This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Joaquin Sorolla

The last solar week was about fueling projects, and vitality maintained through calmness.

This solar week is about tension, individualism, and fighting for purpose.

30 December 2020 17:51 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 38 ䷥ (Capricorn) - channel of mutation (60.6 Saturn-3.1 Mars)

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Forgetting and separating from what was, or censoring red flags, deluding oneself over major warning signs, and underestimating the danger in others

    31 December 2020 14:15 UTC: Venus conjunct the South Node in ䷙ (Sagittarius)

Steep social transformation. A masked struggle, or considerateness and politeness despite tension and struggle

    01 January 2021 11:18 UTC: Mercury in ䷵ (Capricorn) sextile Neptune in ䷕ (Pisces)
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This transit is difficult to pin down, it can play out in so many ways.

It can be about getting a real good grasp of delusion and social masks after having learned a lesson.
It can be about becoming more objective through experience, or about deluding and being deluded in order to learn a lesson.
It can be about being deceived in the same way in which we deceived others.
It can be about reaping the social karma and backlash one sowed because it is needed, for example when the child protective service introduces themselves to a violent and very unhealthy household. The question is: does one take the opportunity to transform, or does one feel sorry for oneself, does not transform, and thus stays stuck in the old damaging ways and consequently further difficulties and restrictions along the way?
It can be about truly understanding delusion, which brings a huge change in openness and selectivity through better boundaries.
Understanding people's masks empowers us to make objective judgments.

It also can be about learning to be more socially considerate when other people need it.
This transit is about understanding right action in the social realm and understanding the consequences of our action – or not.

Having fruitful relationships with others, or helping others to succeed in order to be included into their material process and to rise above them

    02 January 2021 06:49 UTC: Mercury in ䷵ (Capricorn) waning quincunx to North Node in ䷬ (Gemini)

This is the continuation of Mercury conjunct the south node in, which was about “Forgetting and letting the past be the past, or censoring communication and leaving out information that is vital to the group in order to subtly influence a group direction for one's own benefit”.
So careful here... sometimes, help being offered might not be actual help, but rather sabotage and entitled selfishness, or an attempt to get what one wants out of others by creating a “need” through giving things that are actually not needed, just to then use it as an argument for deserving something because one gave this and that – Neptune still brings delusion. Sometimes something might look like help, but only because information was intercepted, things were not said and presented differently, and we were not given the necessary information to know how the actual situation is in order to make a better judgment on what is needed.

There is a need to do our research, to make an impartial judgment, to leave your emotions at the door, and to judge objectively, especially when people throw their emotions at us to be included (real emotions or staged and contrived emotions). There might be a danger to risk our own security by helping other people, and there might be a need to not waste our resources for only temporary benefit and recognition.

Saturn enters gate 41 and brings us a new experiential 29-year-cycle of karma, discipline, and difficult but rewarding lessons

    04 January 2021 06:36 UTC: Saturn enters gate 41 // 5/2 Cross of Individualism with 38.5 Sun and 17.2 Chiron
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Saturn rules karma, restrictions, and harsh lessons. The way in which I see it is that Saturn in gate 41 opens the coming 29-year long experiential karmic cycle that defines the lessons we learn globally. This transit could not be more important.

Problematic: Assuming capability and capacity in others that is not there, being overly focused on harmony and enjoying it to the point of delusion, losing vigilance and perspective, thinking that we can outsmart the program, refusing to withdraw from bad karma, and continuing to nurture people who have a disruptive and negative influence on us.

Productive: Focusing on our own dream and fantasy and not risking our own security by helping others. Being selective and reintegrating only the right people who have the right spirit and attitude. Smelling interference coming and being prepared for it, and thus withdrawing from negative influences instead of continuing to fight a futile struggle that depletes us. Inventing new forms that make the previous obstacles irrelevant, and continuing to struggle for our purpose and for breaking new ground. Going at it alone if necessary, or if it makes sense, rather than with the wrong people.

This new 29-year-cycle brings us deeper into our individuality through lessons that make us see the disruptive effect of certain people, and that let us align with those people who nurture our individual purpose, who understand and value difference and uniqueness, and who empower us to find our freedom and our individual way of being and freedom.

Both, the new Saturn cycle that starts today, and the new Jupiter cycle that started last week bring an incredible capacity for transformation and finding our inner truth.


Lawrence Alma Tadema - In a rose garden


    05 January 2021 00:58 UTC: Mercury conjunct Pluto in ䷼ (Capricorn)

Being corrected in one's research, results, or knowing. Problem solving and confusion. Potential conflict and misunderstandings can only be resolved if we do not insist on being right and actually listen to the other person.

Next solar week will be about ambition, new beginnings, and the drive to transform.


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