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For the past months, I have been working on the calculator and in addition I have put together a structured database with articles. I also wrote an I Ching.
The project finally has reached a point where it has taken a form that is presentable, practical and usable for those of you who are interested. I put a massive amount of work into it, so I am very happy to finally be able to present it to you! I'll take you through it step by step. Basically, there are two main components, a library with information and an interactive chart calculator.
Let's start with the calculator.

Motivation, Perspective, Intake, Environment (including Transference)

Given its importance and yet its relative simplicity, you can freely access the data by clicking on the 4 boxes shown in red.

Interactive Chart (Info Boxes)

If you click on the energy centers (chakras), an info box will pop up, that shows you basic keywords and information on the chakra that you clicked on - dependent on whether it is defined or not. This is part of the free version.

Library - Calculator

Now we come to the paid content.

Both, the library as well as the chart calculator have free content as well as paid content.

Library Articles

one-time payment.
access does not run out,
no further payments

Chart Calculator

billed monthly or yearly,
cancel any time

Transparent Matrix I Ching

The I Ching is accessible with a paid subscription. It's a practical every day I Ching.
With a paid subscription, the calculator will load the gate and line description when you click on a planetary box.

Some lines might not give you new insights, for example, gate 5 on the mundane plane and in everyday life is a relatively simple duality of patience and impatience. Some lines might give you totally new insights, and a new perspective or a deeper understanding as I have poured my own observations of their pattern into it.

I've put a lot of work into the I Ching, but nothing is ever perfect or complete, nor will I stop to learn, and I will continue to refine the descriptions over the years.

If you come from astrology, I'll shortly explain what role the I Ching plays in Human Design: There are 64 gates (the 64 hexagram of the old chinese I Ching) distributed over the 12 astrological zodiac signs. For example, in the screenshot above the zodiac sign of Capricorn consists of gates 10, 58, 38, 54, 61 and 60.
One zodiac sign consists of at least 5 gates. Every gate is further divided into 6 parts that are called "lines". That means every zodiac sign consists of a bit more than 30 lines, roughly one line for each degree on the wheel. These lines are described in the I Ching (with their shadows as well as their potentials) and they are all very different from each other. This helps to further distinguish the zodiac signs. For example, there are many different types of scorpio energies, such as those that are deeply honest and those that are very sneaky, and the I Ching helps to make that very clear distinction.

Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Ascendant, Vertex


For now, I have made available what I personally work with extensively and what I find important from my own experience - the practical things. Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, the Ascendant, and the Vertex are very important and absolutely essential celestial objects/points, although they do not define gates in the bodygraph.
You have seen me mention Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in the weekly transits reports. Black Moon Lilith is a mathematical point connected to the moon (such as the lunar nodes) that I mention with every new moon and full moon in the transit reports.
Ascendant and Vertex are mathematical points that change with geolocation, so unless you have had an analysis you have not seen me use them. The Ascendant and Vertex for this present moment will be different everywhere on earth, while the basic bodygraph and planetary definitions will stay the same. Ascendant and Vertex are both very time-sensitive, so they are to be taken with caution.
The Ascendant is also called a person's rising sign and the Vertex is a turning point.

I have observed these 4 to be of great importance, that's why they are included in the package, they have an absolutely essential impact.

Planetary Wheel, Just Now & Edit

The planetary wheel is accessible via paid subscription, and so is a button to calculate the chart of the current moment (a "just now" chart) and the button to edit a chart that has already been saved.
The preferred location for the location-bound placements (Ascendant and Vertex) of the "Just Now"-charts that you calculate can be defined in your calculator settings.

Dream Rave (Sleep chart)

- including the planetary wheel
- including a button where you can switch the display to an extended view (just like in a waking chart) and see the data of every planet - not just those who define a gate or channel in the dream bodygraph

(!) There are no I Ching descriptions in the DreamRave since the I Ching mainly applies to waking life. But the I Ching descriptions will be displayed after you switch to the extended view of the DreamRave.

Cycle Charts (Personality and Design)

- Saturn Return
- Uranus Opposition
- Chiron Return
- 2nd Saturn Return

...both for the placement on the design side and for the placement on the personality side.
The widespread calculators only calculate the cycles for the personality placement - which only gives you cycle information on the Saturn return of half of your design: your personality. But the body and the design determine the life, the personality is just here to watch the movie and become clever. And so the return chart of the design side is just as important.

As of now, the return cycle charts are displayed as a separate chart. They are not merged with the natal chart. But you can calculate the cycle charts of your design side!

Fixations and Line Descriptions before the Saturn Return around Age 30

This is a bit advanced and it will only make sense to you if you have been into Human Design for a longer time, so please don't let yourself be confused by this - but it is a nice feature to have for those who are deeply into it.
Every 6th line goes through a 3rd line phase before a person's Saturn Return. The 3rd line of a gate has a different trigger than the 6th line, though. They have different detriments and exaltations. By clicking on this button, the calculator will display those changed fixations in a box that is framed in red. It will ONLY change those planetary boxes to red and change the fixations if both of these two conditions are met simultaneously:
a) the planet defines a 6th line to begin with
b) the chart as a whole triggers a fixation of the 3rd line (exaltation, detriment or both)
In other words: A 6th line that remains unfixed during the 3rd line stage will not be displayed in red when you click on this button and it will not be changed at all.

Upon clicking this button in a DreamRave, the 6th lines as 3rd lines before the 1st Saturn Return are shown in red. The 6th line (vision) changes to the 3rd line (turmoil).

If you are clicking on any 6th line in a waking chart, the calculator will load the I Ching descriptions for the 3rd line in addition to that of the 6th line. While the fixations might not be worth paying attention to for most people, the descriptions of the 3rd lines are very important. As long as a person has not reached their Saturn return yet, the 3rd line descriptions are an essential part of how they experience life.

Calculator Subscription

If you are interested in the calculator, you can subscribe for 11 Euro per month, or for 99 Euro per year (25% off).

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After having subscribed to the paid calculator, a cancel-button will be displayed to you in your account settings and both on the top and the very, very bottom of this page. You can also cancel your subscription directly through logging into your PayPal-account independently of this website.

Library Articles

In the library, you will find articles on aura types, inner authority, energy centers, and explanations of basic mechanics.

Some of the articles are for free, others are accessible through a one-time payment. The articles on the basic mechanics and on inner authority are all free.

The articles on aura types are free, and in addition at the end of each article, there is information on type interaction that you can purchase in one big one-time bundle for 22 Euro. After purchase you can access it via the aura type articles in the library.
The bundle contains information on what each aura type needs, and information on how each aura type interacts with each other aura type. Click here to see all additional headlines:

   Content of the Type in Interaction-Bundle

As some of you know, I have a social perspective by design, I am focused on the needs and that's what seems to have come out of it.

The articles on the ego center, solar plexus center, and ajna center are free.
The other 6 articles can be purchased in a bundle for 44 Euro that can then be accessed through the library.

   Content of the Energy Center-Bundle

Both bundles together are available for 55 Euro instead of 66 Euro.

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That's it for now. Enjoy! If you have any questions write me a message.

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