This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Alois Schram

The previous solar week was about encouragement, and making our individual contribution. It also was about attracting the resources that help us to realize our individual contribution and project, and about holding on to the right things.
It could have brought social mimicry and misused emotional contagion, but it also could have brought infectious enthusiasm where others really need the encouragement, possibly when they faced rejection and thus benefited from a bigger perspective and renewed hope.

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This solar week can bring about busyness and the energy to be active. That energy can serve us well if we apply it well and if we don't let it drive us into pushing our energetic limits too far. This week will be about simply being in the now and watching what's going on in the present moment. We can not do that when we are racing through life like a mad chicken, then our perception is very limited. When we apply our power consciously, and when we invest it well, so that we stay in the flow, then we can keep watching consciously and grow in awareness.

20 May 2021 22:44 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 20 ䷓ (Gemini) – active channels of the moment: the channel of transitoriness ( Neptune- Venus) & channel of charisma (Sun-Earth)

Correcting things through cooperation and focusing on the mundane tasks of the present moment, or conditioning people into such cooperation, and/or attempting to correct the mundanity and superficiality of a situation.

    21 May 2021 15:03 UTC: Sun in (Gemini) square Jupiter in▲ (Pisces)
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It does not mean that there is nothing below the superficial and below the surface, it just means that it stays at the surface, so we don't know what's underneath. There could be ulterior motives underneath, there could be massive fears underneath, there could be a crush underneath but without really knowing what love truly is, or there could be deep actual love and emotions underneath. Who knows.

This also can be a transit of staying on the surface with people who go through difficult times, in order to give them a pleasant welcome break, and to avoid constant triggers and sending them back into their pain.

Withdrawal from social conditioning, and support in difficult times.

    23 May 2021 2:43 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)

The challenge: Absurd withdrawal and running from even the positive and constructive change.

Mastering the challenge: Withdrawing and taking the necessary alone-time to feel through things, but resting assured in the right new beginnings. Withdrawing from other people's company and emotions to connect to and feel through one's own emotions. Growing self-awareness.
Knowing what or who is worthwhile supporting and having patience with, even though they might be withdrawn and not very approachable at times. Supporting others in their need for alone time when they need to feel through difficult emotions or deal with other sorts of crisis and difficulties.

Saturn retrograde: Being restrained by one's own or other people's ulterior motives, by their conditioning, and by attempts to manipulate us through flattery – or looking back at the past and at past karmic lessons, and developing greater self-awareness and empathy for others, but also greater caution to hidden motives and to the wrong advice.

    23 May 2021 9:18 UTC: Saturn retrograde in (Aquarius)
Rembrandt School - An old Woman weighting Gold Coins

The challenge: Influencing others from ulterior motives. Accepting advice too openly, being gullible, and being conditioned by other people and their propaganda, misguided enthusiasm, or even misinformation. Not being able to realistically evaluate where one is at. This can be misguided enthusiasm about cooperation and projects we work on, or this might just be money-hungry people trying to sell you their product. Especially when they try to erode your self-worth to try to sell you something that then is supposed to solve your problem and make you feel better about yourself, from make up to beauty surgery, be careful. Also, if they are selling you something to make you feel better about yourself without doing the actual inner work, be cautious. If they flatter you or try to speak to your existant or non-existant arrogance and tell you how special you are and that you just need this or that to activate your super power or to reach your full potential, be cautious. This can be a time of sales pitches to the open ego [LINK] that is so hungry for validation that it believes and buys everything, no matter how nonsensical that is. In contrast, if someone is trying to make you believe that you need their help and assistance by devaluing you and your work and creating an artificial lack (not just through constructive criticism, but through devaluation), it probably will be best to dump them. Why would they want to “help” you if they truly think what you are doing is crap in the first place, it's more likely they just want to profit from a gem, and you probably won't see equal benefit from their “help”.

Mastering the challenge: Saturn will let us face the rear view mirror and the lessons of the past. If we can face unpleasant truths, these can be very productive months of learning major, major life lessons. Through looking back at the past and listening within, we might gain a better understanding for past situations in which our ego or lack of self-worth might have gotten in the way, or where we accepted advice based on the wrong standards and values. We also might gain a deeper understanding of misplaced values and where we underappreciated or overappreciated things and people, without seeing their actual worth. We develop greater self-awareness, and find deeper empathy for other people and for their actions.

Saturn direct in October

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Saturn will wander retrograde for over 4 months and teach us important lessons about the past and about past karmic lessons that we needed to learn.
When Saturn will go direct in gate▲ in October, we might have gained greater self-awareness, and recognition through feelings – our own feelings or those of others. Saturn going direct in October will bring the energy to share our feelings openly instead of suppressing them. It can bring the sharing of advantages that we have gained so that other might benefit of them, as well. It can bring emotional contagion when we have recognized those relationships that are a real match for us, that are mutual, and good for both parties. Where before we might have needed the encouragement of others, now we can give enthusiasm and optimism to others in sensitive ways. Saturn going direct will bring emotional contagion and sparking the enthusiasm of those who have been reluctant, a spoil-sport, or overly pessimistic possibly due to past misinformation and being burned in the past. Whether that enthusiasm lasts depends on whether its root is solid or not:

On the problematic side, the healthy balance is missing: It could lead to contaminating one's environment with lots of negativity pulling others down, or it can bring contagious over-optimism based on misinformation and knowing absolutely no limits and restraint, while simultaneously lacking the depth and resources to deal with the challenges on the way. That can burn other people out when they have to deal with all the unrealistic projects and challenges that we impatiently try to pull them into. If we are the one being burned out by others, this might then lead to the need to fend other people off, and to greater social selectivity. Fending people off might as well become necessary if now, during the Saturn retrograde, people with ulterior motives sneak in and get their way without having real empathy with us and with our limits.

On the good end though, this is about truly having learned even the harshest lessons of the past, having understood the ulterior motives of some, and having developed greater empathy and understanding for others, and sharing one's feelings openly, while simultaneously valuing a solid foundation (be it a solid realistic project, or emotional clarity) and being able to work with limitations productively and innovatively.

Total Lunar Eclipse in 34.6▲: Common sense, knowing when enough is enough, and spitting out what we might have bitten off with over-enthusiasm, but what we can’t maintain

    26 May 2021 11:13 UTC: Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in▲ square Jupiter in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in▲▽ (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse in (Taurus)

The description of this eclipse has been part of the 2021 forecast, and the headline says it already.

There is one little note I'd like to add:
Recently, there has been a focus on leaving behind relationships that are a drain. I previously mentioned the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan, which is a good collective example for what might happen in many people's lives on a private level with this eclipse.

Those things and people that stay are those who are trustworthy, or who can demonstrate that they are trustworthy. Those people who are not trustworthy might be let go of and excluded now or in the coming months.

The next solar week will be about developing good skills through proper focus. It will be about enthusiasm through identification, focus, detailed attention, and planning.


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