Hi, I just want to make a few announcements. It's not what it looks like, I'm not going to preach, no worries!

I started a new website

The functionality of the calculator is the same, but the aura type names are like Ra named them, and I want to do different things with the website - experimental, we will see what will work, no expectations on the experiential way! Basically, this is planned, but clueless manifesting. It is just starting clean.
Just to reassure you: If you have a calculator subscription on Transparent Matrix, you will not miss anything, because as I mentioned the functionality is the same, just the aura type names are different.

I updated the calculator in regard to color and tone. Here is the changelog

● The tones (below the color) are now being displayed in order to be able to properly asses what's truly there in a chart at first sight.
● Added a person's motivational trajectory to the Personality Sun of every chart (it can be found by clicking on the right box that displays C, T, and B)
● For paid subscribers: Upon clicking on a planetary box, with the exception of the nodes, every line-description of the I Ching now also loads a general description of its underlying motivation (based on the color and on general right or left tonal orientation).

(Both websites have these updates implemented.)

Reduced price for the 2021 forecast

It's now cut by half (22 Euro).

Thank you for your support!

When I wrote what I wrote in the previous transit report, I really thought I would rub some people the wrong way, but it did not happen. At least not that I know of. No one wrote me with non-understanding due to not have experienced something similar before, or even with white-washing and weighing my rude language against intrusive behavior, acting as if the latter was ok. No one!
I received good wishes and supportive emails, some amused, and as a splenic person I totally understand that it's funny if it's not you and that it even can be funny if it's you. So it's good it's at least entertaining. I also received emails from people going through similar things, who felt reaffirmed that it's okay to redefine and enforce boundaries. Yay.
I really did not expect this. Im so happy to see that you have the right spirit for me!
I'm alright, I'm through the worst already (at least I think so, but who knows, haha). Thank you for your concern!
I will answer emails in the course of this week (except customer support, of course, I'll answer those as usual within the day I receive them).

What else... I think that's it. There's probably something I missed or something that goes wrong, but we'll just have to ride with it.