This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Vasily Perov - Yaroslavnas Lament

The previous solar week was about tribal leadership and education. It was about attracting one's tribe and like-minded people through maximizing the power of memory and nurturing continuity.

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This solar week is about upholding peace and harmony, which leads to temporary standstill and aloneness. It is about evaluation and assessment that leads to social caution, restraint, inaction, and only being social when we are in the right company and when we are truly in the mood for it.

Before we get to the week's report, I need to write something on my own account.
In a previous report I mentioned that Mars opposite Pluto makes go-getters and brings potential awareness on healthy use of power and manifestation through friction.
The other side of it is that Mars-Pluto attracts immature creeps and manchilds who will power struggle with you and try to lure you into nonsensical games while they think you can't see beyond their mask just because you don't say anything and observe instead, and because you look cute and are kind most of the time. That's what I've been dealing with for a while.
Sorry to carry this here, I prefer to keep things private, and you are free to judge me for not doing so (fair enough), but there is something I need to say. I have been blocked in some act of attempted power struggle and irrational drama that I refused to engage in. To be exact, I was blocked from email and messenger only, but not from facebook itself because of course my profile and posts still needed to remain stalkable. I completed that half-assed block and turned it into a full block (42.2 at its best!), but either way the communication is blocked and yet I need to get something across because no matter what I was saying, it didn't seem to get through to this delusional person (yet), and since months they are always coming back to a made up fantasy world. So if it's necessary to be public this way via this route of communication, if it is supposed to be this way, fine, I don't mind, when it comes to me, I have nothing to hide, lol. Sorry to bug you all with this crap, though, it's certainly not my hobby to do public rant-logs, although it's so absurd that it's almost funny. The next report will be drama-free again.

To the double faced pervert from Hanover who seems to still be utterly obsessed with me: I don't know what exactly is going on in your irrational mind, but if you want to fuck me, you'll have to kill me and rape the dead body. Again, you'll have to kill me to control me. As long as I'm alive it won't happen, even if you continue to choose to waste your time trying to struggle with me. It's a false assumption that I would be interested in your penis brain. No matter what you do, it won't happen. Never. Not even as occasional friendship-talk only, this is beyond repair and honestly far too disgusting with all the rapey vibes, and far too boundary violating. You hurt me through your Chiron, and if that's the wrong hurt for me, I hurt you through my Chiron (heal myself through damage control). That's just natural law and there is not a lot of option in that. You have to understand that I'm not the person who you are going to be included with. I'll always block you off in the future. Always. At this point it should be obvious even to you that I don't care about you, and you won't get me to change that. Which means that now is the ideal time to stop projecting all this shit onto me, onto my open sacral, and onto my spirit/25 as object-ifying me. Also, do yourself a favor and stop reading my transit reports in case that you still read them. With our most difficult karma being talking past each other and not knowing when enough is enough, it will only cause misinterpretation, re-enforce delusions, and keep you from going down a track that can actually work.
Very happy to never see you again, which might sound mean to you and be just another trigger to switch into manipulative modes, but it is just the plain truth. Have a good life. Bye.

On to this week's transits:

13 June 2021 10:09 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 12 ䷋ (Gemini) – active channels of the moment: the channel of emoting ( Venus- Jupiter) & channel of awareness (▲ Pluto-▽ Uranus) & channel of curiosity (▽ Earth- Mars)

Mutation can cause crisis. Withdrawing and assessing what needs to be persevered with. Persevering throughout difficulties while being socially withdrawn, and transforming a weak position into a strong one.

    13 June 2021 23:39 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)

Not being tempted to act in the wrong time, wrong place, and wrong mood, and especially not being tempted to engage with people and relationships who are self-deluded and ego-deluded, don't value our ideas, need to be the sole center of progress, or pollute our emotional field. “Escaping” impulsiveness, restlessness, and the urge for futile action through daydreaming and through imagining what we could to or want to do. Since this is a frictuous mix of perseverance and withdrawal as it is needed and necessary, this can also be about knowing who we are loyal to, but giving them a break when they need it.
This aspect can dissolve boundaries, heighten difficulties with already existing enmeshment, and bring ego-delusion and self-delusion. Especially when we do not know where we end and where the other person starts, the withdrawal might be much needed in order to unload from foreign energy and to find back to ourself. That's when we might be able to see things more clearly.
Withdrawal might be needed to learn these lessons, and to find authentic purpose, to seperate the right people and relationships from the wrong ones, to find right action and to enforce it.

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Saturn square Uranus #2: Missing an opportunity with someone who is emotionally destructive, wreaks havoc, and destroys harmony - or the triumph and influence of emotional maturity, wisdom and authentic inner truth: taking an opportunity, and moving on to new horizons. (or everything in between)

    14 June 2021 22:01 UTC: Saturn in (Aquarius) square Uranus in▽ (Taurus) #2

This is a transit with a longer lasting impact. It takes a while to come in, so the impact might be felt a lot earlier, and it takes a while to come out of.

The struggle with things having gone wrong.

    15 June 2021 0:39 UTC: Mars in (Leo) in waxing quincunx to Jupiter in (Pisces)
Rembrandt - Saul and David

From ugly to good:
- Deliberately ruining others, often after having them talked into stuff that was never supposed to work and making them a victim, or having promised and then changed one's mind.
- Not being able to pull through with what one promised, possibly due to being stuck in an emotional crisis or some other dark place, and not being willing or capable to try to make things work.
- Struggling with manifestation, but somehow maybe even being able to sit through the crisis and to bring progress into other people's life, or simply accepting that some things aren't supposed to be manifested the way we intended to, despite the best intentions and efforts.

Trying to make things work out together, or trying to separate in peace is to be aimed for, but not in every situation. In some cases, this might not be able to be anything else than a really nasty power struggle. The most difficult current transpersonal challenge is to underestimate or have underestimated the challenge in other people, how fucked up and distorted they really are, and to have underestimated their deliberate and persistent interference. If someone sets out to ruin you, it's not upon you to be their willing victim and say “ok, let's work it out” and run into their daggers with open arms. Self-defense is always the first priority. As I mentioned, ideally this is about both parties trying to work things out so that everyone involved can live with it, but if someone does not take responsibility for their actions and tries to wreck you (or others), this is about taking responsibility for yourself first by diligently observing the situation and developing the right strategy to save yourself (or others).

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Since mid April, we have been in the realm of the waxing quincunxes, which bring extremely difficult and challenging lessons, and sometimes they bring the failure to unify very different energies. This quincunx specifically is about the possibility of failure and empty promises that do not get manifested. Collectively, and sometimes individually, it will take us some time to get out of this energetically challenging zone. But ultimately it will pass. One thing that's certain is that this will not last. The crisis is dark when we are in it, but it always teaches us a lesson that makes us grow out of our old ways and shows us new ways to tread – even if we can't see it yet. Likely, it will only feel worthwhile long after the crisis has passed and we realize we would never go back to our old life, and right now it feels painful, but the crisis will certainly pass.

Falling onto deaf ears and being ignored, possibly due to trying to profit off others – or foreseeing the end of standstill and preparing oneself and others to reengage socially or to reemerge into life.

    17 June 2021 5:23 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) in waxing quincunx to Pluto in▲ (Capricorn)

URANUS IN GATE 2: Staying stuck and conditioned in a bad situation – or getting unstuck from disaster and finding our authentic liberated direction in life by trusting our inner truth and being socially selective and aware of the darkness and self-serving motives in others, but not being deterministically paranoid. Struggling with being grateful and with recognizing and appreciating the small steps and lessons on the way to greater harmony – or seeing retreat as a possibility for regeneration, and being grateful for the lessons learned and the small steps taken.

    17 June 2021 20:43 UTC: Uranus enters gate 2 while the south node in is in waxing quincunx to Uranus.

Uranus is the planet that rules us as human beings. He either keeps us stuck in the old 7-centered ways, or he lets us overcome these old limitations and find our authentic fate. Gate 2 is the gate of the vision of the self, and it is the gate that determines our direction, individually and collectively. So Uranus in gate 2 is a transit of MAJOR importance.

This is about finding the middle ground:
Neither betraying ourself by dropping out of what feels absolutely right for us in situations of emotional overwhelm, crisis, and emotional darkness.
Nor staying stuck in what feels wrong to us.

As I previously mentioned in the report of Neptune in gate 36: if we are meant to experience crisis, it can't be avoided. What matters is that we get the RIGHT crisis for us with the right people in the right place at the right time. Some relationships and people always bring the wrong crises, are just utterly destructive and lead into a mental, emotional, and physical downward spiral. And some relationships and people bring the right crises that either further harmony and internal growth in the long run, or that in themself bring no crises and struggling with each other at all, but that let us face any difficulties in life together and support each other throughout times of crises. We will get exactly the crisis that we need, or maybe even can enjoy, when we trust in our inner truth.

The next solar week will be about learning to love humanity through integrating our own extremes and finding love for ourself first.


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