Human Design New Year 2020
(Rave New Year Forecast, Universal Horoscope for 2020)

22 January 2020 - 21 January 2021

Image: Chart of 2020

Every year in late January when the sun moves into gate 41 a new cycle of experience starts.
The Human Design New Year 2020 forecast describes the global energies that will determine our collective experience. It describes the imprinting of the planetary transit field at the time that the cycle starts. Those energies affect all of us and we can't avoid them throughout the year, there is no escape out of the matrix.

Understanding the yearly program from a mechanical and purely logical standpoint can help us to see things more clearly when we encounter them. Understanding can help us to feel more secure in our decisions, to take things with more ease and maybe even with a little bit of humor. Seeing how it is just the global program can help us to take things less personally and to endure in those moments when it hurts. Seeing things clearly can help us to make the best of the energies that we are given and to live them out productively through awareness. Beyond that, it is simply freaking interesting to understand the energies that globally pull the strings, to watch them in action and to recognize them in the events around us.

Let's have a quick look at the last year to understand the concept:

       Excerpt from last year (2019 Report, page 7)

New Cycles Opening. Slow and Bumpy Beginnings

Great things come to those who are patient, willing to put in the effort and who keep at it.
2019 is about laying a secure new foundation (14.4) for the SLOWLY unfolding huge new cycles and it brings an evaluation process of recognizing what can work and what can’t on all levels: job-wise and relationship-wise from friendship to the right partner (3.3). Through sitting with the confusion and through taking time to find a new order, we overcome old limitations and structures. This rave new year is defined by the channel of mutation (60-3), which brings deep change and transformation. Throughout the year, this transformation will come to us through Pluto forming major aspects to other planets and points. It is of special importance when Pluto meets the south node and the old structures to transform them. The south node is in gate 60 and both are about the old. 2019 is about taking decisive steps into a new found or newly opening direction that is more authentic than everything that preceded it (21.6). 2019 is about starting to manifest one’s place and purpose. The calling. This means that many people are going to try to find ways of making a living with what they love to do. They are looking for satisfaction with the work itself, they want to feel successful with the positive influence and impact that it brings rather than hunting after big money.
More than anything, 2019 brings global changes to the way we deal with the material plane, changes in how we deal with the needs of the members of our society and changes to the way we manifest (21.6).

2019 is deeply saturnian and earth-based, as well as plutonic, transformative and mutative. Pluto, Saturn, the South Node and Mercury are all in Capricorn. Over the course of the year, the south node will conjunct with Pluto and Saturn. These are no dreamy head-in-the-clouds transformations, they are as real as it gets.

    Excerpt from last year (2019 Report, page 10)

Pluto - Truth. The Evolutionary Drive and Intent

Pluto in 54.5 with a key point in 53.5 is still present as the underlying influence of 2019 on the design side. This will be a present theme throughout the year: being magnanimous, asserting a new beginning, seeing the value in new beginnings and getting it across in such ways that we can get even those on board who initially refuse. Individually, it can be very successful. Collectively, this theme is dominated by the opposite of attracting people and forces who can thwart the new beginning - and so it happens that the new beginnings of 2019 might be bumpy and complex in many cases. Some might even not happen at all and result in chaos and reorientation to what is truly authentic (21.6). As usual, things happen for a reason. Successful new beginnings lead to outer development, thwarted or difficult new beginnings lead to inner development. (...) This year is not simply about small beginnings, but about opening a new cycle and setting the tone for the next 7 years.

Pluto in Gate 61.1 Getting to the Bottom of Knowing and Hidden Knowledge

During this year, we are collectively moving towards investing our energy into investigation and data, rather than into insisting that we are right before we even properly investigated. This will be quite a trip. There are multiple large planetary aspects and transits during this year that point towards opinion clashes and retreat into reflection and reconsideration. It is not a surprise to find the ajna chakra of this rave new year fully open without any defined gates at all. Collectively, we will explore and transmute some of the shadows and the fears of the open ajna with its main tendency of needing to be right and to cling to mental concepts at any cost.
First, we have to explore the inner truth in detail. Then we can try to get people to listen.

2019 brought Slow and Bumpy Beginnings despite Limitations. New Cycles Opened.

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Many things we desired we no longer desire. Many things have fallen away. Others might have come into focus. New big cycles are opening. 2019 is a year of slow and bumpy beginnings on a large scale.

2019 was a year of transition and the slow start of a new cycle. It brought the thematic of structural resets, karmic balance and cleanup. Below is a list of the major transits connected to the ending of what didn’t serve us any longer. It was about reaping or harvesting the effects from past actions and working through old structures and limitations in order to transform them. You can find more details on them in the past transit reports I wrote in 2019.

4 April 2019: Pluto conjunct the South Node: Truth & Transformation. Crash and Lasting Structural Reset. Tension and Service

    This was a transit of strife, quarrel and needing to be right. It brought a structural reset, which effects we will continue to see unfolding.
    Brexit was initially planned to happen here on 29 March.

30 April-September 2019: Saturn Retrograde and Saturn conjunct the South Node (1st conjunction): Leaving One-Sided Relationships. Being Excluded Due to Hindering Others

    On May 2nd the second largest darknet market was taken down and confiscated.

4 July 2019: Saturn conjunct South Node (2nd conjunction)

    From July to August all outer planets were retrograde, except Uranus who zealously continued to innovate and side-track. During this time there were two eclipses.

28 September 2019: Saturn conjunct South Node (3rd conjunction). New Moon opposite Chiron: Karmic backlash or harvest. It is what it is. Forking of the Path “New earth – old earth”. Denial and Refusing to Correct – or Perfecting Relationships and Balancing Power and Gender Rights

    On September 26th, here in Germany, where I am living, a special forces unit of 440 people busted a darknet hosting provider, that was located in 5 floors of an old NATO bunker. Here is an explanation for the technical laymen: a hosting provider is a business that provides the platform and thus the possibility for websites to be online and to be accessible from all over the world. Transparent Matrix has a hosting provider, too, that makes it possible for you to access the website and possible for me to publish content for you. The hosting provider, that they busted in September, was specialized in hosting cyber criminal websites hidden from the government. Websites for criminal activities like trading weapons, child porn and drugs. The hosting service was founded by a 59-year old dutch guy who is now having fun with enjoying the fruits of his second Saturn return. Saturn is the lord of karma.
    Now they are investigating the confiscated material for further prosecution. I think proceedings might start after Pluto conjuncts Saturn in January. But let’s see.

At the same time, new cycles started from the early months of this year on:

April-October 2019: Pluto retrograde, Nodal Shift & Chiron in Gate 17: Aligning to the Unexpected. New Beginnings and Opinion Clashes
-> Pluto direct brought social selectivity or not

July-December 2019: Chiron Retrograde 2019: Patiently Working towards New Beginnings, often based on Past Success.
-> Chiron direct on the Cross of Confrontation: Maintaining Innocence and Finding Ways to Survive in the World through having taken the long Road and having done solid Research

On 28 October 2019 into November 2019, the fights for 2020 were chosen under the influence of a new moon opposite Uranus:
Individual purpose and finding to the like-minded. Carefully evaluating the right risk to manifest purpose and freedom. Volatility, impulsiveness and egoism or individuation and innovation.

January 2020: The new Year starts!

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