This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Eugenio Zampighi - He loves me, he loves me not

The last solar week was about yearning and burning, and finding one's fate through perseverance with the right commitments. It was about freedom recognized as an illusion and limitation accepted as fate, especially the transpersonal limitations that we might have encountered.

This solar week is about finding or having the proper spirit and emotional attitude that brings abundance, not simply financial, but in all aspects of life. This week also is about finding abundance through the right kind of approach to intimacy. That approach varies from person to person dependent on their design, and this is a week to be able to reflect upon our approach to intimacy. Do we have to be intimate altogether? Who knows. This week can bring a feeling of not being able to tolerate emptiness and a craving to fill up our half-empty cup through others and through an intimate experience with someone else instead of seeking our own abundance inside ourself first. Seeking happiness on the outside is rarely a good idea – that way, all we do is to bring our own unhappiness to others, which deteriorates the overall spirit and is a recipe for disaster and a setup for not staying in good spirit.

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Last week I cut off the last transit on the list, although it was a major one: Saturn squared Uranus on the 17th of February! I'm trying to stay on top of the laundry pile and to have these reports orderly, but at the moment it's extra challenging with Ketu and Rahu transiting my natal Saturn-Sun opposition and so many things I need to pay attention to, so you'll have to excuse my mistakes because it might not be the last one I make 🙂 🙁 🙂

Saturn square Uranus – Reality Check. Do not get stuck in disappointment and depression, there is a lesson to be learned in everything that ultimately can be turned to benefit and great progress.

    17 February 2020 19:07:30 UTC: Saturn in▲ (Aquarius) square Uranus in (Taurus)

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Saturn squaring Uranus brings a reality check that demands that we face reality, but then do not get stuck in pessimism and depression, but make the best of it, not just because we need it, but because others need it as well. It lets us see the limitations, so that we can realistically work with them to ultimately gain something authentic and lasting from, instead of hunting for an unrealistic mental construct. In German, we say “to build cloud castles” and then, with this transit, “to drop out of all clouds”. Saturn-Uranus is not about building cloud castles, but about building a solid castle with a good structure firmly rooted in the earth that can be a solid foundation when we have to deal with unexpected challenges.

For example, many people have been looking forward to COVID-19 restrictions being released, and they have focused on a business that was highly at risk of not surviving should the pandemics stick with us. Those who have not been looking to build alternate options that can provide solidity if things don't go the way we wish them to go and put their business deeply into depth at a way too high risk, and those who generally have taken the financial side too lightly, might now be forced to reevaluate. What's more important, holding on to the family business of 3 generations, or feeding your children NOW and making sure they do not inherit a massive pile of debts? In life, you always have to make sacrifices, there is no situation where you don't need to sacrifice one thing for another. If you are going for lunch, you'll have multiple options to chose from. If you decide to eat sushi, you'll have to sacrifice all the other options because your stomach would not be able to take pizza, pasta, and grandma's vegetable soup on top of it. You'd probably be stomach sick for a very long time if you tried to eat all of it at once. If your big dream is to become a rocket scientist, you'll better study so that you won't get stuck in just being a rocket scientist, but that you can become a really successful space engineer. Along the way you might have to say no to invitations from people, and here and there, dependent on the circumstances, you might even need to sacrifice the pleasure of meeting your best friends for lunch. In life, you might need to sacrifice something so that your children can be well nurtured on all levels. The basis of life is that you can't have it all, which does not mean that you can't be extremely abundant - you can be extremely abundant. You simply can't have it ALL. You can only have what's for you. And you will need to make sacrifices along the way. Sometimes, for example in the case of having children, you will need to make sacrifices in order to achieve a larger goal. This transit brings the potential to truly, truly understand this principle, and to choose the right sacrifices to make.

The 41.6 can also bring great advantages, though, and it will bring rewards if we have been doing the right thing, or if we now diligently pay attention to what we are supposed to learn, and if we correct our situation accordingly.
The difficulty lies in navigating what we do with these advantages, where we invest them, who we share them with, and which trees we nurture with our energy, with our resources, and with our general advantages so that the right tree can grow.
Who will take advantage of our generosity (deliberately or unconsciously out of naivety and immaturity), and where is our energy, our good will, and our investment safe? What's realistic and yet authentic to care for?
This is all about finding our authentic fate through sensitive correction and through maintaining correct action.

Problematic: Getting stuck in difficult life lessons, including possible unexpected karmic backlash that is supposed to teach us and put us on our proper track where before we might have been deviating from it and being way too unrealistic. Losing our authentic path because we focus too much on the problems and limitations rather than making the best of them, and because we might get sloppy, demotivated, and don't face the challenge. Being so paranoid and suspicious that we don't move at all, and do not do what is necessary.

Productive: Being inventive and dealing with unexpected difficult lessons in innovative ways that help us to a) learn the lesson and b) make the best of it through caring for the right things and sharing our feelings where needed.
For some, this simply could be about reaping rewards and special advantages that have been earned through persistence, effort, patience, right action, and the right amount of care and wariness.

18 February 2021 13:42 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 55 ䷶ (Pisces) – the channel of synthesis ( Mercury- Venus▲)

Arthur Hacker - The Annunciation
Dr. Sommer special edition for the German-speaking readers:
If you want to get pregnant, be practical about it
and don't wait for the spirit to come to you!

Venus square Mars. Being utterly impractical and preferring theory to application, yet insisting on being trustworthy while having ulterior motives – or leading others according to what's practical in order to have all needs fulfilled. Practical organization and assimilation, and accepting the values of another path. Continued understanding through communication.

    19 February 2021 23:03 UTC: Venus in (Aquarius) square Mars in (Taurus)

Organizing others and being sensitive to the practical needs of others, which can mean to lead them where they need to go in order to have protection, security, and a full fridge, and to help them understand how to rectify a situation. If someone else did not care or could not care, maybe we do, and if we do not care or could not care, maybe someone else does.
This also is a transit that can bring a healthy distrust and probing of other people's motives. Pain can be inflicted through not being able to spot ulterior motives and accepting in the wrong people.

Mercury direct: Seeking cooperation, yet being dissatisfied with other people's contribution and limitations when they can't keep up.

    21 February 2021 0:51 UTC: Mercury stations direct in▽

This is about what we need, about who we need to cooperate with, and what we need in a work setting or in a relationship.
This is a transit that can bring great dissatisfaction with other people's effort or lack thereof. In work environments, people might be dissatisfied with their colleagues, their bosses, or their employees. In private environments, this can bring general discontent, for example when we have a child together with someone, but they never take care of the child, or when we live with someone, but we are the only one taking care of the household chores although we work a 9 to 5 job, and they do not work and live off our money. Are they lazy and make horrible excuses to talk their way out of it and be able to continue to play video games all day and just selfishly ruin us, or do they have a good reason and are temporarily burdened, e.g. because their parent just died or because their business is on the edge of it? Do we need to excuse them, or not? Do we need to part ways because someone ruins us selfishly and doesn't care about our needs? Ideally, Mercury going direct brings up those questions. In the worst case, Mercury going direct just brings a lot of unquestioned discontent.

The Mercury retrograde started with the 30.3 – accepting what is, and accepting limitation as fate, and it ends here with the recognition of what we need. Do we need someone who can keep up? How much can we compromise? Where do we actually need to compromise because the circumstances and tangible limitations demand it, and where do we need to be more sensitive? Where can't we compromise and need something different that is more sensitive and considerate of us and our own needs? This transit can lead to correction thereof, and ideally it also leads to the recognition that some things are not meant to work out although we really tried, and that failure does not have to affect us that deeply.

By the end of last year, and in the 2021 forecast, I already mentioned that this is a year of victimization. Here it occurs.
As far as I remember, but I might be wrong, this is the first transit with a 55.3 (Sun in 55.3). There will be more of this energy when Jupiter goes retrograde in the 55.3. The Sun is the father and Jupiter is the husband, so if you are a woman, especially if you are divorcing from your husband this year, play close attention and take precaution and protection that your needs are being met as well, and that they don't selfishly ruin you, your children, or your belongings like your house – especially if you or they have Mars in gate 55 or 39, which brings out the shadow of this.
Some people simply don't care and lack innocence, although they act as if, and once they have ruined you they will deny it or come up with lame excuses. Some people care and are innocent in that sense, but they will fuck you up anyway – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

If you are meeting someone new, or starting something new with someone who didn't treat you fairly before and claims to have changed, be cautious and don't fall for the first feel good, even if it is intense. One month down the road things might feel very different. This year will bring honey pot trap emotions, and you will have to ride the emotional wave and just bide time and see how it turns out. The coming months will bring gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda as a nodal environment. Marriage after 2 months is probably not such a good idea – generally, but especially not in 2021. It's good to take it slow. This is not a year to lose hope in life and humans in general, but it also is not a year to be overly gullible and unwary (if you can avoid it), at least until late 2021 when the tone for 2022 is newly set.

On a side note, the 2nd half of 2021 is also when the Epstein case might experience some progress. Ghislaine Maxwell's Chiron is in the 55.3 (that's part of how she did what she did instead of preventing the damage), and in late June, Jupiter will enter the 55.3 and then turn retrograde in the 55.3 with a 17.5 Chiron. That might be the time when she will decide who she wants to be organized with and who not, which means she either will try to cut her losses and accept a good deal to protect herself and ruin the network of abusers, or she will continue to refuse to sing and continue to empower abuse. Either way I think there will be someone ruined. By October, Jupiter goes direct in the 49.4^ and possibly brings a new order based on having weeded out misinformation and propaganda from truth - or not, but in my understanding it is extremely likely that human rights are being respected and justice is being served.

I'm sorry to be so pessimistic specifically about the 2nd half of this year, but that's what that is if you put spiritual white-washing and similar thought patterns, rationalization, and excuses aside.
Those people who victimize others are human beings as well, yes, but as I previously mentioned we always have to make a sacrifice and choice in life that ideally serves the overall picture. In this case, with a transit like this, we have to recognize it for what it is in order to even get a chance to support and protect the potential victims.

Also, these transits are not just about runing others deliberately, that is only the shadow frequency of it! In the high frequency some things might still not work out, but everyone involved makes an effort to work things out and to make the situation bearable.

Next solar week will be about the family, tribal relationships, tribal tradition, and committing to loyalty (or not).


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