This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
George Frederic Watts - The All-Pervading

The previous solar week was about family and friendships, tribal tradition, commitments, and figuring out where our loyalty lies.

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This solar week is about questions and doubt.

1 March 2021 18:06 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 63 ䷾ (Pisces) – active channels of the moment: the channel of awareness (▲ Pluto- Uranus)

Pessimism, altruism and the sacrifice of personal progress for communal progress.

    2 March 2021 19:08 UTC: Mercury in (Aquarius) trine North Node in (Gemini)
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This can play out in many ways. It can bring the suspicion and doubt of people' claims to be altruistic and to act altruistic, or satire about them. It can bring disillusionment and discontent with having to sacrifice personal progress and the feeling that oneself can never get to what can feel fulfilling (pessimism about one's own outlook, but also resentment toward people who might have warned us or known better before we did, and cynicism). It can bring about a general pessimism toward the overall direction and path.

Ultimately though, it can bring joy with one's place in the flow (or despite one's place in the flow). It can bring patience, a sense for right timing, and aligning with other people in mutual support. Due to rightful suspicion and pessimism, this can bring about an attitude that doesn't indulge in a lot of expectations, but instead simply does what's right and is extremely positively surprised if things go unexpectedly well (instead of being disappointed when unrealistic expectations are being shattered). This is the attitude of “let's just see” and not minding too much.

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Behavioral lessons and perfecting one's form.

    3 March 2021 17:08 UTC: Venus in (Pisces) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)

Problematic: Self-delusion about shitty behavior (one's own behavior or that of other people) and irrational justification thereof.

Productive: Reacting to such bad behavior with evenhandedness without being touched and provoked by the condemnation of those whose bad behavior isn't tolerated, which leads to truce. Overcoming irrationality, growing more sensitive toward others, and figuring out what behavior is appropriate and what behavior is unfair and not okay. Purging unjustified arrogance and the feeling of being above others.

Herbert James Draper - Golden Rays

Understanding what obstacles we need to overcome or to face for the betterment of humanity.

    5 March 2021 3:27 UTC: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)

Finding a role for others that fits them, and being able to guide them toward their path. Listening to others with empathy. Even if the empathy is not there - staying on the surface in the now, recognizing what we are listening to, and being able to show others the role they might have played, or the meaning in their experience, and thus taking a burden off their shoulders.
Thinking back, looping through past memories, and understanding one's own savior complex, or even understanding where we might have hidden behind it, stayed on the surface, and hidden what was underneath in order to define the role of the savior, possibly without embodying true altruism, but for our own wants in order to navigate people into a direction that benefited us.
Alternatively: unmasking false saviors and shallow misinformation.

Renewed hope, and maybe even joy, despite doubts.

    5 March 2021 17:29 UTC: Sun in▲ (Pisces) square North Node in (Gemini)

Accepting doubt and questioning as part of the process (not just mental doubts, but also the back and forth, the alteration between yes and no of the emotional wave). Doubt counteracts naivety and serves a purpose. Giving room for doubt and for exploring all of our doubt prevents overly rash and naive delusion and projection of mutual interest.
Finding joyful gratitude for the small steps and victories on the way, and finding hope in the whole process. Thankfully appreciating the small progress on the journey and finding renewed hope in purpose and in our path.

Next solar week will be about grace and considerateness of others, or a lack thereof.


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