This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about busyness and the energy to be active, but it was also about simply being in the now in our flow and watching what's going on in the present moment. Applying our power consciously, and investing our energy well instead of running around like a mad chicken, allowed us to consciously watch what's going on and to grow in awareness.

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This solar week is about developing good skills through proper focus. It is about enthusiasm through identification, focus, detailed attention, and planning.

26 May 2021 19:14 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 16 ䷏ (Gemini)

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Education of the children of Clovis

Persevering in the face of opposition, despite temporary withdrawal and reflection time. Self-analysis leads to recognizing where we might have acted disgracefully, or where we made claims that we could not back up with skills, which leads us to develop greater caution in social interaction.

    27 May 2021 19:24 UTC: Venus in▲ (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)
    29 May 2021 5:12 UTC: Mercury conjunct Venus in (Gemini)

There can be many ways in which this plays out. One way is to be corrected in who we are focused on as a soul connection. One person might try to win the other person over with concepts that they don't understand or that they reject, or they might simply try to explain to the other person what they feel for them and that they are the one - but meet initial disbelief, distrust, and resistance.
On the problematic side, this transit is about absurd withdrawal, giving up, and missing opportunities.
On the productive side, this transit is about withdrawing and analyzing oneself, but yet persisting. It can be about working with the feedback and criticism that we received from the other person, admitting past mistakes, and purging unjustified vanities and behaviors that have sabotaged our relationships. This opens the door to new possibilities. As I mentioned in a previous report, an important question of this time is: What is worth changing for?
There is no guarantee, that once we have changed, we will have a new chance with this particular person, but whether we can reconcile at some point in the future, or whether we can't – either way the change is worthwhile and improves the quality of all our relationships. And wouldn't you regret to not even have tried?

Drama and making a big scene doesn't necessarily help with this transit. It is rather the opposite: Clear explanation of our intentions can make all the difference.

Mercury retrograde: Self-analysis and confession. Letting go of old baggage, or not.

    29 May 2021 22:33 UTC: Mercury retrograde in▲ (Gemini) conjunct Venus in▽
Peter Newell - Fairyland

Falling onto deaf ears, possibly because the other person is stuck in something else, they can't let go, and they can't accept that that can't be fixed, or because we can't accept existing limitations and because we can't accept that it can't be fixed (now or never, who knows). If we try to fix something now, without retreating and doing the inner work that is necessary to make our relationships work, it surely will be a missed opportunity. We can't skip essential steps if we want to succeed, and if it's worth it for us, we will be willing to make the effort. Probably there will be missing details, that we first need to collect and integrate. There is nothing wrong with that. Calmly being in our rhythm and waiting while we observe ourself and life, is an aspect of enlightenment and can lead to actualization and right action.

This Mercury retrograde is about recognizing what's worth changing for, and that it is rewarding to work on ourself and to refine our character. It is about inner changes and about taking and allowing the time to do the inner work, in the hopes that these changes will also manifest in our outer reality.
It also is about accepting where we have been too naive and gullible in the past, recognizing where we did not interpret others correctly, and being able to accept rejection as part of the process.

Mercury direct on June 22nd

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Mercury will be retrograde for 3 weeks and will go direct on June 22nd in the▽ after the metamorphosis and inner changes have taken place.

This can bring the correction, or the “presentation” and communication of whatever we have changed.

On one hand, this can bring dramatic presentation and overly rigid correction that is absolutely overdone, that is met with resistance, and that alienates people, rather than winning their support. It could also be a correction that has not yet been embodied: being impatient with doing the inner work, or being afraid of missing the boat if we take too much time. You will not miss the right boat, the one that's truly for you.

On the other hand, this is going to be sensitive and effective correction that leads to progressive change now or in the long run.

Often times, this is going to involve dealing with rejection and disappointment, either due to having said yes to restrictive commitments, not having had the integrity to communicate our limitations clearly and having gotten someone's hopes up, opportunistically having bitten off much more than we can chew, overextending ourself, and now not being able to meet our words and promises with actions, and needing to spit part of it out.

Other times, this might be about not having committed to something to begin with, because we knew we did not have the resources yet and had the integrity to refuse (yet, the other person might have misinterpreted it and heard what they wanted to hear, and that's their lesson). In these cases, we might now waiting or continuing to wait for the right moment and opportunity until change can take place, and until the change on the inside can manifest on the outside (“just wait and see”).

A very challenging lesson in overcoming social paranoia and remembering only the most painful experiences. Accepting and expecting such limitations in social interaction, or seeing only our authority challenged when the other person doubts us.

    30 May 2021 17:46 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) in waxing quincunx to Pluto in (Capricorn)
    31 May 2021 5:15 UTC: Mars in (Cancer) trine Neptune in (Pisces)
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Fearing rejection so much that one constantly gets caught up in worry, unproductive doubt, and in mulling things over. Especially, this might happen when we try to hide the dirt under the carpet (and fear being rejected for it in case it is being accidentally discovered), instead of doing the inner work.

This is a challenging lesson of overcoming social paranoia after having been burnt. It is about learning to see that the most painful lessons of the past do not endlessly have to repeat, once we learn the lessons and then stick to them.
As much as this is about overcoming social paranoia, this also is about not being the opposite and not being overly gullible and naive. This is about learning to be cautious in a pragmatic way, not blindly rushing into things, and taking our time to find the right conditions. It is about hoping that the good is possible and being able to wait for it, but also knowing that we need to learn to be level-headed and apply the right amount of caution in order to asses any situation correctly - without automatically assuming the worst, and without automatically assuming the best. Again: wait and see.

While one party might struggle with paranoia, the other party might either be lazy and bored with doing monotonous detail work and research, and miss important details. Or they might be driven to learn and to do their detail work. Doing the latter, they might be able to discover valuable and very helpful details and information that can help with the current crisis situation. In regard to relationships, this looks like a transit where it might really help to do research about someone's chart do understand what's going on and what is needed.
Or maybe it's the paranoid person who discovers valuable details and encouraging information that helps them to find greater understanding and social discernment, which makes them feel less helpless and disoriented, and which helps them to partially overcome their paranoia and their lack of faith in people.

Sun conjunct the North Node: Illuminating our life purpose and healthy leadership as opposed to ulterior motives and ego-distortion. Rejecting manipulative self-serving propaganda after having examined it, while being able to clearly recognize authentic expression, empathy, and grounded enthusiasm in others, which might result in overcoming paranoia, and finding a new social form.

    1 June 2021 0:11 UTC: Sun conjunct the North Node in (Gemini) trine Saturn in

Growing certainty, and recognizing which qualities we will need in order to find progress and emergence from standstill. Doing the detail work can help us to discover what we need to know, and if we are passionate enough about something, we are going to be willing to do the detail work and to go the extra mile to get what we desire or to make things work. And at the latest when we find the first insightful detail, we might find increasing authentic enthusiasm, and with it even greater focus and motivation to really look into things. We might be grateful for these small steps and victories.

The next solar week will be about manifesting progress through being patient, and being in our flow.


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