This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Briton Riviere - To the Hills

The previous solar week brought the possibility of sudden changes, and the slow emergence of a new order through finding the right values and standards, and refining our mental approach.

This solar week is about evaluating the way we care and what we care for. It brings a full moon of regeneration, recalibration, and the big treasure hunt beyond fear. The lunar nodes shift gates and will bring new evolutionary thematics for the coming 4 months.

21 April 2021 21:44 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 27 ䷚ (Taurus) – active channels of the moment: the channel of rhythm (▲ South Node-▽ Mars)

Breaking out of old standards and relationship patterns, especially when people unexpectedly return, and finding into a more free and liberated way of relating.

    23 April 2021 1:01 UTC: Venus conjunct Uranus in▲ (Taurus)
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Not letting ourself be pulled back into unhealthy patterns. Overcoming irrational delusion, stopping to nurture those people who hampered liberation and who disrupted our peace. Rejecting relationships that were not mutual beneficial, that held us back and kept us small, or that even pulled us (back) into addictions – no matter how hard it might be to accept, and how hard we might yearn for something or someone.

This can bring the breaking with old standards and new unconventional ways of relating. This does not necessarily mean friends with benefits or one night stands over marriage, and “unconventional” does not mean cheating over loyalty as that's rather the unspoken convention that humanity has lived by for a long time. It's rather the other way around: the relationship format is not predefined, it will be what two (or more) people chose freely based on the nature of their actual connection to each other. It is authentic relating, which means that regardless of the relationship format that is being chosen, there is loyalty to honoring the spirit of the other person, and there is transparency rather than cheating and dishonesty and all the other dirty stuff that people have gotten by with for centuries and made up all kind of excuses for. This is about being in relationships as ourself and no longer making excuses. First and foremost, this is about overcoming the old conditional ways of relating that were based on tradition and codependency and that we were justifying because that's just “how it is”. It is about finding into a way of relating that is free and leaves the other person all the space to develop, and thus maybe having even greater loyalty (actual loyalty because it is freely given) than in relationships where we felt forced to follow the societal standards, where we did not voice our actual needs and desires, and where we thus broke the standards secretly when they were too suffocating, instead of breaking them openly and honestly.

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This transit also brings the recognition that certain people are not what we are looking for, either due to a general difference in the value system, or because they don't respect us in their actions. It can bring the sudden recognition of “this is not enough”, “I deserve better than that”. I don't deserve that my boundaries are violated, I deserve that they are respected. I deserve a better way of relating, and I deserve to be surrounded by people who are mature instead of encroaching, and who respect my boundaries without me repeatedly having to enforce them and warn them. I deserve people who understand healthy boundaries. I deserve people who do not try to make me feel wrong for having good boundaries in the first place (trying to lower my boundaries, or trying to profit from my possible lack of boundaries). I deserve transparency and honesty. I deserve that I am less gullible and more cautious toward other people and stop getting myself into all this trouble that keeps me stuck and feeling rejected or having to reject. I owe that to myself. I'm grateful to have recognized that, because that empowers me to actually do it that way in the future.

By the way, if you are learning this lesson on boundaries now, it does not mean you are at a loss, even in the case where you might feel that way because for the last decade you had been too lenient and let other people overstep your boundaries. If you are learning this lesson now, it means that you are still very early to the party and that thus you will be very well-prepared for the coming age because you are learning the lesson now, and not just when we have already entered into the new age where senseless power struggles will be the daily bread and butter for enough people to take it seriously. There still is one cycle of cellular renewal to come to embody it and to come to embody the healthy frequency of the coming age. No regrets.
If you have your Chiron return now, this might be a difficult time ahead, but by the end of it you will be prepared and take no more shit. You will be embodied power for the common good, and when the final chaos hits, you will be empowered to be of service to the right thing, to the right people, and to the right causes, to get yourself and them through all of it.

The lunar nodes move from gates 5 and 35 into gates 9 and 16.

Before I get to these coming months, though, I want to add a few thoughts on the previous 5-35 and on the 35.1-north node that we just left. I do not find my previous post on the nodes in gate 5 and 35, I think I might have forgotten to write something on it. It's no wonder, because these were really busy and overwhelming times for me, but I want to make a few remarks in regard to it.

Gate 35 is the gate of progress. At the other end of this channel is gate 36, which is the gate of crisis. First comes the crisis, then comes the change and the progress. As I already mentioned inside or in relation to the 2021 forecast, COVID-19 emerged under the influence of the 36.5 (collective crisis). Then, in summer 2020, there was an eclipse in the 35.5 opening a door of collective progress. For the last months, we were dealing with this thematic of progress again. The north node transited gate 35, and we were moving toward progress (even if it might not have looked as we thought, and if it might not have fulfilled our expectations, progress is still progress).
From today on, we will be dealing with logical and potentially pretty rational gates (9 and 16), but nonetheless they still come with the theme of possible disappointment and rejecting misleading enthusiasm. This is the potential to digest the experience mentally, but it also is the possibility to put things into a greater perspective and to understand this thing about expectations, and that any experience on the way through life will never unfold out as we think it will. The experiential way does not bring what we want it to bring, but it teaches us the lessons that we need to learn, so that we then can put them to good use and create a better life for ourself. But first comes the lesson, and it might not necessarily be pleasant, only after or through the lesson do we develop the new skill set that we will need on our path.

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For me, this played out as learning a new skill set and developing new skills from December on in order to save my butt. It was a real challenge and at first felt like an obstacle to manifestation, but I might have needed to learn this before Pluto left gate 61 and removed the natural sudden access to higher insights and hidden truth. Around 7 years ago (one cellular cycle), I must have first been introduced to psychedelics and to that other realm behind the veil, and now with the south node having had transited my natal Saturn, it unlocked a new level of understanding of the maya, and I feel as if both is connected.
But the amount of gas fees and manifestation fuel that I paid were unreal, it was a real challenge. And now I don't know yet if and how anything else will result from it, and whether I and my manifestation will benefit from this understanding in the long run, or whether I am delusional. I will just have to wait and see.
So now, it's just about continuing to do the work, and then wait and see without any expectations. Maybe some of you can relate to that.

Other thoughts on rejection and exclusion, which for the last weeks has been a very present theme

These nodes can bring painful emotions when we truly loved someone who didn't love us the same. That's not to be denied. But in the first place, the current evolutionary challenge has not been about emotions and actual love, but about self-worth, which has nothing to do with loving someone else, but it has everything to do with ourself and our relationship to ourself.

There are those situations where people reject us for nonsense. When 10 people say that we are too thin, it does not mean that we really are to thin. It just means that that's their opinion, and sometimes it doesn't even mean that it's their actual opinion. Sometimes it means they are just having a bad day, feeling bad about anything you would put in front of them, pushing their bad mood onto others.
Someone out there will like us thin and instead will not like heavy people, but the difficulty is that we might struggle to recognize the honesty in that person and think that they lie to us and just compliment us to sooth us, because we are so used to hearing negative stuff that we don't believe the good stuff when it's coming. In times like this, it can be vital to keep in mind that it is just people's opinion. Their opinions do not have to form a negative pattern in us that then sabotages us later.
Everyone you ask will have a different opinion, and if you try to change your body to less thin, then you will end up having to deal with people who will be saying you have too many muscles, or you are too fat or too whatever. There is always someone who doesn't like it, and there are always many people who have a dramatically different perspective than we do. If people complain either way, why not just do us and be ourself without compromise?
Also, where are we allowing people to run over us, and where do we put up with too much negativity that sabotages us?

Briton Riviere - In Manus Tuas Domine

There are those situations, where we might not be living the best version of ourself. These are situations where we have not behaved and acted in a high vibe, possibly we might have crossed other people's boundaries. These are situations where we have inner work to do. As I wrote in a previous report, that's not a problem, it's an invitation to rid ourself of some of the baggage that neither serves us on our future path, nor is it true to who we are. Such a kind of rejection is an invitation to become a better version of ourself, to level up, and to rise in vibration, so that the life that we attract also is of better quality.
Thank you for the lesson – and then, bye. Once we learned what we needed to learn, and once we changed what we needed to change, the lesson is allowed to leave.

There also are those situations where it is simply a mismatch, and where we have to accept that other people tread a different path than we do, align to different things than we do, and have a different life purpose than we do.
If other people reject us or an idea or plan of ours, does it even matter? There will always be someone who does not agree, simply because they look into such a different direction. Both of these approaches can be correct, one is correct for us, the other is correct for them, and both of it can be true.

I also pondered how these nodes bring us introspection on the expectation of what makes us feel good and what doesn't. What makes us feel good about others? What makes others feel good about us? And what doesn't? It also brings an introspection on the expectations that we might have, and in addition, Uranus brings overcoming irrationality. As an extreme example: if we are going for Mick Jagger, it's no wonder when we receive rejection and don't get through. That's just natural and should not lead to a loss of self-worth. We have expectations or even just standards and values. Others certainly have expectations, or simply standards and values, as well. Most of the time when something doesn't work, it's a simple mismatch, but other times we might also have unrealistic expectations without meeting them ourself. That does not mean that we are not worthy, it simply shows us where we might have work to do because we do not meet our own standards and our best potential where someone else might (and that makes them attractive as an evolutionary law). And yet we might try to go for the kind of person who would be attracted to that best potential that we are not yet embodying, and we might reject the person who is embodying their potential less than we do. Sometimes, rejection might simply point us to potential that we have, but that we are not using. In that case, if we used it and embodied it, maybe we would not even be craving for it to come through someone else from the outside, and the rejection would actually be alright because we knew we already have what we want and need within us. Also, sometimes what we might want might not even be good for us.

If we desire to be with someone like young Mick Jagger, who already always has his character on display for everyone to see what life with him can be and what it can't be, so it's not a question of sniffing him out, it's just a question of being realistic in terms of life-style and in terms of competition. So in the case of a Mick Jagger character, we would have to let him all his freedom he needs to do whatever he wants, and we can't be trying to convince him into staying with one thing, trying to convince him not to change and instead to have some consistency, including his relationships, and if we were one of the people chasing him after a concert, he probably would hardly pay any attention to us and try to get the hell out. If we lived with him, it would be very difficult if we were someone who was obsessed with cleaning, or if we were very fixed on something like bio-hacking and tracking (eek, it's healthy and it's a routine). Young Mick Jagger in private would drive very orderly people nuts, and vice versa. We might still love to watch him on TV and get carried away with his music, though. If we really do the introspection, are we someone who would be enjoying to be lured along drugged, making music all night, and getting lost? If not, then we probably would not be a fit for young Mick Jagger, and he would not be a fit for us, and rejection would have been a protection. Many of these girls chasing him through town after a concert might not have thought this through, and simply enjoyed their temporary frenzy.

If we are the average citizen and desire to marry a millionaire, a) that's statistically more unlikely to happen because percentage-wise there aren't that many millionaires so you won't just meet one on the streets, and b) the millionaire might not want to be a sugar mama or daddy and marry a gold digger that desires not to marry the person they love and feel a deep connection to, but that specifically desires to marry a millionaire not for who they are, but for the first reason being that they have lots of money c) the millionaire will have certain standards as well that can't simply be bought with their own money, be it as simple as etiquette, or fucking good taste and elegance, or someone who pushes them to grow and evolve, or someone who is free of any place-bound duties to travel with them, or someone who invests in themselves as much as they do, or whatever else. When we don't match those standards, whatever they might be, we can wish for the millionaire all day long, it's not going to happen because we want much more than we ourself bring to the table, and we do not match our own standards. We are not just going to skip 100 levels in the game without moving a finger and doing the inner work or outer work. Even in playing Pac-Man, we have to move a few fingers to get to the next level.

If we want someone who is super healthy, who cares about their body and about getting the best of their good genes a lot, but we ourself struggle with some illness and maybe even refuse to take care of it, we eat garbage food, and we don't want to do simple detox, summed up: we do not have the ambition to become healthy and fit. Is it then realistic to want someone who is healthy and fit? Is it realistic to expect them to want us, if we ourself would reject them when they were not healthy and fit?
In regard to the current transits: A health nut will also not be looking for a junkie.

If someone is restless and impatient and always creates stress that throws us off balance, they might not be what the person is looking for who is at peace and just patiently and calmly moving along bit by bit. Vice versa, the other person might feel bored by such a person.

If someone wants a traditional family, they might not be what someone is looking for who does not want children and who wants to maintain a certain level of independence and freedom. Vice versa, the person who wants a traditional family will not be looking for someone who does not want children.

If someone likes natural in oneself and others and wants to grow all their body hair and be wild, it's going to create rejection from someone who likes trimmed and artificial forms and styling themselves every day – and vice versa.

Someone who likes the thrill of free climbing dangerous places is likely not a good match with someone who is easily afraid and panicky, and who will spend days and weeks in panic-mode and fright-mode when the adventurous person goes on a climbing tour. It's just not going to work. Like attracts like not necessarily in terms of design, but in terms of nature.

Someone who is ambitious and loves their work will likely not be a match to someone who likes to hang on the couch watching sitcoms and smoking weed in all their free time. The ambitious person will feel held back and sabotaged in their potential by the stoner-frequency, and the sitcom person will feel neglected as a side dish in their relationship and will feel as if the ambitious person can't enjoy life (even though they enjoy what they do) because the ambitious person works so much. When the manager and the hippie who both live in their truth randomly meet on a train and have a great conversation, it might be a fucking good conversation and interesting exchange and experience or a fling full of chemistry or even great sex, or whatnot, but it might not necessarily lead to anything more. It is unlikely that the manager is willing to move to Spain with the hippie to buy a 1-euro-house, invest their savings into renovating it, and build a weed farm. The hippie will not be interested in living in a modern penthouse and might feel very constrained and bored by that.
We can be angry about that, or we can just accept that and let it go.

Do we have the humility to recognize that we are not the ultimate be all end all that others are obliged to say yes to?
Do we have the humility to say “yes, that couch potato is me, and that's alright, it is simply my journey and I prefer the cozy couch over the strenuous body work” even if the athlete I wanted to date does not want to date me? Or have we been bullshitting ourself about what we actually can become for ourself and want for ourself, and have we postponed becoming the person that we ourself would date? This also applies to internal values and character traits: Do we live far below our potential and avoid doing the inner work? Or do we have the humility to accept that we are what we are and that that is correct for us and will repulse certain people, but will also attract others if we are open to embrace them and don't fish in a pond that has nothing to do with us and with who we are? Can we see that we better not fish in the shark pool if we are a gold fish, or that maybe there is nothing to fish for at all?

By the way, many fitness people love someone who is a couch potato, and many ambitious people love someone who is less ambitious and makes them a comfortable home to return to. I'm not excluding all these possibilities that are a reality for many. I'm just trying to illustrate that we can't expect from others what we do not have or do not give ourself. And then there can be two people where everyone thinks they are an incredible good catch and who are sought after, but they do not find any interest in each other and are absolutely unbothered. Love is not simple math and such a simple formula. But the point I'm trying to make is: We can't and shouldn't control others, but we can control ourself. If we want high standards, are we also providing high standards, and are we looking for the kinds of standards in others that can work well with our own standards? Are we embodying our standards (not someone else's standards), or are we deluding ourself and others, and then ending up disappointing both sides?
Thank you for the lesson – then let it go.

New nodal gates for the coming months

The last two weeks might have brought some amount of introspection on what makes us feel good.
Now though, we are entering months of misguided enthusiasm and gullibility. Honest and transparent people do not work well with dishonest people. Realistic people do not work well with absolutely unrealistic people. And this in itself can create rejection. If we join with the wrong people, this might turn out to be very disappointing, and it might lead to being weakened and depleted by them. So it will be essential to honor what kind of alliance WE need, and who we need (not) to team up with.
Dependent on the quality of that choice, we can end up being either depleted, of we can end of being self-sufficient and sharing only what we have left to give. The focus with this is on what WE need, and where we need to be self-sufficient.
Thank you for the lesson – then let it go.

Rejection and exclusion has been a thing right now, but it also can sometimes be an indicator where we have been rejecting ourself and our own needs, and putting too much focus on other people's happiness and needs.
Thank you for the lesson – then let it go and practice better self-care.

Another thought: My friend wrote me that 9 women had been murdered by their husband/boyfriend in her province over the last few weeks, which is more than usual. Murder or generally violence out of jealousy has been a thing and will be a thing this year. For the last weeks, this was coupled with the inability to accept rejection and with ego-distortion. Now, the susceptibility to false propaganda is added to that.
For example, this is the typical case where a man hears rumors of his girlfriend cheating on him, he gets so mad that he can't control himself anymore and beats her to death, and then it turns out that she didn't even cheat on him, but that she was loyal.
Even if you do not have violent or angry tendencies and do not easily get upset – do not believe everything that you hear, especially not in the coming months.

Edward Okun - The War and us

The Nodes move gates and will be in gates 9 and 16 for the coming 4 months: Deluded distraction and becoming more realistic through being hoodwinked, being depleted by the unexpected, burning ourself, and being burned, and then finding lasting enthusiasm for what truly matters. Or being cautions and self-sufficient to begin with.

    23 April 2021 10:45 UTC: Nodes shift from 5-35 into 9-16 during a stellium of Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in gate 24

Half of the time, from now until the last days of June, the nodes will be in the 6th line. That means they will spend slightly over 2 months in line 9.6 and 16.6. For these coming two months, we might face disappointments, individually or collectively. The coming time faces us with a challenge of discernment. It will be a challenging lesson in discerning propaganda and misleading enthusiasm from actual truth. In the worst case, we might get hoodwinked by those who are skilled at persuasion, and we might end up making a pact with the wrong forces and with people who then end up depleting us instead of bringing us into greater self-sufficiency and independence.
Do I really need this? Will be an important question to ask in the coming months. We do not need to rush into a decision, it's best to take our time to observe a situation with some distance before we decide, or to get 2nd opinions from other sources if something feels off.

Despite possible disappointments, for these coming two months, we can find gratitude for the small steps on the road, even though we are not at our destination yet. As a reminder, it might take us a while to get to our destination and manifestation might be slow with Pluto in gate 60. A few weeks ago, there were other major aspects like Mars conjunct the north node that brought slow but steady manifestation through the long road, not through shortcuts.
Even the most challenging and painful lessons might have brought us something of value. They might have brought us a piece of the puzzle that we are now putting together. Each lesson might have taught us one thing that now is part of our skill set and that we can now put to use on our path through life. Through having appreciation for the lessons that we already have learned (even if challenging and painful), and through being thankful and grateful for the long way that we have already come and the many milestones in life that we have already crossed successfully, we can overcome disappointments and find renewed enthusiasm for life and for the right social structures, while simultaneously we are cautious about people's claims and don't blindly take risks head over heel. We do not blindly spend our energy in all the wrong places, but we take our time to recognize what makes sense to do and what we really need in order to succeed.
That's the journey of the coming two months.

Problematic: Deluded distraction. Not trusting ourself, and joining force with people we do not feel called by and who do not feel right to us. Previous trauma or just plain simple confusion might make us susceptible to tricksters and to being taken advantage of. These can be people with good intentions and simply don't know any better, but these can also be people who want to attach themself to someone that they can profit from and leech off. Others might notice our confusion and try to tell us that they know an answer or a solution and influence us according to what they want or what they think is best, but not according to what is actually best for us.
In an attempt to make money, or in an attempt to get the ex back, it can be tempting to spend a lot of money on the wrong business consultants and fortune-tellers who sell us exactly what we want to hear, or who simply sell us useless information that will not prove to be valuable. Later, we might need this money, and we might notice that we would have been better off to invest only a little into what was really helpful to learn as a basic skill, and to save the rest of the money and time for investing it into building or expanding our actual business (not in the consultation). Trial and error. If we want to learn a new skill, we might be best advised to start watching free videos on Youtube or to read articles about our new interest in order to get a diverse perspective and detailed information from many different kinds of people, before we chose someone to invest in and to buy a course or a product from. Getting a basic level of education on a topic can help us to better discern what's valuable and what's not valuable as an advanced investment. If we are just randomly buying the first thing that is being advertised to us, without knowing anything on the subject yet, we do not have the basic orientation to judge if we made a good purchase and investment, or if we did not. We might just ending buying something from someone who claimed to have skills that they then did not have, or we might end up joining forces with someone who claimed to have skills and provide services that they did not have and could not properly provide.
Mostly, this is about being sold something that does not work, and wasting one's time on that, either without noticing that it lacks the quality that we need, or being too giving and tolerant in general. This can be a faulty product that is cheap (cheap in structure, even though it might be expensive) and that does not work properly. This could be a person offering their service, so we join with them, but then they end up being a burden depleting us. Maybe they are the one's not doing what they claimed they could do, and instead spend their day browsing social media and meeting friends at the expense of getting anything done.
Being tolerant is a great strength, but it does not mean that we need to tolerate something to be in our immediate environment. We can also just tolerate that is exists, but that its purpose it not in alignment with ours.
This can also bring huge disappointment in the relationship department, great confusion over what just happened, and yearning for something that we might have been excluded from. Ultimately, this too is a chance to find greater self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and to recognize that we can only give to others what we have as an extra resource.
A possible culprit to avoid will be the wasting of energy on things that do not matter in the first place, instead of investing it into the projects that we are passionate about.

Productive: On the other hand though, it could also happen that we team up with someone for a project or sale, which then successfully leads us into self-sufficiency, and into being able to nourish ourself and possible also others. I don't want to be too overenthusiastic, but it is always a possibility, especially if we are already coming from a place of independence and going at our material path alone, and if we know how to keep things separate and protected. This is the kind of energy where two independent designers create a collection together, or where two independent businesses that compliment each other join forces, or one gets hired by the other one to do a job. This likely won't just happen with the next best person though, and it might take time to be able to discern if someone is for us, or if not. Again, do we really need this?
It's the survival of the fittest, which also means the survival of those who can discern what works from what does not work, so that they don't waste their resources and time on things that unexpectedly find them and turn out to be a drain.

Maybe taking an opportunity that can lead to greater harmony, but mostly missing an opportunity that will be a strain and separating from it because WE need it. Others might need the harmony, as well, be it the correct-for-us people or those who are not – for all sides it might be best to rather wait for the thing that's worth waiting for because it can be more harmonious and lead to greater beauty, rather than to get involved in something that leads to atrophy.

    24 April 2021 6:41 UTC: Mercury conjunct Uranus in▲ (Taurus)
    25 April 2021 4:21 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) square Saturn in (Aquarius)
    25 April 2021 11:57 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) square Saturn in (Aquarius)
    25 April 2021 22:19 UTC: Mercury conjunct Venus in▲ (Taurus)

Full Moon of the big treasure hunt beyond fear. A call to individual purpose and rising from the ashes. Renewal, recalibration, and healthy alignment. Resisting inferior influences, enforcing good boundaries, and separating from what's not meaningful.

    27 April 2021 3:31 UTC: Full Moon in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in (3° 22'-angle) and Venus in & Mercury in▲ (8-10°-angle)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in▲▽ (Taurus)
Edmund Dulac - The Sleeve of Night, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

The underlying energy is to be called to service and to align with powerful people, or to even be called to the mystic way and to align with powerful forces beyond our tangible reality.

Whatever we do or express might attract attention, also unwanted jealousy, but we rise beyond fear and follow the call for it. The only thing that matters is that it is authentic, that it is us, that it is our life that we live. What's the thing that you would be willing to die for? That's likely to be your life purpose, or have to do with it.
On the other side, we might be a verbal gun slinger who can't be discrete and tolerant toward others and who wreaks the existing harmony in our relationships. Just because we found our individual path, it does not mean that we have to convince everyone to join us, and it also does not mean that we have to be intolerant toward their path. They can do whatever they want with their life, in the same way in which we can do whatever we want with our life. They carry the consequences for whatever they do, we carry the consequences for whatever we do. Why would we try to get everyone else on track (on a track that might be theirs or that might not be), and then forget to take care about our own garden. It makes the most sense to focus on making our own path purposeful in the first place, and to walk ahead as a good example of truly individual embodiment of purpose.

This full moon encourages finding tolerance for others, and accepting diversity, and yet to stand tall in out individuality. We can only stand in our individuality without being threatened in it, if the world consists of individuals who tolerate each other's individuality. If we want to be accepted as individuals, we need to accept others as individuals. If we want to walk outside the box, we must accept others who walk outside the box and recognize the potential for inspiration and enrichment that it brings to be different.
This full moon is about accepting that other people walk a different path and align to a different path.
It is about finding tolerance, but not at our expense. We want the best for everyone, but not at our expense, and ultimately we ourself can not care for the world, we can only care for what truly calls us and what we feel is so important to care for and to nurture.
Some people might overcome the sin of omission not to care for others, and to just care about themselves at other people's expense. Other people might overcome the irrational urge to care for everyone else at there at their own detriment. If they don't, they might feel hopeless out of a failure to set healthy boundaries and to restrict the people who cared for themselves only. This is about stepping into the embodiment of healthy care (healthy balance of care), through recognizing what's worth it. Also through recognizing what's worth to die for. If it's worth to die for, it surely will be worth to care for.
In the beginning of this moon cycle there was the issue of having other people distract us from what we identified with and from what felt correct for us to do or to finish. Now, this is about resisting the distraction and truly seeing what's worth it for ourself first, seeing what feels purposeful to us individually, and what's thus worth fighting for.

The next solar week will be about rationalization and finding inner renewal through taking the healthy road and the path of survival. Pluto will go retrograde and transform restlessness and inacceptance into acceptance.


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