that direction.
TikTok had been restricted from download in the US, which is now being fought over.
Facebook, Youtube and other platforms started to censor the ocean of COVID-19 misinformation, conspiracy theory bullshit.
But then it got more serious and more attention was payed to hate and extremism (an eclipse this summer was about extremism and ego inflation).
The second biggest Asian country arrested a central media person in H_____ K____g, and then it enforced a new securlty law over there.
The case on Julian Assange has been in court since the time where Mercury opposed Chiron, which is directly related to censorship. It is a precedential case on how we deal with information, journalism, freedom of speech and the censorship of power misuse. I mentioned it before. Do we censor power abuse, or do we censor the people who expose and challenge power abuse? This is a case where a progressive country like Sweden seems to be involved in very questionable ways.
I haven't followed the newest trends, so what I have listed might be nowhere near complete.

Yet, the list above shows, that none of the energies being active from today on are particularly new. There is always a history leading up to these big transits. But these coming months will lead into a peak of it.
If you belong to a risk group (journalist under difficult conditions, etc), I'd think this is absolutely not the time to get heedless with the traces you leave.

Edmund Dulac - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Forgetting can be healthy

This is a time where forgetting and letting the past be the past will be a need that is very present.
This might not be the best time to sell people (especially new clients) past life regressions and mental therapies where they revisit painful memories. Yet, it is a time where people make great market promises and sales pitches, and leave out vital information.

Through forgetting, cellular memory, fears and also traumata can be altered. Sometimes it is not the mental reprocessing that helps, but it is the physical, chemical or purely energetic release and elimination of energy that is stored and stuck in the body, and that will make all the difference. If such energy is being released through manual therapy, bodywork or energetic work, the mental or emotional difficulties disappear, we feel more centered in ourself, and we essentially feel more like ourself.

On another note, this can be a time where people simply forget to tell you things without any intent and without meaning any harm. Not everyone who leaves out information does it out of malicious intent. The coming months can bring many unintentional “oh yes, I forgot to tell you”, even from those who only have the best intentions. The coming months simply permeate us with the energy for it, and some things might slip through memory. So while there can be corrupt censorship, it's not advisable to smell treachery behind every corner, and it's also not advisable to get overly paranoid over the possibility of one's spouse developing age-related forgetfulness just because something happened to slip through their mind. Forgetfulness is in the transits.

Jupiter back in gate 61: studying hidden knowledge and looking for inner truth, higher insight and deeper understanding. Choosing to stick to the thorough road that isn't necessarily that interesting and exciting, but sustainable and more purposeful in the long run. Taking the road to authentic purpose

    29 October 2020 21:05 UTC: Jupiter re-enters gate 61 - channel of awareness (61.3 Pluto & 61.6▲ Saturn & 61.1 Jupiter-24.2 Uranus), channel of preservation (27.6 Earth-50.2 Mercury) // 6/2 Cross of Alignment, Chiron in

Next solar week will be about the path of survival. It will be about coming to meet with alertness, but without preconditions, and finding structures and a working framework continuing from there.


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