This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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The last solar week was the energetic start of the new year. It was about working with limitations and recognizing the appropriate focus to make the best of what we have got so that we can fulfill our dream.

This solar week ends the yearly quarter of mutation with a full moon of initiation. It leads to the revelation that all things (and humans) are interrelated, which leads us to develop a greater sensitivity and considerateness toward others and to be careful and very selective where we give our resources to.

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27 January 2021 08:36 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 19 ䷒ (Aquarius) – the channel of awareness (▽ Pluto,▽ Venus-▲ Mars) & the channel of recognition (▲- Mercury)

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A full moon of revelation and surrender to superior forces. Either thinking only oneself knows best and secretly detesting to err and to be challenged – or having a wide-spread, truthful, and wise influence while we continuously learn from those who have something else to teach us.

    28 January 2021 16:17 UTC: Venus conjunct Pluto in▽ (Capricorn)
    28 January 2021 19:16 UTC: Full Moon in (Leo)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in 24.2.5▲ (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in▽ (Taurus)
Joseph M. Gleeson - The Crab that played with the Sea

Isolation and aloneness can lead to an inner transformation that resolves the old forceful know-it-all attitude and leads to inner renewal and transformation. This inner transformation ultimately brings wisdom, greater sensitivity towards the actual needs, surrendering to higher forces and life's guidance, or admitting that others might have been right, and eventually turning one's power to true service for the highest values. This does not mean to turn to service of those individuals who demand our energy, but to turn our energy to service for the highest values – and only you yourself can know what that means for you individually. No one else can decide that for you. No one else can decide what your big call and life mission is. Inner truth was the main energy of the preceding new moon, and no one but you can know your truth.

To me, this especially looks like a time where many men will find their path or partner or both through a deep inner search in aloneness and through watching others live it as an example and inspiration.

While this moon cycle mostly is about the inner realization, in the last hours of this moon cycle, a couple of hours before the next new moon, Venus conjuncts Jupiter in 19.6▲. This conjunction and the new moon cycle will either bring irrational suspicion that leads to missing the authentic opportunity that could lead to greater beauty, harmony, and alignment, and letting that opportunity slide – or they will bring conscious observation of the process, refraining from the wrong opportunities, recognizing the right opportunity, walking up to the correct fool/master on the hill, knocking at their door, taking the opportunity with them, and giving it the time to slowly unfold without hurry and pressure.
This starts a new cycle of intimate relationships where both parties take good care of their own needs and are materially stable, self-sufficient, grounded, and rather withdrawn from the world, but very sensitive, sensual, and empathic toward each other in their own bubble (King and Queen of pentacles style, the way of the form and the way of abundance). If one is dependent on the other, the power balance within relationships is off and relationships easily go to ruin.
This will be a transit for mature and healthy relationships where both partners focus on standing on their own two feet and focus on being independent of the other despite being willing to lend a helping hand and support when needed. Such kind of independence creates the foundation for healthy and truly balanced relationships, and being firmly rooted in the material realm empowers us to tackle all other challenges on the way, including inner growth. This coming conjunction is a very beautiful potential for withdrawn and private people for a grounded and mature relationship because values and law are aligned.

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Watching people be of service to the highest values and dedicating their resources to something special.

    29 January 2021 1:39 UTC: Sun conjunct Jupiter in▲ (Aquarius)

If this is you being an example for others: Just make sure you are not letting others deplete you in disservice to yourself and that it is truly the right call if you are the one providing resources to others – this is supposed to be a very selective energy.

Mercury retrograde: Yearning or burning. Resignation, regeneration, and the feeling to accept what is.

    30 January 2021 15:51 UTC: Mercury stations retrograde in

This can bring the energy to stay separate and focus on renewal and regeneration in reatreat, or the energy to ultimately separate from something that didn't work out, to recover, and to enjoy one's privacy, but also to take a new opportunity to cooperate with others, an opportunity to influence others, or preparing for such opportunity. This can bring a transition out of something old towards a new start, possibly strengthened through a new-found awareness of karmic laws, fate, and cycles.

When Mercury goes direct, he will bring the pressure to influence others, to cooperate with others, and he will either bring sensivity towards others, or dissatisfaction with their limitations and the resulting insensitivity towards them. In the worst case scenario this leads to attempting correction in very extreme ways, which cements a stuck situation instead of rectifying it, and it can lead to ruining others in a deliberate struggle to protect oneself. In the best case, this leads to sensitive correction of things that might have gone wrong and to sensitive change. Ultimately, some things might not be able to be corrected and might have been destined to fail, but if we tried to make it work, no one can be blamed for it.

Paying attention empowers us to be able to identify and take an opportunity because others need it (again: selectively, not at your own detriment, and not when others have ulterior motives and just try to use you – but only for the correct opportunity that resonates with you).

    1 February 2021 10:33 UTC: Sun in▲ (Aquarius) square Mars in▲▽ (Taurus)

1 February 2021 14:05 UTC: Venus enters Aquarius

Next solar week starts the yearly quarter of initiation of mind. It will be about humanistic cooperation through guidance and leadership, looking back at the past, and gathering secrets through listening to others with empathy.


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