This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Quarter of Civilization

The previous solar week was about rationalization and finding inner renewal through taking the healthy road and the path of survival. Pluto went retrograde and started an intense process of transforming restlessness and non-acceptance into acceptance. This also was a week of overcoming irrational relationship behavior, gaining sudden understanding about the ego of others, and setting good boundaries.

This solar week is about being receptive to our own inner guidance and to the signs on our path. It is about steering the wheel into the right direction through what we create and through our self-expression. It starts the yearly quarter of civilization and manifestation.

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3 May 2021 11:27 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 2 ䷁ (Taurus) – active channels of the moment: the channel of concentration ( Mars- South Node) & channel of inspiration (1.1 Earth- Mercury)

The quarter of civilization

Collective challenge: In the last weeks we might have been through “is this really was life has handed to me? $§”/§!#*!... ”
Yes, that's what life has handed to you, no denying that fact. But was there also something to learn from it? A precious lesson? Can we turn even shit into gold? One step backward and two steps forward, in sum is still one step forward. Once the lesson is learned, we let go of it, and we let go of the people or the particular situation who were the lesson. Sometimes, people are only crossing our path to call us to something greater. People come and go, and life is constantly moving and evolving to make space for new things to come in in the next stage of the journey. There will be those who do not want to let go and who do not want to make space for the new, though, and who will ignore their higher guidance and bulldoze ahead into the wrong direction nonetheless. And there will be the need to fend them off forcefully and determined. If we do not withdraw from weak relationships that hold us back and pull us down, then they will hold us back and limit our capacity to realize our full potential, and to actualize whatever we feel called to. Proper evaluation is important. We are moving into the yearly quarter of manifestation, and stuff will get manifested only with the right focus, and when we let go of distractions.

Now that the quarter of initiation has ended, maybe we have outgrown some old thought patterns and gained new understanding that will generally help us in the future, and that will help us to recognize the right opportunities that can lead to greater beauty and harmony. Now, the quarter of civilization and manifestation starts. Nonetheless, it is slow but thorough manifestation through taking one tiny step after the other - I want to emphasize and repeat that, just to make sure we are not getting ahead of ourself and creating unnecessary disappointment out of impatience. Often, there can be a need to sit still and go within, or to sit still and focus on detail work, which can easily lead to frustration – unless we understand the purpose of it. Through seeing that inaction and restraint are a necessary step on the road because the end goal is worth it, inaction and restraint becomes bearable, and we can use these phases for good assessment and preparation so that we are equipped for the challenges at the end of the road.

Alfons Mucha - The Introduction of the Slavonic Liturgy

Mastering the challenge: Successful course correction and good resource management. Understanding the benefit of times of inaction to go within in aloneness, or to focus on detail work. Not trying to save the world, or to make everyone happy (even if we like certain people, there is only so much time that we have in our day). Letting go for good of those relationships that were merely lessons, putting those relationships on a hold that hold us back from doing what we need to do, and focusing our energy on our one big dream. If we have true, appreciative, and honest emotional bonds with people, they won't break from it, and we can always rejoin later when the times allow it. If the bond breaks, then it wasn't meant to be. Real bonds don't break that easily.
People come and go, but the lessons that we learn in that process stay with us, so that we can put them to good use. Can we have gratitude for the small steps on the way?

Saturn in gate 13: A new direction through learning to listen, to understand people's motivation, and/or to have empathy with where they are coming from. Humanistic cooperation - or energy wastage.

    5 May 2021 6:49 UTC: Saturn enters gate 13 square the Sun/Earth-axis (The Sphinx) and trine the north node in 16.6

Moving in an unhealthy direction and being restrained by other people's (or one's own) ulterior motives and self-serving agenda, and being restricted for that or even ruined by others - or reaping rewards for true motiveless empathy and openness. Often this reward might simply come in the form of an important lesson being learned, and a healthier new direction that has opened up or will open up for us in the process.

Looking back and learning a challenging lesson of empathy and true affection versus lack of empathy, ulterior motives, not being able to truly relate, and using other people's secrets as power to dominate them. Learning to listen. If we don't listen properly, there is no way that we can understand others and properly asses what they are saying, where they are coming from, and what their motives are, and we will always get it wrong and end up disappointed.

Being there in times of crisis, creating harmony, and attracting loyalty through listening with empathy and affection, in being able to relate to others. Or being restricted and held back by one's own ulterior motives or other people's ulterior motives, and losing loyalty through being absent in crisis. One or the other determines the quality of the direction that we are moving into.

Henry Herbert La Thangue - The Watersplash

We do not have to listen to everything. It is our decision what we do with our time and how much social time and energy expenditure we can afford. But IF we listen, then this is about the way in which we listen, and WHY we listen. Do we listen to others with hidden motives, for example to find their weak spot, to figure out their secrets in order to know how to manipulate them and how to get out of them what we want, or do we listen with actual empathy? Are we being listened to with real empathy, or do certain people listen to us only because they want to get access to our knowledge, or because they want to know how we tick, so they can one-up us and dominate us, or do they listen to us because they want to wring something else out of us by making it look as if they can relate to us and making us feel heard, so we do them favors? This kind of power struggle and predatory approach to relationship never works. In the end, we either destroy what we love if it was not strong enough to withstand our manipulation to begin with, or people will just close the door on us and leave because they know they deserve better. Vice-versa, if you know that someone will try to overpower you and pull you into unhealthy power dynamics by what they are telling you about themself or not telling you about themself (if you are the only one spilling your secrets, and they do not reveal themself), it makes sense to keep them at a certain distance, because it's a real strain to always have to deal with that kind of unnecessary futile interference.
What is safe? That's a big question worth figuring out by listening properly.

Another big question is: how and with whom can we cooperate to guide humanity into a better and safer future, or to build the structures and frameworks that can do that efficiently?
Note that in the transits, recently many things have pointed to not involving others or to "cooperation" over "collaboration", which is very in line with the 2027-mutation, with emerging individuality, and with the fading of the cross of planning. It obviously is not a must or a guideline, though. These are just the general collective transits.

There also is still the energy of things not working out or processing things that do not have worked out in the past – ideally without getting lost in self-hatred, but just seeing things for what they were, being able to admit faults, and doing an honest clean-up. It's better to be honest with what does not work and with the mistakes that we might have made, than to just act as if nothing happened, to keep our own secrets, but at the same time to try to get to other people's secrets. An honest clean-up allows for new possibilities and progress to emerge.

This is about weeding out those relationships and connections of bad quality, so that they don't come back to bite us and don't sap our strength.
Within the right relationships that remain, this is about staying present in times of crisis and harmonizing the situation through listening with empathy. Even if it sometimes feels uncomfortable and restrictive and like too slow of a progress, this is what loyalty and harmony is being woven from step by step.

This also is about being able to sense the future potential, direction, and shifts through listening to the secrets out there (things that other people tell us and things that we pick up and receive in interaction with the maya/the program).

Accepting superficial intimacy and interaction that stays on the surface (it is what it is) and enjoying it nonetheless, or being dissatisfied with the reality that we see.

    6 May 2021 11:24 UTC: Venus in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)

Accepting that with some people we can't go from 0 to 100, and that it takes a long time of staying on the surface to talk things out and to open up. Accepting that with some people we can't get real deep altogether.

Chiron sextile the North Node: Guarding ourself and having no regrets about it. A strong reaction to misguided enthusiasm, false claims, propaganda, and indiscretion. Not wasting our energy on confusing explanations, but getting it straight to the point. Simple, terse, and direct, but discreet.

    6 May 2021 17:32 UTC: Chiron in (Aries) sextile the North Node in (Gemini)

Authentic contribution and authentic fate. Waiting for the emergence of the right opportunity, relationship, and communion in divine timing, rather than going with the wrong opportunity at the wrong time. Feeling good, hopeful, and at peace about waiting or having to wait for the right cooperation or the right person to share your life with, and not accepting anything less. Growing certainty in meeting an authentic decision.

    8 May 2021 13:37 UTC: Venus in▲ (Taurus) square Jupiter in (Aquarius)
Lawrence Alma Tadema - At Aphrodites Cradle

Acceptance, forgiveness, strategy, planning, and clear assessment of creative value and of what can be meaningful, what can have a meaningful impact, and what can open up a greater direction for us, or even for the collective. There also is an energy of picking up unnecessary fights due to being overly cynic and indiscreet. Whether we want to struggle with people or whether we walk past them and rise higher is up to us.

Note that "growing certainty" in the headline is not necessarily "certainty" yet. In case you are waiting for emotional clarity, the wave is probably going to become less wild. But also excitement and anticipation might grow, excitement is currently in the transits, and it might grow especially if this is your first time of truly waiting out the wave and experiencing the whole process that makes you feel at awe. Don't lose the moment because you get all excited as you get more clear, and wait until you really know. The Pluto retrograde of growing through experiencing extremes just started, we are not even two weeks in it. I think I forgot to mention, that Pluto going direct in October will not just be about research and too many cooks spoiling the broth. Pluto going direct in October will also be about being fixed on our inner truth and one-tracked in getting it out. Pluto going direct in October can also bring those people to crawl out from under the woods who don't like our truth, who try to change it, who try to tell us why we are wrong and what should be our inner truth (for example who try to tell us how to feel or what to think), and who try to condition us away from what is the most true and real to us 😱 So you are already going to know that if any Human Design guy is going to tell you this and that is not going to work because of these and that kinds of mechanics - your inner authority trumps that. Regardless of what kind of inner authority you have, your inner knowing trumps any mental knowledge and understanding if your inner knowing comes from a calm place from within. If it feels right, then it's going to be the right project, career, experience, or bond.

Even if you have doubts, regrets, feel uncertain about when to act, and are caught in repeating thought loops; even if you don't feel hopeful and comfortable with waiting or with your own timing, this transit points to waiting for the right thing that no one else thought was possible or worth waiting for. It is about overcoming regrets and overcoming a feeling of having the wrong timing, or of not having maintained right action and having tolerated inferior influences and people to be in our life who dragged us down, who kept us small and burdened, and held us back from investing into what feels authentic to us. Now you have learned the lesson and you are no longer being thrown around wildly by life, by random occurrences, and by chaotic decisions that might not have even been yours. The gods might have had their fun time and laughs when they sent you off into the wrong direction and watched you fall flat on your face. Now it's time to laugh back at them for shits and giggles, to say "no more of that, I learned from you what I needed to learn", and to meet your own decision.
Now you are walking toward the crossroads, guided by your own authentic desires and hopes. Chance is, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in the process of meeting your authentic decision, or generally on the path to your authentic fate that is truly yours.

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One of you sent me an mail, asking about clarification on my wet kitchens environment and on my color 4 tone 2 perspective that I mentioned in a previous report. That made me recognize something.
Note how I've been preparing you for the possibility of receiving the call, which in its purest archetype is received through the 19.2. The 19.2 has appeared in the transits several times, not necessarily in the main aspects that I list, but as important elements and bridging steps of those aspects or transits. Recently, I've been seeing it again and again. Most important: It has been the underlying energy for the 28.6-full moon, which has been about recognizing authentic life purpose. That current 28.6-full moon has had another powerful full moon in gate 33.2 as an underlying energy (Moon and Earth in 33.2) with the Sun and Jupiter both in the 19.2^. The Sun is the purpose ("being called to life purpose and to service" in the 19.2), and with Jupiter in 19.2, it can be about generally being called to leave old beliefs behind, to serve higher values, and/or to understand the unwritten laws. But the Sun is also the father and Jupiter is the husband. For people who are designed for it, this could be the call to start a family, get children, and become a father. 2021 generally is a year of marry or divorce, or in less traditional wording: forging a bond or rejecting a bond. Due to the hormonal cocktail that creates sensitivity and yet makes it very easy to disconnect, for men it's easier to push emotions and traumata into the basement and to go on with life as usual, and it can be especially challenging to get in touch with their emotions and also their traumata. Especially for many men, this month might bring a rebirth and reintegration of parts of ourself that we lost, and the coming months might bring growth through experiencing extremes and getting accustomed to one's emotions and/or to find clarity.
So, if that's you, know that that's okay and "within the plan". It is a truly worthwhile process. If that's your partner or someone you are dating trying to decide, and you are waiting for progress, that's a good opportunity to practice patience. Especially in this current moon cycle, it's probably good and very healthy to be wary. Let's say you want to have a family and your man doesn't know yet. In that position, it is very healthy to ponder whether he has the resources for it, or whether he does not. Because if he does not have the resources for it, materially and in character to be suited for the role of a father, it will be an endless struggle and drain, and you will be just passing on more trauma to the future generation instead of transmuting it, adding more trauma to your ancestry line instead of resolving it. This moon cycle brings that kind of energy where you are more unlikely to do stupid stuff that you later regret because you didn't have what it takes to begin with. So in order to have children, he is probably going to ponder and plan whether he has the stability in his life to nurture them like they deserve, whether he can provide them a good future, whether he can be a good parent, whether he is financially stable enough to juggle both job and family, whether he can give his children a healthy set of values that will later navigate them safely through life, and whether he can take responsibility for a life that is going to be fully dependent on him until it has matured. That process takes time to come to a conclusion to, and that is very healthy.
So, to continue with this example that you can transfer to any other situation in life: The certainty that they want to start a family might grow today with this transit. And yet, the Pluto retrograde will bring a process of acceptance and extremes, and figuring out what the right conditions are beyond irrationality. Maybe there are not yet in a place where they feel like they have the solid foundation to start a family. Maybe they do not feel like they or their partner meets all necessary conditions yet. Maybe some things need to cleaned up first, for example paying off an old debt, or some things need to be observed and to be felt into.
When Pluto goes direct by October this year, the certainty might be there, and they might know whether they want to start a family or not. In fact, they might be absolutely fixed on their decision. But also there will be the people who try to pull them away from it and who say "You want to be a dad? Do you really think that's a good idea? You never even did your laundry and always asked me to do it." (-> Mum, I have grown up now and I've been doing my own laundry for quite a while), "You want to start a family with this person? But I wanted to start a family with you!" (-> I have taken the time to truly ponder this, and our conditions and what we both want and bring to the table do not match), "You want to have children? You are not going to have a lot of time left for our clique and friend circle" (-> I'll always keep the good old times treasured in good memory, and I'll be happy to meet you here and then when circumstances allow it, but it's the right sacrifice for me nonetheless). Alternatively: "I thought you were really thinking about us having children" (-> Yes, but I have come to the conclusion and certainty that I do not want to have children).

That being said, the call to purpose is absolutely not limited to relationships and to facing one's emotions and emotional authority. The Sun and Jupiter are two male energies, and I think this is a time when men are stepping into their life purpose, into being of service to something greater and to a higher mission, or they simply recognize what's purposeful to them, often in aloneness (Mars and the third male energy is in 24.4). You don't need to be a man to be called though, and you don't need a 19.2 to be called, it could come through all kinds of other things, for example a 2nd line profile, a Saturn return where your incarnation cross and life purpose is planted, or any other 2nd line gate, especially in the mystic circuit. Jupiter-Sun can also be about the realization of a big purpose in general. It can be about going beyond and being willing to tread new paths and to seek new horizons.

I'm a 2nd line, 2nd tone, and I can't call anyone in the way that I was called to my incarnation cross. I guess the only thing I can call you to is to land back onto your two feet after initiation, and be able to celebrate it (19.2 Venus, 25.5 Jupiter). So I can't give you the call itself, but I can prepare you for it and open you up to recognize the possibility for it, and help you recognize it once the opportunity is there. I think Ra phrased it as "recognizing the crack in the maya" or something like that. So if there is a handful people out there who feel as if you are onto something big, or even the call of a lifetime after which all searching ends - whatever that call may be, trust that.

If not, and if this all just sounds nonsensical, or if you receive calls and requests that do not vibe with you (the wrong "calls"), it might not be your call! Those wrong calls are not to be followed, this is the essence of today's transit. If we compromise and go with the wrong call, then we will miss the right one.
But if it feels like you are in a process, and if you feel growing in certainty about what your call is, or about the time to act or speak, then trust that process.

If you are not waiting for emotional clarity nor for the right moment to act, but if you are working on a project and contribution that feels purposeful, but that you repeatedly doubt whether it can work - don't let the doubt trash your hopes and keep you from taking alone time to continuously work on it. Just keep working on it and investing in it whenever you can. Rome wasn't built in a day, and this is a year of planning and building slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. Everything good and solid takes time to build. It also takes errors and failures, learning from them, standing back up, and changing what needs to be changed.

Back to the possible regret that this transit can bring - sometimes we need detours that prepare us for the challenges that we will inevitably be facing. A small-scale example: Some days ago, I was in town to do some things, and I went by bike because the whether was so nice and the public transport routes too complicated. On my way back I wanted to buy a lot of fennel, but the fennel was moldy (which it usually never is). So instead I bought tons of really fresh broccoli (which usually rarely is fresh and sturdy). Coming home I noticed that my skin feels as if I will get a sunburn, and on a close look I spotted a blister in the making. I smeared on some effective microorganism (I usually add these to my washing machine when I do the laundry, so that it does not stink in case I forget to take the laundry out the machine, but it's good for a lot of things, also for turning an accidental sunburn into tan), and I felt like I should eat the fresh new broccoli rather than to finish the old vegetables first that I still had in the fridge from previous food shopping. I then looked it up and broccoli seems to be very good against sunburn. So I put effective microorganisms on my skin and continuously ate broccoli, and three days later my face still looks a bit demolished and swollen due to detoxing the sunburn, but I successfully navigated myself away from the blisters and did not get any. Maybe it was good that the fennel was moldy, because in the upcoming days I would need the broccoli.
Yes, I could have not gone to town and not be outside all day, then I would not have gotten a sunburn to begin with, and I would not have needed the broccoli, but there were important things that I absolutely needed to do for overall progress that are absolutely worth the collateral damage. Even if for now I'm stuck with tons of broccoli, next time I can still buy the fennel.
On the experiential way, on the way through life, there is always some unexpected collateral damage (don't get a sunburn on purpose though).

The next solar week will be about assimilation, tolerance, diversity, structuring, and individual explanation.


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