2019 Forecast (Universal Horoscope for 2019)

22 January 2019 - 22 January 2020

Rave New Year 2019

Every year in late January when the sun moves into gate 41 a new cycle of experience starts.
The Rave New Year 2019 Forecast describes the global energies that will determine our collective experience. It describes the imprinting of the planetary transit field at the time that the cycle starts. Those energies affect all of us and we can't avoid them throughout the year, there is no escape out of the matrix.

Understanding the yearly program from a mechanical and purely logical standpoint can help us to see things more clearly when we encounter them. Understanding can help us to feel more secure in our decisions, to take things with more ease and maybe even with a little bit of humor. Seeing how it is just the global program can help us to take things less personally and to endure in those moments when it hurts. Seeing things clearly can help us to make the best of the energies that we are given and to live them out productively through awareness.

2019 - Year of Beginnings and Restructuring

Many things we desired we no longer desire. Many things have fallen away. Others might have come into focus. New big cycles are opening. 2019 is a year of slow and bumpy beginnings on a large scale.

This forecast is a PDF-file with 24 pages (20 pages as pure text without graphics)

Table of content:
1. Quick Intro to the Wheel
2. The Yearly Cycle
3. Personal Effect
4. The Continuity of 2018 to 2019
5. Rave New Year 2019
6. 2027, Pluto, the Keepers of the Wheel and our Mitochondria

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