This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Carlton Alfred Smith

The last solar week started the yearly quarter of initiation of mind. It was about humanistic cooperation through guidance and leadership, looking back at the past, and gathering secrets through listening to others with empathy.

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This solar week is about revolution, forging bonds or breaking bonds, altering the form through the correct formula, and it can bring lasting healing and recognition through patience.

7 February 2021 10:42 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 49 ䷰ (Aquarius) – the channel of synthesis (▽ Jupiter- Mercury, Sun▲▽)

Recognizing and understanding where we might need to plan better in order to change what is.

    8 February 2021 13:47 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Aquarius)

Either impatience, a lack of planning, and always having to fight and oppose others, leading to the coup d'état; - or planning, intuitively knowing when to fight and act, and exploring all peaceful options for change before rejecting. Forging a new bond or rejecting an old bond that has served its purpose.

This can be about planning and preparing for big changes and life events, but it does not have to be so spectacular. For example, this simply can be about you putting together a proper detox regimen for yourself, or this can be a transit where you come to know which orthodontist you want to go to in order to have your child's teeth aligned.

Relationship wounding through instant gratification - or delayed but lasting and healing rewards through patience. Recognition only through time and through taking the long road. Recognition only through genuine understanding and just letting life flow.

    9 February 2021 10:59 UTC: Saturn in (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in (Aries)
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This is a transit for those 50% of humanity who have an emotional authority, a lunar authority, or a sounding board authority, or for those who want to start something new with someone from this half of the planet. If it is supposed to be something lasting, stable, and ultimately rewarding, there can be no taking of shortcuts, and we need to allow others to go through the process that they need to go through, even if it takes a lot of time and is not so exciting while we wait things out and progress slowly. If the person can't wait, it's probably not the right person.
It also can be a transit for someone with other placements that require time, patience, and understanding, for example gate 63 (doubt), other gates like a 33, a 38.4 or a 12.5, a 4th line bonding strategy, major Saturn placements that bring difficult challenges on the road, and so on. It is about everything that simply takes time (and understanding), especially if it involves others, and the need to be patient with it for the sake of the other person. For example, if you want to follow your family to another country they emigrated to, it might take a lot of time and patience to get all conditions met, to get the financing, to get the papers together (to change what is through planning), to find a place to live, and so on.
If you want to start a business or project with someone, they might not have the capacity right away even if they might feel drawn to the idea and recognize it's value, and even if they are a quick decision maker by design. They are not a slave on command and they might need to resolve some of their own things first before they can start something new, or they might have limited time due to a side-job that slows the process of the new project emerging but that also pays their rent. Acceptance is needed.
This is a slow moving transit with longer lasting effect, and its highest potential can be manifestated through higher knowing, the right strategy rooted in higher knowing, and dealing with limitations and resources intelligently.

Listening to others optimistically and with sensitivity in order to find a just replacement for the old order that did not work, to find consensus, common ground, common direction, and greater union.

    10 February 2021 6:31 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Aquarius) trine the North Node in (Gemini)
Jacques-Emile Blanche - Breakfast at Neuville

Problematic: Naive projection and assuming a capability that is not there. Assuming that people have the same interest and material approaches than we do, or that everybody should do things our way. Being so afraid of a different way that it blocks us and holds us back from trying. Not accepting other people's material paths and techniques, or rebelling against conforming to them. Thinking that things should be manifested in the way in which we want them to be manifested.

Productive: Not assuming or demanding, but being open and just trying without much expectation and drama. Listening to others with optimism and working together to find consensus and common ground. Listening and investigating to assess whether we are a match. Having hope in finding the right people with who we share common ground and interest, and listening to them in order to find out if they are the right ones. Hoping to find the right secrets and techniques through listening. Optimism in relationships, being optimistic about the material path of others, and being hopeful to find our tribe. Recognizing that someone else's material path is their responsibility, it is not our responsibility and not our business to begin with.

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Learning to overcome obstacles and finding a better direction through actually listening and doing a practical assessment.

    10 February 2021 12:16 UTC: Mercury in (Aquarius) square Mars in (Taurus)

Being blamed for good practical planning and for applying oneself and one's resources intelligently and carefully by people who can't deal with undeniable limitations - and in return correcting their inability to listen, and their inability to recognize the abilities of others (including the practical and realistic planning abilities).

Finding the most beautiful, sensitive, private, authentic, and potentially mystical relationship. Feeling the pressure to separate from the herd and to escape their aggressive material persuasion and neediness in order to find silence, renewal, and a practicability in life, which ultimately can lead to practical provision for the real needs of others.

    11 February 2021 14:59 UTC: Venus conjunct Jupiter in▲ (Aquarius)
Pierre-Edouard Frere - Going To School

Experiencing an inner pressure to be separate, especially being separate from those who have mostly unrealistic and impractical demands and who try to educate us aggressively in order to gain our resources.

“I'm only involved if my resources aren't demanded for all the wrong reasons, and I can only invest in something practical and far greater that goes beyond the mundane struggle for resources. I'm looking for awakening.”

On the other side: the impractical sulking child who waits for the other person to come to them and soothe them because they feel so wronged although they might have been the one alienating the other person with their egomania.

Venus conjunct Jupiter on the cross of revolution can bring a revolution in caring about the resources of others, in regards to proper distribution, and in regards to (dealing with) selfish power hunger and struggle.

It brings a positive revolution in regards to relationships and intimate bonds becoming more practical, grounded, and selective to begin with. It can bring separation from all the wrong relationships with unrealistic demands, and moving toward the right relationship. This can only be happening through truthful recognition and acceptance of limitations, through recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and through honest communication and sharing.

This conjunction can be about walking up to the correct fool/master on the hill, knocking at their door, being able to take the opportunity with them through communicating honestly, and giving it the time to slowly unfold without hurry and pressure.
This starts a new cycle of intimate relationships where both parties take good care of their own needs and are stable, self-sufficient, grounded, and rather withdrawn from the world, but very sensitive, sensual, and empathic toward each other in their own bubble (King and Queen of pentacles style, the way of the form and the way of abundance). If one is dependent on the other, the power balance within relationships is off and relationships easily go to ruin.
This is a transit for mature and healthy relationships where both partners focus on standing on their own two feet and maintain their independence and autonomy, but where they nonetheless support each other in practical ways. Such kind of independence creates the foundation for healthy and truly balanced relationships. Being firmly rooted in the material realm empowers us to tackle all other challenges on the way, including inner growth. This is a very beautiful potential for withdrawn and private people for a grounded and mature relationship because values and law are aligned. It also is a relationship transit concerning those who look for awakening rather than only being caught up in the everyday mundane needs, and who tread the mystical path. That being said though, it's extremely easy to miss the correct opportunity due to irrational suspicion and paranoia - even though it feels so right and would lead to greater beauty, harmony, and ease. In case this is your transit and if you know and take the one absolutely correct opportunity for you, I'm excited for you, this is really beautiful!

Henri Ossawa Tanner

A new moon of organization and being sensitive to other people's practical needs.

    11 February 2021 19:05 UTC: New Moon in▲ (Aquarius)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in▽ (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Taurus)

The new moon is about succeeding through other people's understanding and having or building a career through education while being sensitive to people's practical needs. These needs can be food and money, but also education, schooling, and all sorts of practical helpful information.
On the problematic side, paranoia takes over and leads to missing those opportunities that could lead to greater beauty and harmony, and knowledge and information is only used to force one's will onto life and to willfully go against the flow and one's natural direction.
On the productive side, information, knowledge, and understanding helps us to recognize when an opportunity knocks on the door that is truly authentic for us to take, we go for it, and we organize our way towards our natural direction in life.

This new moon is on the cross of revolution and the upcoming corresponding full moon is on the cross of planning. Curiously, both moons in this cycle are about organization, which results in leadership by example: the new moon is in gate 49.5▲ and the full moon in gate 40.4 with the sun in 37.4▲. This coming moon cycle is deeply, deeply tribal and focused on loyal reliable emotional bonds, needs, and the organization within our tribal community and relationships.

Next solar week will be about yearning and burning, and finding one's fate through perseverance.


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