Rave New Year Forecast 2018

Every year in late January when the sun moves into gate 41 a new cycle of experience starts. Gate 41 is the main genetic start codon in humans. It‘s the fantasy that we look to live out, driven by the pressure of the root chakra. It‘s the pressure to dream, the pressure to feel.
It is about the experience that we will have with another or with multiple other people, it‘s the experience that will emerge when we will come in contact with others. It’s the physical experience that will result in growth and that we will learn and mature from.

The Rave New Year Forecast describes the global energies that will determine our experience. It describes the imprinting of the planetary transit field at the time that the cycle starts. Those energies effect all of us and we can't avoid them throughout the year, there is no escape out of the matrix. Understanding the yearly program from a mechanical and purely logical standpoint though, can help us to see things more clearly when we encounter them. Understanding can help us to take things with more ease and maybe even with a little bit of humor. Seeing how it is just the global program can help us to take things less personally and to endure in those moments when it hurts. Seeing things clearly can help us to make the best of the energies that we are given and to live them out productively through awareness.

The headlines for this year are:
Fake it 'till you make it! ⬤ A year of irresponsibility, false morals, narrow-mindedness and militant sharing (in most cases) ⬤ Receiving the wake-up call ⬤ Being called out to lead authentically for the greater good

In this forecast we are looking back at 2017 and connecting it to what 2018 will bring.
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