This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about evaluating the way we care and what we care for. It brought a full moon of regeneration, recalibration, and the big treasure hunt beyond fear. The lunar nodes shifted gates and brought us new evolutionary thematics for the coming 4 months.

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This solar week is about rationalization and finding inner renewal through taking the healthy road and the path of survival. Pluto will go retrograde and transform restlessness and unacceptance into acceptance.
This also is a week of overcoming irrational relationship behavior, gaining sudden understanding about the ego of others, and setting good boundaries.

27 April 2021 16:23 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 24 ䷗ (Taurus)

Pluto retrograde for 5 months: Hatred versus acceptance. A super-challenging lesson in accepting limitations, accepting extremes, and growing through experiencing extremes. Retreating into privacy to ponder healthy relationship conditions, healthy boundaries, and what kind of irrational expectations we should not bring into our relationships.

    27 April 2021 20:01 UTC: Pluto goes retrograde in while Mars in is in waxing quincunx to Pluto. The Moon is opposite Mercury and Venus.
Henry Stacy Marks - Dominicans in Feathers

This retrograde has a 1/3 incarnation cross as an outcome (trial and error), and the north node is in 16.6 linked to the 26.2: Being able to recognize misleading propaganda or not, to learn a lesson, and to mature through experiencing and rejecting misleading enthusiasm. We are getting more real in that sense. When Pluto will go direct in October 2021, he will do so in the and bring the understanding that it does not work to be over-expansive and to involving too many people in our projects and research, at least not before it is time. It results in a ton of confusing application that all point into different directions, but that ultimately lead us nowhere because the healthy focus to build the core is missing. This is very in line with last week's transit of the nodes shifting gates, and the coming months of possibly being hoodwinked into taking risks that do feel off and into shaking hands with people although it does not feel right.

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When Pluto will go direct in October, we will also be dealing with having to dig through misinformation. On the positive end, people might try to get us away from working with others that do us no good and empower us to do our own thing. On the problematic end, others might still try to get us to involve them and to collaborate with them, but whether that's worth our time and energy is up to us. All too often, involving other people might simply bring disharmony and an energetic drain, so often we might end up having to fend people off. People will give others false information and propagandize them in order to be included, and people will give others false information to get rid of them, especially when these people do not take a no for an answer.
The coming months could bring a lot of energy of dealing with frauds, or talking about frauds, or watching people being frauded. It can also bring a very necessary reality-check.

On the other hand, a lack of acceptance could drive people toward searching and believing many different theories and ideas that lack practicality and truth, but that sound great. Concepts that are a fraud but that appeal to people and sell because they make them feel good.

Collective challenge: Propagandizing others into involving us into their research and projects, but then being overly expansive and eccentric, not having the energy to follow through, contributing a lot of distraction, and constantly disturbing of the flow, which destabilizes the whole thing, and burns other people out. Not being able to maintain a healthy focus and to work within the existing limitations. Wasting the energy of everyone involved with one's distractions and unrealistic pace. More, faster, quicker, but failing to maintain the essential focus and drive. Or vice versa, this can be about letting the wrong people in who burn us out because we are overly focused on harmony and do not set healthy boundaries.

The most difficult lesson of this Pluto retrograde is the martian lesson:
It can bring a lot of friction that presses us to accept extremes which before we might have rather avoided and run from, or acted on immediately in unproductive ways. I'm not saying go bungee jumping, these can be the extremes of everyday life, such as the constant moving of the emotional wave [1] [2]. The retrograde can face us with a productive growth challenge of accepting our emotions instead of pushing them away or acting them out and making a mess – accepting the good and the ugly emotions. It can be a challenge to accept other people's emotions, and to accept that half the world is emotionally defined, that emotions are everywhere, and that maybe we can't avoid to experience extreme states of conflict, or should not run from emotional people or from our own emotions, but instead sense what is going on and adapt to the situation. What we might need to do in extreme emotional upset, is to take alone time. Even before we get to any extreme, it is always good to take alone time when we feel that it is necessary and that we need a break. That also makes the emotional states that we produce less extreme and it makes the bottom end more bearbale, because we are generally more balanced.

Viktor Vasnetsov Sirin Alkonost - Birds of Joy and Sorrow

Mars in gate in waxing quincunx to Pluto can generally throw in difficulties with manifesting what we want, or difficulties with manifesting things at the pace that we want, no matter how much we pray for it, especially when we are disturbing the flow and somehow sabotaging ourself. Some things can not be speeded up. Not only does it bring the need or the drive to accept a slow pace, but it can also bring a very challenging lesson of overcoming immature ego-distortion, hatred, and cynicism that emerged out of being disappointed by others, and that emerged out of delusions or illusions falling apart.
The raging against fate might burn away our expectations, and it might burn away old baggage and things that we were carrying around that kept us from being fully immersed in life and in all its extremes. Old baggage that let us float on the surface instead of allowing us to experience the full depth of life, or that let us disturb and sabotage the flow once we perceived something as too challenging and too extreme. This can bring a forced deep dive into extremes that before we didn't want to experience, even if that might have been in some way necessary. It might burn away things that we thought we were, but that ultimately wasn't, and that was just stuck trauma and conditioning.
That being said though, collectively this also brings the theme of extremism and human hatred emerging from the incapability of dealing with limitations. For example, this can be about working on erasing the discrimination of handicapped people.

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Mastering the challenge:

Being able to grow from experiencing extreme limitations. Acceptance of limitations, adapting to limitations, and focusing on one task after the other. Reasoned management of resources and working intelligently and efficiently with existing limitations. Learning from experience to be less gullible, and not investing into weak relationships. Finding acceptance of failed collaboration and the possible need to go at it alone (if practicable), despite yearning for progress or burning over what hasn't worked out. Setting good boundaries. Growing through experiencing and accepting extreme states of being. Accepting emotions and being able to sit through extreme emotional swings. Taking alone time to process our emotions, rather than pushing them aside and going on as usual. Letting other people know when we take time out for ourself, or when we must focus on our projects, rather than just disappearing on them.

This is about accepting a situation that can't be changed, or accepting a situation that can't move ahead in the pace that we want it to, but it also is about accepting that life is deep and colorful, that it swings to the high side and to rock bottom. Specifically, this is about not running from the spectrum of the solar plexus and the emotional wave, which is one of the most healthy extremes that there is in life. This can be about being really challenged to accept extreme emotional states. The good thing is that life leads the way, and even if the state that we are currently experiencing does not feel good, it serves a purpose. The bottom end always feels horrible, but the lessons we learn from it are invaluable. Specifically for people with emotional authority, emotional clarity only comes through experiencing all emotions. Otherwise, life will stay a mess.

The thing with any limitation is that we can't transcend it as long as we don't accept it. Only when we accept it for what it is, we can work with it in the best way possible, which ultimately leads us out of the old limitation... into a new one! And yet, we have gone higher and leveled up a level. Or we have come one huge step further on our path through life. When before we were dealing with the limitations of level 2, we will master them at some point, and face the limitations of level 3. That's still limitations, but it also means that we have outgrown and mastered those limitations of level 2. When now we are waiting on emotional clarity to buy a house, the limitation is to wait it out. The limitation on the next level, after having bought the house, will be to do the administrative and maintenance work, and maybe to renovate what needs to be renovated. It never ends, it only goes to another level, but what matters is that we like the house and that overall we are happy to have it.
If we don't accept the limitation for what it is, but deny it, try to circumvent what can't be circumvented, or waste our restless energy onto escapist activities, then we can't productively work with what we have been given, and we will never maximize the potential of it. In other words, we will never get beyond the first level.

Here it already starts with the distractions:

Diversifying one's assets in thought through ways, finding one's voice, or being able to contribute different viewpoints – or blurping things out without thinking and expressing every idea that comes to mind, but that often has no actual value for the collective or for the projects and people that we deal with.

    30 April 2021 2:26 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) sextile Neptune in (Pisces)
    30 April 2021 19:53 UTC: Sun conjunct Uranus in (Taurus)
Henry Stacy Marks - A Select Committee

This might happen in an attempt to help and to solve a problem, but in the end it might just be conditioning that others have to reject, or that leads them to be annoyed with us.
On the receiving end of ideas, thoughts, or propaganda, this can bring a very outspoken and direct “no” without getting stuck in drama and blame, and simply retreating into aloneness and into the company of our own mind, in the hopes that it's better and more enriching there.

It's best to think things through before we speak, also in order to make sure that we are not just repeating someone else's false concepts with a megaphone, without having tried or questioned them first. Does our knowing come from our experience? Then it's always right in that sense, but it is very helpful to let people know that this is our individual experience, and that for other people things might play out differently. Our experience is our experience, and no matter how interesting or helpful it has been to us, it will not necessarily be the same for everyone else, because everyone treads a different path. And that's alright, it's a reason to celebrate diversity. Somewhere, there is always someone who will resonate, and then there are many who won't.

So in regard to the difficulties that come with this, here it starts already, and we will be dealing with this kind of energy up into 2022. I actually thought conspiracy theories might tether out as Pluto leaves gate 61, but now I am not so sure. Maybe it's just getting more extreme. After all, we will see the effect only after Pluto has left gate 61 for good.
Maybe it won't bring conspiracy theories either, maybe it will just bring a lot of suggestions that are utterly impractical and not applicable because people aren't necessarily talking from their own experience. Now in times of the internet everyone and their mum can share their opinions with the world, even if they have not been doing the research to solidify their opinion, to back it up, and to gain real understanding on it. For example, hypothetically I could start to share ideas and suggestions about pension plans and stock investments, which I know nothing about, but I have a computer connected to the internet, and I have an opinion, and Youtube exists, and that's all I need, right? Dare to challenge me on that. I'm certainly looking forward to whatever this kind of energy will bring with curiosity more than anything else. For late 2021 and 2022, I'd bet on diversification and all sort of investment modalities that speak to people's greed. It's heating up! If you want to induce changes not just on a small scale affecting a few, but on a larger scale, you either need to speak to people's fear (works) or to people's greed (works even better). Otherwise, you won't get enough people interested and engaged, because people are people, and as humanity we have not evolved past that. Soon will come the greed to the mix.

Understanding and accepting superficial intimacy without substance and expression without collective value as a limitation that just is. Alternatively: Accepting when we might have been deceived and manipulated, admitting past mistakes, and restraining ourself from taking an opportunity that doesn't do it. Being able to let go once the lesson has been learned, and valuing the progress that the lesson brought.

    2 May 2021 9:18 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)
    2 May 2021 22:38 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) sextile Neptune in (Pisces)
    3 May 2021 9:33 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) square Jupiter in▲ (Aquarius)
    3 May 2021 10:01 UTC: Sun in▽ (Taurus) square Saturn in (Aquarius)

Where before we might have ignored our intuition and went for something against better knowing, although it might have been unhealthy and disharmonious, now we might have understood that this will not work, and we might hold back our energy, let the wrong opportunity slide, and accept such forced inaction as an opportunity to redefine where we are going and how.

This week, the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan will start, which is a pretaste for the upcoming eclipse and the 2nd half of this year. “There must be a better way to use our power than to constantly have to deal with this trouble, so bye.”
As far as I know, the withdrawal of the troops starts with the underlying Earth in 33.6, underlying Sun in 19.6▲, transiting Earth in 44.4, transiting Sun conjunct Uranus in 24.4, fully open G. Transiting Mercury in 8.1▽. So much withdrawal energy!

The next solar week will be about being receptive to our own inner guidance and to the signs on our path. It is about steering the wheel into the right direction through what we create and through self-expression. It starts the yearly quarter of civilization and manifestation.


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