This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The last solar week was about human rights, judging and correcting what has been spoiled, collective organization, and opinions. It brought a full moon of nurturing through understanding, strong transformation, new horizons, and harvesting what we planted (for good or bad). Saturn went direct and brought influence through hard work and effort after a long period of restraint.

This solar week is about depth of solution and being of service by biting through problems. It confronts us with the fear of not feeling good enough and with our existent or perceived inadequacies, just like the transit last week on the 29th of September.

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02 October 2020 05:55 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 48 ䷯ (Libra) - channel of awareness (61.2 Pluto & 61.5▲ Saturn-24.3 Uranus), channel of openness (22.3 Neptune-12.1 North Node)

Not feeling good enough, feeling socially unequipped, and staying in hiding-mode. Trivial and irrational distraction or indulgence – or overcoming old habits, patterns, and addictions. Recognizing and doing what is practical instead

    02 October 2020 13:30 UTC: Sun in ䷯ (Libra) waxing quincunx to Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)
    02 October 2020 20:47 UTC: Venus enters Virgo in ䷜
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Problematic: Getting caught up with useless things or even unhealthy things instead of doing what is practical. Numbing one's self-doubts and escaping into addiction or trivial distraction.

Productive: Overcoming irrationality and stopping to justify unhealthy patterns and distractions that keep us stuck. Investing into what is practical and what could even solve potential problems now or in the long run.

The lunar nodes shift into gate 26 & 45 (north node in waning quincunx to Pluto). For the coming 4 months, collectively, that bring us a strong focus on the material plane, material manifestation and on competition. It brings the pressure to level up and to find better solutions. It brings power struggles, fending off interference, and tribal alignment. It also brings a learning process of what it means to be (or have) a leader who is of benefit to the people – greed and self-obsession versus nurturing and true service

Georges Jules Victor Clairin - Le Dompteur de Pidgeons
    03 October 2020 07:32 UTC: Nodes shift from 11 and 12 into 26 and 45 // square Neptune in on the 2/4 Cross of Tension with▽ Sun, Earth (gold line with, Chiron in, Jupiter in, Mars in▲ conjunct Moon in▲, Mercury in

The nodes will be in gate 26 and 45 for 4 months, which is twice as long as they were in gate 11 and 12. For the past 2 months, the nodes have brought deep social changes. [ Transit report: “Naive Gullibility meets despotic Darkness, resulting in lost Hope, social Withdrawal, Paranoia and Standstill; – OR Idealism, Peace and Hope nurture deep social Change through listening, being open to learn, and transforming inferior Values and Standards into something higher. Guiding and impacting with Authority and yet refusing to be Fodder to darwinian Speculators. Rejecting imbalanced and despotic Tyrants who think only they know best with an enlightened Iron hand in order to maintain Balance and Peace” ]

I thought I might find the extra time to write a bit of a sum up, but I don't. Just one tiny thing I find remarkable, next to the ongoing Belarus revolution: the Trump peace plan (whether you see it as peace or as annexation is not my business, who knows what's true and what will be the end result, I don't know...), so the political portion of Trump's peace plan that was released during a long-term manifestor nodal transit (impact through channel 12-22, anger to peace as a signature) is directly followed by a nodal environment of materialism, but also of integration. There can be no peace until every belly is fed.
This new nodal environment doesn't bring a long-term signature of anger to peace, such as the last two months did, but at the time of its imprinting, the second that the nodes shift gates, the manifestor channel 21-45 (gold line or money line) is active and sort of sets the plan of peace or no peace.

Now, the nodes shift into gate 26 and 45. They bring us strong material thematics, yet we are still in the quarter of duality, which involves dealing with imbalance in relationships and seeking proper balance to secure the future, leading up to the quarter of mutation. The details of this transit point to that, as well.
Next to the things mentioned in the headline, this time brings salesmen selling snake oil or tricksters selling truth. It brings thematics of provoking struggle and competition among others, but also mediating between others. Creating tension and resolving tension. Overly reactive workplace struggles.
It will make all the difference to be socially and emotionally considerate of each other, and to maintain right action in regards to who we are open to and when.

Not everyone is meant to stay, and that is absolutely perfect, but with enough attentiveness, we might be able to discern the growthful and productive alliance from the deeply devastating and treacherous one.

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Problematic: Not knowing one's place, becoming ego obsessed upon being recognized, wanting to make an impression and always butting in with more “great ideas” that might turn out to be misplaced or shallow, making exaggerated claims and demands, wanting to have too much of a say, taking stuff too personal, being overly reactive and emotionally aggressive, interfering with others, abusing people's trust and destabilizing mutual endeavors. On the other end, the person who is being interfered with might be too peaceful to put the interfering person in their place. They might not trust their own judgment and so they might let others decide for them, or let others get away with absolutely destabilizing and aggressive actions. It might be important to note that a potentially very difficult theme of 2021 will be victimization and being dominated and recklessly overrun by others (more on that in the 2021 forecast that I will release in a couple of weeks). This also can be a difficult theme by the end of October and beginning of November that bring the energies heralding 2021.
This is a time, where it can be especially important that people are being shown their boundaries and that responsibilities are being communicated. Who has a say in what, and where don't we have a say?
Further probematic: Being addicted to damaging relationships and trickstery people. Accepting them back in, although they are treacherous. Integrating the wrong people and then ending up needing to powerfully reject their deliberate and destabilizing interference, maybe even failing to do so and tolerating way too much interference.
Being uncomfortable with severity although it is so necessary.

Georges Jules Victor Clairin - Ouled Nail Woman

Productive: Correct and dutiful action strengthens our relationships, which provide us with a solid foundation to fulfill any task, to get things done, to end projects and to manifest materially. Being driven to grow. Carefully investigating the other person and cautiously integrating only those who know their place, who are safe to integrate, and who deserve it, often due to their brilliant ideas and inspiration that can further the group or the project. Being especially cautious if people who rejected us before come back to be reintegrated, but still aren't able to properly admit their mistake. Separating from interference and fending off interference heavily. Finding and being given one's rightful place, whether at the bottom or at the top. It doesn't matter where it is in the hierarchy, as long as it is correct and energetically authentic, one is respected and the work is on some level rewarding. It usually takes a lot to be at the top and often it is a very demanding and unthankful job to be in charge for the benefit of people who often do not recognize that sacrifice, who do not honor it or who even develop irrational envy and resentment. One is equipped for what one is equipped for, and if one is not equipped for a taxing organization job or figurehead job with massive responsibility, the regular day job can be the most rewarding place to be. It all depends on one's nature.

Attracting and integrating the right people, and eliminating barriers before they become too high.
Going from a venture or relationship that has served its purpose to something better (IF the relationship has truly served its purpose, not everyone will experience this moving on to greener pastures, this is a global evolution, not necessarily an individual one). All of this happens in a material environment - in many cases people might be changing professional associations and there might be a new business partner, company, job environment, or new employees and colleagues. After all, 2020 was about finding the right work that brings us joy, and Corona has caused some disruption, halt and among some people it also caused material reorientation. The eclipse in December is about being at the right place in the right time with people who value our ideas. Innovative and deeply transformative business, and the transformation of businesses!
This can also bring material competition and struggle to get ahead in the market and to level up.

Short reminder: Censorship approaching

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While the nodes are in gate 26 and 45, almost half the time (2 months), the lunar nodes will be in the 4th line. That means, throughout November and December, the nodes will be in the 26.4 (censorship) and 45.4 (influencing a group direction for personal goals only, or giving direction to the group for the benefit of the whole). Most importantly: the nodes are in the 26.4 and 45.4 during the coming two eclipses that act as doorways for at least the first half of 2021, and they also are in the 26.4 and 45.4 during the US election and other events that might take place in November and December.

So after the protests of last year and especially this year, and after the massive amount of misinformation, censorship is being applied, and we are moving into a global environment of censorship. Where we don't move into it, at least we will talk about it.

I havent found the time to write something organized on this either, so a quickly written note in the middle of the night must suffice, but the 26.4 (censorship and the manipulation of memory through forgetting) is by its nature closely tied to aspects between Mercury (communication, mind, mental information and transmission) and Chiron (healing or wounding). It's worth following those aspects.
For example, the Julian Assange case was continued under a Mercury-Chiron transit, I think it was an opposition between gate 17.5 and 18.5, the gate of human rights violation in a collective line. Assange's human rights have been violated in pretty extreme ways in the middle of oh-so civilised Europe (he has his Chiron in gate 21 and his Chiron return soon, also his Sun in 21.4 and a shadow of underestimating potential threats and his enemies).

In the last minutes of this documentary on Assange, which is worth watching, Edward Snowden says:

"What's going to happen tomorrow when China demands the extradition of a Canadian journalist? What happens when Saudi Arabia does the same thing about someone living in Argentina? We are setting a precedent right now that we are going to live with for the next 100 years. And no matter what you feel about Julian Assange, the methods that WikiLeaks and everyone connected to it have pioneered, have changed the way journalism is done. And if we cannot recognize that and we are not willing to protect it, I think the saddest part of this whole story is we probably don't deserve it. And as a result, we will no longer have it when we need it the most." - Edward Snowden

In October and November there are 3 more quincunxes of Mercury to Chiron, with Mercury always being in the gate of risk taking, fear of death, struggling for purpose and being afraid of losing out on meaning in life. By the last and third quincunx on the 15th of November, the South Node has already hit the 26.4 and the design nodes (the underlying energies from this summer) have moved into gate 12. The underlying social changes manifest as struggles, potentially about collective censorship, or individually about maintaining one's strength through forgetting what has been a painful experience.

Here comes the first quincunx of Mercury to Chiron, mixed with the North Node in quincunx to Pluto. Both are matured quincunxes, but it still brings a lot of friction:

Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl - The Souls of Acheron

Pluto direct (in waning quincunx to the north node): far-reaching influence through brilliant and genuinely nourishing insights that took time to mature and grow in their power. Integrating the outsider or reintegrating those who return to admit their mistakes (if healthy). Deep hopelessness, or not giving up and continuing to fight for purpose even in times of feeling isolated and unseen. Trying to really understand others

    04 October 2020 03:00 UTC: North Node in ䷬ (Gemini) in waning quincunx to Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)
    04 October 2020 05:55 UTC: Mercury in ䷛ (Scorpio) in waning quincunx to Chiron in ䷐ (Aries)
    04 October 2020 13:32 UTC: Pluto stations direct in▲ ䷼ (Capricorn) on the 3/5 cross of tension with the Sun in (incommunicado) and Design earth in (alienation) – oh the irony

By the end of April, Pluto went retrograde in [ Transit report: “Pluto retrograde brings transformation through truth being shared and searched for. It brings potential re-alignment and the pressure to know, to universalize our knowing and to influence and impact” ]
Looking out for secret knowledge and for what is hidden or unknown has been a big theme during the past 5 months.

The Pluto retrograde might have brought treachery, taking foolish risks and not being satisfied – or knowing one's place and being content where one is at. Secret and covert information might have been gathered for the purpose of knowing who to align to and who not to align to.
Generally speaking, if the retrograde brought treachery and something of purpose might have been lost through treachery and abuse of trust, now there might be a time where such action might backfire and where one might feel forgotten, isolated and powerless due to other people's disapproval and conditions. In some cases, it might be difficult to feel that life can be purposeful and to overcome a deep hopelessness of lost purpose and a feeling that nothing has meaning.

That being said, Pluto direct and the accompanying aspects also lead to mediation and integration of the outsiders, freaks and those who work independently - if they know and accept their place with modesty. It is about integrating those who don't need to be managed and controlled because they themselves already have the understanding and drive to be of service and to manage their resources well.
For those who were and are willing to go the distance, Pluto going direct can bring great transformative capacity and far-reaching influence.

Separating from relationships that failed due to projection, unrealistic hopes, irrationality or addiction – or mastering relationships, learning from mistakes and growing through difficulties (growing together or growing apart, but still growing). Overcoming irrational thinking or being able to work with it masterfully and wisely

    07 October 2020 20:55 UTC: Mercury in ䷫ (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in ䷗ (Taurus)

Next solar week will be about intuition, challenges, shock and survival awareness.


Human Design Library Human Design New Year 2021

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