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Heart Chakra or Ego Chakra

The greatest distortion of the planet

Ego and willpower • self esteem and self worth • the chakra of the material world

Biological correlation: Heart, stomach, gall bladder, thymus gland
Type of Chakra: Motor

The Ego is deeply materialistic. It is the heart of the family, of the tribal community and of any company and larger business - "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". It is a powerful motor to survive, the will to provide resources, education, bonds and everything else that is needed for the community.

If you come from a spiritual perspective, it might be confusing as to why the ego and the heart sit in the same chakra when in mainstream spirituality it couldn't be further apart. Conventional as well as convictional spirituality is a bit misleading and blames the wrong suspects. To lift the confusion: neither is the ego bad, nor is the heart good. Both hold the potential to be healthy and unhealthy and they are what they are.

"Ego" in new age spiritual terms is misinterpreted as a false identity of self or as unhealthy patterns that would be good to leave behind. In the context of your blueprint you would find those aspects both in the "Shadow"-aspects of your Openness (what you are not) and in the "Shadow"-aspects of your Definition (what you are).

The "Heart" or "following your heart" in new age spiritual terms can be compared to following your inner authority - which is not the Heart Chakra for most people. Only one 1/3 of humanity has a defined Heart that they can trust in, at all. And only one in hundred (1/100) is actually supposed to follow their heart only. These people have Ego authority inbuilt into them.
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The perception of the "I" is created by the mechanics of your body through your G Chakra and it is nothing to overcome. Having a perception of "I" does not exclude having a perception of oneness and connectedness, it does not exclude each other. We all belong to the same huge organism like cells and microbes in a human body do, and this does not stop us from being individual parts of the world that have a unique path through life - like cells and microbes in a human body each have their task to do.
The Ego or the "I" is nothing bad. Neither is materialism. It depends on what we make of it and if we handle it with grace or with disgrace against others. A stable material situation is the foundation of being able to invest energy and/or resources into becoming more aware. If your ass is freezing it's hard to become enlightened.

Every large group of people operates through the Ego, even the hippies at Woodstock. It is what rules the world at the most fundamental mechanical level. By changing the tribal structures and laws through initiating the Ego and bringing it in touch with the Self so that the Self can be expressed through the Ego, so that the higher plan can be expressed through the material plane. By doing that humanity changes.

The Ego chakra can be either defined or it can be open and amplifying the defined Egos in the environment. Most people have an open Ego, which is where the great distortion happens when other peoples' Ego energy is being amplified and lived out without awareness.

Defined Ego (active life-force, impacting)

Find your balance

A defined Ego Chakra is illustrated as turquoise, purple or both. 35% of humanity has a defined Ego Chakra.

With a defined Ego you have consistent access to will power, you have the power to carry through what you promise. Your defined Ego helps you to tackle things that need to be tackled and at the same time it needs a lot of rest. If you have a defined Ego you can tackle those undertakings that rely on will power really hard and work like a berserk for a short while, even if unpleasant, but then you need to take time off to let your Ego regenerate. Rest is important, otherwise you burn yourself out. Receiving some kind of reward and motivator for your contributions is also important, that's the bargain that stems from knowing the worth of one's own work and energy.

Defined Egos often end up being the ones that are doing the unpleasant work because no one else bothers to do it and is able to pull through with it. It's vital for you to distinguish or learn to distinguish what is of real importance for you in your life and to not let others use you to do the dirty work. Do not let others enslave you.
Usually defined Egos are expected to show (prove) that what they offer is of worth and to work for what they receive. That kind of proving is natural for a defined Ego.
Your own unique way of dealing with the material world, bargains, promises and deals is fixed through the channel that defines your Ego Chakra.

Potential of the defined Ego

You know your worth and you do not let yourself be talked into underselling yourself. You don't give a damn what other people think about you, at the same time you treat them with respect and you don't put yourself above others. You know exactly your place. You know that the "I", the "Ego" and your accomplishments is nothing that you are personally responsible for, but that the divine expresses itself through you, such as through everyone else.
You know what's worth putting your willpower into and being determined about. When shit hits the fan or when it's worth it, you can be determined and strong-willed. You have the willpower to carry things through and you don't mind doing the unpleasant work as long as it is what you need to do and what your inner authority tells you to do. You enjoy to get things done and to deliver. At the same time you know when to rest and you allow yourself to take that rest. Half of the enjoyment of getting things done with Ego energy probably comes from being able to get back to rest.
You only promise things that you can keep and that are correct for you. That establishes a feeling of trust in others.
At the same time you do not pressure others. You can be firm and sturdy but you are aware that you can very easily pressure people to keep up with your force of will - and not everyone can, nor is it right in every situation. You value others as much as you value yourself and you appreciate other people's contributions. You can really lift people up and help them find their worth.

Shadows of the defined Ego

You don't know how to invest your energy and you make mental decisions - and because you have the will power to carry them through they can heavily wear you out. You just keep going and going, maybe because you promised something to someone, but if neither your Heart nor your inner authority was in it, it will burn you out.
You put others under pressure and you expect them to have the same will power and energy to pull things through. You make others feel worthless when they are not.
You over-identify with this body you are in and you are overly prideful instead of seeing the higher dynamics at play. You might even think of others as lesser than you because you have this will to accomplish that a lot of people do not have.

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There is no reason to be boastful, every person fits into the big picture, so do you. Do you think it is you, and only you personally, who is responsible for you having a defined Ego, defined willpower and all the other gifts that were given to you in this incarnation? Do you really want to think that? With great power comes great responsibility. The power that you have been given is will-power. Please use it wisely.
Often people with a defined Ego have grown up under a lot of pressure, especially coming from people with an open Ego who amplified the defined Ego's energy without any awareness. They might have grown up with power struggles, over-competitiveness, manipulation and being expected to deliver more than is healthy for them which might have lead to a feeling that something is wrong with them or with the world. It's time to end that vicious cycle. Awareness changes everything. If you come from a place of being suppressed and neglected and that is why you do not like people and inflate your Ego, now it is your turn to find your true self and your true worth and to balance the extremes. You deserve to be loved. When you start to have a healthy "I", your defined Ego will broadcast this. Not only will you find your own worth, you will also have impact in showing other people their worth and you will become less involved in will-power-struggles. Life will flow more smoothly.

If the Ego is defined unconsciously (turquoise), part of a split definition, or if there is a gate 10 or other components in someone's blueprint they might experience similar issues to an open Ego. It might benefit everyone without exception to take a look at the shadows of the open Ego in the following part of the text.

Open Ego (receptive, perceptive)

You have nothing to prove

An open Ego Chakra is illustrated as white. 65% of humanity has an open Ego Chakra.

Having an open Ego Chakra you have no consistent access to will power and self worth. You will likely have the feeling that you need to work on it and on other "issues" that you have and people around you might have told you so - but you don't need to work on yourself. You are perfect as you are, there is nothing wrong with you, nothing to be changed in order for you to be better. Rather explore yourself without pressure and see where it leads you. Problematic themes, that hold you back from living your full potential, will change on its own through reflection and exploration. All that is needed is awareness and patience with yourself. Pressuring yourself to be better is counter productive. Through observing again and again how you pressure yourself, you can slowly let that pressure go. One of your biggest lessons in life is to let go of the need to prove your worth and to make peace with who you are. Also, you are here to learn to not give in to external pressure, commitments and promises being asked of you. If you let yourself being pressured to make a promise you do not have the will power to carry it through anyway. Because your will power fluctuates it might not be there when you think that you need it to keep a promise. This can protect you from doing what is not right for you. You are not here to be reliable and to promise. If you promise anyway, people will not appreciate these broken promises and you can end up with a relationship mess. It is best to be honest to yourself and to others. The people who are meant for you will appreciate you as you are, without you needing to promise anything to them.

When it comes to deciding what to do, you can rely on your inner authority to decide. It's wise to not make promises for the future. But even if you do, go with the flow and don't beat yourself up if at some point there is no energy there to do what you wanted to do. Do not beat yourself up over it, this is your protection in life to not succumb to the wrong things. Believe it or not, most things the average human being encounters in their lives is not exactly right for them. You have some kind of natural protection from that. If you are trying to judge yourself from societies standards (false standards) it might look as if you are being a failure, but you are not. When we judge ourselves by those standards, we are lost because people simply don't fit into those standards while living their true nature. We live in a society that signals us to become better, richer, prettier, more humble, more knowledgeable, etc. With an open Ego you get easily trapped in a vicious cycle of overachieving. You try to fulfill these expectations and it does not work. You feel like a failure, so you try even harder and the harder you try, the harder you will fail, the more you will feel like a failure. But remember that you are not. You are good as you are. No one is here to live after other people's expectations, we are all here to live our uniqueness.

You can see your open Ego as a blessing: you do not have the will power to carry through what is not meant to be for you. So don't get caught up in judging yourself over it. Instead focus on what it is that is REALLY meant for you and what gets you all excited. Be honest with people - do not promise to them when you can not. Honest communication is the key. At the same time, do not buy the blame that might be directed towards you when you disappoint people's expectations. You are not supposed to live for others. It's your life, your body, your way. You are worthy of being loved just as you are and you do not need to prove it. Be true to yourself. You don't even need to prove that you are true to yourself. You have absolutely nothing to prove.

With an open Ego, dealing with bargains is not your task. You do not have a natural feeling for the worth of things, this is a learning topic and you can become extremely wise in it over the course of your life.
You are not here to prove things as the defined Ego does. Just enjoy the ride.
If you have skipped the part on the defined Ego, it will benefit you to read that as well, because this is the energy that you are amplifying in your open Ego.

Potential of the open Ego

Because you take in other people's Ego and amplify the frequency, you can feel who has a healthy sense of self-worth and "I" - and who has not. You can see who is able to keep their promises, and who is just talking empty phrases. You can see who has unhealthy expectations and demands on others. You can become very wise about survival in the material world and about who can be trusted.
You don't try to control other people and the flow of life. You don't give in to the pressure to prove yourself and to compete with anyone. You do not allow others to convince you of doing things that are not right for you. You understand that you are ok as you are. You have nothing to prove to anyone, not even to yourself. You are able to work with people without making promises. You involve yourself in work, family and your community through trusting and following your inner authority.

Shadows of the open Ego

In a shadow state, you are trapped in low self-esteem and self-worth. You are not letting the good things in because you feel you are not good enough. You accept less than you are worth, less money or emotional reward for your work, less love, worse treatment, worse conditions. You love to buy things and throw your money down the drain because you don't tune within before you spend it. No object on earth can make you feel rewarded and in equilibrium if you commit to all the wrong things out of a need to prove your worth.
You are giving in to the pressure to prove yourself, to prove that you are worthy and valuable. To prove that you are good enough, prove that you are right, prove that you are loyal and that you can hold your promises, prove that you are willful enough, prove that you are in control, prove that you are pretty enough, prove that you are knowledgeable, prove that you are a good lover, prove that you are spiritual and enlightened, and so on. This can make you look like a fool. Also people will perceive you as not trustworthy if you pressure yourself into promising things that you then don't fulfill. Or you might just lie - either in order to hide everything up, or to tell an exaggerated story that proves how good you are.

In a shadow state there is always the feeling that there is work to do and that you are not yet good as you are and you believe that feeling - but remember, you are good as you are and exactly as you are meant to be.
If you do not have a repressive nature, but a reactive one, you might also inflate your self-confidence when being in the company of a defined Ego. You might easily get pumped up to a state where you seem like a dragon to others, you might get into ego-fights, competition and power struggles easily. You have nothing to prove. Let it go.

It can easily happen to you that you talk to someone with a defined Ego who gives you an access to willpower and a determined feeling. During your talk you come to the conclusion that you need to stop smoking and that you will stop smoking today. You are determined. When you get home the energy from the defined Ego slowly leaves your system and unwinds. You are left as you are before and the determination vanishes. Maybe it is correct for you to quit smoking and maybe you will even manage, congratulations! But the most likely thing is that you felt so forceful and pumped up besides that defined Ego that you totally forgot how you normally feel, that you forgot that you wanted to take it slow, without stress and without forcing anything. And then you beat yourself up over not having the power to follow through. This is what happens to open Ego people who go to alcoholics anonymous, self help groups or motivational workshops. The spiritual industry milks good money out of the open Egos on this planet by keeping them caught in the illusion that there is something to do. And so you do not follow through on quitting smoking today and you think it's time to try the next thing, maybe there is someone else who can help you, another method, another system, another person. But in the first place you feel like a failure because you did not make it. Stop blaming yourself for that! If now you put additional stress upon yourself, you will only harm yourself. Take it easy, go with the flow, analyze where you are pressuring yourself too much, analyze where you are falling into the trap of certain thought patterns. When you observe that pressure and these inner dynamics over and over they will slowly start to loose their grip onto you. Just let life flow, do not pressure yourself. You need no will power to get out of stressful things that you don't like. Observation, patience and acceptance is enough. If you accept yourself and the current situation as it is, things will slowly start to change automatically because you take the stress out of the situation and make room for something new. Things might move slow and it might be almost invisible, but that shift in awareness that you go through carries a bigger and more sustainable positive impact than everything you could ever do by the force of will power. Awareness is the key.

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Questions for the open Ego to become aware of the shadow aspects:
- Do you feel you need to prove your worth?
- Do you sometimes do foolish things in order to show that you are brave or worthy?
- Do you make promises?
- Do you value yourself?
- Do you value yourself enough to say no?
- Do you manipulate or even lie in order to craft your own artificial value and getting good feedback of how great you are?
- Do you act loyal and reliable in order to be valued?
- Do you feel as if you are not good enough at having things under control?
- Do you feel a need to control life and do you have difficulties with the concept of "no choice" and with giving up the illusion of control and mental manifestation?

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