This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Quarter of Initiation

The last solar week ended the yearly quarter of mutation with a full moon of initiation. It led to the revelation that all things (and humans) are interrelated, which led us to develop a greater sensitivity and considerateness toward others and to be careful and very selective where we give our resources to.

This solar week starts the yearly quarter of initiation of mind. It is about humanistic cooperation through guidance and leadership, looking back at the past, and gathering secrets through listening to others with empathy.
In December and January, Saturn, Jupiter, and then the Sun moved through gate 41 and started a new cycle of experience. This week, Venus moves into gate 41 and conjuncts with Saturn being the last one to leave gate 41. Gate 41 is the gate that starts a new cycle of experience. It is a gate of anticipation and excitement. And yet, if we focus too much on the negative, if we can't accept limitations in the world, in ourself, and especially in others, then such excited anticipation can easily turn into negative feelings. For those with chronic dissatisfaction, impatience, and a lack of understanding, there can be difficult relationship lessons waiting to be learned.

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Before we start with this week, let's quickly take a look at the Mercury retrograde of last week though, I totally forgot it in last week's report!

Mercury retrograde: Yearning or burning. Resignation, regeneration, and the feeling to accept what is.

    30 January 2021 15:51 UTC: Mercury stationed retrograde in
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This can bring the energy to stay separate and focus on renewal and regeneration in reatreat, or the energy to ultimately separate from something that didn't work out, to recover, and to enjoy one's privacy, but also to take a new opportunity to cooperate with others, an opportunity to influence others, or preparing for such opportunity. This can bring a transition out of something old towards a new start, possibly strengthened through a new-found awareness of karmic laws, fate, and cycles.

When Mercury goes direct, he will bring the pressure to influence others, to cooperate with others, and he will either bring sensivity towards others, or dissatisfaction with their limitations and the resulting insensitivity towards them. In the worst case scenario this leads to attempting correction in very extreme ways, which cements a stuck situation instead of rectifying it, and it can lead to ruining others in a deliberate struggle to protect oneself. In the best case, this leads to sensitive correction of things that might have gone wrong and to sensitive change. Ultimately, some things might not be able to be corrected and might have been destined to fail, but if we tried to make it work, no one can be blamed for it.

1 February 2021 21:34 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 13 ䷌ (Aquarius) – the channel of awareness (▽ Pluto-▽ Mars) & the channel of recognition (▲- Mercury)

A lack of understanding, impatience, and instant gratification. Not wanting to take the long road and having way too many expectations, all of which fuels dissatisfaction with others and negative feelings – or relationship healing through understanding, detail work, patience, and acceptance, which leads to true and lasting recognition of others despite limitations, and to loyal bonds.

George Frederic Watts - The happy warrior
    6 February 2021 7:06 UTC: Venus conjunct Saturn in▽ (Aquarius)
    6 February 2021 11:42 UTC: Venus in▽ (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

These aspects bring difficult relationship lessons that can be harsh and painful, but with understanding and patience they also can be incredibly rewarding and healing in the long run and lead to strong loyalty and love. Recognition comes only through time and through taking the long road. Recognition comes only through understanding.

Problematic: Dissatisfaction with others and with having to take the long road. A lack of understanding, of patience, of acceptance, and of gratitude for the small steps leads to constant dissatisfaction with others. A deep dissatisfaction with having to be patient with others or with the process. Wanting instant revolution and change, and being so dissatisfied with limitations that we try to skip steps and put the whole thing at risk. Not being there throughout crisis and difficult times can lead to a loss of loyalty and breakup (which can be desired and positive or not desired and negative, it all depends on where you want to be going or where you need to be going).
If someone is constantly dissatisfied with you, or if they want instant gratification while you can't and while you need to take your time, it might not be the right person for you.

Productive: Patience. Recognizing potential in others despite limitations and being patient with them and the process. Being sensitive towards others and accepting their limitations, but also accepting the limitations of the situation - and being grateful for the small rewards and victories. Recognizing that learning never ends. Yet, separating from situations that are not bearable and separating oneself from the bickering monster.

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With Pluto in gate 60, we are going to deal with limitations for the coming years, so we better get used to it. Limitation is not a problem if it is the right limitation for us. The real problem is having to deal with all the wrong limitations when we are misaligned, or not being accepting of the limitations although our path truly feels correct. Acceptance comes with life experience when naivety gets a reality check and when over time we observe that there always are limitations that we have to deal with. What matters is that it is the right limitation in the right place with the right people. It is the right limitation if it is part of a situation that truly feels right for us. It is the right limitation if it belongs to a person who truly feels right for us. Trying to escape such authentic limitations only creates new limitations and way more of a burden.

Listening to others optimistically and with hope in order to find consensus, common ground and direction, and greater union.

Photo by me
    6 February 2021 18:40 UTC: Sun in (Aquarius) trine the North Node in (Gemini)

Problematic: Naive projection and assuming that people have the same interest and material approaches than we do, or that everybody should do things our way. Not accepting other people's material paths and techniques, or rebelling against conforming to them. Thinking that things should be manifested in the way in which we want them to be manifested.

Productive: Not assuming or demanding, but listening to others with optimism in the hopes of finding consensus and common ground. Listening to assess whether we are a match. Having hope in finding the right people with who we share common ground and interest, and listening to them in order to find out if they are the right ones. Hoping to find the right secrets and techniques through listening. Optimism in relationships, being optimistic about the material path of others, and being hopeful to find our tribe.

Recognizing through feelings what or who we value and care for. Overcoming relationship limitations, suspicion, and wariness through sharing our values and feelings openly (including fears of having our generosity abused, but also transcendence).

    7 February 2021 3:32 UTC: Venus in▲ (Aquarius) square Uranus in (Taurus)

Next solar week will be about revolution, forging bonds or breaking bonds, altering the form through the correct formula, and lasting healing and recognition through patience.


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