This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
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The last solar week was about tension, individualism, and fighting for purpose.

This solar week is about ambition, new beginnings, and the drive to transform through relationships.

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A few days ago, the calendar new year started. Usually, this is still a time of focusing on cleaning out the energies of the old year because the energetic shift into the new year happens only in the 2nd half of January when the Sun moves into gate 41. This year is a bit different and the first three weeks of January can feel much like a limbo in between the old and the new, a liminal point: We already might have felt like a big shift into the new and into a new cycle when Jupiter and Saturn moved into gate 41 during the last two weeks. But this transition will not be completed until the 21st of January when the new year starts energetically because the Sun moves into gate 41, as well.

05 January 2021 06:19 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 54 ䷵ (Capricorn)

06 January 2021 22:26 UTC: Mars enters Taurus in▽ ䷂
08 January 2021 11:59 UTC: Mercury enters Aquarius in▲ ䷻
08 January 2021 15:40 UTC: Venus enters Capricorn in ䷉

Transformation towards self-prioritization. Correcting our social approach, focusing on our own needs and material stability, and going at our dream and the challenges on the road alone

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    08 January 2021 16:52 UTC: Sun in ䷵ (Capricorn) sextile Neptune in ䷕ (Pisces)

Standing by one's convictions and rather being alone than having others dictate us what to do.
Who else takes care of you, if not yourself? By that, I mean practical care and meeting your needs, not just words, not just care as a bargain that is based on unnatural conditions and conditioning you away from yourself, not just good intentions (the road to hell is paved with good intentions), and not just a bit of emergency support here and there. I mean successful, solid, reliable, and sustained care. The only person being able to fulfill that role for yourself reliably and in the long run is going to be you.

Standing by one's convictions and being able to deal with limitations while we wait for the correct opportunities – or over-expansiveness, ignoring limitations, and wasting resources

    09 January 2021 02:44 UTC: Mercury in ䷻ (Aquarius) square Mars in▲ ䷂ (Taurus)
    09 January 2021 15:52 UTC: Venus in ䷉ (Capricorn) trine Mars in ䷂ (Taurus)
    09 January 2021 18:33 UTC: Sun in▲ ䷵ (Capricorn) waning quincunx to North Node in ䷬ (Gemini)
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Rejecting misguided over-expansiveness and the chaos that emerges out of throwing energy at problems without considering higher codes and higher principles.
Surrender to waiting.
Assuming capability and potential that is not there and generously including those who are not a fit for us, which might be magnanimous but misguided - or refusing to take and wear a shoe that does not fit, but instead hoping and waiting for exactly the right opportunity to come. Recognizing that we can make best use of the correct opportunities when we care for ourself enough to care for ourself first and to build ourself a strong foundation from which we can act more freely.

Assuming capability in others, which might turn out to be mere delusion, maintaining relationships with the wrong people, and trying to teach them what they are missing, instead of focusing on one's own dream and one's own survival

    10 January 2021 03:17 UTC: Mercury conjunct Saturn in▽ ䷨ (Aquarius)

Next solar week will be about inner truth and occult knowledge through detail work.


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