This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Andrei Ryabushkin - Tea Party

The previous solar week was about inner growth and maturation, the closing of cycles, finishing things in order to make room for what's to come next, and temporarily increasing our effort or workload if something that has potential demanded us to do so.

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This solar week brings the possibility of sudden changes, and it continues to bring the slow emergence of a new order through finding the right values and standards, and refining our mental approach.

16 April 2021 3:34 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 3 ䷂ (Aries) – active channels of the moment: the channel of mutation (▲ Pluto-▲▽ Venus& Sun) & channel of openness (▽ Neptune- Mars)

Accepting temporary confusion, and being patient with synthesizing knowledge, with refining ourself and our value system, with coming to a new understanding on things, or with generally finding our way into a new life chapter or into a new way of living.

    16 April 2021 13:26 UTC: Sun in (Aries) square Pluto in (Capricorn)

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If we are not overly accomodating to the point of conflict-avoidant, and if we do not avoid to be outspoken (in a level-headed way), then today's energy can bring growth through mediation and through mature pragmatic communication. It can also bring falling onto deaf ears (possibly if we are so focused on maintaining harmony that other people just shrugg off our justified concerns), being ghosted, and being given the silence treatment. It can also be a mix: communicating, but not feeling heard, or not feeling like getting to a good place for us individually despite good communication.
When we are excluded and rejected, when we do not feel heard, or when others have or get what we wanted to have, there can be envy, aggression, and a huge emotional upset with having to make a sacrifice and feeling like losing out and always getting the short end of the stick. There can be an upset with fate for all the obstacles and blockages, even if we are aware that this particular thing that we missed out on might not have been healthy and sustainable for us anyway. Other times, it might feel deeply personal. It can be a forced growth spurt that might ask us to look at ourself with more distance and less identification: to see that other people might not reject us because we are not worthy as a human being, but often simply because it is a mismatch in energy and compatibility, because they need to protect themself and their boundaries against what is not correct for them for a myriad of possible reasons (sometimes intrusion, but often just a plain mismatch), or because there are things that we need to learn on our journey before we are equipped and prepared enough to successfully handle the experience that we wanted to get to. Sometimes if we just got what we wanted right now, it would not work and result in a crash (or has resulted in a crash) because we are not yet equipped for it, and we need to learn a few more things in life that then help us to truly make things work and to actually be successful. Sometimes, the rejection might be an invitation to see where we can grow and improve ourself, but to not take it personal that something is or might have been out of alignment within us. Now we know what we do not want to do again - that's great.
Being corrected in one's identification was last week's full moon, so I'm just babbling after the transits and acting them out, but it is true that over-identification with oneself easily leads to imbalance in the heart center and imbalance around ego-themes and self-worth. This moon cycle can bring a call for ego-death, resulting in deep transformation, inner renewal, and rebirth. I see myself as a dressing puppet, like an avatar in the Sims game, and it makes things so much more easy, also in terms of triggering the reward mechanisms that keep one addicted to the video game and that can keep one being occupied with leveling up for hours. Just to clarify: In this case, life is the video game, I haven't played video games for years. Personally, I think it's much more rewarding to rise to the next level of mastering the maya, rather than rising to the next level of Sims. Anyhow, seeing oneself as a dressing puppet does not make things easier on an emotional level, and not when it comes to questions of workload and burnout, but it makes things very easy when it comes to ego battles and taking nothing personal.
This moon cycle can also bring a call to find our self-worth. If we find someone really attractive, but they are not feeling attracted to us, why would we run after them? Don't we want something that is mutual? If we are loyal and committed to someone, but they can't find a place of loyalty and committment toward us, not just because they are riding their emotional wave and don't know yet, but just because they are simply not that committed to us and not that into us, then why would we want to be in such a relationship? Don't we deserve better?
What other kind of an opportunity can this be, despite the pain that it triggers? Besides looking into the reasons for why we might take rejection as a personal thing, and looking into why we are identified with ourself in the first place, it can be a wake-up-call to care for ourself first, to grow into deeper self-sufficiency, and to make sure that we are our own best ally first. This is an ally that will never leave, no matter the circumstances. In case we might have had any habits of justifying to neglect our own self-care and making excuses for putting other people's well-being before our own well-being or even at our own expense, this can be an invitation to overcome such thinking habits and to triumph over irrationality. Were did we give up or neglect control that was naturally ours? Where did we just let our energy, time, and resources float around absolutely uncontrolled everywhere and nowhere, when instead we could have invested into ourself to achieve greater freedom and liberation. Yes, so far we might have gotten through life doing this. But how well did we get through life doing this? How well did it really work?
This moon cycle can also bring strong inner transformation in regard to caring and setting good boundaries.

Edwin Austin Abbey - King Lear Act I Scene I

Pragmatic communication and preparing for future interaction or endeavors. Weakness in upholding our values and being talked into letting other people deplete us – or a wild and determined “no”, yet pragmatic nurturing of the right causes and people.

    17 April 2021 5:13 UTC: Mars in (Gemini) trine Jupiter in (Aquarius)
    17 April 2021 15:59 UTC: Mercury in (Aries) sextile Jupiter in (Aquarius)
    17 April 2021 19:09 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Aries) sextile Mars in▽ (Gemini)
    17 April 2021 21:49 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Aries) square Pluto in▽ (Capricorn)

A side note on "pragmatic communication" though, it is not your duty to let yourself be depleted by futile drama and endless discussions that keeps you stuck on a low frequency and in being depleted. If you want to preserve your time for other things and if thus it's not worth your time, it's not worth your time. I think we will agree that if this is a situation with someone who has been in your life for longer and who you have been close to, it is good to inform them, so that the karmic lesson is not left open and that they get a chance to know what went wrong and to change their ways in case they are open to. That's just fair, and in most cases people deserve to know what's up. In other cases, informing might endanger you, and if you must assume that they might point a knife to your throat if you tell them the truth, then of course it's better to be silent and act “as if” until you get out of there and can escape.

Generally though, it's always good to remember that we don't owe people an explanation. If someone tries to engage you in drama and discussions that go nowhere despite you having made best effort to explain yourself already, but they simply don't want or can't find a moment of levelheadedness where they can think things through and make an effort to understand you and try to see things from your perspective, then where can this possibly go? Pragmatically, it can go nowhere. So, the final question would be: why waste the time and let yourself be drained and depleted by feeding the drama, instead of putting up healthy boundaries. There is a lot that we can learn together with someone else and there is a lot of growth to be found in relationships, but if the prerequisite of respecting boundaries is not given, then there is nowhere to go but a downward spiral, and then the one major lesson is to develop healthy boundaries and to say "no".

Regardless of which side we are on, on the side of the one rejecting and enforcing boundaries, or on the side of the one being rejected or simply running up against a wall that we thought we could ignore and run down, but then we couldn't – the current energy could make it challenging to remember that there are also considerate people and good social experiences to be had out there. This might be a day where at moments, it might be challenging to not get lost in social paranoia and absolute pessimism, and this transit might bring obsessive compulsive google-urges and urges to search for answers. What's going on? Can the future be better? Yes, it can be better. Education helps, it is always good to educate ourself on how different and strange human beings can be, and on how strange life can be. There is always a hidden lesson to learn for us mentally. But also, we need to give life time to unfold. Especially, we need to make our OWN decisions, regardless of what other people say upon which we stumbled in our search for answers, and regardless of what self-help manuals or psychological manuals recommend.
If you are stuck in a loop with a dark triad person, no it's probably not forever, even if psychic oracle WinniePooh on Youtube said they are your special someone (which is possible, but even in the unlikely case of that, you are still allowed to run for dear life). Vice versa, if you feel (not think and reason yourself into “feeling”, but if you really feel or sense!) that someone is your special someone, but they are behaving like a dick and your friend thinks they are an asshole, maybe they will come to reason nonetheless and grow out of their triggers, who knows, wait and see - if it feels correct. Letting other people judge and influence our decisions, although they are not going to be the ones who have to carry the consequences for the decisions that WE make, is always, always, always very dangerous. They are not going to carry the consequences and possible burdens of a decision that you make for yourself, they are just not. They are not even going to notice and understand the consequences in the direct way in which you notice it as a full impact on your physical body, mind, and the energies that pull at you. Every decision is your decision only.

Stuck in restless brooding, inacceptance, and social paranoia, and only remembering the worst lessons without recognizing that it was either the wrong time, or the wrong person with who we naively assumed common ground that wasn't there. If something did not work, it does not mean that the same story is doomed to repeat in the future.

    18 April 2021 4:25 UTC: Mars in▽ (Gemini) in waxing quincunx to Pluto in▽ (Capricorn)

In order to learn and appreciate what can work for us, we have to experience what does not work. The more we learn through experience, the less error-prone we become, and the more capable we become at recognizing and appreciating who is a true match to us. If we learn the lesson, the lesson does not have to repeat.

Attracting nurturing guidance – or needing nurturing guidance, but repelling guiding forces by making egoic demands, possibly without even being aware of that oneself, and then raging against fate or being depressed about it → Corrupted responsibilities, and either staying stuck in the old ways and habits, or finding a new social form and getting rid of one's expectations.

    19 April 2021 1:49 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Aries)
Emil Doepler - Odin questions Mimir

On the problematic side, this is about uninvitedly making oneself at home within someone else's boundaries. Inferior values can lead to the breakdown of healthy boundaries, of the community, of the immune functions, and to a loss of strength and power through overly generous sharing with those who are not deserving of it.

This also can be sexual fixation and sexual energy distorted through the ego in very unhealthy ways, such as demanding sex and seeing a whore or a porn actor rather than a partner who has their own individual needs and feelings. This can be pushing someone to engage in sexual practises that destroy their health. This can be porn addiction. This can be obsessive rabbit-style persistent sexual arousal without emotional involvement, not necessarily priapismus or other dysfunctions, but just plain lust and sexual obsession. If it feels good, great, enjoy the experience without restraints and bad conscience! But if it feels horrible and intrusive and you don't want that energy in your system or environment, you have all the right to fend this off and to reject this kind of encounter or relationship and karma with force. On the problematic side, this transit looks, for example, as if it could be a situation where you think you are just having an absolutely harmless one night stand with someone who you just met (although something just feels really off beforehand, but you don't pay attention to it and brush it off), but then you end up having a sexually transmitted disease, or you end up in a situation of energetic rape and depletion that makes you lose your strength and power and fall into despair. Especially if something feels very unhealthy, disturbing, or disgusting in the area of your sexual organs (also if someone's energetic impact feels like that upon meeting), and if it feels like a sure road to ovary cancer or other sacral illness later down the road, run for dear life.
Repulsion, disgustion, and such kind of physical judgment is a protection mechanism against what is unhealthy and destabilizing for us, in the same way in which the smell of rotten food repulses us, or in which food that is not for us and that our body does not need, or that we already have an overdose on, does not taste good or stops to taste good. There are all kinds of people who are offended by judgment and take it personal, but judgment as a survival mechanism is very healthy, absolutely necessary, and it needs to be salty. We don't need to judge the people we have nothing to do with and will never have anything to do with, to each their own life, but we need to have an eye on whether the people and influences in our direct environment are healthy for us and whether we want to have them there. That's healthy discernment and judgment. Are the secondary influences that someone brings into our environment healthy, as well?

Generally, you do not owe sex to anyone, your body is yours only. You do not owe anyone to be their sex therapist. You are not someone's object and projection surface for their secret fantasies and unresolved repressed sexuality, and you are not supposed to be a catalyst for someone else's unattended energy that then weakens and destroys you. The other person might not know of their energy and might not be aware of their true motivation or of what they really want because they don't know themselves well enough, and so they might tell you a different story than what you sense. But if something feels off, it feels off, period. The first person we owe to is ourself, and we owe ourself integrity. Personally, I'm looking forward to get over with this week's energy, I find this kind of overall energy to potentially be really horrible, but Freud would find this transit fascinating, he would have a blast with it. If you feel trapped in something this week, or if you feel as if you have fallen back into something very unhealthy, or been pulled back into something very unhealthy, let's call to mind that all transits are only temporary and the energies constantly change. Sometimes we move one step backward before we then can move two steps forward.

Most of the time people might not recognize that they are destabilizing to others, especially when they do not know themself and think that they are somebody who they are not, or they might understand it but try to hide the dirt where others can't see it, or they might simply not care at all - all of which falls into the category of “not willing to do the work”, not for themself and not for others. In most cases, these might simply be people who need to be cut off. The nodes of the moon point to lots of karmic work that has to do with challenging experiences of exclusion and rejection. Sometimes though, people might understand what needs to be worked on, or that there is something that needs to be worked on.
In the case in which we ourself recognize that we are having an issue, something that erodes the stability of our relationships, our partner, or our own stability, it often might not be the best to seek help from the people who are already struggling with keeping up their boundaries against us and who are giving in too much. Our energy is not other people's responsibility, carrying our own energy is our responsibility alone. Often, it might be the best to seek professional guidance from outside, so that we can get our own energy into balance without destabilizing further what already has been destabilized in our direct environment.

Speaking of third party feedback

Ivan Petrovic Bogdanov

I've lately been receiving increased requests for individual sessions in regard to varying issues and questions, and I just want to mention that I don't have the time for personal sessions right now, sorry to disappoint. I also have been asked if I can recommend anyone to get objective feedback from, in response to the report where I advised that. Personally, I would recommend to go to a family therapist of your choice. I would not necessarily go to someone who is a Human Design analyst if I needed more than a one-person introductory orientation, and if I wanted feedback on complex power dynamics that is objective. Family therapists are trained specifically for complex relationship dynamics that involve multiple people. They are trained for spotting and working with challenging power dynamics where one party has the full power (the parent), and where the parent is always stronger than the child and in control. Challenging power dynamics and power struggles or power abuse and control issues is exactly what we will be dealing with while Chiron transits gate 21.

Obviously, I'm saying this from my own experience, and yours might differ, so I'll tell you what has been my experience and why I'm saying this: I'm a wet kitchen person with a Moon-Pluto-Ascendant conjunction, which makes intense emotional transformation and shadow work in general my natural playing field and what I feel most comfortable with. It also brings issues of triangulation and family tree shadow transformation. I grew up with this, and I grew up in a plutonic family where everyone except me was emotionally defined. Even the grandparents living above us were emotionally defined (very balanced and kind). It worked way better than you might think, my parents are heroes and they are very emotionally aware and not manipulative. They don't dump their emotions on me so that they don't have to process them - they process them for themselves, which means that for the most part I sense only the secondary noises and different flavors in the field. I float in it, but I'm rarely oppressed by it. We had our dark times, but most of the time we were and are good. I also grew up with superb 50.6-27.6 value conditioning. My previously mentioned moon deals with the issue of objectivity versus subjectivity. I also have a 25.5-aura, which generally is an open invitation for everyone to project their shit upon me, and to see in my spirit whatever they like - to think that there is something wrong with me when I am perfectly fine, or to think that I'm a saint when I'm not, or to want to have my spirit as their spirit, or to think I am a hypochondriac when I am really having a physical issue (lyme disease and others in my 20's). I also have gate 21 as my main relationship theme, to be specific the 21.3, which is specifically about questions of powerlessness versus being powerful. This is similar to Chiron transiting gate 21 right now, and Chiron will soon transit the 21.3, as well.

So to come to the point, in our most difficult family phase, in my rebellious teen-phase, I spent some time sitting with my family in family therapist office to talk things through. My parents, who both have a 6.5, were worried that there might be something wrong with me, probably because they were afraid that they did not do a good job and that I would completely mess up my life. I have made very good experiences with family therapists, with their ability to question, and their capacity to judge objectively and then explain to everyone involved each other's perspectives and the unhealthy relationship dynamics, while simultaneously offering new ways of reframing the situation and approaching it differently. Family therapists did us a great service.
Not so much with people in Human Design. The system is objective, but most people I've encountered in Human Design are deeply subjective and totally miss the point, I'm sorry.

In the earlier years of my Human Design process, I spent a considerable amount of time talking to people in Human Design, and I noticed a considerable lack of common sense. I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, but to be honest, many people in Human Design need help rather than being in a position to give help. And that's just natural, I think, because for the most part, systems like this attract people who need them because they have things to work through and need the help of the system. People who do not have any problems with themselves or with others and who are just fine enjoying their life in healthy ways, they usually do not pay any attention, and why would they. On a side note, I also think this might change with Chiron in gate 21. Human Design has just had its Saturn Return and anchored its purpose, and I think that people of a different breed will find Human Design during the coming years. More people will be drawn to it in order to deal with outside interference and in order to assess others, not necessarily just for inner work.

Anyhow, in my experience with people in Human Design, there are the people who justify and excuse everything and confuse the ability to be able to explain something with the need to tolerate it. Then there are the people who think they have all the answers and can overpower people's actual experience. There also are the people who are the polar opposite of excusing everything, and who can not tolerate anything at all because they are at war with what they perceive to be the not-self, often failing to see that some of the many details in someone's chart determine exactly those features that are actually their real self. These were the people who for some reason thought everyone was not-self and the mind was the enemy. You would ask a legit question and the only answer you would get was “you are in your mind, you don't need to know this, get out of your head”.
Then there are the people who have a healthy approach to Human Design, but they are more difficult to find and they are usually not those who shout the loudest.

In regard to the first group who rationalizes and excuses everything, Ra himself has no consistency in values and his achilles heel is the rationalizing of irresponsibility (4.3), and sort of coming up with excuses. Instead, as a main theme he had the not-understanding of values (amorality), a development toward extreme tolerance, and in the foundation this is the undermining of established values, which can bring just as much darkness as it can bring light – it all depends on the context. Can we please separate the message from the messenger? Excusing everything is not Human Design itself, it is just an aspect of the maya that Ra carried, as much as the need to not make any excuses is a different part of the maya, as well. Excusing everything is one of many ways of approaching and working with Human Design, and it is not the right approach for everyone. On consistency: Ra jumps from justifying women being depleted as the natural order of things and part of the maja, to ranting about women having to get water and firewood and men being the inferior gender, other times he says that the worst thing in the world is the lie and that the lie has to die, but then he writes an I Ching where lying is part of many lines while simultaneously telling people to love themselves, and that you can only love yourself when your behavior is aligned. That's real indecisiveness right there, and more so it points to the complexity of the maya and toward the need to approach Human Design from other perspectives than the "love yourself"-perspective. This rationalization of irresponsibility is woven into the Human Design teachings, and it carries over into the work people do with it today. But that's not objective, that's just the biggest problem-zone of Ra's design that sometimes colored parts of his transmission. “Just watch the movie”, if misunderstood as an irresponsible approach to life, can sometimes also keep you powerless when it leads to procrastination, missed opportunities, or being overly acceptant and phlegmatically indifferent. You can really get stuck if you keep “just watching the movie”, give all your power away, and do not undergo any further transformation and liberation. Who decides what is surrender and what is learned helplessness?
I don't even feel like Ra's approach is a problem, Ra's approach is just Ra's approach. What I perceive as a problem is the adoption and passing on of Ra's approach by many, which then becomes a conditioned homogenized approach, just talking like the messenger priest preached. We need new different approaches to Human Design, because there are so many different people with so many different needs.

By its own mechanics, the purpose of Human Design is to help us investigate and recognize who is trustworthy, and who is not, who can back up what they say, and who is a paper tiger. That kind of recognition empowers us to withdraw from what lacks potential and what is quite certain to fail, so that we do not waste our resources in the wrong places any longer, and that we will not be fooled by people who will ruin us and misuse their power. It moves us out of the delusion of the current global background frequency. When you see someone's pattern so clearly, there are not many excuses to make. "Johnny didn't mean so" does not necessarily sound credible anymore. The purpose of Human Design is to create tension between us for us to level up. Obviously, that does not mean that all people are bad for us and that we can't have great relationships, but Human Design clearly helps us see why some relationships don't work and why others do, and to trust in our own judgment.

In some ways, I'm the opposite from Ra, I have 50.6-27.6 parental conditioning and a very dominant Saturn. I'm subjective as well, especially manifesting from the spleen center through the ego. Actually, I also have had the same childhood conditioning of “rationalizing irresponsibility” (4.3), and a triple 26 in my own design, so I also know how to be irresponsible and when. To me, gate 50 says: there is no potential for intelligence without first accepting a certain amount of responsibility, and then working at better discernment continuously. The healthy 4.3 is to recognize when you can or even need to be irresponsible and get away with less or leave something altogether, and when you need something else and better change your formula.
My own shadow is to be overly peaceful which keeps me powerless and in futile confrontation with all the wrong people, and in my view we need approaches to Human Design that are more salty. I've felt like this all the time, but now with Chiron in gate 21, I feel like now or never because the need will be so huge.

When you follow the way of extreme tolerance, you easily become a doormat. You might see people's patterns and then make excuses for them and invite further interference, maybe even feeling sympathy for the karmic cross they have to carry while they use that sympathy to bulldoze over you. Or you might just believe what they tell you about them or what they imply without actually articulating it, but none of it is true, and maybe it is not even a deliberate lie, but they simply do not know themself any better. Often people hate themselves because they are not embodying authentic behavior and correct action (yet), and while that's their journey of evolution, it's not our cross to carry to our own detriment. In times of Chiron in gate 21 moving us toward 2027 and the new 6th lines, Ra's 1st-line approach and the “love yourself” approach is not necessarily the most helpful approach to the mechanics anymore, not in many cases at least. You can love yourself as much as you want - if other people are constantly going to fuck you over, catching you relatively unprepared, you are still in trouble. With Chiron in gate 21, the standard approach to Human Design can do certain people a great disservice, many of which I think are on my fractal. That is in no way supposed to invalidate the service and sacrifice Ra has made. It simply is that we need to separate the message from the messenger and learn to better discern which is which. Also, it simply is that times change, which Ra was always very clear about.

By the way, the three people I have known who cared the least for other people's boundaries and who were carrying around a lot of issues, were all men with a Mars-Pluto conjunction (Mars operates slightly different in men than in women), and one of them (the most drugged and metaphysically well-travelled one) had the same god complex as Ra. One of the people with the conjunction recognized that he might be a narcissist, at least he told my friend so, fair enough on his own initiative out of the blue. This is all much more complex than one aspect, but the conjunction seems to create a blind spot for oneself, while the opposition creates a lot of friction with others that can resolve these issues with others... or maybe I'm just lucky, but some of the people who I appreciate deeply have the opposition (including myself), and most of them are rather building their own thing by channeling their toughness into their own careers and productive endeavors, rather than being at war with other people's boundaries. Ra had this conjunction, as well (Mars-Pluto-Saturn square his Nodes). This conjunction can be “what you have is mine”, even if there is no 1st line involved. It can be a real blind spot in regard to healthy boundaries. Saturn is about boundaries and can even add to that struggle.

In regard to the people in Human Design who can't shift perspective, I've even seen people who learned directly from Ra and who are probably past their 2nd 7-year-cycle, but claimed that no one can feel someone else's emotion, we can only feel our own. What? That's not Human Design mechanics, and it also is not what Ra taught, that's just subjective experience and conclusion from someone who is emotionally defined and does not know any better.
When I go visiting my parents and my mum tells me to take my keys because they want to go for a walk and will not be there to open, I immediately feel that they either just left very late and the energy is still lingering, or that they did not leave as planned when I lock up the door. I feel the emotional field right when I step into the entrance corridor. I don't always notice the emotional field, often it's very subtle and way subtler than my own emotions can be, but sometimes it is very notable. When an emotional friend of mine writes me, I sometimes feel her emotional flavor the day before. Even the frequency of the emotionally open people like me, who have a gate activated that I do not have, is clearly discernable and notable when they are emotionally “engaged” in something in the moment. It just lingers in the space and triggers certain memories connected to that specific frequency.
In Human Design there are many people who do not know better. Myself included. I did not know many things better when I started. Now I know better, but there are many things that I still do not know, and it will be a life long learning process. There are things that I will never understand. For example, I can not know how it is to have an open spleen because my spleen is defined. If I am lucky, I will be able to get a small taste of it. For example, I had one strange moment where I sort of changed auric perspective with a reflector/observer for a short moment, and it looked to me as if we were both surprised about that, but who knows if that experience wasn't distorted, and I definitely will not have this sort of experiential teaching for all the things that there are to learn before I die.
One problem is, that Human Design markets to the ego so heavily. It can give us the feeling that we know it all. Because it is the ultimate tools of tools, so what can we possibly not know? We are the chosen “4 percent” who have had the lucky trajectory to meet Human Design, aren't we? That might be a clever marketing trick to speak to people's need to feel special, but also it is a sure road to ego inflation and feeling entitled to give people overly intrusive advice without listening to their actual experience. Ra later revised this number and said it might be more, later in his process not long before he died. He also said that toward the end of his 3rd year cycle he went through a process that made him truly realize that there are no restricting parameters, that he has no idea what is possible, that no one truly knows what is possible, that no one truly knows where it goes, and that anything is possible.
Back to the point, family therapists usually do not have this illusion of grandeur. Usually. They do not know that they are real magicians, they think that they are muggles, and in fact they do not think about this kind of distinction at all. They just do their job, usually because they want to help people to have better lives.
So, especially in times where many people deal with interference and unhealthy power dynamics, my advice (line 18.6/17.6, color 4, tone 2 perspective) is that I'd go to a family therapist who feels right to me, if I needed relationship advice and objective feedback from a third party.

A family therapist is specifically trained for power imbalances, for being discerning with power-dynamics, and for guiding powerful people (parents) toward a healthy use of power toward those they can easily over-power (children). Ultimately, it comes down to a person's design, and someone who has a suitable design for it can be better at boundary discernment than someone who has an unsuitable design for it coupled with professional therapist training – but in general, a family therapist is better equipped to spot and work through boundary violation and overbearing behavior than someone who professionally works with Human Design. Yet, above all, whoever you go to for feedback and advice must resonate with you. They must feel trustworthy and experienced enough even at a second and third close look.

Yes, there are people who are designed to interfere with others and to always get in people's way. Should we get stuck in “poor them”-mentality just because the mechanics show how they themselves are stuck in that karma (until they learn their lessons, at least)? Should we thus let them interfere with us? Hell no.

Usually, people who overstep your boundaries will mess with your mind, and make you feel as if there is something wrong with your judgment and healthy boundaries, or as if there is something wrong with you, and they manipulate you into feeling guilty for saying “no”, and into feeling as if you have to say "yes". They might have something against the application of judgment in one's direct environment in general, and feel offended by it. If other people have good judgment, it does not serve them in keeping the lines open and in getting their way, they have all the reason to not like judgment and people being able to recognize when something or someone is spoiled.

Is it our responsibility to try and teach them their lesson on boundaries? A lesson that they at some point might learn, but also they might never learn it, who knows. Hell, no. Peace is priceless, it can't be weighed up and balanced out with anything else, and peace can't be found in the wrong places with inferior influences that interfere with us. Is the loss of peace worth it for you? I can tell you that for me it isn't. Kthxbye is as priceless as peace.

This was a long report, and maybe a bit messy and all over the place. Thanks for following through until here. I don't even really had the time to write all of this, but I felt like I needed to. After all, my design and my job is to spot the mutation and shifts in the maya before they happen and to be able to prepare for it. I feel like we are already on the door to 2027, although it is still 6 years or almost one cellular cycle away. 2021 already carries a strong flavor of it.

The next solar week will be about evaluating the way we care and what we care for.


Human Design Library Human Design New Year 2021

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