This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
John William Godward - The Priestess

The previous solar week was about conflict and quarrel leading to crisis. It also was about resolving intimate and sexual blockages, opening up emotionally, and about sexual experimentation.

This solar week is about finding (or being able to maintain) our nature through dedication, determined effort, and ultimately success through following the way of the body. If last week, we went through crisis and challenging things that required persistence, then this week can be one where we find back onto our feet. This week will be about innocence or a lack thereof, and it will be about finding deeper into universal and unconditional love.

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18 March 2021 15:22 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 25 ䷘ (Pisces) – active channels of the moment: the channel of synthesis ( Saturn- Jupiter) & channel of transitoriness ( Venus- North Node)

Being tricked into self-betrayal by one's insecurities and fears and dropping out or jumping ship due to not being able to accept limitations – or accepting what is, trusting your inner knowing, and dealing well with crisis

    18 March 2021 17:19 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)

Since this aspect is similar to the one from last week, the description from last week applies almost the same, with only a few changed words:
Crisis precedes change, and if we want to get to the progress, there is no other way than to face and sit with the crisis, and also to sit with and work through possible insecurities and fears that come up, without making impulsive decisions. No matter how dark it feels, that darkness never lasts, and ultimately things will lighten up again. What are we not ready to accept and to face?
When we have undergone a period of learning and growing, we sometimes come to places where our old form feels so constricting that we can't stay confined in it anymore, and so the friction builds up and the dam breaks and all hell breaks loose, until things calm down again, and we realize that we have shed skin and grown even bigger in that process.

In addition though, there is a strong indication that today's potential self-betrayal could also be the opposite (staying when running would be better). It could refer to giving in and giving too much to people who we either feel take advantage of us despite their claims to be selfless, or simply to people to whom we have nothing to give. (Isn't the propagandizing of one's selflessness a proof that one isn't that unmotivated, because if one was unmotivated, one would not need the propaganda and one would simply let one's actions speak?)
If there is no clarity, it is best just to sit with it, to observe ourself, the others, and the situation, and to avoid making impulsive decisions that we later might regret.

This can play out in so many ways and nuances. The main way is to truly understand what does not work, to overcome irrational delusion, and to maintain the highest values even if you are the only one doing that, and even though things might have blown up and be in chaos. There can be a need for self-defense and restraint.

    21 March 2021 23:34 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)
    22 March 2021 2:34 UTC: Mars in (Gemini) trine Saturn in (Aquarius)

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Being dissatisfied with people's misguided naivety and false enthusiasm – or working with others from a distance on separating what's true and what's misguided propaganda. Figuring out what is simply absolutely unrealistic and delusional in the face of existing limitations (time, energy, money, social situations, etc) and not letting oneself be pulled into other people's chaos. For example, this could be the energy of a product review website where people can blow off some steam.
Irrational drama and justification of shitty behavior – or understanding insensitive actions (that of others or our own) and stopping to justify them, possibly when someone else intervenes and points it out or puts a stop to it with determination. Sometimes, other people throw their poor judgment around for no good reason and there is nothing important to pay attention to, but sometimes, others have legit criticism for us to learn from. Getting the feedback of someone who we perceive as objective can truly help to discern which is which and whether we overstepped healthy boundaries, or whether we didn't.
Being fixed on success and cooperation, seeing things for what they are (unhealthy or healthy), and not talking past each other. Taking what resonates and leaving the rest.
There can be a great need for self-defense, even if it is uncomfortable to enact. Some things need to be rejected and sometimes we need to say no to a certain idea, a certain principle that does not work, a certain kind of behavior, or even to a person in general, even if it creates disharmony. Some people actually need the strong medicine of rejection in order to change, they do not get it any other way. Some people make themself at home in their cozy comfortable place of bulldozing over others and over us if we come at them with too much sensitivity and considerateness.
Are our boundaries being valued and respected? Do we make excuses for other people when they overstep our boundaries? Understanding and acceptance of someone's difficult childhood, of someone's design, or of someone's struggles does not justify to willingly be their doormat. Is there something we need to say no to? What is of practical value to do, and what isn't?

Briton Riviere - Jilted

Destabilization through not accepting limitations, wanting too much too quickly, and being censured for it – or being humble and composed in the face of rejection and looking calmly toward the future despite doubt

    24 March 2021 3:26 UTC: Mercury in (Pisces) square Mars in (Gemini)

Rejection and critique of one's destabilizing behavior either results in extreme self-doubt, loss of self-worth and breaking of the spirit, or it leads to strengthening introspection and a healthy questioning of one's own detrimental patterns, a deepening of humility, betterment, and a new-found composure that opens up the possibility for true progress. When we change on the inside, the outside world aligns. Critique can benefit us and help us to align the inside and become a healthier version of ourself. Such critique and rejection serves us as long as we need to change something. Once we have recognized what actions we don't want to repeat in the future, and once we have successfully transformed, we can let the critique and self-doubt go. It has taught us what it was supposed to teach us, and its purpose has successfully been fulfilled. There is nothing to find there anymore, and no reason to get hung up upon it.
As already mentioned, sometimes it helps to consult a third party for objective feedback.

Being able to accept rejection, being patient, and letting things unfold naturally – if they are supposed to. We don't know what the future holds, that's simply something that we will see when we are there.

The next solar week will be about more critique and opinions. It will be about organization through correction. It brings a full moon of therapy, of having the strength recognize and admit when we can't solve a problem alone, and to seek out the help of others in order to solve it.


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