This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Joseph M Gleeson - How the Leopard got his spots

The previous solar week was about finding (or being able to maintain) our nature through dedication, determined effort, and ultimately success through following the way of the body. It was about innocence or a lack thereof, and it was about finding deeper into universal and unconditional love.
It was a week when some people landed back onto their feet after having persisted with determined effort, and after having set good boundaries. Others might have run into difficulties, especially when they overstepped people's boundaries, and potentially, this upcoming solar week is a week for them to recognize that there is a problem and imbalance.

The current moon cycle, which peaks this week, is a period in time when a huge mental initiation can be triggered that leads to a deepening of understanding and to a deep transformation of thinking in the long run.
This solar week is about more critique and opinions. It is about organization through correction. It brings a full moon of therapy, of having the strength to recognize and admit when we can't solve a problem alone, and to seek out the help of others in order to solve it.

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24 March 2021 7:19 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 17 ䷐ (Aries) – active channels of the moment: the channel of synthesis ( Saturn- Jupiter)

Sitting still with restraint, doubts, and difficulties, and keeping on track despite doubts and restlessness

    25 March 2021 5:49 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) square North Node in (Gemini)

Problematic: Uninspired actions out of an inability to wait and to sit with emptiness in restraint, or an inability to consider other people's view-points

Productive: Hoping for the possibility of a new beginning and continuing to walk toward progress together with others despite restlessness, compulsiveness, and despite any doubts whether continued development and progress will take place. These doubts might arise when others are not certain yet, or have not yet reached a place of healthy values and principles. A lack of healthy values and principles can't be at our cost and to our detriment, though. Sometimes, it takes time to see whether people can catch up or not.
Just letting life unfold.

Manifestation only through understanding, thinking in the long-run, and patiently going through the ebbs and flows of life. Understanding the long-term consequences of our actions and correcting accordingly.

    26 March 2021 6:57 UTC: Sun conjunct Venus in (Aries)
    26 March 2021 15:35 UTC: Mars conjunct the North Node in (Gemini)
All planets move toward the north node

I recently noticed that ALL planets have been moving away from the south node toward the north node since the time when Jupiter and Saturn moved into gate 41. I'm not counting the earth, because the earth is always opposite the sun, so when the sun is moving toward the north node, the earth would always be moving to the south node. That being said, Venus was the last planet to cross the south node around New Year's Eve. At that time, the moon was still wandering toward the south node, but crossed it on the 10th of January. Since then, for the last 2 1/2 months, ALL planets have been on the nodal side of the wheel where they have resolved something with the south node and moved toward the north node. The moon, who takes only one month to walk around the wheel has been the exception and has finished almost 3 moon cycles since then.
All planets had crossed the south node, which in my understanding means that globally we worked through karma, and we worked with past issues. The last thing that we resolved was the question of values, standards and what is worth having in our life (Venus). We worked with things that made us feel secure and gave us a feeling of safety and comfort because we already knew them. We worked within the boundaries that were familiar to us.
But since January, ALL planets have been wandering toward the north node, which means that all energies have been pulling us to step into the wild unknown beyond our comfort zone. All archetypal energies and gods have pushed us toward that which is very uncomfortable and frightening at first, but also the most purposeful. This has been and will be a time of walking toward that which we are afraid of. It is a time of walking on brand-new territory. With Mars crossing the north node, the first thing that we dare to explore outside the usual comfort zone and confinements are questions of manifestation and mutation. How did we think that it works, how did we do it before, and how does it actually work? We are pushing beyond our comfort zone in order to manifest our destiny. We might be setting up first small camps on the unknown territory in order to explore further from there.

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On to the transit itself:

Problematic: Feeling creatively blocked, limited, or even depressed by having to face a situation or work that is not exciting in the present moment. Taking action and shortcuts due to not being able to sit with inaction or to do what's necessary. Especially socially, this might lead to underestimating the detrimental and disruptive effect that others have on us, and it might easily lead to be engaged with people for a temporary feel-good, but being destabilized by them in the long-run.

Productive: Resisting the temptation to take shortcuts and looking for thorough understanding before we act (no fear of missing out). This understanding can be needed to succeed with whatever we want to bring into form - otherwise we simply might end up in the pool of those who are being taken advantage of due to their gullibility and lack of understanding. We don't want you to be in that pool. Know what you are investing in, and how, before you are gambling with your money, and don't gamble with your food allowance money that you can't afford to lose. No quick shots from the hip just because some guy on the Joe Rogan podcast is enthusiastic - first inform yourself on the details. I can't stress this enough: understand what you are doing. We can only sustainably make something work if we understand it.
Being able to sit still and do things that are boring and monotonous but necessary and that can bring rewards in the long-run. Doing the things that we need to do despite feeling empty, unstimulated, and uninspired. Taking the long but thorough path, rather than going for instant gratification that will be rewarding in the moment, but that will not be rewarding in the long-run. Recognizing the potential that lies within doing solid work and looking forward to it. The small steps and accomplishing them one after another can be huge motivators in such a situation, they can help us to build momentum and growing excitement with each step that we have accomplished.
As I mentioned in an earlier report, Pluto is now in gate 60, which is a forced global call to build frustration tolerance, perseverance, and patience (“a long breath”) by forcing a reality check upon us over the coming years.

Full Moon of therapy or conditioning. Possible mental instability due to relationship wounding and not being able to fix a situation now and by oneself: Ego-based power struggles and cunning exploitation, or having hoped for someone to be more personally involved and emotionally committed. Course correction, rejecting interference and manipulation, and recognizing when there is a problem we need to seek help with because we can't solve it on our own.

    28 March 2021 16:27 UTC: Venus conjunct Chiron in (Aries)
    28 March 2021 18:48 UTC: Full Moon in (Libra) opposite Chiron in and Venus in (Aries)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Taurus)
    29 March 2021 8:08 UTC: Sun conjunct Chiron in (Aries)
Frederick Hall - Phrenologist

During this full moon, the moon is in an opposition to Chiron, Venus, and the Sun, which can create challenging situations that force us to dig deep into the unconscious and to explore our drive and motivation, especially where it has caused relationship havoc.
This is a full moon of instability through relationship wounding. The wounding might happen or might have happened through hoping for more with someone who wasn't interested in us personally, but only in the experience with us or in what they could get from us, be it money, fame, or sex. It also could have happened when someone was manipulating others in order to unfairly amass advantages such as money, but often advantages in the form of knowledge, and then using it strictly for oneself, potentially even in order to manipulate people even better, smoother, and with less of a chance of being discovered, simply to get the impersonal experience or the cash that one wants in disregard of the people involved. Wounding can happen mentally if we think that there is nothing else to learn, if we refuse to be open to new perspectives, and if we do not recognize other people's abilities and gifts. In fact this full moon has a strong mental focus and relationship focus to it. It might challenge our thinking, especially when it comes to relationship concepts, or to what we value (do we value ourself enough to reject interference and attempted exploitation?). The events of this full moon could create mental instability when relationships can not be fixed, or it can be the straw that breaks the camels back and creates the necessary tension to finally make us realize that we need to seek help with a certain thing if we don't want to get stuck or continue on a downward spiral.

The greatest wounding of this full moon does not happen on the mental plane, but it happens on a very tangible plane when we do not put up good boundaries against interference and instead ask for a respect that obviously is not being granted. Wounding can happen when the interference is so strong and overpowering that we can't do much to reject it, or when we previously gave away something major (our power, the wrong keys, covert knowledge), which now can't be undone and is unfairly being used by others against us or against others. It simply might be that we let the wrong people pressure us to lead them, to show them the direction, to give them a vision, to take them with us, but then they didn't know their place and tried to tell us where to go when their actual job was to provide the energy and keep things going, not to provide the master plan.

In the worst case, one party is stepping on the other person's toes and manipulates them in order to accumulate advantages and personal benefits. The other person might be able to nurture with understanding, but also knows when to stop nurturing, when to say no, when to reject interference and how to put up extremely solid boundaries. Higher knowing can help with that and with finding the right strategy. It can also help with understanding what kind of responsibility people can take and fulfill, and how much of it they can handle. Some people can carry great responsibility and even burdens and will not be spoiled by power, while some people are irresponsible and easily corrupted.
Either way, this is about reasoned management of resources. We can only do what we can do and what feels right for us. Each of us has their own direction through life toward fulfillment of purpose, and we can not allow ourself to be talked off track by others. We can't let other people's misguided expectations impose a direction and course of action on us that is not right for us. Especially, we can't allow ourself to invest our energy and resources into things that do not fully resonate with us or feel off. Especially, if you do not (yet) have the knowledge background to understand what exactly you are getting into, it is vital to trust your body signals.

On the lighter side, this also can be a full moon of finding health solutions through relationships, or of refusing to listen and to make an effort. For example, my dad's design is being directly impacted by this full moon. He has lived under the motto “a good pig eats everything” and had not paid attention to how his body reacts to different foods (tolerance or intolerance), but last week he noted that something that he ate gave him a scratchy feeling in his throat.
It can be small things and small steps like this, that this full moon brings, it doesn't have to be the full-blown drama, and it doesn't have to bring the total turnaround, especially not under these transits that require a lot of patience with the process. This simply can bring the recognition of what needs fixing and what might be worthwhile to pay attention to as we move into the future.

Speaking of accumulating unfair advantages, from time to time I'm looking for updates on the SolarWind hack, and I stumbled upon this article:
This is an explanation of potential long-term consequences not by an astrology geek from the energetic perspective, but by professional security experts. It might be especially interesting to those of you who have read both, the Rave New Year 2020 AND 2021 report (the secret stuff cooking under the radar last year, and then the victimization, possible exclusion, and angered frustration with people always getting in our way with the 2nd eclipse season from the middle of 2021).

The next solar week will be about rejecting interference and being of service through discipline, control, management and organization, problem solving, and deep solutions. On the problematic side it can be about tyrants and obsessive control to the point of interfering with other people's freedom and boundaries.


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